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How To Promote Online Casinos? Not sure how to monetize your website or blog? You’ve come to the right place!

Although there are many great ways to promote online casinos, affiliate marketing is by far the most effective. Of course! Exhibitions media advertising, PPC, SEO, and other offline activities should be part of the entire strategy (in most cases diversity boosts your chances of success) but when you compare investment and results, affiliate marketing often wins the Return On Investment (ROI) competition.
Let’s take a closer look into who online casino affiliates are, what benefits affiliates bring to the gambling industry, how to choose the best casino affiliate program and how to promote online casinos.

In this review, we will guide you on how to promote online casinos affiliate programs with low risks.

Gambling is anything that concerns games provided at online casinos such as slot machines, roulettes as well as unusual games like thimbles and miners. Also, it includes sweepstakes and sports betting because the activity is full of a high sense of excitement. This review will mainly focus on slots and online casinos.

Set Up A Casino Affiliate Marketing Website

Here are the best WordPress themes you can use to build a stunning website to promote online casinos and sportsbooks. The good news is that the themes have been developed with online casinos affiliate marketing in mind and are very affordable.

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Casino and Gambling Affiliate Marketing

Casino affiliate programs online are among the most profitable and simplest verticals in affiliate marketing. It’s very simple to attract customers to a specific site. With the right targeting settings, 200 to 300 impressions or five to fifteen clicks are enough to achieve a conversion for GEOs. But, this is simply an average indicator. The best thing about casino affiliate marketing is that there are very low risks. Therefore, we can simply say that this is the best program for the new marketers. When it comes to experienced specialists, they prefer to stick with this business.

Another crucial thing is that you don’t have to offer about the offer’s quality because although the traffic might reduce, it won’t drop to zero if landing pages and banners are sloppy. In addition to that, you will be charged a low entry price. You can begin with $30 or $50, while a niche test goes for $20. But, this is something that you shouldn’t worry about because if everything goes as planned, there will be low risks.

Gambling is way simpler compared to other verticals, though you can lose a lot if you don’t plan your work carefully. To help you make good profits in this business, we will provide you with everything you need to begin money instantly.

How To Pick And Where To Find Casino And Betting Offers

Most affiliates are always tempted to pick the offers having the biggest payments for each customer referred. However, as an affiliate, you should always be cautious, as this doesn’t imply a huge income. You require to read the instructions on traffic quality; when it comes to this, you should always make sure you go for the one with fewer requirements. For instance, in Ireland and England, it’s good to join local bookmakers offers such as William Hill and Bet365. In Canada and Italy, pick the big casinos having a variety of slots like LeoVegas.

Most gambling businesses usually opt to work with partners via CPA networks like LeadBit. Also, this is very convenient for affiliate marketers because they include affiliate programs that are legit and don’t con the customers and usually payout when an affiliate refers a customer. In addition to that, they don’t deceive other partners and always pay where it’s due. Therefore, you should always be careful when it comes to choosing the best affiliate program so that you don’t put your effort in the wrong place.

Top there gambling affiliate programs in 2023:

  1. leovegas Affiliates: A commission of up to 40%
  2. Kindred Affiliates: A commission of up to 35%
  3. Betsson Group Affiliates: Revenue Share – 20% to 35%

Those offers that we have mentioned above are provided by LeadBit alongside others that are also equally exciting.


Target Audience and Targeting Features

Before proceeding to the next thing, you should first know who is your target audience. The earnings you get paid will be based on how you build your customer personas. Here, everything is very uncertain. The customer persona is variable because the interest of people usually changes with time.

Accurately advertising networks identify website visitors as well as allow affiliates to decide who to show their banners to. But, the effectiveness of marketing is based directly on the parameters used. The basic settings include country, browser, OS, device, gender, and age.

The buyer persona is usually divided into different categories:

1. Interest

There are various types of players:

  • Regular players: These are the ones in search of new bonuses, slots, promotions, and experienced bettors that earn good money. They make consistent deposits and mostly in large amounts.
  • Newbies: These are the people that are idle or want to try out something new. The probability of making deposits repeatedly is usually low. But, the initial deposit can be big.

We usually advise affiliates to spend at least 70% of their planned budget on regular players depending on our research. You can attract them using bonuses, competitions or lotteries, various contests, payment guarantees, and cool prizes including a convertible or an iPhone.

You should focus the remaining budget on the newcomers. On both budgets, you will always have a chance of attracting new players to sign up at an online casino. Enticing players is very easy. You can use special effects, beautiful slots, a bright design as well as the chance to try out for free.

