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Casino Affiliate review plugin + Casino Games Plugin for Wordpress
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  • 500+ Free Demo Games
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  • Inbuilt shortcodes
  •   $99 (10 sites)
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Finally a WordPress Plugin for Casino and Sportsbook Affiliates

Use this plugin to promote casinos, sportsbooks, and other gaming websites which
can be integrated into your website quick and easy.

organize casinos

Organize Gambling Sites

Easy store and display casino, sportsbook, or other website throughout your website.
responsive plugin

Mobile Responsive

The plugin easily adapts to different screen sizes and looks great in mobile devices.
Call to Action

Call to Action Boxes

Promote your brands and optimize clicks through different tables and feature call to action shortcode boxes.
organize casinos

Custom Site Widgets

Display, promote, or list casinos or other brands inside the different widget areas of your theme.
responsive plugin

Game & Casino Reviews

Turn normal pages into custom review page layouts with ratings, screenshots, visit buttons, and more.
Call to Action

Comparison Tables

Show visitors a comparison of your sites you are promoting inside posts or pages with several options.

Why use the Review Plugin?

responsive plugin

Quickly Make Money as an Affiliate

The gambling review plugin will turn your simple blog or website into a revenue generating website within a few minutes. Just install, add information about the sites your are promoting, and insert shortcodes and widgets throughout your websites and begin making money.

Signup as an affiliates to casinos, sportsbooks, poker sites, fantasy sites, and much more and get paid when your refer customers to the respective site.

Mobile responsive and optimized for speed

The plugin is designed to be completely responsive and adapt to different screen sizes. This means that it will look great in desktops, tablet devices, and mobile devices. Although WordPress themes vary in design, width, and layout, the plugin is coded to fit within most all themes.

The plugin is also optimized to load fast and avoid any code bloats or slow loading items. Both speed and mobile responsiveness are ranking factors for Google.

responsive plugin
easy change design of plugin

Easy to customized and change colors

The plugin offers the ability to change button colors, bonus colors, heading backgrounds, and more with just a few clicks in the plugin settings area. There is even a dark and light color scheme built in.

Widgets and shortcodes can easily be customized to show different websites, website data, and filtering of websites.

Be sure to check out the demo of the plugin to see all the different features and be sure to view the demo video of the plugin.

Make money on your website today!

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slots plugin wordpress


Looking for the best WordPress casino plugin to write reviews? If you regularly add casino reviews on your casino affiliate website, you can use this WordPress sportsbook plugin to make your website more SEO friendly. The casino review WordPress plugin is an intuitive and flexible WP plugin for building compelling casino review pages and sportsbook for gambling websites. We have launched another plugin specific for casino games for wordpress. There are 90+ one click Game import and 100+Casinos import.

It’s fully customizable, easy to use, and integrates flawlessly with all themes.

Promote, display or list casinos , Games and other brands in different widget sections of your theme with our Casino Review WordPress Plugin!

Now you can take advantage of the affiliate features and options of the Casino  plugin for WordPress along with Casino Games, inside the standalone plugin. The good news is that you can use this great Plugin with your customized themes or other commercial themes.

All the demos you see below are based on the casino review Plugin and Casino Games Plugin. These themes use the casino affiliate Games and review plugin to create the affiliate reviews , Casino Games and tablets that you find here.

Why Use WordPress Casino Plugin?

What steps do you take when looking to purchase something? Like many people, you most likely check out the available product reviews to compare various options.

It is for the same reason there are numerous review websites such as Rotten Tomatoes, TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc., even huge companies like Amazon, feature product reviews.

Most WordPress website owners will create casino reviews to generate more revenue. With this plugin, you will earn more revenue from the casinos you are promoting as an affiliate.

The casino review WordPress plugin is by far one of the most popular plugins. It includes a settings’ area that allows you to choose how you want to display and manage reviews on your site.

Adding casino reviews is pretty easy. Just select the casino review option when creating blogs. The slots review plugin will display the settings to create your review. You can break down the review into history, bonuses, features, pros & cons, add images, and more.


How Casino Games WordPress Plugin is different?

Casino Games plugin is used to create a Game Lobby , automatically download 1000+casino Games ,one click publish, easy shortcodes to display the games . Add your affiliate links to promote casino games, convert your visitors to real players. Using demo Games can be useful for those who want to try the games before start playing for real money.

Special Giveaways of casino plugin for WordPress

Beautiful Casino Pages to build sportsbook

Build and start creating casino pages in a few minutes. Setup the page, create content, and add some sportsbook or casino properties, and you are set. The good news is that the sections will populate themselves automatically.

Preferably you can easily activate/disable specific sections as well as ad more shortcodes to ensure the sportsbook or casino pages are more impressive and offer users a better experience.

Smooth Integration with All Themes

The casino review WordPress plugin is created in a way that allows you to integrate the functionality with any theme flawlessly. Also, it doesn’t have any conflicts with other plugins available out there.

Another important thing to consider is the fact that even after you opt to change the theme you won’t lose any data. Moreover, you don’t have to start working on your website from scratch. All you have to do is modify a few design settings and get started.

Responsive Grids and Tables for sportsbook

After you have created the casino pages you will most likely need to set up other pages on your site and list the casino there. The casino review WordPress plugin offers you a responsive and nice grid and table shortcodes.

Grids and tables adapt perfectly to all themes, wrapping the available information into rows if no space had been left.

Live Shortcode Builder Tool

Building the shortcodes has now been easier than ever before, you can use this tool to modify all parameters from the user-friendly interface. You also get a chance to watch the output of the game. Once you are satisfied with the outcome of the game, you can then use the shortcode, which is generated automatically and use it whenever you want on the website.

