Maximizing Geo Targeting: A Comprehensive Plugin Selection Guide

Posted by Flytonic on January 8, 2023 in WordPress

Wondering where and how you can get the best WordPress geo-target plugin? If so, then the Geotarget plugin by Flytonic will help you achieve your goals.

While all traffic coming to your new website might seem like “good” traffic, this could only be superficial. Nevertheless, you should think of web traffic in the same way you would publicity, any publicity is not typically good publicity.

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 Discover the best WordPress geo-target plugin with Flytonic's Geotarget plugin for achieving your website goals.

There are different ways through which you might want to control where your web traffic comes from:

  1. If you run a local business, you only want to target traffic from your area. As a result, you don’t have to waste your server’s bandwidth with traffic from other regions. Besides, it is only the local audience that needs to know about your products or services, not people from other countries.
  2. If you are disappointed with your website’s analytics, which is skewed by the increased volumes of irrelevant traffic and reducing conversion rates.
  3. In case your organization only targets clients in a certain geographic area due to the rising demand for your products or services and shrinking competition.
  4. In case your site is specifically vulnerable to foreign hackers and you desire to make your website safer.

For some sites, the specific geographic region of visitors would be relevant at all. However, it’s a very big deal for many others. Essentially, the reason you created your WordPress website is to reach out to your target audience. For this reason, it’s vital to optimize your site for security, conversions, search, and overall performance.

But, if you have already done all this and then geography could be standing in the way, it’s time to think about a geo-target plugin.

Choose the Best Geo Target Plugin

As you must already know, Google generates search results based on your location. However, besides Google, many companies personalize web content based on the location of the visitors. You will find other sites such as eBay, Amazon, and other eCommerce sites serving up webpages, which are more relevant to the part of the world where your target audience lives. The best WordPress geotargeting plugins will greatly help with this.

WordPress geotargeting determines the location of your visitors and provides content that is relevant based on that location. For instance, if you run a weather website, the widget should display the weather based on the current local weather where your clients live. These geo-target plugins also depend on WordPress geotargeting.

Wondering how your website identifies the location of your visitors? It’s pretty easy to identify the address of your visitors using the IP Geolocation redirect plugin.

IP Address & Geotargeting

An IP address can be defined as the number, which shows the physical address of your website’s visitors’ computer system. Geotargeting refers to a scenario where the IP address is used to determine the location of the visitors and the serve up content that is most relevant to them. For this reason, your website visitors will find your website more engaging.

Understand Your Website Traffic

Before creating location-specific content, it is essential to know the traffic patterns to your site. All you need to do is take a closer look at the server logs. Besides helping you identify the IP addresses, which are trying to gain access to your dashboard, you can also block any unwanted IP addresses from the gain access to your WordPress-admin pages. This will play a major role in protecting your admin area.

Google Analytics is also an important tool that you can count on to know where your web traffic comes from.

Why Use WordPress Geo-Target Plugins?

There are multiple reasons why you ought to consider providing different content to varying audiences.

  • The content displayed in the local language instills more confidence in your target audience to engage with your site.
  • It makes it easier for you to immediately link up with the local audience concerning local events and using local personalities testimonials and local humor.
  • Also, it makes it possible to customize coupons, events and offers and run highly targeted local marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • You can boost customer support by allowing visitors to learn more about the parking arrangements, operating hours, delivery areas, and more.
  • Companies with local branches can redirect clients to the local sub-site or nearby store.
  • You can easily display country-specific shipping and tax information.
  • Only local legal notices are displayed
  • You are capable of offering spot-on content and information.
  • To target certain geographic regions where there is an increased demand for your products or services.
  • eCommerce websites can restrict showcasing of services or products that are not available in a specific area.
  • You do not want the local company to waste additional bandwidth on web traffic from other regions.
  • To limit the high spam web traffic which doesn’t result in any conversions.
  • To set up the security of your website, particularly if your site is prone to foreign hackers.


