Geo Target Plugin for WordPress

The Geo Target plugin allows you to easily filter content to visitors based on their IP address.

Now Includes City, State, Country all over the world!

You now can geo target cities, states, and countries all over the world with the new version of the plugin.

You are able to filter posts, pages, WordPress code, as well as widgets with just a few clicks.  So basically you can show different sets of content to visitors of different locations.

Also in our new version 1.3, you can redirect pages and posts and send users to a different page if they match your Geo Target rules.

Please watch the video for a quick overview of the plugin – which shows the country plugin.

New features in version 1.3 include centralized shortcode creation and page geo targeting!

Presell FAQ

1. What is the benefit of this plugin and why would I want it.

Basically this plugin will increase conversions by Geo Targeting content towards your users. It gives a more personal a local targeting call to action.

For example, you could have a promotion targeting just for US visitors titled “Welcome US customers, Here is your special offer today”

Since poker is now legal in some US states, you can also target visitors of just those states with different content and promotions.

Perhaps you have an Amazon affiliate site and you want to show different pricing per a visitor’s location.  So you could show a default price for US customers and different price shown for Canadian customers using this plugin.

2. What type of sites will this work with?

Basically any type of site. For example for casinos or forex sites you might have certain sites that only accept European countries, so you can customize content to show only towards those visitors.

Also, lets say you are promoting hotel offers and deals for ASIA and US. You could have two different offers that would only show to visitors or each country instead of both sets of content showing.

Since this plugin works all the way down to the city level, you can geo target certain cities within a country as well.

3. How does this Geo Target plugin work?

In a nutshell you can filter post and page content to specific country, state/providence, city or group of countries/states/cities based on the IP address of the visitors’ location. You can also filter widgets and php code as well.

When a visitor reaches your site, the plugin recognizes their IP and matches that to a certain city within the IP database.  Based on your setup, different content may be shown to this visitor.

4. Where do you get your country and city IP database from?


5. How accurate is the data?

99.8% accurate on a country level –

Over 93% accurate on the state level in US.  Here is some more information on accuracy:

City Accuracy varies by Country and can be as low as 10% and as high as 90%.

6. How is the IP database updated?

The database is updated every week and uploaded to your server.  This is automatically updated for you as long as you allow for WordPress’s default cron jobs.  You are able to vary how often you wish to update.

The free databases can be found here:

7. Can I use this plugin on any theme?

Yes, you can use this plugin on any theme, it is not restricted to any Flytonic theme.

8. How many sites can I use this on?

You are able to use this plugin on multiple sites.

9.  Can you Geo Target and redirect pages?

Yes, in version 1.3, you can redirect visitors from page/post to a new pages/post if they match your Geo Target rules.  Basically inside you edit page or post there is a section to add a url to send a visitor if it matches a state/country/region.

10. How to update database ?

There is auto update enabled in the plugin which updates the IP address database every 5 days. You can also update it by clicking the update button or change the frequency of the update time. Apart from this, we have also mentioned other manual steps to update the database

Updating Geo Target Plugin Database Manually. It may require once in a year because IP address doesn’t change frequently.

  1.  Download the GeoLite City database on this page:
  2. The full download should be:
  3. Unzip file and locate the file: GeoLite2-City.mmdb
  4. Step by step visual details below.


  1. Next, using FTP, upload the file to your wp-content/plugins/geotarget/db/ folder. You may see an existing file there, please overwrite it.
  2. That is it, the geo target database is updated within the plugin.
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