Flytonic Theme Updates March 2023

Posted by Flytonic on March 23, 2012 in News

Here are some recent Flytonic Theme Updates going

Flytonic Theme Updates

By this Monday there will be a new update to the Flytonic theme. You now can adjust the layout of the review pages and have these different than the overall design. So you can have a 1 column review page and two column home page. This works just like the custom page layouts. Click here to find our latest theme updates.

flytonic theme

Multiple Review Pages

Also we will begin added multiple review page choices for some of the child themes so we added a function in the Flytonic theme updates to include this. You will see the option on some child themes to pick an affiliate site template. The first child theme to have this will be the High Roller Black theme which will be release shortly.

Hit Counter

Also as a request from many people we have brought back a hit counter to see how many clicks your affiliate sites are getting. This will show up in the affiliate panel. This might not make this next revision but will be released shortly after.

The next child theme is in the works and the design is all finished. The goal is to release this in April.

Flags and Affiliate Sites

The next thing being worked on for the Flytonic theme is the country targeting in some of the widgets and tables. You have noticed some of the bonus tables and widgets have US only flags. We plan on having the ability to add more flags and being able to assign flags to certain sites. So you will not have to see that US only column anymore and can choose another country.

Please let us know how you would like to have the flag feature enabled. One idea was to have a location where you could upload different flags and assign them titles. Then in the affiliate sites you could assign a flag to a site. In the tables and widgets it would show the corresponding flag with the site.

Please comment below with ideas:

5 Responses to “Flytonic Theme Updates March 2023”

  1. All these features sound awsome thomas,also looking forward to checking out your new theme,hope its will be awsome colors in that theme,also a feature you could add,a bar where you can choose between 3-5 colors in your theme. [fixed colors]

  2. thx thomas, really impressing.

    flags are good idea, but only if multiple can be selected. example for languages..

    another wishes 🙂
    maybe you can find out something for the thumbnail preview too.. as example 1.024px × 500px (scaled to 175px × 110px) is not really a good option in my opinion if i would put the maximum screen it would be 1920px, it would load and load the site 🙂 …

    and maybe a option how browser will handle clicked affiliate link (_blank, _self, _parent, etcc…)

    thank you for listening 🙂


  3. Will the update be out today? and will the rest of the updates follow soon

  4. Thomas says:

    It is actually ready for download.  I am in the process of writing a post about it.

  5. One thing i think is missing is social media tools,insted of we have to add that as a plugin,i know you dont like to many plugins thomas 🙂

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