Beginners Guide To Casino Affiliate Marketing 2023

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What is casino affiliate marketing? How to make money as a gambling affiliate marketer? Do casino affiliate marketers earn good money? How to pick the best casino affiliate program for USA players? Don’t miss out on a chance to learn more about casino affiliate marketing in this article. Our detailed Guide to Casino Affiliate Marketing has all you need to know about being an affiliate.

Currently, iGaming industry is developing at an amazing rate with fresh gambling websites evolving almost daily. Similar to any other venture, online casinos require to appeal to prospective clients (gamblers). Promotion is the best method to attract online casino fanatics while affiliate promotion is the best method to create brand awareness. If you opt to become an affiliate promoter, you get an opportunity to make some cash. Our Guide To Casino Affiliate Marketing will discuss everything you require to know concerning affiliate promotion to assist you on your journey as a casino affiliate promoter. Well, let’s get started.

What Is A Casino Affiliate?

In simpler terms, an affiliate can be defined as an attachment between two entities. A casino affiliate marketer promotes other businesses’ products, and once a sale is made because of that specific link, the affiliate receives some reward. The payment is often made in form of a commission. The casino uses a tracking system to follow and record the process.

They might go through a gambling affiliate network to arrange and also manage this. The casino affiliate network works as an intermediary between the casino and the affiliate marketer.

Becoming An Online Casino Affiliate

Since you already know what affiliate plans are all about, you require to know all the steps that you must take to be an online casino affiliate. Firstly, you need to get information concerning the online casino business. You can learn everything concerning casino game developers, online pokies, online casinos, banking options, welcome offers, and anything you require to know concerning casinos by visiting the casino sites you wish to promote. You also need a professional casino affiliate website to attract potential players. We recommend WordPress as a great platform to set up a gambling affiliate site. With Our premium casino affiliate WordPress theme, your website will be up and running in a few hours.

Following are some of the best WordPress casino affiliate themes for building a Stunning affiliate website.

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After gathering information concerning all features of an online casino business, the second step is creating your own site where you will be posting your adverts. You must post attractive articles so that prospective clients can feel attracted to read. After this, you should then go online and search for a dependable affiliate plan and join. The best part is that affiliate plans are free; therefore everyone can be an affiliate. Provided you do things the best way, you will appeal to potential clients who will be clicking on your advertisements. Continue reading this Guide To Casino Affiliate Marketing to learn about the 2 major mistakes casino affiliate promoters make and ensure to avoid these kinds of mistakes. If you follow the rules to the letter, you will be getting revenue each time clients click on your advertisements.

Affiliate Plans In The Online Casino Business

Individuals might apply separate terms to refer to affiliate programs. For example, you might find terms like sponsor programs, associate, referral, or reseller. Actually, affiliate plans are earnings-sharing plans utilized by affiliate websites for generating revenue. Website owners utilize these plans for generating leads or directing traffic towards the advertisers’ websites. The advertiser benefits by receiving many visitors while the affiliate promoter benefits by getting payments for producing traffic.

Best Online Casino Affiliate Programs

The table below presents a list of the best commission casino affiliate programs you should consider joining.

Casino Affiliate ProgramTop Casino BrandsCommission
Game RevenueIvi casino, Zig Zag 777 & sport, and Argo casino & sport20%-60% revenue share
TipBet AffiliatesTipBet25% – 50% revenue share
Mr.Green AffiliatesMr. Green Casino and Winning RoomRevenue share – 25%-35%
Euro PartnersVegas Red, Titan Casino, Casino Bellini2.5% – 50% Revenue Share
Fortune AffiliatesPoker Time, Royal Vegas Mobile, Platinum PlayRevenue share 25% – 35%
Mr. Play PartnersMr. Play CasinoRevenue Share – 25% – 40%
BetWinner affiliatesBetwinner casino, Betwinner sportsRevenue Share – 25%


Online casinos come with all types of incredible offers for newbies as well as existing clients. Basically, online casinos provide welcome bonuses, online pokies as well as other games, loyalty plans, and other amazing offers. Prospective clients need to learn all these things through an affiliate. Planning to become an online casino affiliate? Then your work will be assisting gambling websites to get and sign up newbies.

