How to Make Money On Sports Betting Affiliate Marketing

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How much do sports betting affiliate marketers earn? This is a question that has over the years been asked by many people. Research showed that the online gambling market generated about $60 billion in 2021. Analysts predict that the figure will go up to $65 and $70 billion in 2023 and 2023 respectively. To make money as a sports betting affiliate, you need your own blog or website to publish affiliate links redirecting to the sportsbook website. Next up, you want to make sure you choose the best sports betting affiliate theme for your WordPress website. Keep reading to learn more on how you can make money on sports betting affiliate marketing.

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The rapid growth of the sports betting market makes it more attractive for profits. One of the most lucrative ways to profit in the sports betting industry is through affiliate marketing. The sector providers webmasters and website owners with numerous possibilities and gives them a chance to multiply earnings without making huge investments.

In this article, we have unearthed everything about affiliate marketing and how to make money as a sports betting affiliate.

How Sports Betting Affiliate Marketing Works?

As explained above, the main aim of having a sports betting affiliate website is to drive traffic and then interestingly engage users so that they feel inspired to click on the affiliate link and visit the sportsbook. Whenever visitors click on the link, a file commonly known as the cookie gets automatically saved on their devices/computer. This is the file that serves as the alarm to the sports betting website. It makes it possible for the betting company to confirm that the visitor came to the portal through you.

Also, the cookie helps to ascertain the overall number of visitors you have sent to the sports betting website and the number of visitors who actually deposit money or purchase something on the website. Below is a quick rundown of how to make money with sports betting.

Sports Betting Affiliate Marketing: Features & Advantages

Affiliate marketing is all about advertising goods or services on the web in exchange for money rewards.

When it comes to online gambling, affiliate marketing is implemented as follows: betting shops or online casinos are advertisers. Partners receive unique affiliate links from the platform. It’s upon the affiliates to place the links on their own blogs or websites. The affiliates redirect traffic from their blogs or websites to sports betting and/or gambling portals. When the users visit the betting site and make a deposit, the affiliate receives a reward.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing for Sports Betting Affiliates

  • High revenues – The amount of money you make as a sports betting affiliate is directly related to the number of referrals you redirect to the sportsbook. Proceeds of successful sports betting affiliates are estimated at hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Flexible hours and remote work – Affiliates don’t have to go to work and work from 9 am to 5 pm every day. An affiliate can independently plan his/her labor hours and participate in tasks from any place at any time.
  • Lack of great investments – Sports betting affiliate programs usually supply website owners with off-the-shelf marketing tools and resources. You don’t have to spend your money on promotional campaign development.

Gambling Affiliate Earnings

As of today, there are three main models of cooperation between partners and advertisers:

  • Revenue Share – Sports betting affiliates receive a percentage of the profit generated by the sportsbook to attract players. In simpler terms, a portion of the amount of money lost by a punter goes to the affiliate’s budget. The revenue share commission ranges from 15% to 60%.
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) – This refers to a fee for redirecting customers to the sportsbook. For example, entering the online betting/casino shop website, deposit refilling, registration, and more. The affiliates can get up to thousands of dollars for the players they direct to the betting site.
  • Hybrid model – Also known as a mixed model. This model combines both the CPA and Revenue Share model. The affiliate gets both a fixed sum and a percentage of the income for certain actions.

Each sports betting affiliate program pays different amounts to the affiliates. The best casino site affiliate programs offer better conditions to experienced website owners generating high-quality traffic.

How Much Do Sports Betting Affiliates Make?

The online sports betting market has grown quite fast and attracts thousands of people to bet every day. Most bookmakers have set up affiliate programs that allow website owners to place advertisements of the sports betting site and get rewarded for it.

How much do sportsbook affiliates earn? Basically, sports betting affiliates earn more than $20,000 every month if they rank well for the top search keywords.

How To Become A Successful Sports Betting Affiliate?