How WordPress Geo Redirect Works


Building a geo redirect is pretty simple, just follow the steps below:

  • Select the redirection rules – For instance, you may have to redirect visitors from one country, but only those in your website’s front page or users from a certain city or state.
  • Add the redirection URL – Might be another page on your website or another website.
  • One time redirection – You can easily redirect visitors each time they come to your website or only once.
  • Redirection code – The redirection is normally set to 302. However, you can change this based on what best suits your needs.
  • Whitelist IPs – Although you can use the redirection rules to exclude for instance the admins or logged users, you have the choice to exclude visitors through the IP address.

Additional Features

  • Redirect based on the Geo Location

As mentioned earlier, you can redirect users based on regions, cities, states, or countries.

Also, you can use the placeholders to build dynamic URLs.

  • Real IP Detection

This will help auto-detect the real user IP visitor regardless of whether they use Varnish, Reblaze, Ezoic, Akamai, Sucuri, Cloudflare, and more. You can also customize your website easily.

  • Unlimited Redirects

Create multiple redirects as you want and then switch them on/off with a single click. This redirection panel is quite easy. It is like creating new posts on your website.

  • Create Regions

You will find it easy to group cities or countries to make it easy to target more users. For instance, you can setup a region called Asia and another North America. You can then simply use these names in the widgets or shortcodes. This will save you lots of time.

  • Premium Accuracy

The plugins API offers top geolocation precision offering you top results! The API return city, state, country, and continent data. If you must create your products, you can use the Geotargeting WP package to connect with it.

WordPress Geotargeting Resources For Your Website

A tool such as Google Analytics will tell you exactly where your website’s traffic comes from geographically. Every time a user visits your website, their IP location links with Google analytics. And it can tell where the user is located across the world.

By Continent

Geo Target Plugin


Geo target plugin



geo cities

Although Google Analytics will be of great help in knowing where your website traffic comes from, Google analytics will not help direct your web traffic away from or towards some geographic regions. Therefore, if you want to find the easiest ways to find out what is happening with the website traffic and where the visitors come from. The first thing you should do is review the analytics of your website.

After you have understood the existing web traffic patterns, you can then evaluate whether these are the most appropriate visitors for your business.

There are multiple third-party tools that you can take advantage of to optimize your site for geo-specific reasons. The CDN is also a perfect tool that you can use in case you want to target foreign visitors. However, your website host does not have servers situated in these regions of the world. You can then use the Google Webmaster tools to select a target region for your site.

In case you are not sure about WordPress, unfortunately, there is no in-built functionality in the content management system (CMS) to help the developers optimize sites geographically. Essentially, there are great WordPress plugins that will help you achieve your geography-related specifications. Moreover, you can also try out Flytonic casino review WordPress plugin to create the right product and service reviews.

Multiple Uses for WordPress Geotargeting

If you are looking to block traffic from a specific country, deliver unique content to specific geographic regions, display specific products based on certain regions, target web traffic in a different country, you will need a geo-target plugin to allow your website do this.

For many websites, visitors do not just come from one country. If you check your site’s statistics, you will discover that it also attracts visitors from different geographical regions. So, for instance, a website created to lure mainly USA visitors will also attract visitors from Europe or even Canada and the UK.

You might have used the USA amazon affiliate link to target your business main visitors. Besides the best affiliate & review theme, you will need the right affiliate link for users outside your chosen country.

As mentioned earlier, geotargeting is a technique that matches users to their geographical location and includes the right affiliate links.

Amazon Affiliates Geo-targeting

The in-built geotargeting function typically identifies the location of Internet users. This gives you a chance to monetize visitors coming to your website.

When, for instance, an Internet user comes to your website from the UK and clicks on an affiliate link, they will not be redirected to a French amazon product or service page, but the right UK page. This will not only help improve your site’s conversion rate, but it also enhances your user’s experience.

