Casino Affiliate Marketing Trends For 2023

Posted by Alice on January 8, 2023 in Marketing

affiliate marketing trends

Casino affiliate marketing is a major trend in 2023. And even though it’s not a novelty, the main concepts of this type of trade have significantly evolved. As consumer demands and tastes shift over time, affiliate marketers should learn to adapt and remain on top of their game, and this isn’t any different for casino affiliates. It’s for this reason you must familiarize yourself with the most recent casino affiliate marketing trends.
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Our team has done some research and listed the emerging affiliate marketing trends that are happening in 2023.
Evolving social connections, technological advancements, and uncertainty of regulation continue impacting affiliate marketers in 2023. Understanding the key concepts behind the latest affiliate marketing trends will help you prepare for the future. And here are the new affiliate marketing trends:

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New Affiliate Marketing Trends

One of the most reliable ways of making money online is through affiliate marketing. Statista, a firm specializing in consumer and market data, says that this industry will be worth more than $8.2 billion in 2023. This is incredible! But, how much can you make as an affiliate marketer?

You can use several factors to boost your earnings in affiliate marketing. Some of the most common factors include the possible sales volume of your affiliate program and your affiliate products’ commission rates. All these and more will be discussed further below.

Affiliate marketing is the juiciest money-spinning niche. However, you need to learn everything that revolves around it before you can get started.

Affiliate Marketing Facts And Stats

A survey conducted in 2017 by Viglink indicates that about 9% of publishers produced more than $50,000 in revenue. Additionally, around 65% of merchants said that affiliate marketing helped them produce around 5% to 20%. Also, the survey showed the relationship between experience and revenue, as among the merchants that generated the highest revenue, about 60% of them took part in affiliate marketing for 5 years.

In 2020, many businesses underwent major challenges because of the lockdown, though the situation also helped to create many new opportunities for online retailers and affiliate marketers. When industries like food services, hospitality, and aviation struggled, consumers had no option but to look for solace online, which helped boost affiliate marketing and eCommerce.

Awin on the other hand claimed that 45% of consumers were projected to have bought goods online intentionally in 2020.

Salesforce conducted a survey, which claimed that web sales increased up to $270 billion and 36% in 2020 holidays across the globe. The US alone has also claimed to make $60 billion in 2020, which is a rise of 29% from the previous year.

Firms such as Groupon said that affiliate marketing would help grow their companies. Some reports even said that it made $2.2 billion in revenue in 2019.

The largest affiliate networks on the web have more than 100,000 affiliate marketers and thousands of merchants.

Statista indicates that the sales made by merchants in 2020 via affiliate marketing ranged from 15% to 30%. Mediakix also states that around 80% of companies use the influence of affiliate marketing to produce leads. This number is a major increase from 5% to 20% as in 2017.

Sales Comp claimed that about 48% of affiliates generate annual revenues of more than $20,000 and 94% of the publishers utilize several affiliate marketing programs.

This data indicates that this is a very profitable niche and every affiliate’s commission potential is unlimited. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you can do it part-time. All you need is the best marketing strategy to earn commissions consistently. But, if you opt to use your YouTube channels, blog, or site, you will require a solid traffic flow to ensure that cash continues flowing in.

Affiliate marketing is very profitable because there are no additional costs for shipping. But, it’s very important to understand that in this niche, there is a very stiff competition that has made many affiliates give up on the online business mostly because they couldn’t generate enough income.

Casino Affiliate Marketers Earnings

Best performing affiliate marketers earn up to six figures from selling affiliate products. Pat Flynn makes more than $100,000 monthly, Doug Cunnington generates more than $70,000, and Tom generates annual revenue of more than $150,000. Rae Hoffman, Shawn Collins, Kristy McCubbin, John Chow, and Mark Ling, among others, are high-performing affiliates who have earned high amounts of money from affiliate sales.

Middle-class affiliates generate more than $10,000. As a starter affiliate, you will require to be consistent and remain focused in the affiliate marketing industry to boost your income.

Emerging Casino Affiliate Marketing Trends 2023

casino affiliate marketing trends

1. Best Casino Affiliate Programs

Before getting started, the first thing you will require doing is getting a suitable platform for your audience. There are many platforms where your target audiences are likely to visit. You can either create a YouTube channel or a blog or use popular social media sites to access them.

If you want to become a blogger, you can create a variety of topics, in which your visitors will be interested. you can use your affiliate programs’ products to conduct your review or compare your products with those of your competitors. Essentially, you require bearing in mind that you must update your blogs constantly to ensure that your visitors are always informed and to maintain them.

Also, you need to introduce to your visitor’s specialized products, which will help capture their attention and boost their potential of making a purchase. If they make a purchase, you will also get your agreed commission from the merchant.

Things You Should Consider Before You Pick A Suitable Platform For Your Audience

  • You can the platform you are currently using or the one you are comfortable with
  • Choose the platform that you can learn faster or understand better

When you choose the platform that you understand well and fits your affiliate goals, you will have an easy time creating content, which drives high traffic and converts better. Overall, you should work hard to build traffic and always be genuine.