Commission Structures For An Affiliate Promoter

Affiliate promoters can select from a wide range of models or commission structures for compensation reasons. Usually, the commission is calculated inform of a percentage. To sign up for an affiliate plan, you require to select the best structure founded on your preferences. Below, we will discuss the most famous commission structures for affiliate promoters.

Cost per Acquisition

Popularly known as CPA, Cost per Acquisition affiliate programs reward affiliate promoters a determined amount of money for each newbie who has already signed up. The amount received by an affiliate depends on the number of newbies or the 1st deposit placed by every player. CPA happens to be one of the simplest ways of producing revenue as an affiliate because you can receive more than the deposit made by the player or even receive a commission even if the newbie played only one time. The only disadvantage that comes with the CPA model is that you might not get more revenue from the client’s future deposits.

Revenue Sharing

Also referred to as Rev Share, Revenue Share is the best model for affiliates who would want to progress receiving money beyond the client’s 1st deposit. If you select revenue sharing, you will be getting revenue from your clients’ deposits and losses relying on your affiliate plan. The major disadvantage with this model is that you will share the losses the casino incurs when the players win more cash than their deposits.

Wagering Model

The main idea here is to avoid any loss as an affiliate promoter. Fortunately, the wagering method helps you avoid losses by enabling you to produce revenue each time your client participates at the casino. The good news with this model is that the commission you will receive will depend on the amount wagered, therefore you will always receive commission regardless of whether a player wins or not. Provided your site is capable of directing a big number of regular players towards the casino, you will always get a great amount of money.

These are the main commission models or structures for affiliate promoters though you can decide to integrate revenue share with CPA. But, the commission you receive will be most probably little if you decide to combine these 2 models. Ensure you make an informed decision when choosing your commission structure.

How Casino Affiliates Can Reach The Target Audience

Social media is without a doubt one of the most popular sources of web traffic that gambling affiliates can use. This is because of the high number of people using social media platforms and the wide range of features available. Nevertheless, different social media websites have different regulations and rules when it comes to promoting online casinos. This varies between different states and countries. Gambling affiliates must make sure they are aware of the plan and rules their content accordingly. For instance, they might not be able to post on their public pages regarding the new casino promotion, but they might not be able to get to their target audience through messenger groups and chat features.

Affiliates with sites that receive lots of traffic with the relevant audience could promote on their own website. They might do this in the text of the blog post, or they might use native ads and popup banners.

Gambling affiliate marketing is a superb way for online casinos to promote the right people. It allows them to reach out to people who have already shown interest in their content. For casino affiliates, taking part in this kind of marketing allows them to monetize their websites, social media pages, and blogs to earn profits.

We strongly hope that this Guide To Casino Affiliate Marketing has helped you learn the ins and outs of online casino affiliate marketing. You can choose any of the top casino affiliate programs we recommend and get started right away!

How To Find The Best Gambling Offer?

Next on our guide to casino affiliate marketing, although a great casino affiliate program makes good money, there are other things that you should pay attention to.

  • No Glitches – Check the website itself and all its options and features. You should only sign up with a gambling affiliate program with a flawless user interface.
  • Simple registration form – Choose a casino affiliate program with a straightforward registration process.
  • Mobile version – The user must be able to start playing immediately after they log in to their account.

How To Start A Casino Affiliate Website

This casino affiliate marketing guide also focuses on starting a website without spending lots of money. There are numerous Webmaster resources available and this beginner’s guide to casino affiliate marketing also shows you how to launch a casino affiliate website.

If you’re new to web design, we recommend that you start with a WordPress casino theme by Flytonic. However, if you already have an existing WordPress website, you can seek affordable WordPress customization services, content writing, or SEO services from our team of specialists.

