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Best selling WordPress casino themes and templates for affiliate websites

Our most recent and featured WordPress casino themes and templates for affiliate websites
Casino Roulette Theme
Casino Affiliates Theme

Casino Roulette Theme

sports news theme
Fantasy & Sports Betting Theme

wordpress Sports Betting Theme

sports betting affiliate theme
Sports Betting Affiliates

Sportsbook Affiliate Theme

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Best selling WordPress casino plugin and templates for affiliate websites

Our most recent and featured WordPress casino plugin and templates for affiliate websites
Casino Slots affiliate theme
Casino Game Plugin

wordpress Casino Game Plugin

Casino Affiliates Plugin
Casino Affiliates Plugin

Wordpress Casino Affiliates Plugin

Geo Target Plugin
Geo Target Plugin

Wordpress Geo Target Plugin

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Why choose Flytonic casino plugin, templates and themes for your WordPress casino affiliate website?

Discover some of the features that makes our casino WordPress themes, templates and plugins a great choice for your gambling affiliate website.

Optimized for WordPress Gambling Affiliate Websites

All Flytonic WordPress casino affiliate themes and templates have been optimized to convert visitors into customers with special widgets and call to action buttons and tables.

Easy to Setup

Quickly install, activate, and setup your theme within minutes. Add your content and start making money right away.

Lifetime Updates & Support

Each one time purchase includes lifetime theme updates and support along with unlimited domain and website usage.

Responsive & Mobile Ready

The Wordpress gambling themes and templates are designed to adapt to different screen resolutions. All Wordpress casino affiliate themes look great in all tablets and mobile devices too without the use of any external plugins.

WordPress gambling website themes, templates and plugins

Flytonic is well known for its proven excellence in providing quality gambling affiliate themes, templates and casino plugins for WordPress. We have made it easier for people looking to make money online through affiliate marketing. We assure our clients that our creative WordPress themes, high-quality WordPress customization services and stunning banner design services from us will be effective and eye-catching.   The good news is that our WordPress affiliate services are of high quality, but easily fit into your budget. Our team ensures that the gambling WordPress themes remain scalable to various web standards. Whether you order a single theme or an all in one WordPress theme package, each will clearly show our dedication and excellence.   Online gambling is an amazing experience both for players and casinos. Before the casino owners choose to expand their gambling arenas online, they should consider growing their online presence. One way is trough online casino affiliate marketing programs.   Our WordPress themes, templates and plugins has made the work of creating a great affiliate website pretty easy. However, with a wide range of gambling WordPress themes, templates and plugins to choose from, it is evident that you will be spoilt for choice. To help in choosing the premium theme and plugins, the following are some of the important things that you need to know.   Each of the WordPress themes designed by Flytonic is fitted with amazing features such as Woocommerce plugin, video sharing modules, booking and more, which increase your website's traffic. This will make it very easy for you to attract your prospects into your website and eventually it will boost the conversion rates.   Essentially, WordPress has made creating unique affiliate websites pretty easy. Most of these WordPress gambling and gaming themes usually come with the drag and drop page builder. This allows you to literally drag and drop icons around the website pages for quick and easy customization and creation of the website. Nonetheless, there are numerous options that you can pick from. The most challenging aspect lies in choosing the right casino theme and plugin.   There is no reason why you should find it hard to get a great WordPress betting theme and plugin. If you are searching for the best WordPress casino theme and plugin, then it is highly likely that you also want to make some cash with affiliate marketing. Every internet marketer understands that online gambling is one of the most powerful affiliate markets that are open to you. All you have to do is ensure it works for you. But what can you do with all the stiff competition in the current market? With the Flytonic WordPress casino theme and plugin, that’s how.

Use a WordPress affiliate and review theme or plugin

Flytonic WordPress review theme is a great gambling WordPress theme. You can review gambling sites and casinos with the affiliate WordPress theme. The Flytonic casino plugin and themes are the tools you need to become a successful online casino affiliate.   Affiliate and Review Theme is a gambling and casino theme. It can be used for reviews and affiliate websites on subjects of gambling and casinos. The Affiliate and Review Theme is fully responsive, which means you don’t have to worry about using it on small screen devices such as mobile devices or tablets. The good news is that there are special features or affiliate programs where you can insert partner codes on your webpage.   This gambling and casino theme is translation-ready, which means people from around the globe can access the website and understand the site because it’s available in their native language.

