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WordPress Website Customization Service

Flytonic offers website design services for both small and medium-sized businesses. We offer WordPress website customization service to meet our client’s unique requirements and objectives.

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Our WordPress site customization service is a quick, simple and cost-effective solution for business owners who needs an eye-catching website. Flytonic greatest strength is that we design websites, considering search engine optimization. This gives our customers an advantage over their competitors since it boosts their visibility online. If you already have an existing website, we will carry out a detailed SEO audit and provide recommendations on how it can be improved.

Create your brand visibility online with style, elegance and professional web sites. Flytonic specializes in building customized, responsive and creative websites for business of all geographic locations, sizes, and types.

As customers shift from the traditional brick and mortar stores to online stores, a strong online presence increases your opportunities significantly.

CONTACT US for Quotes

Email: support@flytonic.com


WordPress Site Customization Services We Provide

If you are a startup or an established business, without a good website, you are highly likely to fail in the future. Your audience is online – people searching through the web for what you offer.

We have a team of talented WordPress experts experienced in developing custom websites that have lower loading time, simple navigation and logical designs and all features that your website needs to attract new prospects and retain them. Our aim is to create WordPress websites with the least bounce rates and which converts prospects into loyal customers.

Our coders and designers work with qualified content writers that can add perfect words to your website’s pages to help convince your audience. The expert content writers create unique, fascinating and SEO optimized content for the best possible results.

wordpress customization service

Our Main Services Include:

Graphic Designing

Our team of experts creates stunning designs that help compliment the value of your business and the message that needs to be communicated. Services provided include explained video creation, icon designing, banner designing, and logo designing.

CMS Website Design

Present your products, services, and business online presence with a perfectly crafted website design from us.

Responsive web design

People use different devices to browse and our WordPress website design strategically reshuffles through various elements based on your requirements to seamlessly fit in different devices.

Custom WordPress Website Design

All you need to do is tell us your requirements and our team of experts will work following exactly what you have stated, with a premium blend of innovation. We are highly skilled to develop both dynamic and static websites.

Website Portal Design

A website portal ought to be carefully designed based on the business type included. We do our design work, including all required elements.

Customized Template Design

Our team will first customize your website layout template before we start developing the site based on your requirements and the exact nature of your business to help bring maximum benefits.

WordPress Website Maintenance Support

Besides creating engaging WordPress website designs, we also offer continued site maintenance and support. We take full responsibility to constantly work and update your business website to provide the most recent information to the target about the business services and products, hours of operation and much more.

This plays a major role in helping your website rank through increased traffic. Also, our website maintenance services provide help to enhance your website’s online presence by creating freshly engaging content and employing effective marketing strategies with help from our qualified writers. Ultimately, this helps to gain high profitability levels.

Keep in mind that our WordPress Website Customization Services are comprehensive and all-inclusive for all types of business from small to medium and large corporations. Also, we deal with any issue related to your website design with advanced programming skills.

How It Works?

Since we have worked with many small and large businesses, our team will quickly analyze your exact requirements and come up with what needs to be done to make your website unique and visible.

  • Our team creates stunning designs based on the nature of your business, target audience and color psychology.
  • The web designers identify your needs and go the extra mile to achieve them.
  • For redesigning services, we evaluate the previous design and crafts a new design following your instructions and the latest technology standards.

Industries We Support


  • Travel
  • Technology
  • Sport
  • Soccer
  • Retail
  • Restaurant
  • Real estate
  • Photography
  • Medical
  • Landscaping
  • Industrial
  • Home furnishings
  • Games and recreation
  • Football
  • Fashion
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • ECommerce
  • Cosmetics and beauty
  • Construction
  • Computer
  • Cleaning
  • Wedding
  • Business
  • Automotive
  • Attorney and law
  • Art and design
  • Architectural
  • Agriculture
  • Accounting


What makes Flytonic the Best Customized WordPress Theme Company?

Theme designed according to W3C Standards

Flytonic knows and understands the importance of web design and building a great website according to the worldwide web consortium standards. As a result, we have been providing qualitative customized WordPress theme design services for many years now.

Instant WordPress Theme Support service

The work we do for you doesn’t end after we have developed the WordPress theme for your site, rather, this is where it starts. Without any demographic bounds, we provide instant support services to make sure that your site runs efficiently.

WordPress Theme Customization

If your current website had been built on SVG, CSS, HTML or JavaScript, our highly experienced team of professional WordPress developers eliminates the hassle of manual code. They do this by offering the tools and features needed for your site over time.

List of the Theme Design Structure

Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business, a large agency or even a start-up, Flytonic will provide a list of the WordPress theme directory considering the user experience and target audience to match the brand value.

Responsive theme layout

Keeping in mind the use of site browsing over smartphones, Flytonic makes sure you get a highly responsive layout and customize the WordPress theme according to your business requirements.

SEO optimized theme

With a highly experienced team of the SEO-oriented site developers, Flytonic facilitate better indexing and crawling of the custom WordPress theme layout to make sure there is improved website traffic, immediately after your site goes live.

Why Choose Us For The Best WordPress Site Customization Services

Complete and Comprehensive Website

As competition gets stiff, you need an all-inclusive approach. Our team projects your personality through the selection of the right design elements, colors and right fonts for improved performance.

Allied Structure

As one of the most reliable WordPress Site Customization Service providers, we focus more on providing easy navigation features and easy-to-read designs that can help users understand your business products or services.

SEO-Optimized Website

Our highly experienced SEO experts work around the clock to make sure they help your business establish its online visibility by creating content that will rank your website. This will eventually have a huge impact on your business objectives by increasing leads and sales.

Call to- Action

We provide a powerful and engaging call to action for sites to have better conversion rates.

Areas We Cover

  • Photography and video
  • A WordPress plugin configuration
  • Customization of the WordPress theme
  • Graphic design
  • HTML or WordPress site installation and setup
  • Website hosting advice

What makes Flytonic the Best WordPress Customization Company

One of the first things we do is change and optimize the WordPress theme that you have chosen. This ensures we make it 100%, in line with your business and prospects.

Make Flytonic your best-customized WordPress theme service company whenever you need a top-notch design with remarkable functionality that is business-oriented and allows you to get more clients. We have the experience and confidence to modify any theme and provide you with an elegant makeover. Furthermore, it gets an improvement from the quality search engine optimization.

What to expect from custom WordPress theme service

  • Highly responsive to fit on different screen sizes
  • The website becomes easier to navigate
  • Our experts can add new plugins
  • Extra features and renewed functionality that serves the purpose
  • Connect to different social media platforms for easy sharing
  • Implementation of innovative branding ideas

Website Customization and Additional Services

Flytonic provides clients with an extensive range of services from website maintenance, website audits, responsive web design, and WordPress customization. To help improve your website, we strongly recommend bespoke photography, customized website graphics and SEO copywriting. For clients who want to link up with new clients, we offer advice on the most effective social media strategies.

Why You Should Choose Flytonic!

We have been offering the digital marketing service for the past 10+ years through direct collaboration with our customers. As a trustworthy digital marketing company, we have been offering all services such as Organic SEO, social media management, and pay per click and SEO audits.

Furthermore, we work closely with companies of different sizes, from Fortune companies to startups. We believe in creating a long-lasting partnership with each of our customers and remain available to our customers every time they need our help. Please get in touch with our superb customer support team for more details.

Pricing Details

Once you place your order, an invoice will be sent to you after we have reviewed the project and the time needed to finish the work.

Package starts at 250$ only to set up a responsive wordpress website



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