Webmaster Checklist

Here are some of the things you’ll need to make a new affiliate website:

  • Domain and topic
  • Marketing plan
  • Logo and design
  • Content

Create A Casino Affiliate Website

You’ll be glad to know that creating an online casino affiliate website is completely legal. The Internet doesn’t belong to any person, so, you’re free to join the gambling industry if you’ve got the knowledge. Here’s how to get started!

  • Create an affiliate website with quality content for your target audience
  • Get in touch with the right brands and agree on the right casino affiliate programs.
  • Promote the resource to boost attendance
  • Convert all interested visitors into leads
  • Wait until the leads become first-time depositors
  • Enjoy the profits

Keep in mind that you’ll benefit the most from such affiliate programs if you target the right people. Therefore, ensure you undertake extensive market analysis.

Is It Legal To Run A Casino Affiliate Website?

Yes, it’s completely legit to run a casino affiliate website. Technically, such websites don’t directly advertise the products and services of casino establishments. It’s conducted through unique articles and banners. So, authorities of jurisdictions where casino gambling isn’t regulated, you cant market casino services in such areas.

In order for you to find legal affiliate websites and website owners to create settings, its important to pay close attention to:

  1. Choosing the right topic for the casino affiliate website. Potential players should be interested in visiting the affiliate portal. But it could either be casino-related or unrelated. Based on the target audience, the specific theme is chosen.
  2. Partner with renowned gambling companies. Website owners would earn a superb reputation in case they can promote casino activities of leading brands. Only choose to market online casinos that are licensed by reputed bodies such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, Curacao eGaming Commission like that.
  3. Follow the newest trends in the casino affiliate industry. The latest advertising trends regularly appear on the market. Technical innovations and fresh kinds of promotion capabilities could benefit the acquisition rates for the online casino and brings more profits to the casino.
  4. Choose a remuneration model that satisfies you. The casino affiliate market is extremely flexible thanks to the wide range of banking options. Revenue Share and CPA are very popular. If a casino operator and a Webmaster need to combine the two models, a hybrid model is very possible.

How Do Online Casino Affiliates Work?

Online casino establishments usually connect to the affiliate networks to transfer an extensive load of advertising responsibility to gambling partners. By operating on these conditions, the casino manager receives enough traffic whereas the Webmaster gets regular commissions from enticed clients.

Guide To Casino Affiliate Marketing

Over 90% of casino traffic comes from the mobile gaming sector, mainly from these sources:

  • SEO optimization
  • Google Universal App Campaign (UAC)
  • Social networks

The primary object of an affiliate website is backlinks. These usually serve as markers for casino operators when rewarding partners for depositing players. These generated hyperlinks could be part of video integration, banner, or text.

Affiliate marketing is very beneficial for webmasters and pretty effective for casino operators. Therefore, if you wish to boost your revenue sources, you should find the best casino affiliate networks and focus on professional advertising.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gambling Affiliate Marketing

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about gambling affiliate marketing:

How much do casino affiliates make?

How much do casino affiliates earn? Basically, a casino affiliate earns more than $20,000 every month if ranking higher for big search volume keyphrases. Yes, this means you can earn a living promoting gambling sites.

Can I use multiple casino affiliate programs?

Yes, you can have multiple income channels. It's great knowing that there are no restrictions as to the number of gambling affiliate programs one can join. Joining multiple gambling affiliate programs means you will be making money from multiple sources. Therefore, a chance to make more money as a casino affiliate.

What percentage do casino affiliate programs pay?

Affiliates get paid in form of commissions depending on the number of referrals made within a specific period. The average affiliate commission ranges between 10% - 50%. It all depends with the gambling affiliate program you’ve chosen to join.

How does a casino affiliate program work?

Affiliate marketing is the process through which an affiliate earns commissions for marketing online casinos. The casino affiliates simply search for the affiliate program they like, and then promote that casino and earn a part of the profits generated.

Can I join a casino affiliate program for free?

Yes, the best casino affiliate programs that we recommend are free to join. You even get marketing materials for free.

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