Why Choose Our WordPress Gaming Themes and Plugins For Your Gambling Affiliate Website

Do you really love fancy gambling and gaming? Do you love the rush that you get when you know you have a great hand and you stand a better chance of beating your opponents? Now you will be glad to know that you can enjoy different forms of gaming from work, bus, park, or your home. Thanks to technological advancements you can now enjoy gambling and gaming online. The best thing is that you don’t have to feel limited to games that are available in your country because you can scour the internet and get to play other types of games or bet on sports. Relax in your home and get to play blackjack with a player in Canada or team up with a person from Europe to win the bet. Technology has enabled gambling to reach a new level. As if that is not enough, you can now use WordPress to create your casino, gaming, or gambling sites exactly the way you want. With the WordPress gambling themes and plugin, you can easily create a unique gambling and gaming website. We have created some of the best WordPress themes for gaming websites. Why Use Our Wordpress Gambling Website Themes, Plugins And Templates On Your Gaming Affiliate Website WordPress is known to make it easy for casino affiliates to create websites mainly because they don’t need to program or code. All you have to do is upload the casino theme and customize it following the instructions you will find in the platforms back end. Furthermore, our casino theme plugins allow you to customize your website's functionality. For instance, the plugin designed by our developers will also help you establish an online shop in your casino affiliate website like Woocommerce. Moreover, it will also help you improve your website's SEO. The casino plugin will help in search engine optimization and ultimately help you get additional online traffic. Getting more organic traffic to your website is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your gambling site. This is because many people seem to always pick results from the top part of their online search. For this reason, it’s crucial to ensure you rank well for each of your keywords. One of the most amazing things that you will appreciate about WordPress sites is that they are quite easy to modify and update. Our online sports betting themes come in different layouts, styles, and colors. Therefore, it’s crucial to pick the most suitable one for your betting website. If you are building a highly responsive website for a casino or online gambling or for fantasy sports, wider range of options available from Flytonic will do it for you. If your casino affiliate site is fully responsive, then it will be very easy for it to adapt to different screen sizes including on small and large computer screens, mobile phones and tablets. Completely responsive design is usually thought of as the best practice in regards to various web development standards. Creating the casino site with a casino theme from Flytonic will make sure that you get a powerful brand online presence and a perfect design to attract and encourage your users to stay. For instance, the casino theme and plugin is ideal for a startup betting website. This is because it features a modern and easy to navigate homepage with large sections that allow users to move around the website without any challenges. Whether you want to help punters out with effective betting and gambling tips or you just want to redirect your visitors to a great online casino, consider using Flytonic WordPress themes and plugins to get the job done without much hassle.

Best WordPress gambling affiliate website template, themes and plugins

Setting up a WordPress Gambling website with one of Flytonic’s WordPress affiliate theme, Affiliate Marketing Website Templates, or WordPress Geo redirect plugin is easy and will help you showcase the most essential aspects of your website. These are fully responsive and customized affiliate themes. Using Flytonic’s WordPress casino themes, WordPress gambling themes, betting themes, WordPress affiliate templates, and plugins offers you an easy way to build a stunning website as well as kick start a successful career as an affiliate marketer. Read on to find the best WordPress online casino affiliate themes, WordPress gambling themes, betting themes, affiliate templates and WordPress Geo redirect plugins.

Affiliate marketing website template

While there are various ways to promote a gambling affiliate site, online casino affiliate marketing has proven to be quite effective and if properly managed can bring in huge commissions. Of course exhibitions, media advertising, PPC, SEO, and some offline activities can be used as part of the strategy (after all diversity is a great way to boost your success) - but if we compare the outcome and investments, online casino affiliate marketing wins the Return on Investment (ROI) competition. Read on to get a dipper insight into who casino affiliates are, what are the best affiliate marketing WordPress theme, popular affiliate marketing website template, what benefits the best WordPress casino theme bring to an online gambling business as well as the best way in which you make the best use of your casino affiliate partnerships.

Can I use a WordPress template for casino affiliate marketing?

Yes, not just use WordPress template or theme for casino affiliate marketing, but the WordPress platform makes it pretty easy to promote online casinos. Moreover, it’s easy to build WordPress affiliate link tracking to see the casino affiliate links that are performing exceptionally well.

How to build a WordPress affiliate website with our templates and plugins

Online casino affiliates deliver referral traffic to gambling sites by placing banners and links on their websites. Sometimes casino WordPress affiliates can use a call to action banners such as those to sign up or deposit at a certain online casino. Essentially, online casino affiliates bring relevant traffic with higher conversion rates into depositing players. Affiliate marketing WordPress sites have one main thing in common: all of them contain useful information like online casino rankings and iGaming guides. So, WordPress affiliate marketing websites usually attract customers searching for the best online casinos to play at and most of them actually register and deposit after following the referral link. Nevertheless, they might differ in the approach they follow. For example, there are portal link WordPress affiliate websites that cover the  details relating to online gaming and target a wider audience. On the other hand, there are some niche affiliate marketing WordPress websites that specialize, for example, in bitcoin-focused online casinos or casinos licensed in Malta.

