Updated Flytonic Medical Theme Design

Posted by Flytonic on October 6, 2011 in News

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medical theme

Updated Medical Theme Design

I am glad to announce the Flytonic Theme Design has been updated.

It was changed based on feedback I have received from users how previously liked some of the other older themes.

Everything remains the same as far as the programing and other child themes are concerned.  The only files changed were the stlyesheet and the design-options.php to reflect the style changes.

Medical Theme Features

Custom Game Page

The game page is perfectly built to demo games. Elegant integrated reviews and Call to Actions and Affiliate link tables.

Customized Call to Actions

You will not miss out on any chance to get new players through hiding the main CTA.

Bold and big and perfectly built, the call to action has been made customizable to make sure you can easily set the affiliate link for every section.

Added Game Description

Just below the call to action button, you will find a game description section. This will take the excerpt of your posts making it easier for you to add your custom summary.

Layer Slider Included

Build the banner sliders with optimized and animated text with a drag and drop interface that is very easy to use.

Numerous Custom Options

We have also added numerous options to make it easy to control different pieces and bits, allow specific buttons, upload the logo icon, shortcodes site-wide, set up table, modify your review style and much more.

You can still use the quick settings to change the background, links, and other items by just selecting the color you want.

View DEMO here <======

Also if you already have the theme please login and download the latest version.

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