Unveiling Exquisite Casino Concepts: The Best Gambling Themes

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Looking for the best gambling themes for your casino or gambling affiliate websites? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

For your gambling, betting, casino, or any affiliate marketing business to succeed, you’ll need the best WordPress theme that provides a high-quality user experience, is conversion rate, and is extremely fast.

If you choose the best gambling WordPress theme and the right Casino affiliate plugins you’ll don’t have to worry too much about the ‘technical’ aspects of your website.

Gambling is a fascinating experience both for the owners of gambling houses and players. Before the owners of gambling clubs decide to move their affairs offline, they must first think of how they will widen their online presence. Finding the best gambling themes will be the first step towards achieving their goals.

The Best Gambling Affiliate Themes for WordPress

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Luckily, WordPress has profoundly made the task of designing a website very easy. There are also many examples of successful gambling domains that use WordPress too. One such site is Casino-Professor.com which compares a range of online casinos and bonuses. They created their own custom-built WordPress theme which makes it easy to compare what a casino has to offer. They also included some useful extras such as a set of filters that allows readers to customize the list of casino sites based on their preferences. This highlights just how effective WordPress can be within online gambling.

However, creating a custom design can take time. Therefore, we decided to do the heavy lifting for you by creating a series of quality gambling themes for WordPress which are ready to go right away. As there are many different types of online gambling, we’ve designed a wide range of templates that you can choose from. To help with choosing the perfect premium website template for your site, this post presents a detailed compilation of the best gambling themes offered by Flytonic.

Each of these Best Gambling themes has been created with features such as testimonial sidebar functionality, WooCommerce plugin, video sharing modules and much more that drive traffic to a site. All you need to do is choose the theme that best suits your enterprise and launch casino or sports betting clubs online with just a single click.

1. Bingo Affiliate WordPress Theme

Bingo is an amazing WordPress theme that is equipped with a wide range of features including bingo listing code, bingo review page, optional navigation bar, bingo bonus widgets, shortcode and so on.

A screenshot of a website showcasing different gambling themes for WordPress.

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This is an exclusive WordPress casino affiliate theme created by Flytonic. The shortcode tables, widgets, and colors are created to appeal to the online bingo enthusiasts and help convert each of the visitors to a player.

However, this theme is not only limited to be used on bingo, but it can also be used on other types of gambling websites and casinos.


  • You can easily change the theme colors including the footer, header, navigation bar, and buttons.
  • Optional navigation bar where you can craft the navigation bar to stay at the top of your screen.
  • Bingo review page to display and show essential features for your bingo website and direct other users to the casino website.
  • The bingo listing shortcode allows you to show the best bingo websites in pages or posts.

DoubleDown Theme


2. Online Slots WordPress Theme

Casino-Slots-WordPress-Theme- Best Gambling Themes

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All Flytonic slots themes are driven towards websites that specialize in gambling, particularly slots. Whether you are promoting slots games or not, this is the theme that will have all that you require to meet your affiliate needs.

Over the past 10 years, many online slots have become very popular mainly after being featured on popular films and TV shows. Designers love tapping into the players’ unending fascination with blockbusters. However, for the studios, it is all about getting to the new audience.

One major aspect is that you are allowed to add the online slots you are promoting to the website. Removing, editing and adding casinos and slots are quite easy and there is no need for you to change other files. The good news is that it will also help increase affiliate conversions with other custom casino slot widgets and shortcode tables that are part of this amazing theme.

You will be happy to know that you need not have any coding knowledge to use this WordPress theme. It is easy to install the theme and the only thing you need to do is download and install the theme. Once this has been done, handling and customizing the backend is very easy and comes with different customized backend alternatives that all Flytonic users are becoming used to.

The strikingly beautiful appearance of the online slots theme gives it a feeling of authority. It invites your website to stay at the website and browse through the website and can take advantage of the easy-to-use layout including the attractive aesthetics.

Ordering and support is not an issue for Flytonic’s gambling themes. All you have to do is place the order and once you have signed up, you can download the theme. At this point, you can follow the typical installation process of Best Gambling themes to your website. Also, you can get in touch with our superb customer support at any time in case you experience any issue with the installation or set up process.

Highlighted Features

  • Blog page templates
  • Banner management
  • Full page template
  • Multiple theme options
  • Easy to change colors

3. WP Casino Theme

wp sports theme Best Gambling Themes

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WP Casino is a premium WordPress theme that can be utilized to create a gambling site. The theme has been fitted with amazing features that can help you create a website from the ground up.

Furthermore, WP Casino is SEO optimized and this will without a doubt lead to increased traffic on your casino website. Also, WP Casino is highly responsive, and this makes it easier for the website to adapt itself according to the user’s device use, which makes it very user-friendly.

Highlighted Features

  • WP casino features over 35 free templates that can be utilized to design various types of sites.
  • This theme offers a drag-and-drop customizer that helps make the website development a convenient aspect.
  • It offers endless styling options for your site.
  • Gives you additional add on extensions for lead capturing and booking appointments.
  • It gives you an image comparer to compare different types of images that are important for your website.
  • Cross-browser compatibility and provides support between major browsers including Mozilla Firefox, safari, chrome and many more.

4. WordPress Sevens Theme

sevens Best Gambling Themes

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The Sevens theme is an impressive WordPress theme. The theme is integrated with other elements that are needed to create a website for gambling. From electro players, lottery artists to gamblers, almost everyone can use this theme.