How To Choose The Best Wordpress Affiliate Theme And Template For Your Casino Affiliate Site

Affiliate marketing is an easy way to start making money online. You just have to link to offers, products, and services to earn some commission on each user you refer to. Although you can add these affiliate links to any WordPress site or theme, there are many advantages to choosing the right WordPress affiliate theme that has been customized for this purpose. One main feature of a great affiliate WordPress theme is that it makes it easier for you to publish professional reviews. These incredible reviews can showcase the best and worst elements of every product, alongside other useful features like image galleries, video galleries, star ratings, product comparisons, and more. By picking a purpose build WordPress website template, it will be easier for you to boost your chances of your WordPress site becoming successful.

WordPress Themes and Templates For Affiliate Marketing

Looking to build a stunning affiliate marketing website? All you need is the best WordPress theme for affiliate marketing to get started. You don’t need any coding skills or programming knowledge to get it done. The modern Internet age is quite a complex one, completely filled with routinely chaotic events and vexing contradictions. The world is quickly evolving and changing, and webmasters who evolve and also change with it. So, it's important to make sure that your website is a recognized and trusted platform like WordPress. Affiliate marketing websites should instill some sense of familiarity amongst users for it to be fully trusted and visited regularly. The latest WordPress themes for affiliate marketing will achieve just this, making sure your prospects know exactly who they are talking to. Keeping this in mind, read on to find the best affiliate marketing WordPress themes that are built with an intention to instill familiarity and trust. Also, we have listed the best WordPress themes for affiliate marketing and the main difference between the premium and the best free WordPress themes for affiliate marketing.

Use Flytonic Gambling WordPress Themes, Templates, and Plugins For Creating Great Affiliate Sites

Flytonic WP casino theme can be used to promote online casino affiliate programs. This is a great choice if you want to set up your affiliate website about online gambling or betting. The WordPress casino theme has stunning display options that allow you to review games and/or casinos and post the affiliate links to those that you are promoting. Also, you can post information and promo codes regarding bonuses to attract visitors to register for the program. The WP casino theme has been fitted with 4-post templates and three custom post types including bonus information, game reviews, and casino reviews. Furthermore, the WP casino theme comes with various widgets to showcase your casino affiliate website. There are over four different demo types for various types of website layouts (best casino listings, blogs, and more). The demo layouts may be imported into your website with only a few clicks. Some of our WordPress casino affiliate themes:

Use Our WordPress Poker Theme For Online Poker Affiliate Sites

The Poker WordPress theme is a great poker affiliate WP theme that comes with a fully responsive design, parallax scrolling, and other amazing design features. The theme comes with various one-page design, a blog page, two info pages, and a home page. The theme works with different browsers and is fully responsive to mobile devices, phones, and tablets. Google fonts are also included. Other features include touch-swipe navigation. Also, the theme is sort-table responsive. Moreover, it features various header variations. With a slick design, there is no doubt that this theme will get the job done whenever you want to build a poker site.

Best free WordPress theme for casino affiliate marketing

If you are thinking of setting up an affiliate marketing revenue stream, it's without a doubt that you want a website that will rank well in the search results, display all your affiliate content perfectly in a fascinating way and appeal to all your visitors to click on the referral affiliate links. The best free WordPress theme for affiliate marketing will help you meet most of your affiliate marketing goals. The good news is that you don’t have to break a bank or spend more to get one. Here you will find some of the best free WordPress themes for affiliate marketing that work for magazine-style, review, and deal affiliate marketing websites. While a free WordPress theme for affiliate marketing is great, you should not forgo a stunning design for your blog or website when many affiliate marketing themes are a very affordable, one-time fee. We also offer several free casino affiliate WordPress themes with limited features.

WordPress casino affiliate plugin

There are many reasons why using WordPress for affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online. First, you can easily setup WordPress link tracking to see the affiliate links that are performing exceptionally well. The good news is that WordPress is highly flexible, which means you can use whatever WordPress casino affiliate plugin you like to come up with a plan to manage your affiliate program in a manner that works best for your website. Now, let's talk about what to look out for in a good affiliate marketing plugin for your WordPress website.

How To Pick The Best WordPress Casino Affiliate Plugin

When choosing the best WordPress casino affiliate and WordPress sports betting plugin to use on your website, consider the bigger picture, particularly if you are really serious about your lead generation approach and making money online. Remember to think about your ultimate goals and do not just focus on the low price point or a single feature. This is because you can always switch to something more features packed and robust as your affiliate marketing business grows. Nevertheless, it may be a challenge to switch the systems after you have hundreds of happy users coming to your website. You want to ensure you are keeping your website users satisfied so that you can create a great relationship with them. Therefore, it’s important to remain picky with the WP casino affiliate plugin you choose and focus on the helpful tools:
  • Easily add/modify casinos and affiliate links on your pages and posts
  • Add, manage and save casinos affiliate links in the WordPress dashboard
  • Easier to navigate for both your affiliates and yourself to help get a loyal following
  • Easily track the highest performing affiliate marketing campaigns
  • Create shareable referral links for your site, like on podcasting as well as social media
Given these factors, using the best WordPress casino affiliate plugin will make it easier to manage your website.

