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Posted by Flytonic on April 24, 2014 in News

wordpress 5.0

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WordPress 5.0 update was rolled out last week and it affected a few of Flytonic products. The only issues reported and that we have found are the shortcode button issues on the CTA and Geo Target plugins and the dropdown shortcode options in the Affiliate & Review theme .

Download the latest copy of WordPress 5.0 update and

The following products have been updated:

1. Affiliate and Review Theme – Updated to version 1.02.

Affiliate marketing can be described as an easy way for any person to start making good money online. If you link your business to various participating offers, products or services, you also get to earn a good commission for every new customer that you refer to that website.
Although you can add the revenue-generating affiliate links to the WordPress sites and themes, selecting a theme that has been created, particularly for such purposes has many benefits. A common feature of the affiliate WP themes is what makes it quite easy for you to publish great reviews. The reviews will quickly highlight the worst and best aspects for every item, alongside other additional features like image galleries, video galleries, star ratings, and product comparisons and much more.
Additional features that you will find in the updated themes include a wide range of customization controls, numerous theme options, responsive designs, and other amazing bundled premium plugins. There are some affiliates that are available as aspects of the multi-template theme clubs. As a result, if you happen to be in a market where you need multiple themes, then you should always ensure you check our latest theme updates because they will give you an idea of what you have to do to make your website look more professional.
By choosing one of our latest and professionally built affiliate themes, you will find it quite easy to boost the chances of your WP website becoming successful.
This is more important if you are currently working on your first affiliate marketing website.
After you have decided on the niche that you want to cover and purchased the domain and you have already opted to make use of WordPress since it is the simplest way to build a great site, then you can rely on our newly updated theme to take your website to the next level.
Flytonic offers you just one or a few, but numerous theme options that you can choose from, mainly because we understand exactly what you need for your business to excel.

2. CTA Plugin – Updated to version 1.12

The CTA WordPress plugins are quite essential because they define the success of a website to a huge degree. If people are visiting your website, but not taking any of the actions that you intended them to. It is highly likely that you are losing prospects for your service or product. The action might go into your product page and purchase something or subscribe to your newsletters.

The action is largely dependent on how conspicuously you can optimize that call to action parameter on your site. For instance, if the users need to work harder for them to find the buy now button or the email subscription form. It is without a doubt that they will not take any action and will eventually proceed to another website.

While there are many CTA WordPress plugins, our recently CTA Plugin update will without a doubt help take your business to the next level. Huge traffic and great content will be useless if they are not effectively channeled.

Currently, the numerous premium WP themes usually come with an in-built CTA feature such as subscription forms, buttons and much more.

Nevertheless, if the theme doesn’t support such features, you can then make use of the incredible CTA WordPress plugins. It is for the same reason that you should check out Flytonic’s recently updated themes for amazing user experience. These are a few of the things that will help drive more traffic to your website and eventually result in more conversions.

We strongly recommend that you choose to use a plugin rather than these features. This is because you might lose the features after changing the themes.

Click here to find some of the top CTA WordPress plugins developed and designed by experts who understand exactly what your website needs.

3. Geo Target Plugin – Updated to version 1.13.

We have also updated the IP databases on the plugin as well.

This is a great plugin for affiliate marketers when it comes to offers that are specific to certain countries, mainly because of its powerful features and simplicity. These premium features offer great precision that assists your target cities and states specific content.

 New features in the latest updates

Create regions

This allows you to group cities or countries to make it much easier for all the target users. For instance, you can create a region known as America and another known as Europe. Thereafter, you can use the names in widgets or shortcodes and this will save you time.

Shortcode generator

The plugin comes with a great shortcode generator that will help you showcase different content on your webpage. This will allow you to easily add your content utilizing the in-built shortcode generator and other desired options.

Real IP Detection

The new plugin will help you automatically detect the real user IP, regardless of whether you use Varnish, Reblaze, and Ezoic, Akamai, Sucuri, Cloudflare or others.

Geo-Target Widgets

You can now easily use all the widgets in your website because all of them will be perfectly geo-targeted. After the geo-target plugin has been activated, there are new fields that will show up on the widgets.

Geotarget Menus

You can now easily Geotarget each of the menu items or just use the PHP functions in the header.php template files so that you can easily get the geo-target menu.
Please see the change logs for files that have been modified.

Please note that the Affiliate & Review theme and new Online Slots Theme both require WordPress 5.0 update to run properly.

Thanks for your patience and help with any issues.


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