To make money as a sports betting affiliate, you must put in effort and time. You cannot just start asking people to join a certain sportsbook. You should come up with a long-term approach and find the best way to reach out to more people. Customer acquisition is the most important part of being an affiliate.

How To Increase Your Sports Betting Affiliate Earnings?

Every sports betting affiliate wants to generate more affiliate revenue. Unfortunately, not every betting affiliate knows how to make this happen.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to feel left out because after you apply the marketing strategies shared in this article, you will be able to significantly improve your affiliate sales as a professional sports betting affiliate marketer.

Strategies to increase your sports betting affiliates sales include:

  • Use tables
  • Hunt for the latest offers
  • Get better organic traffic
  • Use pop-up banners
  • Use CTA buttons
  • Create a keyword list based on sports betting affiliate keywords

How To Become A Sports Betting Affiliate & Earn Money? Top Guide

You can easily become a successful sports betting affiliate by adopting a more responsible strategy to your marketing campaigns, regularly developing skills of promoting casinos and betting sites on the web, and tracking referrals. In this article, we’ve revived in detail the steps that you should take to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

#1. Choose A Market & Explore It

Affiliate marketers can focus on two different areas in the gambling niche: betting shops and online casinos. Each has unique features, target audience, and specific nature. You will be much better off if you choose a market that you know. If you choose an area that you understand well, it will be very easy for you to create suitable content for your affiliate site.

Determining the market, you should explore it thoroughly. For instance, choosing to advertise online casinos hosting an extensive range of slot machines, you should try to learn more about this type of gambling entertainment. It’s important that you look out for the slots that are more popular, those that develop them how to use them to draw jackpots, and much more.

#2. Build A Website

There are different options for website development:

  • Build a website from scratch.
  • Personal website development. You will need some coding skills and programming knowledge to get this done.
  • Use a website builder. These are online services that allow inexperienced people to create their own websites. They include SiteBuilder, Weebly, and Wix.
  • Use of a content management system. It allows you to design and manage your portal. For instance Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress.

How To Build A Gambling Affiliate Website?

If you choose WordPress, it’s important that you find the best sports betting affiliate theme for WordPress. A great theme will help your website stand out and be more appealing to potential customers. Keep in mind that you will only be able to earn income from your website if you are able to successfully attract potential players and redirect the traffic to sportsbooks.

Flytonic offers plenty of sports betting affiliate themes ready for you to purchase, download and install, so feel free to take a closer look. Choose one that you like and take a few minutes to install it on your site.

#3. Generate Content

Quality content is an important part of every website. If you choose to use a website to drive sportsbook traffic, you will be much better off if you fill it with related entertainment content.

Articles published on your website should be useful and interesting to potential players of betting and/or gambling platforms. This can be reviews of sports teams, betting shops, casinos, tips for blackjack or poker strategies, success stories, gambling game ratings, etc. materials should comprise attractive videos, photos, and high-quality images.

Moreover, your content should be unique. This will not only guarantee greater traffic, but it also helps your website rank higher on the search engine results.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about generating unique content. You can take advantage of the gambling content writing services by Flytonic. Your content is written by highly experienced writers who are experts in the sports betting affiliate market.

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#4. Focus on Your Websites SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the work done to optimize a website in order to improve its position in Google ranking. If you efficiently adjust operations, it will be easier for users to find your website after entering related key phrases and keywords in the search engines. The amount of traffic you redirect to the sportsbook depends on the users visiting your website. This will ultimately guide you on how to make money on sports betting affiliate marketing.

As part of search engine optimization, it’s important that you create a base of keyphrases and keywords. These should be carefully added to all your published materials. Internal linking and backlinks are some of the most important things you must do as you try to boost your search engine ranking. Unfortunately, this is not always easy to do, especially if you are a beginner. However, we strongly recommend that you try out the best SEO services agency for affordable white hat SEO techniques.

#5. Choose A Sports Betting Affiliate Program

They are two different ways you can make money on sportsbook affiliate marketing:

  • Direct sign up with an affiliate program
  • Become a member of the affiliate program, a mediator between affiliates and advertisers.

