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How to get your Guest Post Submission Accepted as soon as possible!

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If you are looking for an opportunity to get your Guest Post in Gaming, Casino , wordpress, SEO niche published on which is to be read by numerous influential folks. Although it has been enough time now, we have finally opened our guest post blogging by other aspiring writers with the ability to share insights, creative ideas, unique content i.e. well-written using your excellent research skills. We would surely be willing to allow you to write for us having robust and predominant characteristics of a writer mainly including discipline, clarity of concepts, open to changes, passion for reading.

With your differentiating tips, tricks and other additional features, Write for US in Gaming, SEO and WordPress !

We are currently looking for creative writers for Guest Post on our website Flytonic for writing services on WordPress themes. Writing skills of a blogger must have the potential to meet the needs and criteria of our potential clients to significantly keep the blog up and running.

Blog Acceptance Criteria for casino, gambling , igaming, seo, wordpress:  

Article or blog writing must include:

  • A compelling title. High rate posts of a blog are likely to contain words like “how-to” or numerical i.e. “top 5 techniques to…”
  • A summary of what you are writing about.
  • A strong lead by supporting your sayings in the light of facts to show readers that you understand their biggest challenges.
  • Sub-headers and bullet points.
  • A call to action.
  • An opt-in form.
  • Social sharing options to build a clarified concept with the reader eliminating doubts.
  • Images to complement your sayings.

Blog Rejection :

Although writing a blog by considering such minor but statistics, the rejection of any blog can be common if it lacks fulfilling the needs of set standards. Thus, any blog submission is not accepted when:

  • Include and discuss irrelevant topics that move in the opposite direction of what we primarily intended to publish such as talking about other than WordPress Casino themes.
  • Topic provided you to cover does not meet standard i.e. blog descriptions are not fully met.
  • Lacking in English Expertise or not well-structured sentences makes it difficult for the readers to understand what you are actually trying to convey. It is important for you to ensure proofreading of your finalized document before getting it submitted.
  • Content should what each individual already know rather include what is authentic and proved but within the limits of publishing policy.
  • If the document found to be plagiarized, copied or spun from another source, we allow you to take some more time, rework on it, and reverse the things to get right things published.
  • Authentic – we cannot accept any piece of writing that has been published anywhere else on the Internet. Google doesn’t like it and we listen when they talk.

What Should You Write About?

With dramatic changes in the thought process of our communities, a requirement of providing these people with the introduction of actionable inspiration is to portray an improved life and better world.

Main areas of articles we would like you to write blogs in are:

  • WordPress themes
  • WordPress Plugins Reviews,
  • Online marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Writings
  • Backlinks
  • Design services,
  • Website customization.
  • Casino
  • IGaming
  • Affiliates

If your article does not stand in any of the areas mentioned, Flytonic might not be the best platform for you to get your article published. However, we provide you people with the selection of the article type by your choice based on your interests, experience, and passion. In addition, we cannot provide you helping out with a selection of topic of your desired interest. If you do not have a better idea of the content type on a regular basis then you may browse around and experience the space.

Guide to Formatting:

  • Posts should be either in plaintext, HTML or DOC format.
  • Give your post an attractive and eye-catching title.
  • Font style must be the same from start to end of the document.
  • JPG format of images is preferred which is easily convertible.
  • Images should be captioned with lines directly influencing the page source despite other things.
  • Inclusion of each image in the article must be a copyrighted one with complete access.
  • While submission of your article, make sure every single requirement is completed and each part of your article is attached.

Do’s and Don’ts for an article writer:


  1. Determine your hook.

Look at the 5 Ws and 1 H. Why are readers clicking on this content? What problem are they trying to solve? What’s new or different? Determine which aspects are most relevant and important, and lead with that. Focus on the basics that an individual is looking for or what you might be looking for if you were at his/her place.

  1. Be clear and succinct.

Use of simple and easy language attracts millions of readers. This is not primarily wholly based on the language you use but also the choice of your words to write the article.

  1. Address the reader as “you.”

It is the ability of the writer to break the fourth theatre wall and stand through it. People know you’re writing to them. Not only is it OK to address them as such, I think it helps create a personal connection with them as you relate realistic situations to attain and retain the interest of the reader allowing him to imagine things better and in a relatable manner.

  1. Title Selection:

Each day, a large number of articles get published on different portals providing readers with a broad range category of what to read. Each keyword they use displays various differentiated topics. To ease the readers in selecting what they should read, selection of your words for title gives the reader a reflection of uniqueness, robust views, passion and personality with effortful dedication.

