Mastering Poker Affiliate Marketing for Lucrative Earnings

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Ever wanted to become a poker affiliate? Do you own a website? Do you want to make some extra cash? Then we recommend that you add a few links and banners from leading poker rooms to your website. Although it won’t make you a millionaire overnight, it’s an opportunity to earn extra income with almost no hard work. Just join of the best affiliate programs recommended on this poker affiliate guide to getting started! Here we’ve explained in detail how to become an online poker affiliate and make good money.

How To Build A Poker Affiliate Website

Any person can set up a few banners and set up a webpage and even call themselves a poker affiliate. But chances are, these people aren’t making money as poker affiliates. If you really want to become a poker affiliate, one of the first things you should consider is setting up a professional poker affiliate marketing website. The good news is that you don’t have to waste your time or money hiring costly developers. All you need is to check out the WordPress platform and one of the best poker affiliate themes for WordPress designed by Flytonic.

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With the best WordPress themes for poker affiliates, you’ll find it easy to set up your WordPress website in minutes.

Image of a laptop with a poker affiliate website on the screen, showcasing banners and links to leading poker rooms for extra income

How Do Online Poker Affiliate Programs Work?

It’s easy to understand exactly how poker affiliate programs work. All you have to do is place a text link or banner on your site (or even on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram). Once a visitor clicks on your link, the poker site “knows” that the specific individual was referred by you to their site. If the person signs up, makes a deposit, and starts playing poker on that website, you’re entitled to receive a commission.

The commissions you receive largely depend on the poker affiliate program you’ve chosen to join. On this poker affiliate guide, we’ve listed the best poker affiliate programs you can join today. You can easily choose between three options:

  • Revenue Share: Here you get a chance to earn a lifetime commission from the referred players. This usually varies from 20% to 50% of the revenue generated by the referred players.
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA): here you receive a one-time payment of around $100 to $500, largely depending on the number of players you refer to that specific site and the poker affiliate room you chose to join.
  • Hybrid: This is a combination of both the CPA and revenue share commission plans.

Poker Affiliate Guide

Most people sign up for poker affiliate programs to earn money. Now that the pandemic has taken away usual job opportunities, people have resolved to look for online jobs to cater to their bills.

Affiliates don’t require making a move, as they can do their job from anywhere or at home. Stay at home fathers or moms should take advantage of such opportunities and earn additional income while taking care of their families. With a good website, poker affiliate marketing can be the best source of income. One of the most lucrative and fastest developing industries is online poker.

If you play online poker and you have all the required knowledge, you can join poker online affiliate programs, as you understand well how the poker sphere is intertwined with other parts of the gaming industry whether land-based or online.

Even though you may want to concentrate on poker solely, there are other factors of gambling that you should consider for your content and marketing strategy such as sports betting and casinos.

Best Online Poker Affiliate Programs

High competition in the online poker industry means that there is a better deal for players and affiliates. Most players usually prefer playing at the biggest websites having the biggest pools of players as well as bigger guarantees.

Picking the best poker website and poker affiliate programs to market is the most vital thing about affiliate promotion. So, which poker sites should an affiliate market?

When deciding on which poker affiliate program to advertise, you require thinking about 2 vital and complex factors including the website quality (security, player pool, popularity, and poker industry reputation) as well as the terms and details of the poker deal you want to sign into.

How Do Poker Affiliates Get Paid?

Poker affiliates generate revenue by making potential players register with quality poker sites they are marketing. If you visit the Poker Affiliate Ware website and pick between 3 available categories (sports betting/casino/poker), you will see a wide range of deals you can pick from, and apart from the affiliate revenue, you will also get all the materials (banners) and information you require to market the website to potential players.

So, for instance, if a visitor clicks on the banner and makes a deposit, and begins playing their preferred games, they will be producing affiliate commissions, which will be calculated every month and sent to your account. It’s also good to note that your revenue shares will be tracked for a lifetime and you won’t be required to renew your active poker accounts.

What is Revenue Share?

This is a popular type of commission deal you will find online. Getting a percentage of revenues produced by the referred players is what motivates most affiliates. When it comes to poker, affiliates will take advantage of a rake of like 20%. Bearing that in mind, rake doesn’t have any impact on player losses or wins. Whether a player deposits or wins or losses their money, the rake won’t be affected. This is calculates as (tournament fees + rake) minus (administration fee +bonuses) = net.

