Jetbull Affiliates Review

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Jetbull Affiliates At A Glance

Looking for the best casino affiliate program to promote popular casinos? Jetbull Affiliates offers a highly competitive online gambling affiliate program. The operator focuses on building and maintaining great partnerships with all casino affiliates to boost mutual success.

Affiliates programs enable groups or individuals to refer customers to particular gaming brands and receive commissions in return or get a share of the money used there by the referrals. Jetbull Affiliates program offers this chance to people that are interested in marketing. In this informative review, we will discuss everything there is to know about Jetbull affiliates. With this, you will decide if you want to join this casino affiliates program or not.

Screenshot_2021-06-10 Jetbull Affiliates – Marketing Tools(3)

Screenshot_2021-06-10 Jetbull Affiliates – Marketing Tools(3)

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This affiliate program has been allowing affiliates to get good commissions via the Jetbull casino brand since 2009. The Jetbull Casino brand provides a wide selection of games. Unfortunately, affiliates won’t be able to earn commissions from top brands such as crystal slots. The Jetbull affiliate program has made a good name for itself and is very secure and licensed. As we stated earlier, the Jetbull Casino brand comes with a vast majority of casino games. On the other hand, the revenue share offered by Jetbull affiliates is very competitive, which makes it an amazing choice for many affiliates.

Jetbull Affiliates Program Overview

This fantastic affiliate program was established back in 2009 and has gained a lot of popularity currently. There are many features that have made it popular among affiliates across the globe. One of these features includes a wide selection of games offered by the Jetbull Casino brand. All that affiliates are required to do is join the Jetbull Affiliate program and promote the Jetbull Casino brand to share the money used at the casino by the players.

Some affiliates are always put off by the fact that this program offers only one casino brand. But, as we mentioned earlier, what matters is the number of available games and not the number of casino brands. A particular affiliate program may host multiple casino brands, though the number of games available in each casino brand is very limited. Below are the advantages of joining this affiliate program;


– Live chat is available

– Extra deals like the sub-affiliate program

– Great revenue share

There are many things that have helped the Jetbull affiliate program to stand out from other programs. They are very competitive and reliable, so you should make your decisions today, become part of Jetbull affiliates, and receive high commissions. They might not come with huge revenue shares, but one thing you can make the right decision today and become part of Jetbull affiliates and get to receive high commissions. Jetbull affiliate program offers only one casino brand to promote but comes with a wide selection of games.

Jetbull affiliate program has existed for more than ten years; affiliates can trust them as they are experienced in what they are doing. But, it’s crucial to understand that no matter how trustworthy they are, make a point of reading the terms and conditions offered at the site before you decide to join this affiliate program.

Jetbull Affiliate Program Commission – CPA And Revenue Share

The revenue shares offered by Jetbull affiliates are similar to other brands. However, the revenue shares are slightly low as affiliates are awarded 25% commission for profits under $10,000. But, affiliates are offered ways of boosting this commission as they are given 30% for profits ranging from $10,000 to $20,000. On the other hand, affiliates that can refer players that can use over $30,000 will get a high revenue share of 50%. This is a very generous percentage for a slightly low amount that is made as profit. In addition to that, this affiliate program offers affiliates a CPA deal that is open for negotiations. To avoid confusion, affiliates should discuss the CPA deal before joining the Jetbull affiliate program. But, you should learn beforehand that the CPA deal features a negative carryover policy. With this, affiliate won’t get their commissions until they settle the negative commissions. And this is the main reason why we always advise affiliates to read the conditions and terms of the available deals to avoid frustration in the future. This is not the case with other top casino affiliate programs, as most of them don’t come with negative carryover policies. This might be why many potential affiliates don’t pick the Jetbull affiliate program. But, some affiliates don’t get affected by such policies; instead, they focus on other positive features offered by this affiliate program.

Jetbull affiliate program appreciates its affiliates and rewards them greatly for their work, and that is referring players to the casino brand associated with this program. The revenue share plan offered by this program allows the affiliates to get lifetime commissions as far as the referred players continue playing at the casino. Affiliates receive a share of the gross profits produced by the players they send in.