Just like it is with other online games, tutorials are important to fully understand the logistics of the game. This online casino theme features an amazing video sharing capability. One has the liberty to upload their videos and embed YouTube links to the website.

Highlighted Features

  • Users can sign up for free and use the Add Video button to upload videos.
  • Blogs may be utilized for sharing tips with visitors that can be classified according to the requirements.
  • It has multiple sidebars that improve the website’s overall feel and look.
  • It is compatible with the most recent version of WordPress and supports all the major browsers.

5. Sports Betting Theme

WordPress-Sports-Betting-Theme Best Gambling Themes

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Regardless of the legalities of game prediction, bets are vital for major sporting events. Sports betting themes for WordPress are designed to meet the increasing demands of many sports betting companies that provide you with a path to showcase bookie services around the world.

It is not everyone who has unlimited access to brick and mortar casinos and that is why there are online sports betting websites where people can place their bets. The sports betting theme gives you the chance to create your casino website. This amazing WordPress theme is developed for motel owners, restaurant owners, gambling dens, casinos, and gamblers.

Sports prediction agencies, wage brokers, sports gamblers, and bookies may use a sports betting theme. With a layered slider image, some videos display the activity snapshots. Furthermore, there is a 4-column feature section that allows you to inform clients about the services offered alongside their images.

Highlighted Features

  • The front page is customized and coded with the SEO in mind
  • It features customer testimonials to give the website credibility within the online space
  • There is a gallery to help display images of your agency, team members and much more.
  • There are a widgetized footer and sidebar to display ancillary characteristics of the betting agencies game.
  • It has a 100% responsive framework which supports all major browsers
  • This template adapts to the newest version of WordPress
  • Introduce team members with social profile links, designation, and pictures

6. CasinoTown2 Theme

casinotown Best Gambling Themes

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There is an upsurge in casino games currently. The good news is that Flytonic has crafted a custom template that comes with various professional elements.

CasinoTown2 theme enables companies to craft sites for the gaming industries, night clubs, gambling houses, pool halls, and the company clubs. The theme features a great plugin that provides major benefits including:

  • Creating awareness regarding gaming pricing and users can also share recommendations through the message form.
  • Immediate booking 24/7 and from anywhere, PayPal payments are accepted.
  • Users have the freedom to choose dates and timelines
  • Setting gambling plans based on availability and interest

Highlighted Features

  • Clean codes and social website sharing integration
  • A highly responsive framework and is compatible with all major browsers
  • Showcase the physical location of offices on the Google maps embedded in the website
  • In-built testimonial area to display what other users have to say regarding the website, this gives it the required credibility and helps build trust with new users.
  • It comes with a custom blogging area to present users with gambling-related news.

7. Sportsbook Affiliate Theme

sportsbook sports betting theme Best Gambling Themes

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Are you planning to start a sports club betting enterprise and you are wondering what the solution can be? Worry no more! The sportsbook affiliate theme is what you must rely on. You can use this template to promote your business to the next level.

The good news is that all types of sports enthusiasts including clubs, poker schools, bettors, horse racing, and football and so on can use the sportsbook theme. It allows you to showcases all the gambling services with a feature and slider component of this theme that can help alert customers about the types of events provided.

Highlighted Features

  • Completely responsive outline with clear codes
  • A contact form with complete communication processes
  • A properly classified gallery portfolio outline on the homepage of the website
  • It has a 7+ color option that you can choose from and use the color that best suits your needs
  • Supports a safe payments system where you can make money via PayPal
  • It has a widgetized footer area that makes the navigation very easy and can also be used when promoting extra features.

8. Casino Roulette Theme

casino-roulette-theme Best Gambling Themes

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Are you looking for a way you can make money online fast? Our Casino roulette theme allows you to make money when you register as an affiliate to gambling website programs. You get to earn a commission or a set price for each player you send to the gambling website. All you have to do is create custom tracking links in your content to promote the gambling websites.

Casino roulette theme is a quality roulette WordPress theme for gambling websites. It is SEO friendly, fully responsive and carefully designed to promote online gambling. It becomes very easy for you to promote gambling sites within sidebar widget areas, casino reviews, and comparison tables. You do not have to understand coding for you to use this amazing WordPress theme.

Highlighted Features

  • The theme is translation ready and can be translated into different languages. The front end words can be replaced.
  • It is fully responsive with all major browsers including smartphones
  • It comes with a complete roulette landing page template that allows users to customize different sections of the landing pages.
  • The theme includes customized gambling listings widget, banner management, recent posts, alert boxes, and features a blog page template.

The most amazing thing is that this theme is translation ready. However, you will be required to install the Meta Box plugin so that you can add its functionality. Our experts recommend that you install a good SEO plugin such as Yoast WordPress SEO. There are no casino logos that come with this theme, but you can promote any gambling site, casino or other affiliate websites that you want. Nonetheless, you will be required to provide your content and logos for what you wish to promote. Also, there is no limit as to the number of domains and sites that this theme can be used on, you can use as many as you want.

One thing that you will love about Flytonic’s casino roulette theme is that it gives you the flexibility to change the header and footer background colors.

Final Thoughts

Creating a fantastic online presence for a casino and gambling business is only possible with the help of any WordPress theme that has been listed in this post. You can count on any of the above-mentioned gambling themes/templates to increase sales on your website. Do you need more help to enhance your gambling website’s value? Contact us today and let our experienced WordPress theme developers help make your business a success.

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