Ideas and Feedback for Flytonic Theme Updates

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This is Thomas from Flytonic themes.  I am looking to start a running list of ideas and feedback for flytonic theme updates.  It might be what to add, what to improve, or what to delete.

I would love to have everyone’s opinions so I can work with this and pass it off to my designers and programmers if needed.

So please comment below for a wish list for the Flytonic Theme.

financial trading theme

Flytonic Theme Framework Wishlist for new Features

1.  Ability to better sort the shortcode bonus tables.  Like being able to choose a group of rooms instead of just by type of room.  Perhaps use tags to create this feature

2.  Ability to better filter which sites to display in the widgets.  This could be done by tags as well.

3.  Ability to create custom sized page templates with either a different layout or width than the site design.  For example if you are using a two column layout, then have the ability to create a full page layout for one or more pages.

4.  Add a feature to remove US site feature all together.  This would remove any US text in table headings or other images that are irrelevant for websites not promoting any US casinos.

5.  Ability to turn off Pros and Cons feature on the review page so this area can be turned off and on.

Please Leave a comment Below in regards to the ideas and feedback for flytonic theme updates and I will add it to the List


33 Responses to “Ideas and Feedback for Flytonic Theme Updates”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey all please leave your comments below.

  2. Dominik Vicios says:

    feed loader would be awesome, yees, plus, a click counter on the offers would be nice as well! 

  3. Thomas says:

    The problem with a feed loader is sites have different formats in which they store their feeds.  So it would take programming each type of feed individually.

    Also, often the feed structure changes.  Perhaps I can look into this more, but it is hard to make this usable for all feeds.

  4. Thomas says:

    Are you talking about counting clicks on banners or sites?  What offers are you talking about?

  5. MJ says:

    Allow tracker input without forcing a “review” page (and slug).

  6. Thomas says:

    Have you tried making the post private? 

    Do you want Google to not see the review page or the user?

    I guess it is like anything in wordpress – a page gets created.  Like an image, attachment, tag – they get a page too. 

    Perhaps you could also just create a new review page template that you
    just stick the logo of the site and a link to it or a banner of the
    site.  So when you view that new view page you get a nice logo and link to the site.  It would look just like an image page.

  7. Paruy Shahbazyan says:

    Hi Thomas,

    Check out the featured post widget for genesis framework. That is the best I have ever seen for managing how to display posts. To have that kind of widget would be great. I would even pay for it to be made sooner.



  8. Thomas says:

    I will look into it.

  9. Will says:

    I think you should add back the old affiliate link creator that you have in the Dealer theme or add a place just to add links. Im adding Bovada to a site and I want to link to things like the mobile betting page, NFL page, NBA page etc. I have to now add a page for each of these things when in the Dealer theme I just added a new link.

  10. Mel says:

    Addition of a no deposit bonus/ freeplay table (directory). 
    Addition of a game (either for slots, blackjack, video poker) table (directory)

  11. When will we see new updates – i think all themes should have standart review form,like with pro players and feture details.

  12. You should ad video slide show,soo if you post a video it goes in this slider,this would be a nice feture to these gambling themes.

  13. One more feture that should go with all themes,all shortcodes should be able to be used on all themes,that would give us more option making a decent frontpage,cos all your themes has dif short code collums.

  14. Thomas says:

    So like a url redirect area that would just have the url and redirect key and thats it.

  15. Thomas says:

    Not sure what you mean?

  16. Thomas says:

    For the above the fold you are talking about perhaps a separate template?

    Geotargeting might be an extensive project – but something to keep in mind.

  17. Thomas says:

    New update perhaps in 2 weeks.

  18. Bernts says:

     I really don’t know how these are done. I see that the Woothemes one I mentioned uses a slider. I was thinking that it could be an option to use on the home page.

  19. Another cool idear would be tabs,where you could add 3-4 dif content in a box tab and switch between them

  20. Ohh have another new idear,add a few more details in review form,like – NEW -HOT like you bookmark if the take us custormers,that would be cool,soo player or visitors could se if the review is new or the poker room-casino-bingo is.

  21. David says:

    1. Having an option to remove the USA flag/column is a must for us webmasters running UK-based gambling sites.

    2. Author page template for blogs which have multiple contributors, guest bloggers etc. Looks a lot better than the auto-generated list of posts written by a specific user.

    3. Better overall text styling for body text, H1 tags etc. It just doesn’t look as visually pleasing as it could be.

  22. Hi,yes it could have dif flags to pick from,also there could be a new site or hot site to pick from,also like your other idears David

  23. Thomas says:

     1.  An option to remove US flags is top priority.  I am thinking of creating the ability to add different flags if you want them there. 

    2.  Author page – let me know if you have an example

    3.  Will work on this on the flytonic theme.

  24. Thomas says:

     I like the idea of adding a hot or new button.

  25. Thomas says:

     Not sure about this since there are so many plugins that already do something like this.  Feature content slider plugins.

  26. Thomas says:

     Making it mobile ready will be on the list to do. Basically you would end up with a code that detects if a phone is being used and a new template is used.

  27. MaxP says:

    Next useful and easy idea is to choose, where do I want to have currency mark. Example:

    In US is it ok, $100, but in my country (and I think in many others too) is currency behind the price, like 100 Sk..


  28. One more realy cool feature would be – well you can add background image,but add link to background would be wery cool,soo both image/link soo its used for advertisement

  29. David says:

     Hi Thomas,

    Another one is the option to remove the “download” option on the individual review pages. For example – there is a download link for the sportsbook options which doesn’t really make sense.

    It’s fien for most poker/casino rooms, but even some of those are now non-download.


  30. Thomas says:

    Thanks for all the ideas everyone

  31. Don says:

    Don’t show % if no % bonus was filled. Result in weird text, like “% up to 100$”

  32. Denny says:

    Am considering using a blog theme to update my Website completely. I have my own custom colored (textured) background, custom header done, with borders, gradient colors. It will be a “2 column” layout.Can I import it? Wondering how much of this type of thing can Flytonic handle for a thirty page affiliate site? All your support videos etc. are closed, how are we supposed to find out what can be done with it? I have built  blogs using WordPress themes before and found out too late I couldn’t do all I wanted to. Sorry to say most look homemade and are BORING!

  33. Bernts says:

    I have a suggestion for the next update. How about making the theme mobile friendly? 

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