How to Build A Gambling Affiliate Website

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Some gambling affiliate marketers are at first overwhelmed to get started with casino affiliate, online poker, or sports betting sites. Initially, getting started as a gambling affiliate marketer might seem like a complicated and challenging task. How do I get started as a casino affiliate marketer is a question that we have received hundreds of times? That said, there are just a few things that you need to get started, including a professional affiliate website, join the best casino affiliate program, and get the best marketing tools to get started.


The reality of the matter is that building a professional online gambling affiliate website is as simple as creating any other site. Just make sure you get the best WordPress affiliate gambling theme, and your website will be up and running in the shortest time possible.

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You must make sure you are fully aware of all the legal restrictions in your jurisdiction so you don’t end up wasting your time.

Setting Up Your Gambling Affiliate Website

Assuming that you already have a web host and the right domain name chosen and registered, the first thing you should do is create a layout for your website. In doing so, you should start by selecting the area that you want to focus on, choosing to focus on casino or sports betting affiliate programs.

Once you have made up your mind, you will eventually have to further sharpen your focus by picking a smaller segment, like setting up a casino affiliate website that’s all about the most popular casino games, you should start small and then expand as your target audience grows.

Casino Affiliate Themes & Templates

Following are some of the most popular gambling affiliate themes for WordPress.

#1. WordPress Casino Theme

wordpress casino theme How to Build A Gambling Affiliate Website

WordPress Casino Theme has been designed specifically as a moneymaking template for WordPress. This theme comes with a plethora of brand display associated qualities making it simple to include review and other product showing features to your site for WordPress.

It doesn’t matter whether you are showcasing products on a precisely affiliate basis, or you are looking forward to trading your own products from your site; WordPress Casino Theme is the best choice. WordPress Casino Theme also comes with popular WordPress eCommerce plugins that make it easy for you to sell your products with a lot of ease. You can use either Easy Digital downloads as well as Woocommerce plugins to display the products that you are marketing as an affiliate plus your own inventory for ensuring you get maximum sales as well as moneymaking chances.

The WordPress Casino Theme affiliate template is very springy, and it allows you to configure your site in different formats. This includes an online shop format, a magazine design, or a regular blog design. This means that you are enabled to publish content in whichever design you prefer with a lot of ease utilizing this theme.

The template comes with multiple affiliate-associated plugins, which includes 1 for building brand comparison tables and the 2nd one can be utilized for handling outbound affiliate links. The 2nd choice makes it simple for tracking the clicks on your links and speedily alter where they direct the client, all this from 1 central dashboard.

Product comparison tables that can be included in your pages, as well as posts, are highly recommended for people publishing reviews. Product comparison tables make it simple for your clients to view the separate options as well as variations on offer, without exiting your website and move elsewhere. This is awesome as it can assist you to get those crucial final clicks referrals.

WordPress Casino Theme contains a modern design as well as multiple affiliate-linked features, therefore you should try it now if you are looking forward to making money online partly or solely from affiliate commissions.

Key Features

  • Several custom shortcodes
  • Custom widgets
  • Mobile ready design
  • Casino listing shortcodes
  • Several theme options, hidden affiliate links, banner management section
  • Easy text replacement

#2. WP Sports WordPress Theme

WP Sports WordPress Theme Build A Gambling Affiliate Website

This is a sports news template that’s perfect for building a content-rich affiliate website.

If your affiliate promotion plan involves building a site that’s bundled with top-notch content, which its goal is to appeal to many readers through the search engines, then this News’ template will make sure your website has the correct format of design. WP Sports WordPress Theme comes with several article themes, so every time you publish new content on your website, you can select the design that fits perfectly for your new posts.

Just check out this theme’s demo, and you will see how your affiliate promotion site homepage will appear like. Because WP Sports WordPress Theme is strictly a news and magazine template for WordPress, your website will have a look that resembles the famous as well as perfectly established media outlets. Meaning, your landing page will contain a feed that showcases the new and most famous articles from your site, with featured snippets as well as images to motivate your users to click on and read through the article in full.

