Maximizing Earnings as a Casino Affiliate: Effective Strategies

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Can you make money promoting online casinos? Looking to make some passive earning? Ready to make enough money promoting gambling sites and online casinos as an affiliate? If so, you’ve come to the right place and you are not alone! The online gambling industry is a multi-billion-dollar market. This is the main reason why it’s so competitive for casino owners and casino affiliates. Creating a stunning website requires you to have the best casino affiliate theme for WordPress.

If you’re ready to face competition and do some hard work, you can easily earn a living from the casino affiliate commissions.

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How To Succeed As A Casino Affiliate

The online casino industry experts who have been in the online casino affiliate market for many years have composed our comprehensive guide. Besides teaching you everything about the casino industry, we are also going to teach you how to succeed as a casino affiliate. The most important thing you must consider when creating an affiliate website is the WordPress casino affiliate theme and casino review WordPress plugin.

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If you are looking to run a website or start a casino site where you wish to earn more money then you have come to the right place. Moreover, we offer the existing and potential online casino affiliates with links. It also includes resources for information on the Internet to help you become a successful online casino affiliate.

How Casino Affiliate Programs Work

Online casino affiliate programs are typical player referral schemes. Numerous online businesses such as Amazon offer gambling affiliate programs to get new customers. You can sign up at your preferred scheme (like King Billy Affiliates or Jetbull Affiliates) and once approved, you will get a tracking link. As an affiliate, you will get a commission for every player who clicks on the link and completes the transaction.

How do casino affiliates make Money?

Join Casino affiliate programs

Casino affiliates make money by joining one or more casino affiliate programs

Factors To Consider In An Online Casino Affiliate Program

Wondering what makes the best online casino affiliate program? Following are some of the things you should look for:

  • Integrity – It’s important to ensure you are partnering with a reliable and trustworthy casino and gambling site. One that holds all players and its partners in high regard.
  • Speedy Payments – It’s important to ensure that the gaming operation processes commission payouts every month in a timely and secure manner.
  • Responsive marketing team – You want gambling affiliate programs that are renowned for having helpful and responsive support staff and managers.

Recommended Online Gambling Affiliates Programs to make money online

We have composed a list of the best online casino affiliate programs that we Flytonic recommend. For all the affiliate programs we recommend, we at Flytonic have worked with them for many years. Furthermore, we offer succinct reviews for every program that we endorse, outlining the advantages, and also disadvantages if any.

Choosing the casino and gambling site to promote on your portal in it is a challenge. So, the casino affiliate programs that we recommend are transparent and reliable. Else, we wouldn’t be partnering with them, leave alone recommending them.

Tips For New Casino Affiliate to increase earnings

casino affiliates

Choose the Right iGaming WordPress Theme

The first thing you must do when creating an affiliate website is to choose the right casino WordPress theme. You can choose from the wide range of amazing casino affiliate and review themes by Flytonic.

Easy Money is A Fairytale

The idea of creating a domain name adding multiple pages on the shiny new site and just sitting back waiting for the money to start rolling in is a complete fairytale.

Becoming a successful online casino affiliate requires both time and hard work. It will even be much harder if you are the only one who is doing all the hard work. This includes creating a successful casino site.

First, you ought to understand the subject matter. This applies to any market that you commit your time and effort to the affiliate online and not just the iGaming market.

Things have been changing quite fast since Flytonic was established over 10 years ago. In those days, the gambling market in the USA was open since no gambling laws had been passed. As a result, many casino affiliates opted to leave the iGaming space. Those that are left, try competing with one another in those territories and markets where online gambling is not in a grey area. One of our clients WiserGamblers NZ is a clear example of how we can differentiate ourselves among others in this competitive niche.

Write Great Content For Your Target Audience

Before you write content, you should do your research with your target audience, especially the players in mind. In this regard, here at Flytonic, we are a reputable website whose content is written by veteran players for both novice and experienced players. Unlike working with any online casino you find out there, we are very selective when it comes to the casino sites that we partner with. We don’t recommend online casinos that are not friendly to players. All you have to do is join the Best Casino Affiliate Programs for USA Markets.


Always ensure you update your site’s content regularly. For example, if casino slots are the primary focus of your website, make sure your website’s content is fresh with the latest news about new slot games. Also, always remember to share the knowledge and skills you have gained while playing online.

Casino Affiliate Network Network Network!!

While you might have a stunning website, full of amazing content that many website owners will die for, it will be useless if it doesn’t have enough web traffic.

This is where networking becomes increasingly important and essential to the success of your website. It is for this reason that you should check into many Webmaster forums. Especially those that are dedicated to the casino gambling industry. By registering and participating in such forums, you will be able to network with other casino affiliates.

It is from here that relationships are created and this is a great way to get in touch with great link partners. Also with fellow online affiliates that share the same understanding and ethics of the market.

This is the first step I took when Flytonic was freshly established. While I already knew a few people at the biggest casino operators, it was still vital to network with my affiliate and Webmaster peers.

Since then I have been able to have some great friends in the affiliate market amongst people who were and are still my direct competitors.

This means you will have close friends with who you can talk and share ideas with. Also, you should try to create helpful friendships It also includes the exchange links for better backlinks.

Be Patient

If you have a good plan and are ready to dedicate more hours every day to your website, then you should be able to ignite your career as an iGaming affiliate in this highly competitive, yet very rewarding industry. Online casino searches increased four times more due to recent pandemics in the world. Keywords searches like online casino in Sweden and USA are gradually increasing each year. 

