How To Start A Casino Affiliate Business With No Money

Posted by Alice on January 8, 2023 in Affiliate Programs

Wondering how to start a casino affiliate business, but you don’t have money. Do you think it will be easy to set up an affiliate marketing website, post great content, get backlinks and get organic traffic? It’s easier said than done. While it’s possible to start a casino affiliate business with no money, it’s not always easy. You must be willing to put in work and time.

People who get into affiliate marketing for the casino industry; thinking they will make some easy passive income, often fail. These people often give up after not being able to make any profit or get frustrated by scam gambling affiliates programs. If you really want to succeed as a casino affiliate marketer, it will take hard work, dedication, and time.

Tips from the Flytonic casino affiliate marketing guide should give you an overview of the intricacies of this highly competitive industry. With a thick skin, in-depth research, and proper understanding of your competitors, it’s possible to start a casino affiliate business with no money.

In this article, we’ll go into details on how you can get started and become a gambling affiliate.

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How To Start A Casino Affiliate Business

If you want to make good money online, then you should think about affiliate marketing. With a little knowledge and the best affiliate program, your earning potential will be enormous. We will cover everything you require to know as a beginner including how you can get started and what is affiliate marketing.

eCommerce is the globe’s fastest developing industry and there is a chance of it becoming the new worldwide norm for selling and buying services and products. Back in the year 2017, worldwide eCommerce transactions produced $29.27 trillion.

As projected, this big industry has produced other sub-sectors and industries. Affiliate marketing is among the sub-sectors that have become more popular and have grown enormously. Below, we will briefly describe what is affiliate marketing, how it works as well as how one sets a business with affiliate marketing. So, make sure to read the whole of our comprehensive post.

Casino Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be referred to as an act of marketing someone else’s services and products for a commission. In simple words, affiliate marketing is a method of marketing that is based on performance whereby a company pays a flexible or flat commission based on the clients that bought the service or product through your website. To get the customers to buy the product or service you are marketing, you need to place the casino affiliate links on your email signature, social media account, or site. When a customer clicks on your link and buys something from the related company, you get some incentive such as reward points or cashback. Some affiliates even move the extra mile and attend events to market services or products.

Affiliate marketing is the most popular and easiest way of making money online. Affiliate marketing was started decades ago and this trend doesn’t seem to end any time soon. Also, it’s a popular way for people to make passive income online. the best thing with type of marketing is that you don’t require any special skills or experience and you can begin marketing products in a matter of minutes without a starting investment. There is a wide range of marketing programs out there and newbies can master the basics quickly.

Many brands have their own affiliate programs that help them reach new customers, increase revenues as well as market their services and products. Affiliate programs are offered by popular and big companies like Betsson Group Affiliates, bet365 Affiliates and 888 Affiliates. Smaller popular companies also provide affiliate programs.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

How To Start A Casino Affiliate Business

Before we get into how to become a casino affiliate, lets first dive into how casino affiliate marketing works. Sales made by affiliates are tracked using advanced Internet technology that is referred to as “cookies”. Each time a player clicking on the special links offered by an affiliate program, the data tells the casino operator of the person responsible for those sales and compute the commission based on different factors. This technology ensures that a particular affiliate doesn’t get commissions that he/she doesn’t deserve.

Basically, there are 3 groups involved in the process of affiliate marketing including;

  • Merchant: The casino/sportsbook looking to trade their service or product like Plus500 or Amazon Associates.
  • The affiliate: Person or influencer with content, whether huge Instagram following or a blog.
  • Consumer: An individual that click on the special casino affiliate link and buys via the affiliate.

So, the casino or sportsbook provides a link which is placed on the content of an affiliate. Each time a player clicks and signs up via the affiliate link placed on the affiliate’s content, the merchant pays the affiliate a commission. Over the years, affiliate marketing has evolved and you won’t find the affiliate links where they used to be before.

In the 2000s, affiliate links were found in blogs but that has since changed. There are many influencers in the industry that have begun monetizing their following via affiliate marketing. Most influencers usually place their links on their bio.

Types Of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is available in different forms through the most popular one is placing links on your site. The gambling industry is a popular sector, which includes many affiliates. Many bloggers generate money via affiliate marketing through linking services and products they like.

Affiliate marketing can also come as ads on various social media websites, text links, or banners, which can be placed together with posts to click and sign up to play their favorite games.

Social media is also a common way of affiliate marketing. Any person can use social media platforms to market their favorite products and generate some money. Casino Affiliate marketing is another great method of using social media to market products and get some commission in return. Influencers having a huge following can generate money by placing the affiliate link in their work/posts. But, while influencers are usually approached by companies to market their services and products, people can also join an affiliate program and start marketing what they have to offer.

Another common method of casino affiliate marketing is email marketing and list building, where brands share their posts with partners in exchange for mailing lists and emails.

Shopping services like review portals and comparison websites also provide a different type of casino affiliate marketing. When clients buy via these websites, the website will receive a commission rate such as ‘finders fee’.

Commissions You Can Get From Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way of making passive income. When people purchase a service or product using your banner or link, this is called “clicking-through”. Affiliates are paid for all click-throughs. The commissions you can get for every sale is based on a particular affiliate program. Most affiliate commission models pay from 5% to 30%. But, you can make more or less than that amount.

Here’s an example of the commission plans you can expect from the best casino affiliate programs such as PlayAttack Affiliates.