Commissions paid to affiliates are determined by the traffic they bring in. just by referring players to Jetbull casinos, you get earnings every month. Jetbull Affiliates program has gained a lot of popularity for offering affiliates 50% lifetime commissions.

Casino Brands Linked To Jetbull Affiliates

Jetbull Affiliates: Boost your success with our highly competitive online gambling affiliate program. Join us today!

Before joining the Jetbull Affiliates program, you should understand that you will be promoting only one casino brand known as the Jetbull casino brand. This casino is owned by the Jetbull company. While there are an affiliate who might see this as an issue, there are others who take it as the best chance. This is because the company only focuses on one casino brand, so you can expect to see great features in the affiliate program. Also, you don’t have to deal with many casino brands simultaneously, though there are affiliates who think that having many casino brands to promote is a good chance to get high commissions. There are many drawbacks of promoting many casino brands; the major one is that if the affiliate features a negative carryover policy, your commissions will be rolled over months until it’s settled. This means that you will be referring players, but you won’t receive any earnings.

But, with one casino brand to promote, you will be able to settle the negative balances very quickly. When you join the Jetbull Affiliates program, you will only be marketing one casino brand having many games. So, don’t go for the affiliate program with many casino brands, as they might offer a few games. This is a turn-off to many players as they like casino brands having many game options to get another alternative if they get bored with one game. So, weigh the affiliate program you want to join in-game selection and decide wisely. Also, the revenue share that you will get is straightforward, as you will get the same deal for each casino game.

Available Payment Options

Jetbull Affiliates program offers payment options that are very standard and are somehow similar to those offered by other competitors. The most popular payment option is bank wire which allows affiliates to seamlessly and quickly transfer earnings that they had made by referring players to the linked casino brands straight to their bank account. This is the most secure and safest way of handling your money, and currently, it’s the most popular option. But, other modern payment options are offered by the program, such as e-Wallets.

When you join this affiliate program, you can expect to get your earnings once per month as other competitors do. Jetbull Affiliates pay affiliates timely on the 15th of every month, provided that they reach a minimum threshold in their account of $10. This is a slightly low minimum threshold, so most affiliates will be able to get their earnings each month. The only drawback about the payments is that they paid in euros only. So, if you are using another currency, you will be required to exchange euros. If this is an issue for you, then you shouldn’t join this affiliate program. On the other hand, you can expect to get your payments into your bank account after five business days, though there are others that process them in just a single day.

Software Used By Jetbull Affiliates

The Jetbull Affiliates use a powerful software known as EveryMatrix, a hub that combines many software solutions in the iGaming industry. The module utilized for facilitating this affiliate program is PartnerMatrix and provides extended features for many product support, tracking, real-time reporting, and many commission types. With this type of framework, you should expect nothing but accuracy, transparency, and better results.

Sub Affiliates

As a webmaster, you’ll be appreciated and greatly rewarded for the work you do. The Revenue Share model allows you to earn good money for a long period after they refer a player to Jetbull Casino brands. You don’t just a percentage of the total revenue generated by the players, but for every tier, you’ll also get a ‘bonus booster’ of an extra 10% revenue share for getting up to 20 players in a month as long as the player’s account remain active.

When you join Jetbull Affiliates, you will not only get a share of the gross profits produced by the players that you send in, but you get an extra 10% to boost your earnings for referring twenty real money players in a particular month provided they continue playing at the casino.

Promotional Tools

Jetbull Affiliates program provides affiliates with promotional tools to help them make their work as simple as possible. When you join this affiliate program, you will find the vast majority of creative promotional tools that will help you refer many players to the site. Below are the different types of tools offered to the affiliates;

1. Banners

jetbull affiliates review

Jetbull Affiliate program offers affiliates a wide range of banners to pick from. The banners are offered in different sizes and styles, colors, and styles that can be optimized and utilized on your site to market Jetbull’s different products.

2. Landing Pages

jetbull affiliates review

Jetbull Affiliate program’s landing page features all products, promotions, and offers that can boost conversions and help you customize your sales. Creative, catch and stylish Jetbull affiliates landing pages are created to make your promotions more effective.

