Flytonic Theme Version 2.7 and WordPress 3.5

Posted by Flytonic on December 12, 2012 in News

It is now safe to use Flytonic Theme Version 2.7 and WordPress 3.5

If you come across any errors please let us know.  There are several new updates to this version and here are the changes below. Click here to learn more about our top-quality WordPress themes.

What’s new in Flytonic Theme Version 2.7 and WordPress 3.5

Added Files:

includes->review_widget.php – adds new review listing widget

The widget adds the ability to list reviews as a list that link to the respective review pages.

 Screenshot of the Widget setup:

Review Listings Widget

Screenshot of the output:

Review Listings Widget Output


Update for new review listings widget:

functions.php – includes new file reference includes->review_widget.php
style.css – added style for order list for new widget

Fixed Errors:

  • Includes->hitcounter.php – Wrong url reference is fixed
  • Includes->excerpt_shortcode_builder.php – Fixed issue with excerpt shortcode button selecting slug instead of category name.
  • Includes->ftable_shortcode_builder.php – Fixed issue with featured site shortcode button selecting the title of the site instead of the site name field

Updated for version 3.5

  • includes->shortcode_builder.php – fixes jquery issue
  • includes->excerpt_shortcode_builder.php – fixes jquery issue
  • includes->ftable_shortcode_builder.php – fixes jquery issue
  • includes->layout-options.php – fixes jquery issue


Be sure you have not made any changes to any of the files before uploading.  Always save a copy in case you encounter any issues. Read on to learn more about the latest releases.

Be sure to re save design changes in the design-options area if you upload the entire  new version of theme since the custom.css file will be overwritten.

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