2023’s Premier Sports Betting Affiliate Marketing Guide: Maximizing Online Earnings

Posted by Alice on February 22, 2021 in Affiliate Programs, Marketing

A table showing the top sports betting affiliate programs. Alt text: A table displaying the top sports betting affiliate programs for digital marketers to promote and make money from.

Currently, the Internet has turned into a real game-changer of this era. The Internet has become a go-tool for everything right now from relationships to communications and business, as well as sports betting events. As there are fewer restrictions as to what’s accessible or probable in the digital space, the rate of development of online betting has improved significantly.  Today, sports betting is one of the most lucrative industries out there. So, if you are looking to become an affiliate, you can rest assured you will make money promoting sports betting websites. Keep reading to learn how you can join one of the best sports betting affiliate programs and succeed as an affiliate marketer. Our sports betting affiliate marketing guide will provide you with all the information you need to become a professional affiliate marketer.

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In this 21st century, gambling has become so popular among people. This experience, in one way or another, can be trailed back to old times. What’s important for digital promoters eventually is the fact that betting have turned into an evergreen vertical. For some time now, it’s been part and parcel of affiliate promotion.

Sports Betting Affiliate Marketing Explained

Gambling happens to be the most famous verticals within affiliate promotion. It comprises mostly of online betting events like football, hockey, the NBA, horse racing. Currently joined by the popular fantasy gambling that involves fantasy sports betting.

Since these angles are tangled, it’s really difficult to tell where or when regular online gambling will end and when online betting begins. Regularly, it involves naming or even placing the categories differently for the sake of accuracy.

Concerning the performance of the vertical, a repeating pattern is observed. It would regularly move up within Q1, which is the time the several sports seasons begin. Then move down within Q4, across seasonal hypes such as Christmas or Black Friday, because this is what many people use their cash on. However, it would speedily regain its normal track.

Surprisingly, it appears to be nearly crisis-resistance. Although turbulent moments cause it a temporary pause, it returns right on top. Much faster compared to other verticals.

Who’s Into Sports betting Affiliate Marketing? Target Crowd Review

Realizing your advert’s audience shouldn’t be too hard. Ultimately, there are many explore on who is addicted to gambling and their characteristics like the state of origin, age, professional occupation, gender, marital status, or even probable personality traits.

The fact is that we don’t actually require understanding all this information for sports betting affiliate campaigns and marketing. Yes, concentrating on the major ideas is recommended though that’s the far it should go.

Women Versus Men; Who Gambles Most?

Statistically, men are more possibly to gamble compared to women, as almost all explore available indicates. Nonetheless, the female crowd is reportedly improving. So, even if aiming your adverts at a male audience should be a primary concentration, offering various women-concentrated betting adverts is worth giving it a trial.

The Age Of betting Games Users

Age demographics seem to differ partially relying on the state. Basically speaking, online betting adverts should be normally aimed at audiences between the age brackets of 25-45, strictly followed by the age group 45-65.

Online Gamblers’ Financial Status

Though it can’t be indicated that both less prosperous or affluent are the final aim for your adverts, 1 thing is evident. Individuals gamble to win, irrespective of their monetary status. So, emphasizing the opportunity as well as the significance of winning cash should be the major trading point for your adverts at all times.

Regular And Long-Term Gamblers Or Curious Audience?

That one is simple; individuals who bet do it regularly. Meaning that marketers don’t require introducing their clients to what the industry is all about. These individuals are aware of this, and the main thing they are searching for is either an opportunity to win with a little investment, a simple and fast way of making money online, the fun of the game, or just entertainment, without or with cash involved. They may be curious to share their number, hence bringing in the needed lead. It’s crucial to take note that most, if not entire points, are particularly important during the coronavirus lockdown.

Learning Where Gambling Is Trending

There exist 3 methods, which affiliate promoters could use to learn where online gambling is trending currently and the area to focus on. The first is via demographics statistics, which we have already mentioned above, the second one is through tracking the online trends, and the final one is just looking into the traffic source. Below we will explain each individually.

1. Demographics Statistics

As we stated above, there are many explore available online showing us which point online gambling is trending at. Most of the demographics results vary from the rest 2 ways, though few of them support the 3 general sections of concentration: APAC, LATAM, as well as English speaking states.

2. Online Trends Tracing For Long-Term ROI

Research on digital promotion within the online gambling industry done by Semrush appears to be the best source of details on the topic we are exploring for. It provides us;

  • Popular 25 firms to get huge online traffic associated with online gambling.
  • Reveal online gambling –associated traffic dynamic in the entire 2018/19.
  • And the GEO spread for this type of traffic is specifically what we are searching for.
3. Traffic Sources And Important Traffic Data

This way is basically a part and parcel of whitelisting data before or during the set up of your campaigns. Promoters can actually begin with wide aiming, which is using a multi-geo method if possible, or just enquire from their traffic source agents for top operating locations and start their advertisements there. Never at any time begin your campaigns utilizing narrow aiming, except if the campaign is aimed for a single purpose only for scaling already profitable or proven placements.

