Assessing the ScandiBet Affiliate Program: A Comprehensive Review

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ScandiBet Affiliate Program At A Glance

Affiliate promotion is a crucial part of the online gaming industry. In fact, most of the online operators that provide gaming services and products offer affiliate programs. Also, other operators that are part of the online gaming business can get commissions just by marketing the gambling services of other online casinos. Currently, ScandiBet affiliates is one of the most popular gambling affiliate programs in the online gaming industry. This informative ScandiBet affiliates review will discuss all the essential basics of this program and list all the benefits you will enjoy when you join this affiliate program.

ScandiBet Affiliates

UpTo 50% Lifetime Commission, Top CPA Deals, & Hybrid

Full Terms & Conditions Apply

ScandiBet Affiliates

Looking for a Casino affiliate program where you can promote leading casino brands? If so, ScandiBet Affiliates is a top-rated affiliate program. While you might not find a wide variety of casinos to promote, you get a chance to market the renowned ScandiBet Casino. Moreover, with a decent revenue share plan, you could be smiling all the way to the bank soon!


  • No bundling between brands
  • Low minimum payouts
  • Lucrative Commissions
  • Diverse marketing materials


  • Negative Carryover
  • Admin fees

Overall Rating

ScandiBet Affiliates Info

  • Affiliate Program: ScandiBet Affiliates
  • Brands : ScandiBet Casino
  • Commission Model: Revenue Share , CPA , Hybrid
  • Deals: UpTo 50% Lifetime Commission, Top CPA Deals, & Hybrid
  • Verticals: Bingo , Casino , Lottery , Poker , SportsBook
  • License: Malta Gaming Authority
  • Established: 2019
  • Payment Method: Bank Wire Transfer , Skrill
  • Support: Live Chat, email
  • Countries : Singapore , Ireland , Poland , Germany , Russia , Cyprus , Netherlands , Canada , Curaçao , Kenya , South Africa , Nigeria , Malaysia

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ScandiBet Affiliate Program Overview

To be appealing enough to affiliates, every affiliate program must combine all the important details, guaranteeing that the two parties will mutually benefit. First and foremost, the affiliate program should provide all the required marketing resources and materials to help casino affiliates market the gambling services the right way. As you know, every casino brand puts a lot of effort to outshine others and becoming attractive to potential clients.

The second basic thing that the best top-paying Canadian affiliate program should offer is a good revenue structure. The revenues should be fair and well balanced to appreciate the efforts of the affiliates. ScandiBet affiliates also provide an excellent chance to companies that want to become partners. The best thing about joining ScandiBet affiliates is that you can enjoy a revenue share of as high as 50%. This is very encouraging and has helped this program rank as the most generous marketplace with great commissions. The revenue shares depend on affiliates’ performance. This encourages them to work hard to get good results using the ScandiBet affiliate’s promotional tools and materials. Continue reading this review for more details. For example, affiliates that join this program will benefit from other deals. The program provides exclusive promotional tools and exclusive promotions to all the affiliates that achieve high conversion rates. Furthermore, ScandiBet affiliate is a safe program to join and offers reliable and on-time payments.

How does ScandiBet Affiliate Program work?

The ScandiBet affiliate program offers twelve online casino brands, including ScandiBet Casino. Affiliates who join this affiliate program will have an easy time promoting these sites to potential players due to the wide range of games provided by each of the brands. Besides that, affiliates will also be in a good position of making good incomes as they will offer a chance to promote more than two online casino brands if they want. Also, affiliates will be happy when they learn that all these casino brands feature different revenue shares. So, you can opt to promote the brands that have high revenue shares. Below are the main advantages of the ScandiBet affiliate program;

We will also discuss the revenue share that is offered to the partner companies by ScandiBet affiliates. This affiliate program offers revenue shares that start from 35% to 50%. This percentage share is fully based on affiliates’ performance as well as the used promotional strategy. Having said that, if you join ScandiBet affiliates, you only get your commissions if the players you referred play on various associated casino brands no matter if you had picked only a single casino brand to market. It’s a unique feature that helps ScandiBet affiliates to stand out from the rest.

But, always make sure that you read all the terms and conditions of this affiliate program. With this, you will be able to make the right decision and determine if you will manage to achieve the required results and reach the level, which will provide you with the earnings you need.

ScandiBet Affiliate Program Commission – CPA And Revenue Share

ScandiBet affiliate program is created to suit the needs of partner companies and still provide potential affiliates with a better opportunity to get a good income. Affiliates that register with ScandiBet affiliates get the opportunity to get high revenues of 60% from punters that they direct to the associated online casino brands. For the initial three months, new affiliates get revenue shares of 50%, which the casino produces from the potential players that register through the exclusive link.

The affiliate program also provides flexible offers to partner companies. However, once the three months are over, each affiliate will start getting 35% for each revenue worth $5,000 they generate for the associated online casino brands. But, if the affiliates succeed in making revenue shares of $15,000, they will receive a high commission of 40%. Other revenues beyond 50 NDC will allow the affiliates to get a good commission of 50%.

