Lucrative Casino Affiliate Programs: Top Picks for 2023

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The most popular method of cultivating income online is through affiliate marketing. It synergizes amazingly when you acquire digital assets, such as a blog, which promotes large traffic or huge social media following. High Paying Casino Affiliate programs assist you grow mainly profitable partnerships with firms. The best part is that you will acquire amazing deals for your clients.

Because it’s clear now that you want to learn more about methods you can use to add affiliate marketing to your collection of income stream. Relax and continue reading this blog, as we shall provide you with all the information you may require to achieve this. We shall define it, guide you on how to do it, and provide you with our huge list of top paying casino affiliate programs, Definition of affiliate marketing and 10 affiliate programs that are high paying.

An affiliate program can be defined is an agreement whereby a venture pays another venture or an affiliate (you) a commission just for driving sales or traffic to their firm.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

After receiving approval of becoming an affiliate partner, the firm will give you a special affiliate link. Each time your customers click the link, they will be tagged using a cookie. Firms use cookies for tracking the sales you have directed their way.

When doing your searches on high paying casino affiliate programs, you will come across words likes “cookie life” or “cookie length”. The lifespan of a cookie is determined by the duration taken by a cookie to track your client’s online activity. Meaning, if the cookie’s lifespan is 30 days, your clients should purchase within the 30 days of clicking your unique affiliate link. When they do this, you automatically receive a commission for the sales depending on the company you are working for. When 30 days expires, they won’t be able to track the lead through your affiliate link, as a result, you won’t get any commission.

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Do Affiliate Links Pay Good Money?

I know you have already read the sections above, and by now you may be thinking whether it’s worth it. But, the answer to that question varies between individuals.

Earning money through affiliate marketing is moderately straightforward. However, not every person will enjoy the procedure. Below we will provide you with instructions, which you are supposed to concentrate on keenly as an affiliate promoter.

Provide a lot of content as much as you can. This means most of the time will be spent on writing. Equally, affiliates with a YouTube channel will possibly use much of their time to shoot and edit videos.

When starting this, you might feel like you don’t have an audience to write to. Influencing audience takes a lot of time, and a committed audience means everything for affiliate marketing. Valuable content is what attracts a committed audience.

Therefore, if content marketing, a lot of writing, keyword research doesn’t sound exciting to you then affiliate promotion is not the perfect place for you.

Do High Paying Casino Affiliate Programs Have Their Benefits?

The main problem that blocks most affiliates is cost barriers. Affiliates who are stressed up that they may lack free affiliate programs, then they should worry no more because this is the right place to be. For most firms, affiliates can sign up for free to become partners.

Still, affiliate promotion enables you to improve semi-passive income. Any affiliate link that you plugged in a post a year ago may pay you commission in the coming years.

Therefore, if you enjoy being your boss, earning a semi-passive income, and zero cost barriers, then affiliate promotion will be worth it.

How To Begin An Affiliate Promotion As A Beginner?

At this point, if you are already influenced that affiliate promotion is the best place for you, you are supposedly confused about how to start. Fortunately, starting affiliate promotion is a simple process. It all begins when you receive approval.

Receive An Approval

Generally, there are 2 methods you can use to become a casino affiliate in the US.

  • Self-hosted programs
  • Joining an affiliate network

Self-hosted programs mean that a certain firm manages their own high paying casino affiliate programs using its own software tools. However, affiliate networks are different as it is a marketplace. Affiliate networks operate as 3rd parties operating the high paying casino affiliate program of a firm. Affiliate networks also assist in connecting those firms with affiliate partners using their platform.

First, you should research the procedures of the firm’s high paying affiliate programs. It will provide you with a clarification on which steps to take next. For instance, Bluehost operates its affiliate program internally. In contrast, Nordstorm manages its affiliate program through Rakuten.

However, none is well more than the other. Affiliate networks help affiliates to conduct researches for firms that are around them, which provides partnerships.

About getting approved, most affiliate partners get approvals automatically.

However, some firms might have strict requirements.

Firms may conduct a review on your application to decide whether you have achieved certain benchmarks such as;

  • Whether an affiliate is active on social apps
  • Whether you have a domain or website
  • How many followers you have
  • Are your video contents leveraging?

Promote Your Affiliate Products

Getting approval of becoming an affiliate partner is only the 1st step. You will be required to promote the firm through your own affiliate link for you to earn a commission. If you are lucky, you may become an affiliate promoter for a firm paying 90% commission. However, if you fail to send leads, you will earn zero dollars.

For driving more leads, use marketing techniques below;

  • Content promotion- Creates mini-content on Instagram, write blog posts, and create reviews of the product via videos on YouTube.
  • Run retargeting campaigns
  • Email promotion
  • Multi-media leveraging

How You Earn Money

How affiliates get paid varies from one company to another. In some companies, affiliates are required to attain a particular commission threshold before they are allowed to withdraw their cash. For instance, if an affiliate makes $97 in commissions, and the firm’s threshold is $100, then you won’t be allowed to cash out your income until you reach the target.