Use Flytonic WordPress casino affiliate plugin for your sports betting affiliate website

Now that you know what to look for in a good WordPress casino affiliate plugin, you can check out our best WordPress affiliate plugins. Don’t forget to look for the casino review plugin to help grow your online casino affiliate website. You use our Worpdress casino plugin as a WordPress sports betting plugin to promote Sports betting companies instead of online casinos. Our WP casino plugin makes it super easy for you to manage your affiliate links. A good affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress works perfectly when used to manage a casino affiliate program. Some of the features you should consider in the best WP affiliate plugin include:
  • Integrations - Smoothly connect to multiple tools including GeoTargeting, the best location plugin in the world.
  • Real-time reporting - Closely monitor your affiliate marketing campaigns with graphs and reporting in real-time.
  • Affiliate management - Choose to automatically or manually approve requirements to allow easier affiliate registration.

fantasy sports theme

WordPress sports themes and templates

Are you a sports lover or just looking to make money online through sports betting and fantasy sports through your affiliate marketing website? Or, do you want a WordPress Sports theme where you and your website visitors can join a sports club or bet on sports together? Look no further! Because Flytonic offers some extraordinary, excellent, modernize, and special sports WordPress themes that suits your preferences. Besides, when it comes to theme customization, you can easily change its layout styles, fonts, colors, add custom extensions, and upload your content. Health, fitness and sports are essential parts of our daily lives. Most of us are members of a sports team or club. Also, those who operate a sports club want it to be seen by the rest of the world. They want people from across the globe to join their sports clubs. Essentially, the best way to get this done is to have a WordPress sports club website. WordPress is a great platform that you can use to build your sports club or sports betting website. So, we want to share with you the best WordPress sports theme that you can download and use right away.

Use a WordPress sport template for your website

As mentioned earlier, Sports and fitness usually play a major role in our daily lives. It is for this reason why there are many websites around these topics. But, you cannot launch a sports website without considering the best WordPress sport template. Those best WordPress sports templates take the concept of sports and put it through the WordPress lens, ultimately making it possible for affiliate marketers to share their content in a manner that is perfectly optimized to suit the needs and preferences of their audience. Nevertheless, picking the right WordPress sports template is not always an easy task. This is where the best WordPress sport template by Flytonic comes into play.

Flytonic best WordPress sports theme and template

Here at Flytonic, we’ve built the most amazing efficient premium WordPress sports template that is ideal for a sports book affiliate website. Keeping in mind the prerequisites of the sports clubs niche, we have built sports magazine themes, sports club themes, sports team themes, casino WP themes and sports betting templates. Each of these WordPress sports templates are designed to ensure your sports book affiliate website visitors enjoy a fantastic experience.

How To Choose The Best Sports Betting Themes

Essentially, you should look out for sports betting themes that have a fully responsive design, extra page layout and is supported by BootStrap to assist you to start creating your sports gambling website. Furthermore, the ready-made design will without a doubt save you lots of time as you undertake the website design process. Also, you will find it very easy to make changes to your theme's coding. As a result, any work that you need to do on your website to perfect it will be done easily without much hassle. It is also important for you to look out for parallax animations and HTML plus JS because these will allow you to present different types of games that allow you to bet on in a more interactive manner. In return, players will be able to choose from a wide range of online betting services. Furthermore, you should check whether the sports betting theme is cross-browser compatible. This will provide you with an assurance that it can be accessed from any browser. Also, it will be easier for users to visit your website from their mobile devices! This means that your website's experience will be global. Finally, you should choose sports betting themes from designers who provide 24/4 customer support to their customers. This will be important in case you need assistance at any point in time.