ScandiBet affiliates also feature a very favorable term, and that is the absence of a negative carryover. All the outstanding balances are zeroed at the beginning of the new month so that affiliates can begin a new month with a clean sheet. In addition to that, affiliates can also request the CPA deal from their personal account manager. Bearing that in mind, we can sum up by saying that ScandiBet affiliates is the best program to join in the online gaming industry.

Associated Casino Brands

Another major advantage of signing up with a legal casino affiliate program is that you will have a chance to pick from several popular online casino brands. ScandiBet affiliate program features twelve casino brands. This means that affiliates will be referring potential players to any of those brands, but for them to get their commissions, the players must play in more than one brand. So, it will be wise if affiliates opt to market more than one brand instead of focusing on a single brand. Among the entire casino brands offered by ScandiBet Casino Paradise are the most popular.

Another major advantage of joining this affiliate program is that you can get commissions from 2 or 3 associated online casino brands. Meaning, if you direct a play to a particular included online casino, but the player chooses to gamble on another associated casino, you will still get a commission for revenues produced by the directed players at the other casino, though you didn’t market it. This makes the program very flexible and more beneficial than other casino programs in the online gambling industry.

ScandiBet Affiliates Payment Methods

Currently, the ScandiBet affiliate program is leading on the iGaming market. As we mentioned in the above sections, affiliates that join this program enjoy so many benefits. The ScandiBet affiliate program offers banking methods that are both suitable for making deposits and withdrawals. Registering with this program, lets you choose from the leading banking methods accepted by online gaming businesses and chosen by most companies in the gambling market. This is another section the ScandiBet affiliates have managed to stand out. This program offers popular and the most reliable banking methods that affiliates can use anytime. The supported payment methods include wire transfer, bank transfer, Neteller, and PayPal.

ScandiBet Affiliate Program: A comprehensive review of one of the top gambling affiliate programs in the online gaming industry. Join now and enjoy the benefits!

The best thing is that affiliates can use all those methods for making both deposits and withdrawals. However, before picking any payment method, you should read its terms and conditions as there is a minimum and maximum payment threshold you will be required to reach before you are allowed to cash out your money. For example, to withdraw your earnings with Neteller, you will be required to have at least $20 in your account; for PayPal, you must have around $200 in your bank account, and for Bank Transfer, it’s $100. Also, when you join this affiliate program, you should expect to be paid each month. But, you should note that some processing charges might apply. Earnings usually reach affiliates accounts in ten days.

ScandiBet Affiliates Software

As an affiliate, you should differentiate between the good and the bad software because not all of them work the same. Most of the good software are used by the most popular affiliate programs in the gambling market. The software plays a significant role in your progress, so never assume that. SBTech Affiliates isn’t left out in this section either and uses a powerful software known as SBTech. This company is famous for providing many gambling solutions and a full toolkit for the successful gaming business. SBTech is also used by other top casinos in the online gaming business, though SBTech affiliates outshine all of them.

In addition to that, all the associated online casino brands provide games supplied by popular software companies such as Microgaming. All these software are safe as they are licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. So, affiliates will be promoting gaming products that are secure and fair to the players.

Marketing Tools

WagerJoint ensures that affiliates have an easy time managing their marketing effort. After logging into your affiliate account, you will see your stats immediately. You can also customize the reports for easier understanding. Bearing that in mind, the program also offers many promotional materials for affiliates to choose from. Such materials include text links and usual banners. Also, you will receive print media, SMS messages, and emails. But, the program doesn’t permit affiliates to customize its marketing tools, though it’s open to building customized materials.

In case you experience any issues, just get in touch with your affiliate manager. If you want a quick response, then you should use Skype, though you can also send them an email. But, these communication channels aren’t open throughout; therefore, if you reach out to them during off-hours, a response is given the next day.


ScandiBet affiliate program is so popular in the online gaming business and has ranked very high for offering unique features than other affiliate programs. First and foremost, the affiliate program provides good revenue shares, which might go up to 50%. On top of that, all affiliates earn commissions if the directed player chooses to play on another brand besides the one you had directed them to. Also, affiliates have a good chance of boosting their incomes as they are also allowed to market more casino brands. You should also bear in mind that all the associated online casino brands come with different revenue shares.

The commissions offered also increase based on your performance. So, to get high commissions, you must put a lot of effort in your promotions. On top of that, this affiliate program doesn’t feature a negative carryover policy, which means that all outstanding balances are zeroed out at the start of a new month. Besides that, affiliates are also offered a CPA deal that is available on request. With this deal, you will get a one-time payment for all your referrals as long as they remain active on the associated casino brands.

ScandiBet affiliate program also supports a wide range of payment methods that you can pick from. All the available banking methods are known to be safe and used by multiple gambling business programs. All payments are also processed once a month. Also, you should check out the minimum and maximum payment thresholds of your favorite banking methods as they are different.

This affiliate program also uses a very robust software known as SBTech. With the software, players can access flexible promotional materials to market the gaming products and generate good commissions. It’s also worth mentioning that the associated online casino brands are more than enough to make good profits as a gambling affiliate.

ScandiBet Casino Affiliate Program FAQ

If you didn’t find some details on the above sections, you could check them out below. In this section, we will list some of the most commonly asked questions with their answers.

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