Live table list builder

You can now use the new table to create the table lists. Also, you can keep a close eye on the table list as you remove/add reviews, layouts, or change styles. Later on, you can easily add the tables at any time you want on their website.

Key Features of casino plugin

What is the Difference between Casino Review and Casino Game Plugin?

Casino Game plugin is automatic downloads of 90+ Games covering most common Games in the industry. Just add your affiliate links and start  promoting the Games. Casino affiliate plugin is to promote Casinos which includes key features, ratings , reviews and links to the target casino. So both plugins are relevant to most casino affiliates. In casino affiliate plugin, you can promote Games also but you need to create it manually. But casino games plugin saves several hours of efforts by one click database download of 100+casinos

Many review content options 

Pick from the big list of all the available content options and enrich the reviews by adding images, pros & cons lists, carousels, and many others.

Versatile Reviews Systems 

If the affiliates are sport betting bookies, brokers or casinos, you can then customize the look and content of the reviews, picking from various sizes, types, and styles to achieve the exact layout that you want.

Terms & Conditions Feature

The Casino review WordPress plugin has integrated terms and conditions functionalities that is mandatory in most of the cases, especially to the affiliate websites. You can quickly enable and display the terms in the content of the review or on the review tables in the tooltips. The user sees the tooltips after they hover the terms and conditions indicated on their mouse.

Highly responsive

Pick from the provided set of sizes and styles to match the table to the available content. The tables will automatically adjust to the tablet and mobile screens.

Customize Everything

Pick the radius of the element, font size, font family and color to make the website more unique.

Customizable CTA Text

All the casino review buttons come with the preconfigured text, but can change based on your unique needs.

Structured Data

Casino review WordPress plugin uses structured data to enable search engines such as Google to outline the review data.

Full Documentation Provided

You can now learn how to properly set the casino review plugin fast via the detailed documentation that comes with these plugin files.

Friendly user interface

Create great reviews utilizing the beautiful interface, which makes it easier for you to navigate via the tabs, to various content sections.

Default Values

Although you can modify almost everything, this is not a requirement because you can also choose to stick to the current presets which exist after the plugin has been activated if this works perfectly for you!

WPML Support

Add the language-specific pages and translations to make sure you expand the site to various markets. The Casino review WordPress plugin is fully compatible with the well-known Multilanguage plugin for WordPress.

Just a One-click Setup of 100 Casinos and 90+Games with Combo Offer

This is as simple as downloading a WordPress plugin. As soon as you have activated your site, you will be enabled to import games, the final step is to set your affiliate links, simple as that.

Five Hundred Plus Loyal Customers

Our Casino Review WordPress Plugin has been designed for various casino affiliate websites. This is the most renowned WordPress software which can be used by the starters and the already established loyal customers.

Grid Related Casino Age

From now on you should start reviewing your affiliate casinos with the class using the amazing grid layouts. Optimization and integration of the casino content pages have been done by the use of the WP-Review.

Improve your Posts and Casino Games More Easily

If you are looking forward to adding in-built codes and design a customized selection of games direct on your site. You should not stress yourself because this has been made simple to get games from the most famous game providers or game sources. Customization of thumbnails images as well as describing your games is also possible with us.

You can include your Casino Affiliate Tracking

You can use the shortcodes for inserting your links for tracking on your casino affiliates below the games. Tracking of each click will be done and will be reported on your account.

We provide the iGaming SEO Edge

Websites that are rich in content are always loved by google. Include special copies on your game content, change Meta info and titles to improve your SEO.

All WordPress Themes

Our Casino Review WordPress Plugin will operate with almost all types of themes. We are recommending our amazing themes, try one of our themes which will fit suitably on your casino.

Flytonic is a professional web development team and we value building great casino affiliate themes for different niches. All our WordPress themes are designed in house by our experienced designers with pixel perfection and attention to detail. You should not hesitate to get in touch with us if you need anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the Casino Review WordPress Plugin, please contact us for any other questions.

1. What is included with the cost?

For $97, you get one year of updates and support with the purchase of the plugin. You will need to renew your subscription if you wish to keep getting support and updates after the first year.

2. How many websites or domains can I use the plugin on?

You can use the plugin on unlimited websites and domains.

3. Are casinos or games included in this WordPress casino plugin?

No content is included with the casino review plugin. You can add your own casinos, games, slots, poker sites, and sportsbooks. Also, you need to provide your own logos and screenshots.

4. Can you make money with this plugin?

Yes, this is mainly the point of the plugin. Also, When you signup as an affiliate for an online casino they provide you with a referral url so you can track players you send to the casino. Moreover, This Casino Review Wordpress Plugin has an input so you can add your casino affiliate url, so you will be tracked anytime someone clicks an outbound casino link.

5. Canceling and renewing subscription

You will be charged automatically yearly for the renewal of the plugin. Also, you can cancel at anytime and get support and updates for 365 days from the date or original purchase.
You need to be subscribed to continue to receive support, updates, and any upgrades to the product.

6. Can I translate the plugin

The plugin is localized to support translation. We have included a .pot language template for you to use for your translations.

7. Can shortcodes be geo targeted?

Yes, the plugin comes complete with country and US state geo targeting for the shortcodes. So you can show one set of tables or CTAs to one country and another set to another country.

8. Does this work with Flytonic Themes?

Both the Sevens Theme and Suited Theme integrate with the Casino Plugin.

9. Does this work just with casinos or can I promote sportsbooks or poker sites?

You can promote any gaming product, even e-gaming or horse betting sites.

10. Can I use it to promote any other products?

Yes , you can use it for any affiliate marketing but it is specially designed to promote casino and gambling related affiliates

11. Do I get support and documentation?

Yes, you get free support and documentation for on-boarding


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