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We offer a comprehensive range of advertising opportunities to help businesses reach out to their focused and targeted prospects. All Flytonic readers mostly use the WordPress platform to create websites and blogs and regularly shop for premium WordPress products to improve their blog or business.

Flytonic is one of the most popular and trustworthy WordPress resource companies covering–Plugins, Themes, Software, Casino and Gambling Themes, Affiliate Marketing and SEO. For many years we have been the most sought after resource for both advanced users and beginners looking to gain and improve their knowledge in WordPress. As a result, Flytonic has been featured in many authority sites such as SEO, ProBlogger, WPTavern and more.

Flytonic is growing fast and attracting more visitors, including new casino operators and WordPress users every day. We can help any WordPress related enterprise get more exposure online, drive additional leads and target potential clients to your website and this will eventually get more customers for your products and services.

Some of the options we offer to advertise and promote your enterprise, services or products on Flytonic.

  • Content feature
  • Banner advertising
  • Directory listings


Flytonic connects brands with the global audience in SEO, Email Marketing, WordPress/Plugins, software, and affiliate marketing.

Flytonic offers you a chance to connect with a weekly audience of over 1.5 million, highly involved web professionals, very passionate about the most modern technology.

Whether it is with the strategic partnerships, lead acquisition, custom ad units, and sponsored content, we take care of your advertising goals with proven data-driven advertising solutions that will reach, engage and convert your target audience.

At Flytonic, we provide a unique service; we offer the most extensive information, SEO, WordPress themes/plugins, software development, affiliate marketing, related facts and a range of tools found anywhere on the web, we are fully committed to reaching out to the global audience.

Our unique WordPress themes/plugin services bring millions of affiliate marketers, gamblers and casino operators to our pages, each of them scanning through the content to help them get ahead of the game. This makes us a perfect option for those in the advertising space.


With extensive traffic to our website every day, we have decided to offer other businesses the opportunity to take advantage of our visibility by advertising on our space.

Giving you a choice of where exactly you want to place your adverts, we are particularly well-suited to businesses that relate to our special niches, such as affiliate marketers, SEO, WordPress themes/plugins, software development, casino, and gambling.

Working in a partnership, Flytonic offers you the chance to greatly boost your visibility and improve your brand profile by making sure that potential customers from across the globe will see your brand name and products. Whenever necessary we can also create a link from the advertisement directly to your website.

Whether you are an international or domestic business, we offer you the opportunity to advertise on our platform. Our company has a professional translation service that is available to all those that wish to use it, therefore providing an unrivaled opportunity for you to get global recognition of your product and brand name.

Our fully dedicated team of creative designers, SEO specialists, and developers will take care of everything. This means you don’t have to worry about the content or graphics if you choose to advertise with us.

The good news is that we offer a wide range of comprehensively priced packages that are tailored to your business-specific requirements.

If your enterprise is looking for an effective advertising boost, Flytonic is the solution you need. All you have to do is contact our friendly team today and everything will be laid out for you!

Sponsored Review

Our in-house SEO specialists will create a comprehensive review (2000+) exploring all the aspects of your service or product. Get in touch with us if you are interested in getting your products reviewed. Our reviews are completely unbiased. If your product is great, we’ll highlight that. If it is not, we will try our best to explain why.

Plugin and Theme Listings

Want to be featured on our plugin and theme collection? If you think your theme or plugin should be featured on one of our lists, then you should feel free to get in touch with us. If your product is related to our field, we would be glad to include it in our listings.

Why Choose To Advertise With Flytonic

  • User-friendly
  • Great value for money
  • Social media savvy
  • Flytonic has been a trustworthy and reliable source of reviews, guides, and news for 100,000 WordPress professionals and casino operators worldwide for many years.
  • Transparent pricing–all our clients are treated with respect and transparency in reporting and payments.
  • Our marketing specialists are fully certified by Facebook and Google and will quickly and professionally respond to any queries that you might have concerning your ads.
  • Seen by millions of WordPress professionals, casino operators, affiliate marketers, SEO experts and software developers each month.
  • You get to choose where you want your ads placed
  • A functional translation service that appeals to international customers
  • Our team promotes your brand name on social media
  • In house SEO specialists and developers
  • We always apply unique promotion formats and our experts are ready to help you advertise your products. Technically, we widely use rich media, native advertising, and other interactive tools in our campaigns.
  • We analyze our advertising campaigns and content in real-time to help us make informed data-driven decisions.

Cross-Platform and Highly Responsive Design

At Flytonic, our website is fully responsive and cross-platform, the website fully supports the mobile platform so you can reach your audience wherever they are. Whether it’s a desktop, laptop, Mac, tablets and mobile phones, our website can be accessed from any device.


Industry professionals and casino operators come to us for the most trusted news about any of the services we provide including SEO, software development, WordPress plugins/themes, and many others. We always provide exclusive WordPress services and comprehensive reviews of 100+ WordPress enterprises. Flytonic targets a wide range of website developers, from WordPress experts to newbies who are just starting.