Affiliate Payment Method

Still, payment procedures differ. Most firms pay their affiliates via PayPal. However, in some instances, the firm might pay you via standard check or direct deposit.

Timing of Affiliate Payment

Affiliates should also be mindful of timely payments. If you are searching for the online casino affiliates programs list, which make daily payments, then you won’t be lucky with this. Most firms usually pay affiliates once a month.

Best Affiliate Program to Join

What you should be looking for at this juncture is quality high paying casino affiliate programs for starters. Here are some of the things you should consider before you join a particular affiliate program:

Commission Rate

This refers to the sale percentage earned by the affiliates for giving leads to new customers. The rates range from zero digits to fifty percent or even more. Apparently, the higher the rate of commission, the more attractive an affiliate program is. However, affiliates should be keen on whether the commission is recurring or whether it’s a one-time thing.

For instance, most email promotion programs charge a subscription fee every month.

But, as an affiliate you should ask yourself one thing, do you want to earn 50% commission once for just leading the customers, or do you want to make a 10% commission every month that clients remain subscribed to the firm.

However, for some companies and certain industries, it will be wise to earn a huge one-time commission. In other cases, a recurring commission will earn you more at the end of the term.

AOV (Average Order Value)

This can be defined as the average dollar that is spent every time a client finishes an order. To get the AOV just divide total revenue with the number of leads.

For instance, let us assume you are partners with a clothing firm. The previous month, you earned 300$ in commissions. If you had referred thirty orders, this means your Average Order of Value for the past month will be $10. High AOVs converts high commissions for you.

EPC (Earning Per Click)

Do you make commissions for every click that directs a customer to the firm’s site? If this is the case, the amount you get is your EPC.

Cookie Duration

Cookie duration is very dire in affiliate promotion. A cookie remains on the customer’s computer each time they click on your affiliate link. Through this, a firm can track sales you direct their way. Cookie life or duration is the period it remains on the customer’s computer.

For instance, a thirty-day cookie duration means when a customer clicks your affiliate link and completes a purchase within that period of thirty days, you will make a commission for that particular sale. Most firms provide thirty-day cookies through cookie duration lengthens to 45, 60, or 120 days.

Do Affiliates Have Managers?

Micro programs usually have managers that you can join hands with. Many benefits come with operating with affiliate managers. For instance, an affiliate manager might assist you to come up with blog ideas that will assist you in driving huge traffic via your affiliate links.

Having an affiliate manager also creates a room of negotiating commission rates. Commission rates are not forever constant. If you build a good business relationship, then you gather the courage to negotiate for high commissions.

Affiliate partners should aim for;

  • Longer cookie duration
  • Higher commissions
  • Higher AOV

Best Programs For Affiliates that are Paying High Commissions

Casino Affiliate ProgramCasino BrandsCommission
Betsson Casino Affiliatebetsson, betsafe, Nordicbet, StarCasino, CasinoEuro, JallaCasino, CasinoWinner, Jackpot247, LiveRoulette, Loyal Casino, NorgesAutomaten, RaceBets, Suomiarvat, SuperCasino,, Casino.dkRevShare- UpTo 40%
Game Revenue AffiliatesIvi casino, Zig Zag 777 & sport, and Argo casino & sportRevShare-20%-60%
TipBet AffiliatesTipBetRevShare-35% – 50%
Mansion AffiliatesSLOTS heaven,, Mansion Casino, Mansion BetRevShare- UpTo 70%
Mainstreet AffiliatesLas Vegas USA Casino, Sun Palace Casino, Vegas Casino Online, Slots Plus Casino, Old Havana CasinoRevShare– 40% flat
Mr.Green AffiliatesMr. Green Casino and Winning RoomRevShare- 25%-35%

Most people don’t understand the meaning of online casino affiliate programs. The Online gambling niche may result in high commissions but only when mined properly. Also, you will be required to be aware of the rules. Below we will provide you with a list of the best online casino affiliate programs that pay high commission.

1. Betsson Group Affiliates

betsson group affiliates High Paying Casino Affiliate Programs

Betsson Group

betsson group affiliates

Join program >

They have 3 different methods you can select from;

  • CPA (Cost Per Account)
  • Revenue sharing
  • Hybrid commission plans
Betsson Group AffiliatesAffiliate Program Details
Casino brandsbetsson, betsafe, Nordicbet, StarCasino, CasinoEuro, JallaCasino, CasinoWinner, Jackpot247, LiveRoulette, Loyal Casino, NorgesAutomaten, RaceBets, Suomiarvat, SuperCasino,,
Commission20% – 50% Revenue Share
Main marketsSweden, Germany, UK, EU, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Nordics, Netherlands, and Italy.
Sub-affiliateThey have a two-tier affiliate program that pays 10% recurring revenue.

Betsson Casino Affiliates are a performance-based promotion program providing affiliates with a chance of earning Racebook, Sportsbook, and Casino revenue from popular brands you can find in the online gaming industry. They provide a Monthly Net Revenue plan of 25%-35%. Also, they offer CPA as well.