2. Prosperity

One thing that you should always be aware of is that there are many low-income players. Rich players usually play for fun and not to make money. But, they always make sure to use secure payments, a variety of casino games, and simple registration. However, this case is different with low-earning players, as they are always in search of projects that can help them make money fast. These types of players are attracted by bonuses and freebies as well as amazing stories concerning the lucky players that won millions or generated enough cash to purchase a BMW. But, betting on these kinds of players is useless. The best UK affiliate programs will reject this type of traffic.

3. Time

This is an essential indicator to launch ads or to publish reviews on your blog.

The perfect time of launching ad campaigns:

  • Spring/summer: the peak of the action is Friday starting from 16.00 to 22.00. on holidays and weekends, the activity is normally weak. Alongside the evening time, you can make research for the time between 9.00 to 12.00.
  • Winter/ autumn: the main activity takes place in the evening when people are relaxing after work. The peak time begins from Friday evening and the entire weekend.

4. GEO

Different GEOs have different buyer personas. This applies to preferred online casinos, motives, gender distribution, and age. Always make sure you choose a casino affiliate program that’s licensed and regulated by authorities such as the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, eCuracao Gaming Commission, and a few others.

Top Gambling Countries Around the World

how to promote online casinos affiliate marketing


In the CIS regions, Russia is the country with the biggest gambling audience of around 95%. Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine have incredible conversion rates of around five to ten percent. In Armenia, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan, the conversion rate is one to two percent.

In the CIS, men aged between 25 and 45 are the main target with a stable income. Online gaming, social networks, entertainment, and dating are all associated hobbies. Some people usually play online games as a hobby and others play to get wealthy faster. In the CIS, it’s simple to make money from deposit payments. In the mobile app, traffic is converted perfectly more often through iOS.


Because Asia is different from other countries in Europe, you should also use different approaches. Tier 2 countries in Asia are Thailand, Vietnam, and India, and are all suitable for the newbies. You can start creatives in English on Instagram and Facebook. When it comes to creatives, you can utilize the desire to win easy and quick money. On the other hand, China, Korea, and Japan are more complex. Playing at the comfort of their homes using a small budget and without any restrictions is very crucial to them. therefore, these are the regions where you can get very high conversion rates, as most of them will be interested in gambling online.

Europe and the USA

English-speaking GEOs include New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the USA. All those niches are very profitable. In Canada and Australia, around 70% of the population engages in gambling activities once or twice a year. However, the audience is also very demanding because of the high competition. So, you have to use a different approach to attract an audience from this country.

How To Promote Online Casinos & Sportsbooks

In this section, we will list different schemes that affiliates can use to market gambling offers:

1. Bonuses

Bonuses are the most popular perks of attracting people to a site. This works in most parts of the globe. It’s very rare for anyone to rejects offers of spinning the roulette wheel risk-free and win a bonus after making the initial deposit.

This method features a slightly high conversion rate. Therefore, if you are confused about where to begin, bonus offers are the best option. Bonuses are also available in different names and you should always explain that to your customers to avoid frustrations.

How To Promote Online Casinos

Casino Gambling Plans

People living in Tier 2 countries still think that they can defraud a casino. So, sending attracting marketing teasers having casino hacking messages usually triggers them. Then there is this story where a former employee/programmer hacked the algorithms of the casino.

There are many disadvantages associated with those strategies and you must carefully select your audience as not so many people will believe those myths. But, with proper targeting, you can get a conversion rate of about 20 to 30 percent.

Promotions and jackpots

This is a safe and simple approach, which operates with different GEOs. So, you can post ads having jackpot offers. Also, you can include a pre-landing containing news from renowned media congratulating a winner or a landing page having the promotions description. The initial deposit’s conversion rate is very high. But, repeat deposits might be low. If an affiliate program features a KPI requirement, then you should utilize this method with caution.

Also, you should review the news, functionality, and appearance of the latest slots. This approach is basic and harmless and produces high-quality traffic. Therefore, it’s always good to master different approaches and use the best one to drive high traffic.


Gambling is one of the most lucrative verticals and is suitable for both experienced and new affiliate marketers. The only thing that you need to do to get good earnings is to be able to identify your target audience and then conduct different research. Also, make sure to get your offers from reliable and safe companies that pay affiliates their earnings. Although this is a hard task to do, you can read through the testimonials or comments made by other affiliates to be sure. By doing this, your efforts won’t go down the drain, but will always payout. There are renowned companies that provide the best offers and some of them are listed in the sections above. Just choose one there and you will always get your earnings.

Now that you’ve learned how to promote online casinos, the next thing you should do is check out our list of the best casino affiliate programs and choose one that offers the highest commission.

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