Flytonic Theme Updated to Version 5.02

Posted by Flytonic on July 8, 2013 in News

Flytonic Theme

The Flytonic Theme has been updated to accommodate a few new features in the DoubleUp theme.

The current version is now version 5.02.  This is a minor update and no need to update from version 3.01 if you will not be using the DoubleUp Theme.

Please see the download area for the files that have been updated.

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Flytonic Theme Updated information

One fix: The Blog template updated to allow proper pagination when setting this page template as your home page.

Future Capabilities – the Flytonic Framework has added a new feature in two of the widgets that allows you to pick different versions of the widgets.  Right now this only is useful for the DoubleUp theme, but you will see Flytonic Theme Updated in the future for other child themes.  Basically this will change the output of the widget perhaps with different fields.

As always if you have suggestions for new theme updates, let us know.

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