Great WordPress sports themes for your sport betting and gambling sites

For a stunning and best WordPress Sport theme, in short, you need the best WP sports themes that will allow users to seamlessly interact with your site. And for website users, they want to visit a website that features a highly responsive layout and the visitor experience is amazing. Technically, most people want to find a website that is secure. Essentially, in the technological era that we are living in today, almost everyone bets on sports to gain some extra money. However, if you want your sports betting affiliate website to succeed, it's important to offer an outstanding user experience. So, you must create a superior chance to distinguished sports bettors with your online sports WordPress theme. Furthermore, you will find lots of the best gaming WordPress themes or gambling affiliate themes that features a drag and drop page builder. With such features on your gaming WordPress theme, it will be easy to instantly customize your website or set up an entirely new website. But, the main question is how you choose the best sports theme for you. Well, with Flytonic, you will find tried and tested sports WordPress themes with a wide range of incredible features.
Sportsbook Affiliate Theme
Ignoring the legalities of online sports betting, bets are pervasive in regard to sporting events. Sports betting theme is designed to meet the increasing demand for sportsbooks that will provide you with a clear path to showcase your sportsbook services around the world. Flytonic’s WordPress sportsbook affiliate theme can be used by affiliate websites that want to promote a certain sportsbook, betting site, or online casino. The 4-column feature section allows you to educate visitors about the services offered by sports events supported by the sportsbook. Features
  • SEO optimized
  • Widgetized footer and sidebar areas
  • A gallery
  • Customer testimonials
  • Fully responsive
  • Many color options
  • Social media platform integration
  • Compatible with latest WordPress versions
Some of our WordPress sportsbook themes:
Sports Betting Theme
The second pick for our detailed list is the Sports Betting WordPress theme. This theme offers many customizable features. Let’s consider some of the key features. You will be glad to know that the theme is fitted with built-in templates for various posts. The first template is ideal for posting casino reviews and affiliate links. The second template is used to post reviews of various casino games, alongside information regarding the betting sites' services. The third template is for betting bonuses where users get to post information about promo codes and other bonus offers. The sports betting theme has over 6 widgets for the customized post templates. These add extra effects to the webpage and also makes it more engaging and immersive to the users. Moreover, the theme comes with different color schemes that can be used to make your site more appealing to your audience.

Free Sports WordPress Theme

You might think that with literally hundreds of sports WP themes out there, there are numerous WordPress themes for sports clubs. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The best free sports WordPress themes are not always very easy to find. Well, if you want to find the best sports WordPress theme, you can always find a great WP sports theme at a cost-effective rate, a one-time WordPress sports theme free of cost. But no need to fear - Flytonic got you covered. Here you will find the very best WordPress sports themes available. Easy to set up, free sports WordPress theme, appealing to the eye. Our WordPress sports theme, WordPress sportsbook affiliate theme, and WordPress sports betting theme will without a doubt help improve your sports club or sports betting affiliate website.  

Fantasy WordPress themes and templates

If you are looking to make animation an important aspect of your blog or affiliate website, then you've come to the right place. You can check out our selection of the best Fantasy Sports WordPress themes. From animation, rich, digital-based, and creative websites and online agencies to 3D character modeling, video animation, motion graphics, 3D animation and movie, and carton animation services, gaming zones, video game developers, game editors, fantasy video production, fantasy sports, and other dynamic businesses as well as fantasy sports website design will be successful with these fantasy sports WordPress themes.

How to create a Fantasy sports website?

Looking for the best way to make money online? If so, how to create a fantasy sports website is something that you should without a doubt think about. Considered as one of the most lucrative ventures of the 21st century, fantasy sports have grown steadily. Fantasy sports have risen to become a lucrative business in the US, China, India, and other countries across the globe. Cricket and football have emerged as the most favorite sports events in these nations. Therefore, if you are really looking into succeeding in the fantasy sports business, read on to know how to build a fantasy sports website. The best thing you must do if you want to create a fantasy sports website is to choose the right platform. We strongly recommend that you use WordPress. This is because WordPress offers an easy and quick way to set up a fantasy sports website. The second thing you should do to build a fantasy sports website is to choose the best WordPress fantasy sports theme. The right theme will ensure you have a stunning affiliate website within minutes. You will be pleased to find that you don’t need any coding skills or programming knowledge to create an amazing fantasy sports website.

Others aspects to consider to create fantasy sports website

  • Define your sports website objectives
  • Study the target demographic that your fantasy sports website will target
  • Make a list of the leagues or fantasy sports to be provided
  • Find trusted data providers and fantasy sports app development, partners

Fantasy Football Themes

We don’t have to repeat the increased popularity of WordPress. It is by far the most powerful platform for building stunning websites, which is why it's trusted by millions of website owners and webmasters. Some fantasy WordPress themes are multipurpose, while others, such as fantasy football themes are designed for a special niche. If you are looking to create a fantasy football website, then you should choose our fantasy football theme. Flytonic's premium fantasy football themes are perfectly crafted for online football website presence. These highly responsive fantasy football themes will meet the needs of any fantasy sports website. It comes with powerful functions for an outstanding appearance. With our premium and high-end football fantasy themes, you can set up your website within minutes.