And if you want to monetize your site using affiliate links, then you can utilize the advertisement sections to showcase banners as well as other marketing content on your website. Affiliates can also utilize the added Reviewer Plugin for publishing great reviews on their site that can add affiliate links to areas where their users can buy the products they are assessing. WP Sports WordPress Theme comes with the best support for video as well as audio content, therefore if you are looking forward to publishing video reviews on the site, then rest assured that this would be a simple task with this theme.

Key Features

  • Highly responsive with mobile menu
  • Translation ready
  • Customizable background and main color
  • Powerful jet plugins
  • WMPL Ready
  • SEO friendly

#3. Online Poker Affiliate Website Template

pokertheme A Gambling Affiliate Website

Online Poker Affiliate Website Template has been built to create blogs as well as multi-author content sites with WordPress.

It doesn’t matter whether you are making content just for your affiliate site or own a group of writers generating articles as well as other forms of content, an Online Poker Affiliate Website Template will always be the best choice. Every registered user or author on your magazine and blog site receives their own modish media profiles. The best part is that both the author link and bio are included in their media profiles and all their new posts. Most popular content-concentrated affiliate promotional templates come with this kind of content theme, but the Online Poker Affiliate Website Template delivers it in a very modish method.

Apart from profile page themes, the Online Poker Affiliate Website Template bundle also comes with several separate homepage designs for you to select from. Among the selections is the 1 that’s customized for publishing tutorials. And if your affiliate site will be concentrated on sharing how-tips as well as other tutorials, and including referral links within those blogs, then check out the Online Poker Affiliate Website Template tutorial and review themes.

Online Poker Affiliate Website Template also comes with a travel-concentrated site demo, which makes this template the best selection for beginning a travel blog as well as the same form of the site.

To make sure that your content is attractive and great, the Online Poker Affiliate Website Template functions perfectly with both the currently updated WordPress editor as well as the famous Elementor plugin builder. These enable you to in control of the way your articles appear, assisting you to make sure that your affiliate site outshines others with a special design. If you are planning to showcase popups on your website, either for marketing affiliate offers or to develop your email list, this template comes with functionality to perform this task, built in its core possibilities.

Key Features

  • Customizable footer area
  • Two poker review pages
  • Custom widgets
  • Poker sites shortcode
  • Multiple layout options

Best Gambling Affiliate Programs

After you have chosen the best affiliate gambling theme for WordPress, you will then have to choose a gambling or casino or poker affiliate programs to promote. Different websites are tailored to cater to different kinds of gamblers. As a result, you must do your research to make an informed decision on which is the best casino affiliate program to join.

Based on the casino affiliate program you have chosen, after you sign up, you will have access to a wide range of marketing tools that the operator offers to affiliate marketers, including graphics, text links, banners as well as widget applications to publish tournament schedules, news, and information about the latest promotions. Some of the most popular affiliate programs offer a wide variety of tools and content for affiliates.

Best Gambling Affiliate Programs

Following is a list of the top paying gambling affiliate programs in 2023.

Casino Affiliate ProgramTop Casino BrandsCommission
Betsson Casino Affiliatebetsson, betsafe, Nordicbet, StarCasino,Revenue Share – 5% -50%
BitcoinPenguinBitcoinPenguin CasinoRevenue Share – 25% to 50%
LegendAffiliatesCasino MaxRevenue Share – 15% – 30%
FortuneJack AffiliatesFortune JackRevenue Share – 25% – 55% PokerBovada, Ignition Casino,, Revenue share – 25% – 45%
Ignition Casino Affiliate ProgramIgnition CasinoRevenue share – 25% – 45%
Oshi AffiliatesOshi CasinoRevenue share 25% – 50%
Scotland AffiliatesScotland casino, CryptoslotsRevenue Share 15% – 50%
Gambling Wagesclub player, circus casinoRevenue share 30% – 40%

How To Make Money with A Betting Site?

As you get started, you shouldn’t just review gambling sites, it’s important that you also add reviews of different affiliate programs that websites offer.

This is another vertical to make money as an affiliate, mainly because many gambling affiliate programs offer you payments for referring another affiliate as well as for sending new players. Therefore, the reviews you add should also cover affiliate programs.

Casino Affiliate Marketing Materials

After you have chosen the affiliate programs you want to promote and received some promotion materials from the operator, you are ready to go. The next thing you should do is place the marketing materials on your gambling affiliate website.

