Flytonic New Theme Updates February 2023

Posted by Flytonic on February 20, 2012 in News

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I am pleased to announce some New Theme Updates to the Flytonic theme.  You can view the video below to see what is in store for Flytonic theme version 2.2. Also, you can check out other great WordPress Themes that have been recently updated. From gambling to forex trading, you will find a stunning theme that suits your needs!

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3 Main Flytonic Theme Updates

1.  Added the ability to created custom page layouts that are different than the overall site layout.  For example let’s say you wanted a review page with no sidebars and the rest of the site to have one sidebar – this can now be accomplished.

  1. Ability to add tags to the affiliate sites. This will allow you to use the widget tables and shortcode table to show only sites that have a certain tag. Example: you could create tags for sites that offer new player freerolls and you could then create a freerolls page with a table just showing those sites.
  2. Easier shortcode creator. You now can easily create the shortcodes for posts or pages by clicking a button and filling out the form. No more trying to remember the words or attributes you need to use for the shortcodes.

The update will be ready the last week of February. Some testing needs to be done on the child themes.


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12 Responses to “Flytonic New Theme Updates February 2023”

  1. Mark says:

    Love the new features. When adding new affiliate sites is there a toggle to activate or deactivate a site. While setting up a new site you may not want it to appear live until a certain date.

  2. Some nice features here.

  3. Affiliate tags is a great feature 😉 thanks!

  4. But i would rather see these great themes work with plugins,cos the dont work with many,being honest here – if you add plugins to these themes,featured in the theme stop working,and let say,had 7 plugins i had to delete,cos the f… the theme up,but the work with normal wordpress themes.

  5. Thomas says:

     Which plugins do not work?  Beside the one shortcode plugin that you showed me, no one else has reported any plugins that do not work.

  6. Thomas says:

     You could just set the site as a draft I believe. 

  7. I’ll let you know when my site come online again,my host have server problems,there are more then 4-5 that i found

  8. just bought your framework and high roller black theme. hope this update will be done last week in Feb.

  9. Dominik Vicios says:

    clickcounter like with the dealer theme would be appreciated. This is a great little stats tool & i miss it a lot. 

  10. Latestadmin says:

    Great new features!

  11. Bernts says:

    Could you make it possible to choose layout (one, two, or three column) on “affiliate sites” as well and not just regular pages?

  12. Will says:

     Me too this was an awesome feature, especially for adding extra affiliate links and testing what ones are getting clicked.

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