Poker Affiliate Earnings

Gaming operators have expanded their product and service portfolio to include sports betting, casino games, and poker. It’s projected that with time, things will change. The top-performing poker affiliates can earn 6 digit amounts in only one month. So, if you are ranked as a high-performing affiliate, then you will get good earnings.

The whole gaming affiliate industry largely relies on the casinos online sharing a percentage of the wins with affiliates that have referred the players.

Basically, online casino affiliates earn their commissions depending o the percentage of player’s rake. This is something that players don’t have control over it. The best thing about an online casino affiliate business is that you won’t need to invest any money to get your commissions. So, you don’t have to cater for hosting, SEO or articles. All that is required of you is to attract as many players as you can to the online poker casino you are promoting and wait for your share at the end month after the calculations have been done.

How To Earn Cash As A Poker Affiliate

If you have your site up and running, then you can some money from it. All you have to do is enter into a contract with a popular poker site and start marketing it. To market the poker website, you need to include some links and banners that players will be clicking to get to the poker sites. Although you won’t get a lot of money, the small amount you will get is enough since you don’t have to invest anything. But, you should make sure to join the best and most trusted poker affiliate programs.

Make Money Promoting Poker Rooms

Besides playing online poker, you can earn some extra bucks promoting leading online poker rooms. Becoming a poker affiliate largely involves sending players to poker rooms online and then you’ll receive a commission for every player you receive.

This is simple and direct! Just add a text link or a banner on your site or even an email. If a visitor clicks on your special link, the poker room will track the link to see which affiliate referred that player. If the visitor you referred decides to create a playing account at the poker room and deposits to play real money poker, you will get a share of the money the player will produce at the poker room.

So, if you manage to refer many players to a particular poker room, your revenue share will definitely increase. If you want to make quick money and only refer low-volume players, then you should opt for CPA. If you are confused about which program you should choose, then you can choose from the ones we have recommended on our site.

How Much Do Poker Affiliates Earn?

The amount you earn as a poker affiliate depends with the poker affiliate program you’ve signed up with and the number of players you’ve referred to the poker rooms. So, if you send a reasonable number of poker players every month, you can rest assured that you’ll earn a decent amount as a poker affiliate.

Apart from playing poker, you can also make additional income through marketing online poker rooms. As a poker affiliate, you will be referring other players to specific online poker rooms and get a share of the money they will make in the poker room. So, the more poker players you send, the more our commissions will increase.

Although anyone can join a poker affiliate program, the hardest part is turning the visitors into real money poker players. You may refer players to a particular poker site but fail to turn into real players, as they don’t know how to play or don’t want to get their money involved.

Best Online Poker Affiliate Programs To Join

Almost each poker site or room offers an affiliate section, which allows you to register with their affiliate program. But, such sites should be a no-go zone for the new affiliates. One good network is Poker Affiliate World which allows affiliates to market as many poker programs as they can just from one place; these usually pay high commissions and are suitable for beginners. Therefore, instead of getting commissions from every room after having registered with each individually, you can be paid your commissions together just from one room and get high commissions from the beginning. Via this affiliate network, you can market some popular name rooms such as;

Poker Affiliate ProgramOnline Poker BrandsAffiliate Commission
Party Poker affiliate programPartyPoker, Red Star, Best Poker, betfair, PokerKing33% RevShare
Ignition Poker affiliate programIgnition Casino20% to 45% RevShare
888 Poker affiliate program888 Poker upto 40% RevShare
William Hill Poker affiliate programWilliam Hill Poker 15% – 30% RevShare
Winner Poker affiliate programBlack Chip poker 25% – 40% RevShare
Natural8 affiliate programNatural 80% – 45% RevShare

This network is popular and safe and you shouldn’t have any doubts about joining it. You shouldn’t settle for less income, while you are provided with a good chance of making commissions.

How To Choose The Best Poker Affiliate Programs

In this comprehensive poker affiliate guide, we’ve listed the 5 best poker affiliate programs you can join today.

If you’re looking for the best poker affiliate guide to help you make money, then you must know that not all poker affiliate programs out there will provide you with the type of support you need. While many are great, a few others aren’t. For instance, some poker affiliate guide websites for making money will provide you with a wide variety of marketing tools including banners and domains to boost your poker affiliate marketing campaign.

It’s for this reason you should review every poker affiliate guide to know whether the program you wish to join is worthwhile.

Final Thoughts

If you’re really want to become a poker affiliate and succeed, then there are several things you must be willing to do. First and foremost, there are different types of online poker affiliate programs on the web, but only a few of them will allow you to succeed and typically make money as a poker affiliate.

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