Use both text links and banners and try your best to make the ads look as similar to your website’s content as possible. This is great since it will boost click-through from your visitors and eventually this will help increase your profits if they register and create a new account at the gambling website after a click-through.

Finally, you should regularly check your statistics. This is because many gambling affiliate programs offer you a wide range of stats including what text links or banners are working for you, the number of players you have referred, and click-through.

Writing the best content for your poker affiliate program website is quite different from that of a casino affiliate website, but it can be very easy if you stick to only a few concepts and simple ideas. Although casino affiliate programs offer far more avenues that you can market including live tournaments, news, or level of gossip, the same basic principle applies.

How To Promote Casinos As An Affiliate?

In gambling affiliate marketing, the primary goal of any gaming affiliate website is to direct traffic to your website and provide them with great content, perfectly matched with banners and ads that encourage the users to click through your links to the online casino you are promoting, create a real money account, make a deposit and start wagering.

This means your website content plays a major role because it should be written on themes and topics that punters are most likely to start searching for (some that get them into your website). However, it should also motivate the visitors to click through your links and register at the gaming site you are marketing.

Good Content

With regards to great content for your gambling affiliate website, some topics are natural fits, like reviews of gaming sites, details of promotions and bonuses that the casino offers, and the strategies and rules of different casino games.

Another good source of amazing content are stories of huge jackpot winners on different websites that reliable online casino affiliate programs often avail to gaming affiliates to share and post on their sites.

Online Casino Affiliate Content

Your main goal with all the content on your gambling affiliate website is to showcase an optimistic side of wagering at casino sites, as far as an opportunity to hit the biggest jackpot, convince, promotions, and incentives like cash bonuses for players who sign up at the online casino.

Although reviews of different casino sites will without a doubt form the biggest part of the content of your website, you shouldn’t feel constrained.

Adding a chat application or forum for your website users to your website can be an amazing way to get free content, as the users will offer the bulk of the conversations and forum content.

Blogs are another amazing way to add more content, as you can easily host hundreds of blogs on your website dedicated to a single aspect of casino sites like playing blackjack or another for playing slots.


Reviews of casino sites and online poker are at the heart of different affiliate websites, so it will serve you better if you follow basic strategies when writing casino reviews for your gambling affiliate websites.

Your readers and visitors will not only appreciate good reviews, but we are pretty confident that your wallet also will because writing better casino reviews will result in more visitors clicking through text links and banners and making good money as a gambling affiliate.

The Secret to Casino and Poker Affiliate Marketing

For casino and poker affiliates, the most important that they need to focus on is making sure they attract the right traffic to their sites. The good news is that casino affiliates operate in one of the most potentially profitable affiliate markets out there, attracting potential gamblers to enjoy playing at the casinos they promote.

Nevertheless, the possible profits in the casino and poker affiliate niche have attracted lots of competition from other gaming affiliates, with all affiliates trying to earn some money.

What Makes Your Gambling Affiliate Website Stand Out?

The best thing you can do to make money, as a sports betting affiliate is to make sure you stand out from the competition.

Over the past few years, it was easy for gambling affiliates to fake till they made it, only offering some basic content about casino and poker sites, some bonus codes and reviews and that was it. They did this without knowing much about casino or poker games or even playing on the online casinos they were promoting.

However, those days are already gone and casino and poker sites today should spend time on the gaming sites they are marketing when they want to stand a chance in this highly competitive realm of affiliate websites for gambling.

Reviews of casino sites and online poker sites are one of the main types of website content that many affiliates offer and website visitors have gotten savvier when it comes to casino reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you be a casino affiliate without a website?

Even though becoming a casino affiliate marketer doesn’t really require you to have a website or blog, it requires some online presence. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can be a great start. However, there are some affiliate programs that require you to have a website before they can approve your application request.

Which program is the best for casino affiliate marketing?

5 best casinos affiliate marketing programs in 2022
• Betsson Group Affiliates
• Bet365 Affiliates
• Ace96 Affiliates
• Legend Affiliates
• Gambling Wages

How do I market online casinos?

5 best casino marketing ideas:
• Create a professional website
• Start blogging
• Use social media
• Work other casino affiliates
• Send email newsletters

Can I market casinos in the USA?

Yes, you need to find a casino affiliate program that accepts USA players.

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