More info >Join program >


2. Game Revenue High Paying Casino Affiliate Program

game revenue affiliates High Paying Casino Affiliate Programs

Game Revenue

game revenue affiliates

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Offer 4 different levels of commission (20-60%). If you become affiliate partners with game revenue you will be earning a commission of 60%.

Game Revenue AffiliatesAffiliate program details
Casino brandsIvi casino, Zig Zag 777 & sport, and Argo casino & sport
Commission40%-60% revenue share
Main marketsSweden, Russia, Poland, Germany, Canada, Australia, Finland, Norway
Sub AffiliatesYes

Game revenue brands include Ivi casino, Zig Zag 777 & sport, and Argo casino & sport. They offer recurring cooking meaning long time revenue commissions for every player you direct to their casino.

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3. Mansion Affiliates

top Paying Casino Affiliate Programs

Mansion Affiliates

Mansion-Affiliates gambling affiliates

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Their offer varies. United affiliates network only focuses on the Mansion Affiliates. They work exclusively with affiliates who produce traffic to the financial industry via Google SEO &ads, Email campaigns, and Facebook.

Mansion AffiliatesAffiliate program details
Casino brandsMansion Casino, Slots Heaven,
CommissionAt least $500 CPA. The CPA you get is based on the quality of your customers. 50 to 70% revenue share. The first month begins at about 70% and this reduces to 50% on your 3rd month, thereafter you will have to negotiate for the best rates. You can also request for their hybrid plans.
Main marketsNordics, UK, NL, AU, CA, and ZA
Sub-affiliate10% two-tier commission, plus a personal bonus plan depending on the players making deposits.

They offer advertisers and affiliates with end-to-end solutions. United affiliates network offers affiliates with tools required for running and generating traffic to the financial industry. They even go further to educate them on how to apply ABC steps required for running traffic from the Emails, Facebook, and Google.

In return, advertisers will receive quality traffic from Facebook ads campaigns, Email marketing, SEO, and Google ads.

More info >Join program >


4. Tipbet Affiliates

tipbet Affiliates top Paying Casino Affiliate Programs

Tipbet Affiliates


Join program >

Next on our list of high paying casino affiliate programs is Tipbet Affiliates and their offer varies. TipBet is an upcoming firm and its headquarters are located in Malta. It’s fully licensed and regulated by Malta Gaming Authority. From day one, this company is always committed to providing sports betting.

TipBet AffiliatesAffiliate Program Details
Casino brandsTipBet
Commission25% – 50% revenue share
Main marketsWorldwide

Daily, they update thousands of international and national sports events with their betting offer. Just to satisfy their customer and partner’s needs, they use proven hardware and software solutions that are usually up-to-date.

Live and sports betting are not only their main business but also their passion. They offer support to large and small sporting events across the globe using their top odds. Everyone has a chance to place his or her best during an event from the 1st minute up to the last seconds. This is done via their licensed and unique sportsbook software.

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5. Mainstreet Affiliates

mainstreet-affiliates best Paying Casino Affiliate Programs

Mainstreet Affiliates


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Affiliates make up to $500 for each referral. The second Tier earns you 10%. Over six million members who include top poker players across the globe have turned Mainstreet Affiliates as the globe’s biggest poker school.

Mainstreet AffiliatesAffiliate program details
Casino brandsSun Palace Casino and Slots Plus Casino
CommissionAffiliates enjoy lifetime commissions
Main marketsUSA, Russia, the UK, New Zealand, Canada, the EU, and more.
Sub-affiliateCPA deals are provided for selected affiliates

It doesn’t matter the type of poker played by their players or the period taken, at Mainstreet Affiliates their will always find poker strategy coaching, sessions, discussions, articles, and videos that are crucial for their skill level.

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6. Mr Affiliate Program

Mr-Green-Affiliate-Program best Paying Casino Affiliate Programs

Mr Affiliate

mr affiliate high paying casino affiliate programs

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This company offers affiliates with a 25-45% offer; it all depends on the number of depositing players referred to their company every month.

Mr AffiliateAffiliate program details
Casino brandsMr. Green Casino and Winning Room
Commission25% – 45% Revenue Share
Main marketsSpain, Italy, and the UK

Net revenue sharing differs depending on the number of new players referred by affiliate websites during a different calendar month. Net revenue can be defined as gross revenue produced from new players’ losses and bets.

Mr Affiliate offers cutting edge experience based on fairness, excitement, fun, and entertainment. This company was established in 2008 to the Swedish market.

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The best online casino affiliate programs offer their partners high commissions of up to 60%, efficient reporting tools, and fast pay outs. Through an extensive range of powerful marketing tools, online gaming bonus schemes, and attractive sports betting and quality game portfolio, advertising and promotion campaigns can be easily optimized and also adapted to certain requirements.

Don’t waste the valuable space on your website, instead, join the top paying casino affiliate program and grow your profits.

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