Negotiate Better Deals

One of the most important things that you must do to succeed as a casino affiliate is find the best affiliate deals. Another essential, yet often ignored factor in making enough money with casino affiliate marketing is your ability to negotiate better deals. 

Since you have already set up a market and registered for the well-paying affiliate programs. The next thing to do is negotiate new deals and higher commissions. Casino affiliate marketing is very competitive, so you must make sure that the programs you choose are ranked at the top of your list. After you have chosen the best affiliate program and have some great web traffic.  You will have an upper hand negotiating better affiliate deals.

Looking to become an online casino gambling affiliate? If this is the case, then you might have some questions. The good news is we’ve got the answers. Check out the frequently asked questions section. These answers will help you with what you have been looking for!

Wait no More! Contact us today for the best WordPress casino affiliate themes out there!

How Much Do You Earn As An Online Casino Affiliate?

Although casino affiliates can earn more than $50,000 per month, the operators of gaming websites receive a steady stream of traffic.

Essentially, the amount you can earn as a casino affiliate largely depends on the type of partnership with the casino.

  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). This method usually earns on making website visitors forward to the operator’s website. Unlike the Cost Per Click (CPC) with the CPA, the remuneration is typically offered to the casino affiliate for every converted client. In many cases, these are the first deposit or registration. Different casino affiliate programs offer unique payments of between $10 and $25 for conversion. CPA is a fixed commission that’s paid for every depositing player. Many casinos’ CPAs usually range between $125 and $500 per player, depending on the type of traffic and the market.
  • Cost Per Click (CPC). This technique usually involves locating the advertising object on the webmaster’s website and tying these to backlinks. The casino affiliate often receives remuneration for every click that forwards to the marketed casino. The payment rates are small ranging between $0.01 and $0.5 because of low conversion levels.
  • Revenue Share. Although the two techniques above use the third reward to casino affiliates, this is long-term cooperation. An affiliate is paid a percentage from every loss of the player that he has directed. The revenue share ranges between 15% – 60%. Revenue share is where an affiliate gets a percentage of what the players lose, minus fees and bonuses. Basically, the revenue share deals offered by casinos usually range between 25% and 60%.
  • A Hybrid Deal. Is a mix of revenue share and CPA. For instance, $40 per player plus 25% rev share.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I get the best Casino Affiliate Themes for Wordpress?

If you are looking to create a stunning affiliate website you will need the best gambling affiliate themes. There is no better place to look than the premium and free Wordpress Casino Themes by Flytonic. From the amazing Wordpress sports betting affiliate theme to poker affiliate theme, fantasy sports theme and bingo affiliate Wordpress theme, there are many more affiliate themes you can choose from Flytonic's theme store.

What is an online casino affiliate program?

An online casino affiliate program can be defined as a partnership plan where individuals earn a commission based on the gambling and betting activity of players that your website refers to the casino through the use of anchor links, banners, and other renowned techniques of content delivery.

What does an online casino affiliate do?

Online affiliates work by placing unique tracking IDs on their sites to drive more referrals to the casinos. Affiliates also place-tracking IDs on other marketing campaigns for the same reasons. This can be easily achieved with popups, banners simple text links, and other methods as provided by the affiliate program. All an affiliate has to do is drive traffic to the site. You also need to refer the visitors to the casino with these unique affiliate tracking links.

How much does it cost to join a casino affiliate program?

Nothing, it's free! You don’t have to pay anything to join a casino affiliate program. Don’t join an affiliate program that asks you for money because it’s not legit.

How to join a casino affiliate program?

Most iGaming sites have an affiliate link at the bottom of their site labeled “Affiliate Program” or “Affiliates”. All you have to do is fill out the application form and wait. The website's support team will contact you with information about your acceptance into the affiliate program. In case the application is accepted; the casino will send you an email comprising your login credentials and affiliate ID. Using the login credentials provided you will have unlimited access to the affiliate program resources. [1]

Can I apply if I don’t have a website?

It will be easier for your application to be accepted if you have a casino website. Most affiliate programs will review all potential offline campaigns on an individual basis. You will probably have to submit the offline marketing plan describing your demographic. Others include potential, scope, previous marketing campaigns, and the target market. You will find the Best WordPress iGaming Themes for Affiliate Marketing to build a beautiful website.

Can I participate in multiple affiliate programs?

Yes! Many affiliates work together with multiple online casinos. This allows them to target various markets effectively.

Can I view my web traffic stats like conversions and the number of clicks?

Yes, you can easily log into the affiliate backend and view depositors, signups, clicks. And impressions among additional key performance indicators.

How do I view my earnings and statistics?

Use your login credentials you can login to the casino affiliate backend to see your stats and current earnings.

Can I join more than one casino affiliate program?

Yes. Many casino affiliates partner with multiple casinos to effectively target various markets.

Where do I get content and banners?

Once you’ve application has been approved, the affiliate scheme will set up your account and also send you unique information for your account. You can use the affiliate login to retrieve content and banners.

How do casino affiliate programs know that players come from my site?

Online casino websites use cookies to track player referrals. Once a visitor to your site clicks through to the online casino website you are marketing via a text link or banner containing the unique tracking ID, a cookie is dropped to their computer. It’s the cookie that tells the gambling site where the punter came from, and you’ll be credited for the referral.

What are the common types of commission plans?

• Net Total Revenue
• Commission Structure

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