Before you start to actively work with a sports betting affiliate network, it’s important to evaluate their collaboration conditions (payment terms and schemes, minimum payouts, etc.) and also check the feedback from other website owners. Furthermore, you need to evaluate the quality of advertising materials and creatives offered by the promoter. If you chose to join a specific affiliate program, you should figure out the brands and companies it promotes.

It’s always important to make sure you choose the best affiliate networks or programs. We’ve researched and recommended the best sports betting affiliate programs for you. This is crucial because it plays a major role in determining the amount of money you make with sports betting affiliate marketing.

Best Sports Betting Affiliate Programs


Below is our handpicked list of the best sports betting affiliate programs with the best commissions and quick payouts!

Sportsbook Affiliates
Top Betting BrandsCommission
Betsson Affiliatesbetsson, betsafe, NordicbetRevenue Share – 30% -50%
Bet365bet365 sportsbook and RacebookRevenue Share – 30%
BetfairBetfairRevenue Share – 25% – 35%
IntertopsIntertops SportsbookRevenue Share – 20% -35%
BwinBwinRevenue share – 20%
Bovada.lvBovada,, Revenue share – 25% – 45%
Web PartnersMyBookie Sportsbooks, Bet US Racing, MyBookie RacebookRevenue share – 25% – 35%
FanDuelFanDuel SportsbookRevenue share 25% – 35%
William HillWilliam Hill SportRevenue Share 10% – 30%
BetVictorBetVictorRevenue share 30%
888 Affiliates888 SportsRevenue share 20% – 40%


#6. Promote Your Site

If you are looking to succeed as an affiliate marketer, the first thing you must do is do your best to generate more traffic on your site. This will determine the number of users who click on your referral links. Below are a few methods you can use to promote your sportsbook affiliate website.

  • Social media- You can start by creating a personal page on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Post links to your website here.
  • Partner with other affiliate sites – Find other websites covering similar topics as you. Content their editors or webmasters. Agree on the publication of links or materials redirecting to your website. Placement of affiliate site ads on these platforms will eventually lead to better traffic and more sales.
  • Email newsletter – Collect email addresses from your website users and send alerts of new resources on the site to them.

Examine The Results and Proceed

Sports betting affiliate marketing requires you to regularly search for, create and apply novel website promotion techniques. Make sure that the results of all your activities are analyzed. This will help determine the materials that are more fascinating to users as well as the ads that will help you direct more traffic to the sportsbook website. This will help determine the strategies that are more effective in your marketing campaigns.


Being a sports betting affiliate is one of the most profitable ventures today. Cooperation with the best sportsbook affiliate programs, a responsible approach to marketing, and efficient marketing tools and resources will help you generate more traffic to your website and ultimately maximize your profits. We strongly hope that this guide on how to make money on sports betting affiliate marketing was really helpful in your endeavors to become a successful casino affiliate marketer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Money On Sports Betting Affiliate Marketing

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about sports betting affiliate marketing:

Can make a living as a sports betting affiliate?

There are various legitimate ways you can make a living from online sports betting and affiliate marketing is one of them. Essentially, you can start making money from sports betting as long as you are willing to dedicate time and effort.

How much can sports betting affiliates expect to earn?

There are different ways a sportsbook can pay you for promoting them. You can expect a revenue share, where you receive a percentage of what the player brings to the company.
For instance, you might get a 20% for every bettor you bring.

Why sports betting affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money because you always get paid based on your performance. Your income isn’t fixed, and you will always get what you truly deserve. You never have to spend your hard-earned money to make more in sports betting affiliate marketing.

How can I get traffic to my sports betting affiliate website?

The aim of publishing unique and engaging content on your website is to attract traffic with hopes that it will eventually convert into punters for sports betting. You get paid based on your performance.
There are different ways through which you can drive traffic to a sports betting website. The most popular ones are email marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

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