  1. Start your blog with a known and factual statement:

The quality of any article or blog is judged by your word selection for the start of your article. A good statement or a paragraph of the article mainly decides if the reader will read the whole article or not. Thus, in the first paragraph of your article try to strongly convey your approach to the reader.


Avoid imagination:

Content that you include in the article must not be wholly based on imagination or a hypothetical one. It bores people. Our community wants to hear the things which are thought-provoking, realistic and immense source of useful data.

Don’t reuse existing ones:

If your article title matches with the previous one you have already done, do not play smart games by submitting the same article to get published. A serious violation of rules against our mission of providing our community with genuine and valued content.

Don’t go out of track:

We do not accept articles that lack real affluence based on personal experience as the content is not only content-based nor linkage of unrelated connections. Rather, we whole-heartedly accept and value articles with life-enhancing content improving the quality and reputation of Flytonic and its potential services it offers.

Don’t ask us for topic assigning:

Areas, we like you to write on are mentioned which mainly includes WordPress casino themes, other themes on reviews, marketing as per your own interest and skills. We are unaware of your specialized domains in which you can give your best.

Additional Notes:

When developing your style, you need to recognize that freedom is mainly associated with bringing in new opportunities. Style is not deciding that learning is unimportant nor it is arbitrarily ignoring the rules.

But following guidelines helps in achieving your goals better: You must also consider the following:

  • Your post is required to be free from errors of grammar and spelling.
  • Your writings are required to be full of sight providing help, and worthwhile.
  • Whatever you are writing about, must contain new and unusual content meaning that it has not been published before.
  • Blogs should be written in an attractive style of conversation differentiating your style from others by being better.
  • You must keep short paragraphs while writing.
  • The format of the final document must contain different sections through the use of Headings i.e. Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, etc. for making the content of the article understandable.

Process of Article Submission:

Maximum number of article submissions at one time is limited to ten. We value and appreciate your writings, time and efforts who have invested in writing articles by reading each article we receive.

  • After an approximate of 15 days, if you get a response from our team meaning that your article has been shortlisted among all we received which might get published by letting you know through an email.
  • After an approximate of 15 days, if you don’t get any response from our team meaning that your article is not selected among those to get published. Don’t be dishearten or devalue your skills, you only need to review your article and find out the points you need to focus on.

Successful submission of your article on Flytonic does not confirm its publish. As each article is assessed on the basis of the above-mentioned criteria. As it is primarily not possible for our team to provide each article with feedback due to an extensive range of article submissions at one time.

Note: While you submit your article to get published on our website, do not make multiple submissions on different web portals of the same article. As if we come across such activity, we will do a cross-check while you submit any other article. Factually, the article you submit to Flytonic regarding any area content must be only owned by us. Have patience and wait for at least 15 days to get a response. If not so, you may try to submit it on any other.

What you get?

  • A platform to share your view of what you actually are, and your thoughts.
  • A place to call home.
  • A commendable opportunity to be featured on com
  • Getting your article published with a sense of stepping on the first step of your success ladder.
  • Access to your work to almost each individual all around the world.

What we get?

  • Creative content on what we wish to promote by sharing it with our potential readers and friends.
  • Growth opportunities to bring more people on the platform to showcase their talent with expertise in different domains throughout the world.

You will always be credited as the author, but once your post has been published on Be A Better Blogger it becomes the property of Be A Better Blogger. Although, you own what you write, but you are here sharing your ownership. Thus, you must maintain your ownership!

Each individual has its own style of writing, own comfort zone to interact and convey their thought process with other people. Under pressure moments, we know, not many people can survive. This is why, we provide you with complete freedom to get with the flow of your desired direction at your convenient span of time that bursts out your creative thoughts, combining them to give your writing a defined and flawless look. We encourage you to write for us, write more but completely at your ease. As a writer is not the one who messes things up or portray wrong images of different things happening around us or we have experienced it somewhere in our lives.

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Motive of Flytonic writing services is to encourage you people from getting the things promoted i.e. its services, themes it mainly offers for increased sales by letting people be aware of what it is? How it works? And many other questions whose answers they have been looking for. We do appreciate your efforts and always will. Join us, give us a chance to let you showcase your services. Help you in chasing your passion and interest.

What are you waiting for now?

Hurry up and review your already written article if any with the mentioned description and submit it soon or write a new one of your choice.

Looking forward to receive great content from you people!

Good luck!