Best WordPress fantasy sport theme

Modern and well-done web animation have several benefits, from enhanced user experience to the best user concentration, eye-catchy appearance, illustrated, better conversion rates, and more. Stunning graphics, including CSS 3 animations do a perfect job it making it easier for website visitors to navigate around the site and find whatever they are looking for. For the best results, you need a mix of the most modern animation solution along with high-quality content publishing and production and graphical elements and visual content to present a fully functional and serviceable website or any nature, kind, or direction, regardless of whether it deals with the fantasy business or not. The best fantasy WordPress theme allows you to fully engage your target customers, make your content superb, set up an easy to use the website, and make sure you have a fruitful interaction between your site and the users. From a functional and technical viewpoint, each of the fantasy WordPress themes built by Flytonic is designed in such a way that it's easy to use and can be quickly acquired.
Flytonic Fantasy Sports Theme
This next WordPress gaming theme is our for all your fantasy sports out there. The fantasy sports theme is a great eSports gambling theme designed just for fantasy sports. Regardless of your project and the types of gambling sites you want to achieve, a fantasy sports theme can assist you to build it. Your site will be in a position to support a wide array of team pages and you can also add different player profiles. Also, you can easily display things such as team achievements, match results, statistics, match details, and more on your site. Also, your site will have the capacity to integrate various social media platforms and if you fancy Instagram, you will find it easier to add its features to the plugins. This WordPress theme comes with many features including:
  • Header background changer
  • Custom menu
  • Single post page
  • Ad Space
  • Team Banners
  • Custom logo
  • Custom call to action
  • Twitter feed
Some of our WordPress fantasy sports themes:

Fantasy Sports Affiliate Programs

The fantasy sports market is remarkably competitive. Essentially, it should be considered a micro-niche given that each sport has its fantasy games and leagues. Individually, fantasy football is a highly competitive micro-niche. However, like any other popular blogging niche, there is a series of fantasy sports betting affiliate programs that come up to support it. It is for this reason that you should look out for the best fantasy football affiliate programs. All you have to do is choose the best fantasy sports affiliate program that perfectly fits your blog or website audience and use it to monetize your content. Besides writing about what you love, you will also be able to make some more cash. If you are already fascinated by fantasy sports, now is the best time to up your game and share the games you love with other people. Finding great fantasy sports affiliate programs is an incredible part of improving your chances of success in affiliate marketing.
Fantasy Football Affiliate Programs
Over 60 million people enjoy fantasy sports and nearly 80% of these people play fantasy football. You need to pay at least $180 to join a league. With millions of people playing and the huge participation costs, there is still room for savvy affiliate marketers to join the best fantasy football affiliate programs and grow their revenue. The top fantasy football affiliate programs include online sports betting sites and trophy companies, websites offering daily competitions, and companies that focus on creating the winning lineups. Keep in mind that becoming a successful fantasy sports affiliate takes more than just choose the right fantasy sports program, you also need to choose the right fantasy sports theme for your affiliate business to succeed.

Other WordPress affiliate website templates and themes

Building a gambling affiliate website with one of Flytonic's WordPress casino affiliate template, gambling affiliate theme or plugin will greatly help you demonstrate the most crucial aspects of your affiliate business. These fully customization and fully responsive WordPress themes can help you in different ways to make your site excel via their elegant call to action (CTA), a homepage that is very easy to navigate and a sleek design for all your visitors. Using Flytonic’s WordPress gambling themes, WordPress casino themes or templates, betting themes and plugins, you will be fascinated to kick start your affiliate website. We strongly hope that you will find the theme that you are looking for and are interested in building your casino affiliate site. With the numerous features that you will find in each of the gambling themes, we have no doubt that you will make your website stand out. Wait no more! Get started with one of our great WordPress themes  for a notable casino affiliate website.

WordPress bitcoin, forex and financial themes

Here are some of our WordPress themes and templates for Bitcoin, Forex and Financial affiliate websites:

WordPress booking and travel Financial themes

Here are some of our WordPress themes and templates for booking and travell affiliate websites: These are great WordPress theme designed for gaming or casino hotels and resorts. One of the most amazing aspects of this theme is that you don’t need to have any coding skills or knowledge. The theme is equipped with a drag and drop page builder that makes it easier for you to create pages. Other useful features you will find on this theme includes pop-ups, maps, a premium slider, and add-ons. The entire theme is fully optimized and fully responsive for different types of mobile devices including tablets. The inbuilt translation options allow you to utilize the theme in different languages. Furthermore, you can import your demo content to the live website with only a few mouse clicks. Utilizing the eCommerce features will allow you to easily sell your products. The footers and headers can be customized, you can modify the footer column easily.

WP plugin redirect and targeting plugin based on country

The best WordPress geotargeting plugins offer users with an easy way to personalize website content based on the user's location. It helps your website visitors find better content on your site, especially one that is relevant to them. Furthermore, you can use the WP Geo plugin redirect based on country features to boost the efficiency of your WordPress casino affiliate website as well as its security. With time, this will help create a loyal visitor. Some business niches usually depend entirely on geolocation-based content. Some of these niches are casino affiliate businesses; directory-based businesses as well as survey companies. WordPress geolocation-based content is quite possible and effective with the use of the best geo-target plugin and offering geolocation-based content on your website is pretty easy if you understand how this WordPress geo redirect plugin works.