Some affiliate programs pay affiliates their commissions after making a sale. Others will offer a commission rate for every player who signs up, although only one product was promoted through your link. Some more profitable casino affiliate programs keep on rewarding affiliates after the first purchase. These are mainly the ongoing subscriptions like software packages that see you get commissions provided the client continues to use the service.

High-performing affiliates normally go after ongoing subscriptions or high-ticket items that can increase their commissions. Other affiliate marketers who just take casino affiliate marketing as an additional source of income, usually market only the services or products they use or like. By doing this, they usually manage to create engaging content but at the same time generate a small income.

As a beginner, you should first consider what you want to get out of affiliate marketing. Will it be the only source of income or just an additional revenue source? Some affiliates make thousands of dollars while others just make hundreds within the same period. So, it’s upon you to decide what type of affiliate you want to become.

 Steps To Set Up A Successful Affiliate Program

The affiliate marketing sphere at times seems vast and confusing. Below are the simple steps that you can use to set up a successful affiliate program. There is a wide range of methods to promote your affiliate programs nowadays. The most common platforms include YouTube channels, social media platforms such as Instagram, and blogs. These allows you to reach a huge audience easily and market your merchant’s services and products.

Pick a platform that suits best your special skills and brings out the best in you. You should understand that regardless of the platform you pick, you need to let your followers know that you are being paid to promote their services and products.

Choose The Best Niche

With more than 37 million channels on YouTube and 600 million blogs over the web, it seems almost impossible to get a loyal following of viewers or readers. So, first thing, you need to find a highly focused niche and offer your audience creative content about a topic.

But, you should always make sure that your platform isn’t crowded or monotonous. Instead, always have a strong identity, which will help you attract your target audience. For example, if you want to create a gambling blog, you should also include quality casino games. Also, make sure to provide content on the best casino slots. The next thing is finding the best gambling affiliate program, which best suits your content and style. This way, you will be able to market the products and services more naturally.

Create Engaging Content

How To Start A Casino Affiliate Business With No Money

After deciding which niche to focus on, the next step is to create engaging and informative content that can attract your target audience and keep them coming back to your platform. The rules of creating creative content on a website vary greatly from that of an Instagram page or YouTube channel. But, make sure to keep the following tips in your mind.

  1. Know your target audience: Make sure to conduct research on your target audience to know exactly which audience your content fits well. Then you can modify your content to better fit your audience. By doing this, you will have an easy time creating interactive content. Because so many people are currently monetizing their social media platforms, Facebook provides a service like Facebook for Business, which gives people a clear and quick overview of their audience.
  2. Give your audience a clue of what they should expect when they visit your site: It’s vital to draw the attention of your readers by providing them with a hint of the products you market.
  3. Show passion: Make sure that you don’t provide boring content. There are many ways to offer exciting and high-quality content to your audience. If you want to become successful in affiliate marketing, then you should master that skill. The best trick is choosing the right affiliate program based on your content instead of creating content on a particular affiliate program. if you market a service or a product passionately and naturally, then you will be able to convince your target audience.
  4. Pay attention to keyword research and headlines: Engaging headlines, keyword research, and SEO are an important part of your marketing campaign. These not only increase your ranking on Google but also help you attract the right audience.
  5. Diversify your content: It’s very crucial to create an identity, though you should be really cautious without making your website seem too narrow-minded. Create content about topics associated with your preferred niche and draw the attention of a broader audience.

Pick The Best Gambling Affiliate Program

Now that you have picked a niche, have a platform and engaging content. The next thing to do is to find the best affiliate program to work with. The affiliate program you choose will be based on your target audience and niche. Nearly all industries provide affiliate programs such as Cryptocurrency, Travel, Fashion, Gambling, and Trading.

Casino Affiliate ProgramTop Casino BrandsCommission
Game RevenueIvi casino, Zig Zag 777 & sport, and Argo casino & sport20%-60% revenue share
TipBet AffiliatesTipBet25% – 50% revenue share
Mr.Green AffiliatesMr. Green Casino and Winning RoomRevenue share – 25%-35%
Euro PartnersVegas Red, Titan Casino, Casino Bellini2.5% – 50% Revenue Share
Fortune AffiliatesPoker Time, Royal Vegas Mobile, Platinum PlayRevenue share 25% – 35%
Mr. Play PartnersMr. Play CasinoRevenue Share – 25% – 40%
BetWinner affiliatesBetwinner casino, Betwinner sportsRevenue Share – 25%

If you want to promote businesses, low volume but high paying affiliate programs are your sure bet. But, if you want to create content for your customers, look for high volume but low-paying affiliate programs. The other option is a high volume, high-paying affiliate program, though these are suitable for experienced affiliate marketers and not beginners. Directories such as the Flytonic are suitable for beginner affiliates and will guide you to find the right program to work with. You can use such websites for comparing different affiliate programs and look for programs across different sectors such as eCommerce, fitness, travel, fashion, gambling, and travel.


Affiliate marketing is the best source of passive income online. Beginners that are slightly new to affiliate marketing and eCommerce can learn the trade tricks quickly and create a huge following through patience, hard work, and using the right strategy. To get the best out of your content, you need to find the right affiliate program to partner with. Also, make sure to join an affiliate program that better suits your content so that you can be able to reach out to a wider audience. If you are a beginner affiliate, make sure to follow all the helpful tips that we have provided above.

Hopefully, this article will help you avoid common mistakes made by casino affiliates and educated you on how you can start a casino affiliate business. Ready to join the best casino affiliate marketing program, check out our list of the most popular gambling affiliates programs.
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