2. Choose A Niche

Your preferred niche will be a determinant of the type of audience you will get. Choose the niche you are very passionate about, mostly if you will be creating your own content. If you choose the niche you are passionate about, you will be able to endure even when a hard time comes.

Also, your preferred niche will help you decide which product or affiliate program to join. When it comes to your site users, you will be seen as honest and authoritative in that niche.

But, due to the stiff competition in specific niche areas, it’s very important to find lucrative areas with few people, as you will face less competition and you will enjoy creating your blogs.

Start by targeting micro niches and slowly build authority in those areas. With time, you can extend to other untapped sections and increase your traffic as well as affiliate sales. You should only market the products that you are sure about and your consumers will enjoy using. Also, you can test them beforehand so that you can know what you are promoting. If the consumers love your products, they will continue coming back for more.

3. Choose A Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Niche

Discovering the niche having the most potential will help you focus your strategy and plans in the best direction to generate good revenue. It can be very discouraging when investing so much effort and time in a particular topic only to realize later that there are few opportunities for high sales.

Being passionate about your niche is good. However, if you don’t generate good earnings, you will end up getting disappointed and you can even exit the business. But, whichever niche you choose, you must be interested in.

A survey done by Referralrock indicated that particular niches perform perfectly for certain affiliate marketers than others.

AM Navigator claims that the retail and fashion affiliate niche is the top-performing in the marketing industry across the globe. Please understand that we don’t really mean that you can’t make good money in other niche areas of products. Generally speaking, it pays handsomely to work smart through choosing a niche, which is already gaining popularity in the marketplace.

4. Pick Your Best Online Casino Affiliate Program

This is the most critical section, as it will determine the amount of earnings you can actually make. Whichever product or program you choose, should fit your target audience and meet their needs.

Points to consider before picking affiliate products

  • Is the product relevant to your field of expertise
  • Will your audience find it useful

5. Market Your Affiliate Products

As a new affiliate marketer, you need to be ready for the initial work of getting your business running and active. For example, if you are conducting a product review, make sure you have the information of the business at hand.

Engage with your audience; share you’re your product experiences with them. Always be genuine. If you are sincere with your target audience, you will be more connected with them. You will be required to put a lot of effort to convince the users that expensive products are better than cheap ones.

Useful Affiliate Marketing Tips

  • Provide your customers with a tutorial of the products you are offering: make sure that your tutorial offers solutions to the problems your potential buyers or readers are experiencing. The tutorial must be educative and should describe your product extensively and this will help you increase your conversion.
  • Talk to other specialists: you can get in touch with other professionals whom you are sharing the same industry and who have already tested and confirmed your product. It might be the manufacturer or the seller.
  • Get relevant keywords; when people search online, they usually have relatable queries about a certain topic that are placed in the search boxes, which are utilized to find answers to their questions. These are web tools to help people find relevant key phrases, which you can utilize to create blog posts. Free tools you can use in your research for key phrases include Keyword Everywhere, Google Trend, The Public, and Google itself.

Market Your Content On Different Platforms

After creating your content, don’t let it lay in your YouTube channel or blog assuming that people will see it. Even if you have good traffic already, you require taking further actions to share your posts across most used social media platforms. You can even create a Facebook Group, Instagram platforms, Twitter account, Facebook business page, among others. On those platforms, you will be sharing blog content or information about the product. Tools such as Social Warfare, Buffer, and Jetpack will help you share your content with WordPress users easily.

You Can Add A Bonus To Your Promotion

You can include a free ebook to your promotion as a bonus to people that make a purchase. This strategy is very useful for getting actual sales, mostly if your potential users see the real value of your products.

Key Points To Maximize Your Affiliate Income As A Blogger

Becoming an affiliate is so simple, but generating a good income from it is very different. Consider the tips below if you want to increase your success chances as an affiliate marketer.

  • When deciding on your affiliate niche, make sure it’s a micro-niche to increase the chances of users finding you on the search engines.
  • Incorporate your links into the products you love using or you are looking forward to buying.
  • Don’t use force on people to buy your products. Instead, consider creating a viable relationship with your followers, as this will naturally lead to sales.
  • You can even create a story about your products. This is a method that has worked great for many affiliates, as many people don’t link clicking on the links provided in every product.
  • Be genuine always. When promoting your products don’t change anything including tone, voice, or even style. Always be real and never lie about your products. Explain all the benefits of the products you are promoting as well as their cons of there any. By doing this, you will create a good relationship with your audience.


The amount of money you can make as an affiliate in 2023 will be based on strategy, effort, and time. Also, you will require to incur a few expenses, though they are nothing compared to those of running a physical business. If you use all the useful casino affiliate marketing tips that we have provided in our guide, you will reap the rewards consistently. We have made sure to recommend all the best ways to earn a passive income.

Overall, any of the above mentioned affiliate marketing trends will give you an edge as you promote the best online casinos.

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