Use our WordPress geo redirect plugin to target your audience

If you are searching for the best geotargeting plugins to help in geo-marketing for your site, then the Our Geo-Target plugin can be a great fit. The WordPress geo redirect plugin is an incredible geo-marketing tool, which allows webmasters to fully control their WordPress websites. Moreover, the WordPress geo redirect plugin allows you to control posts, geotags, geographic information, and content from custom templates, widgets, pages, and Google map using JavaScript, PHP Codes, alternative shortcodes, or other simple codes. This makes it easier for you to specify a certain geographic location for your WooCommerce control, spam protection, SEO redirection, WordPress blog, and more. The WordPress geo direct plugin assists you to increase the conversion rates, captures your landing pages or blogs, or make better SEO. Keep in mind that the best geo-target plugin use a combination of paid and free services that provide information about locations. Other significant plugin features include country SEO redirects, live banner shortcode, Cloudflare CDN support, GEO defender block, redirect based on country, and SSL support.

WordPress Customization Service

Many companies spend extravagantly to change the appearance of their websites to make them more appealing. Although some manage to improve their site responsiveness, others forget to take their website aesthetics aspects seriously. Flytonic endorses the concept of a complete site that meets the functional needs and artistically appeals to its visitors. Our WordPress customization service is comprehensive enough to help build a perfect ensemble of functions and looks. wordpress customization service  

WordPress Theme Customization Service

The most important thing about the best WordPress theme customization service is because it’s vital to create a unique looking site for a more distinctive identity. This is largely because the pre-defined options that come with the WordPress themes are not sufficient to get an incredibly different look. It is here that our WordPress theme customization services come into play. Our expert designers use their coding talent and experience to deliver a distinct look for your project. Our designers and programmers constantly chase simplified content management via their WordPress theme customization work. The aim is to deliver a design that will support easy and smooth content management for website owners, even for those with no coding skills. Our WordPress theme customization services are largely directed towards the sustainable impact on search engines and website traffic. One of our main strategies that usually accompany our WordPress website customization service is website SEO worthiness. Our customizers and codes ensure that the website design doesn't include anything that will negatively affect a website's SERP ranking. We deliver fully responsive designs. With us, your site will for sure get fancy, and not fluffy. To make sure your website is completely versatile, we offer plug-in and custom theme development support.

Banner Design Services

Flytonic, an effective graphic design company, offers the best logo and banner design services for different industries business. It is essential to make sure you choose an experienced company to design your website banners for an impressive impact on the users. With the increased popularity of websites, many companies have chosen banners and logos to attract their visitor’s attention. Here at Flytonic, we design different types of banners based on the client's requirements, be it flash-based, HTML5, GIF, static, or others for online marketing campaigns. We have a policy for designing custom banners tailored to the taste of our clients, which helps them make a great impression on the minds of their potential customers. Our experienced and professional graphic designers help us offer different creative services on time. Flytonic offers the best banner design solutions at affordable rates.

Types of Banners Provided

Banners designed by our experts are of attractive designs and great quality. They hold the ability not to just grow your website traffic, but also increase the conversion rates. Our specializing covers mobile banners, real estate banners, corporate banners, advertising banners, social media banners, event banners, school banners, fitness banners, Google AdWords banners, sports banners, and more.

How to make money as a casino affiliate online

Online casino affiliate marketing is by far one of the easiest ways to make money online trough WordPress. Through linking to participating offers, products, or services, you can easily earn some commission for every user you refer to the company. An online casino affiliate is a person who uses his/her website to promote an online casino. While it might differ in some industries, most online casino affiliates are usually players themselves. They often have many years of experience as online casino users and manage blogs or live stream to share their gambling experience with other experienced or newbie players. Sometimes online casino affiliates have lots of experience in the operations of online casinos as well as the other side of the gaming business. By offering truthful information about different online casinos available and sharing gaming tips and tricks, casino affiliates can gain the trust of players. Moreover, a well-designed and professional online casino affiliate marketing website will play a major role in attracting the audience to a website. With link building, participating in online forums, and skillful SEO, the affiliate marketing websites are able to achieve top rankings in the search engine results. Once this is done, casino affiliate sites are ready to make money. These are some of the ways through which you can make money as a casino affiliate. All you have to do is refer significant traffic to casino operators. Here you can read more about how to make money as a casino affilite.

Frequently Asked Questions -


Can I get a free casino theme WordPress ?

No, at the moment we do not offer a free casino WordPress theme. Instead, we offer a premium Casino theme WordPress at affordable rates with all the exclusive features needed to help boost your Affiliate Websites online visibility.

Should I use casino review Plugin or casino affiliate websites templates?

One of the main reasons you must consider using a gambling plugin on your casino affiliate website is the fact that it extends the functionality of your website. Secondly, using casino plugins on your website helps in adding more features. You can use our WordPress Sportsbook Plugin to boost your affiliate website’s online visibility.

How To Choose best casino review/ gambling Plugin?