3. Screenshots

jetbull affiliates review

Jetbull affiliate program offers affiliates with screenshots that they can show their site visitors to help them decide faster.

4. XML Feed

Affiliates are also provided with this, which they can utilize to compare tables and optimize their sales.

5. Social Share Tools

Jetbull Affiliates - Marketing Tools

Affiliates can use these tools to share links on Twitter, Facebook, and other social network networks and increase their commissions. Still, these share tools can also be utilized for keeping the players updated on the new promotions, sales, and products on the Jetbull affiliate program. These are also crucial tools for the affiliates that manage social accounts and use them to attract players to the casino brand associated with the Jetbull Affiliates program.

6. Promotional Tools

jetbull affiliates

As a promotional tool, text links are simple to utilize and effective. Jetbull affiliate program has realized that the affiliates like promoting their products through text tools, and that’s why they have started offering them.


Why Pick Jetbull Affiliates?

Overall, Jetbull Affiliates is the best affiliate program for Australians to join. According to the information that we have offered in the above sections, it’s pretty simple to see why this affiliate program has managed to stand out from other competitors and gained many affiliates for more than a decade. They don’t have any special features, but they have very competitive revenue shares and a wide selection of games.

In addition to that, their site is well organized and uses trustworthy and reliable software. When you combine all the features listed above, you will realize that Jetbull is the best affiliate program to join. If you are searching for the best new affiliate program, the Jetbull Affiliate program is the way to go. They also offer the best payment options, and payments are always made on time.

As we stated above, many areas help this affiliate program stand from other competitors. But, players are offered a chance to get commissions of up to 40% by only making $30,000 for the company, which is a very low number when comparing it with what other affiliate programs offer revenue shares.

Affiliates who join this affiliate program also get to market a very powerful casino brand known as Jetbull. This online casino brand is owned by Jetbull Company, so you can expect nothing but the best features and games. Jetbull casino brands come with a wide selection of games, making it simple for affiliates to market it to players. However, suppose you are looking for an affiliate program offering many casino brands. In that case, you should check out other programs like King Billy Affiliates or Ivy Affiliates. With both, you will be able to promote a wide range of casino brands to players. At times, having many casino brands to promote comes with many advantages as you will be getting many commissions at the same time. But, as we mentioned above, you should make sure that you read the terms and conditions of each affiliate program before joining to make sure that you will meet the requirements to avoid frustrations in the future. But, overall, the Jetbull affiliate program is worth considering due to the wide range of games offered by the Jetbull online casino brand.


Jetbull Affiliate Program FAQs

We hope that we have been able to deliver the required information concerning the Jetbull Affiliate program. But, to make sure that affiliates who didn’t have time to read our entire review get the required details about this program, we will list below some of the popular questions asked by other affiliates below.

What is Jetbull affiliates?

Jetbull affiliate program enables affiliates to get commissions through referring players to the casino brand linked to the Jetbull affiliate program. As we mentioned earlier, affiliates that join Jetbull affiliates get a good commission no matter the number of players they direct to Jetbull casino. This is an offering that you won’t get at other affiliate programs.

What type of revenue share is offered by the Jetbull affiliate program?

Jetbull affiliate program offers a slightly low revenue share that starts at 25%. But, this is only awarded if you refer players that use more than $10,000. In case the referrals continue using more money at the casino brand linked to Jetbull affiliates, your revenue share will also increase up to 50%.

What are online casino brands linked to Jetbull affiliate program?

The Jetbull affiliates offer a single online casino brand known as Jetbull online casino. Compared to other affiliate programs, this offering is really limited, and it’s always a turn-off to other affiliates. But, affiliates are always happy to know that this casino brand comes with a wide selection of games.

What type of software is used by Jetbull affiliates?

Jetbull affiliate program utilizes software that is used by other affiliate programs known as Income Access. This is a super powerful software that is reliable and trustworthy and has become popular in the online gaming industry. With this software, affiliates can access important metrics and stats to see their performance.

Which payment options are supported by Jetbull affiliates?

The most popular payment option utilized by the Jetbull affiliate program is bank wire transfer. This enables affiliates to make money transfers directly to the bank account. But, there are other payment options offered, including Skrill and Neteller.

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