Take a look at the data and you will see that some locations can be said as the top regions for the gambling vertical. These might differ relying on temporary demand spikes or the form of traffic selected for particular campaigns. The states involved are:

  1. English-speaking states such as United Kingdom, Australia, United States, and Canada.
  2. Followed by the Asian sections like Vietnam, India, Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand.
  3. Joined by the Latin American States such as Brazil, Argentina, and Brazil.
  4. And lastly with European areas like Ukraine, Hungary,

Lithuania, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Spain, Bulgaria, and Italy.

Traffic Which Converts – Affiliate Trusts

It’s hard to choose the best type of traffic for your campaigns. This vertical has existed for a very long time even before affiliate promotion came into play and has been operated with all available advert formats. As always, we recommend selecting the advert format you are planning to operate your campaigns with depending on the budget, resources, advertiser’s experience, as well as the time, which will be dedicated to the work.

The Classics – Domain Redirect And Pop Ads

What has made these tools popular is the fact that multiple affiliate advertisers created their six-numbers results utilizing them. In case you hear someone saying that pop is dead, then that person is wrong as it’s doing quite well.

This is the same scenario with the domain redirect traffic that can be particularly worth trying as the keyword aiming options as well as the easiness with which individuals would be redirected towards your URL. For more information concerning this, just check out Google Trends, Semrush’s report, or inquire from your traffic source the top keyword associated with the vertical.

Utilizing keyword targeting enables you to be as direct as possible with your campaigns. It generally means you are capable of showing clients the actual content they are searching for at that exact moment. The best part is that the task can be conducted utilizing both the domain and pop redirect traffic.

Similar Yet Distinct – In Page Push And Push Notifications

Concerning the in-page push and push ads, it’s fundamentally the same thing for the end-user. However, both formats differ in technicalities.

What’s worth stating at this moment is the positive impact of the feared launch. With the marketplace’s urge to launch in-page push ads, luckily, the traffic source realized the capability to aim completely new and still developing crowd of IOS users. The 2 formats can operate on a Cost/ Click basis.

Customization And Targeting Guidelines For Sports betting Affiliate Marketing

After deciding on the type of premium traffic you want to operate your gambling promotions with, the next crucial step is to reflect on the customization and targeting protocols for your promotions. You should take note that this is never a case of just coincidence or luck; the prosperity of your campaigns relies on a well-deliberated and strategized promotion plan.

Sorry to hit where it hurts the most but you require thinking practically of every single detail – at least 3 steps ahead. Below are some of the questions that you should ask yourself first;

·      What’s My Online betting Marketing Budget?

And when I say the word budget three things should cross your mind; the campaign’s daily budget, testing budget, and the whole budget. Furthermore, think about the price method, meaning the kind of payments you will be getting for advertising the gambling business as well as several betting brands. All this information act a major role in making your ROI green. Revenue Share is usually regarded as the most famous commission kinds for affiliate promoters.

·      The amount you want to bid?

Have you read through the average bids for each category, keyword, source, and so on? Also, are you accountable for the average bid section, indicating that you possibly require to bid partially higher for you to earn the RTB auction? How does it operate with the payment provided by affiliate plans or networks? Payouts models differ broadly and can have a major effect on your revenue, ROI, and income.

·      What will happen if you win too fast, too much, or if you don’t win?

And this is where capping comes in. Capping is meant for protecting your commission payments and both affiliate’s income as well as revenue when advertising betting plans on the 2 sides – brands and clients.

·      Where precisely do you look forward to running your betting promotion?

A state isn’t enough if you are planning to narrow down everything to region targeting. Administration regulation might vary from one region to another even in a state. Furthermore, you should deliberate carefully how many times you want your adverts to be displayed and what hours of the day to maximize your income.

·      Are you confident you are running the betting promotion right?

Immediately you realize that you are doing right on the OS targeting and device, take note not to restrict yourself from getting possible conversions, plus don’t move so narrow on that as well. Business standards have indicated that the best performing betting is the commission-making one. And is the betting that reaches good partners wherever they might be.

·      What if my betting site isn’t bringing sufficient revenue? Or other sports betting affiliate marketing sites own better brands?

These should not bother or stress you at any time. This is normal, the abundance of affiliate sites, betting or affiliate software out there is incredible. Though it relies on the aim and kind of adverts affiliates run. Premium betting, as well as brands, might want to operate with an affiliate promoter whose site is a number 1 result within several search engines. Though with the size of igaming tools or sports betting available, newbie affiliates having nothing to be afraid of. There is enough chances as well as several commissions or revenue share models.

Another crucial question is device targeting. We normally advise people to begin broad and afterward decide on restricting the traffic.

However, the device split can be decided irrespective of the remaining target set-up. The most popular reason you should consider is the offer information.

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