One important thing that you will notice when you start looking for the best gambling plugin is the fact that there are thousands of plugins available out there. At Flytonic, we only write the best WordPress casino plugins. To make it easier for you to find the plugins you can use on your website, we have created a great casino review WordPress plugin and the geo-target plugin. While you can also find some free Wordpress plugins out there, it is important to note that free plugins will be less efficient as compared to the premium gambling plugins listed here.

Where Can I Get The Best Crypto Casino Theme or cryptocurrency theme?

Flytonic is a reputable team of experienced WordPress developers and designers that focus on creating gambling themes. Try out their Crypto Casino Theme for a user-friendly theme that you can use without any coding skills or knowledge.

What is a poker affiliate template ?

It is important to offer your users a great experience. As a result, the first thing that you should do to improve your website is to choose the right WordPress theme. A great theme loads fast without bugs. Fortunately, this is exactly what you get if you choose a WordPress poker affiliate theme from Flytonic.

Why right selection of wordpress theme Is Important For Your Website?

Every business that wants to promote its visibility online must be willing to go the extra mile and make their website more attractive and appealing. The quickest and most effective way to do this is by using the best WordPress themes. If you run a gambling business such as a casino reviews website or a casino affiliate, then you will have to choose the right casino theme. This is what makes the difference between successful gambling sites and those that instantly fail. We have listed the best casino themes to make it easier for you to find high-quality gambling and betting themes.

Which is the Best Gambling Theme?

If you are looking to have your website succeed, it is important to provide your users with quality user experience. As a result, it is always important for you to ensure you choose the most suitable WordPress gambling theme. The best gambling theme makes it easier for your visitors to navigate around your website and load quickly without bugs.

Why to choose Flytonic for WordPress Casino Themes & Plugins?

If you want to get into the world of affiliate marketing, you will get to notice early in advance that your site is the primary component that you can use to turn great leads into conversions. It is your website that will keep the visitors coming back to your website and staying there. One thing you will realize is that this significantly increases user engagement and eventually boosts it up into higher rankings, ultimately generating more traffic. You need to establish a great balance of intrigue and entertainment, and this is exactly what you get with this Flytonic casino theme and plugin.

What makes Flytonic Gambling WordPress Theme and Plugin So Special?

There are many factors that you should consider when creating a successful online casino affiliate website. For instance, you will be working with a certain target audience and this means that you will be required to cater to their necessities. The good news is that you will also have made your job quite easy.

Why Choose Flytonic WP Casino Theme Special Features?

• User friendly
• Superb support from iGaming professionals
• SEO Optimized
• Automatic Demo game updates
• Fully responsive
• A player specific layout
• 1-click download & installation

Can I use Flytonic for Sports Betting Affiliate sites?

Our betting themes are largely based on the WordPress platform. As mentioned earlier, WordPress is a renowned online platform that is used to build websites, blogs and manage content. As a result, it is also known as a content management system (CMS). There are numerous reasons why WordPress is a great tool for your website.

What are the various packages available for casino themes and plugins?

If you choose to buy our ‘Yearly Package’ the casino theme will be all yours, including all the amazing current features and those that would be added over the next year.
On the other hand, if you choose to purchase the ‘LifeTime’ package, you will receive all features for the single time purchase fee. However, you will not get any renewals.

Unlimited Usage
The good news is that you can use the casino theme on as many sites as you want. This is because there is no limit to the number of domains that you can use the theme on. We give you a license key for all the installations you make regardless of the package you choose.

What are the other iGaming services offered by flytonic ?

We offer wide range of services related to igaming, casino, gambling and other affiliates niches. Few of these are listed below
IGaming SEO Services : This is suitable for all casino or gambling affiliates & operators Content writing services for igaming, banner and logo design services

Which is the best cryptocurrency wordpress theme?

There are several themes in the market but flytonic provides best and most optimized, seo friendly and live crypto data in the bitcoin wordpress theme. We have a similar variety of cryptocurrency wordpress theme which is full responsive, live API call with bitcoin price feature in the header.

How To Choose A Betting Theme?

When user’s visits a website they want to feel that they are getting the kind of information they are looking for. As a result, you must strive to ensure your website is attractive and appealing to your target audience. To do this you will need a great WordPress theme when building your website. It is for this reason that you should learn how to choose the right betting theme. While each of these themes you will find at Flytonic comes with different features, there are some fundamental aspects that you should look out for if you want to find the best gambling or casino theme.

Do you offer poker affiliate template/ themes?

Yes we do offer poker affiliate template to promote your affiliate websites and start making money. Themes are specially designed with call to action buttons to convert your visitors to customers

How much a casino affiliate earns?

This is a very subjective question as the earning from casino affiliate website depends on lot of factors. But selecting a right theme like flytonic's casino affiliate website templates play very important role in conversion and earning. In the beginning , you should focus in right website design, content and SEO.
Selecting right keywords for blogging, targeting right audience and some SEO work will be helpful to make good earnings from affiliate websites. You can earn anything from few hundreds to several thousands from casino affiliates.

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