In the same way, WordPress geotargeting helps increase the chances that if the users are redirected to a store in their country, they will typically purchase something. Therefore, WordPress geotargeting is a crucial feature for users. Moreover, it also helps to make sure that your amazon associates program gets better conversions.

Supported Countries

Countries that are supported by the amazon affiliate program include:

  • UK
  • Amazon Deutschland
  • Japan
  • Amazon Brazil
  • USA
  • Amazon Spain
  • Mexico
  • Amazon India
  • France
  • Amazon Turkey
  • China
  • Amazon Italy
  • Australia

Benefits of amazon associates geotargeting

  • Improved user experience
  • More sales through better conversions
  • Redirecting users to the suitable amazon site
  • Monetizing foreign users

Understanding Amazon Associates Geo-target

Technically, geotargeting revolves around determining where the web traffic comes from. In most cases, this is displayed as a country. However, there are cases where you can get a more precise assessment by cities or regions.

About the Amazon affiliate program, it is essential to identify the country where your visitors are based. This will help display the correct Amazon affiliate links.

In most cases, it makes more sense to showcase content based on your visitor’s country. Therefore, it might be in a country where a specific product doesn’t exist or there are similar products.


The amazon associates’ affiliate program has different branches for various countries, including the USA, the UK, France, and Germany.

If you run a website that is available in the English language, most of the visitors will most likely come from the USA and the UK. Also, you will find more visitors from France, Germany, and many other countries.

As a result, different affiliate links are needed for every country to ensure you don’t end up very far with the USA amazon affiliate link for a French visitor.

Automatic Adjustment

If you use a CMS such as WordPress, it is highly recommended that you find the best geotargeting plugins that discover the visitor’s country of origin and then match these affiliate links.

Furthermore, services specializing in the geotargeting affiliate links will in most cases provide JavaScript snippets or offer specialized short links that are perfect for proposing different service recommendations for every country.

Types of such services include:

The amazon associates geo-target plugin for the affiliate links will adjust the affiliate link automatically, based on their country.

A WordPress plugin called the WordPress geo-target plugin offers geotargeting and other amazing features.

Furthermore, as one of the most reliable and trustworthy web development companies, Flytonic offers many tools to geo-target the amazon links.

Why Use the Amazon Associates WordPress Geo-target Plugin

One of the most important things that you should do if you run an affiliate website is to register for an amazon affiliate program. The next thing that you should do is target visitors based on the country they reside in. Therefore, for instance, if you run a USA site that attracts German visitors, then you must have signed up on amazon as a German affiliate.

By using the right WordPress geo-target plugin to geo-target your target audience, you will then display the right amazon affiliate link, based on where your visitors reside. This will help you earn more money.

Best WordPress Geotargeting Plugins

Have you realized that the latest versions of WordPress use a geotargeting feature? The dashboard of a WordPress website displays future events that are related to your location. Nevertheless, the CMS doesn’t have an in-built functionality for optimizing the content based on the user’s location.

Fortunately, many premium and free WordPress plugins are currently available to help you. These WordPress geo-target plugins can improve websites for the worldwide audience. Most of these plugins need you to get a paid/free API to obtain the IP geolocation data from the WP plugin server or a 3rd party server.

Let’s dive right into the best WordPress geotargeting plugins to help you optimize web traffic as well as other things based on your visitor’s IP address. It will also help to protect your WP login from foreign hackers.

  1. WordPress Geo target Plugin

geo targeting plugin

The geo-target plugin is a great premium plugin by Flytonic. This plugin helps target visitors in three unique ways. Each of them is based on the location of the users. They include:

  • Block users
  • Redirect users
  • Display different content

This is a great WordPress plugin that high traffic sites can depend on to control the type of content they want to display to their visitors. Not only in the blog posts but also pages, custom post types, popups, widgets, and menu items. All these forms part of the targeted content. Furthermore, in case you need more control and flexibility, there are the PHP functions that can be placed anywhere in your website’s code.

The targeted regions can either be excluded or included. Not to mention that you can also restrict any type of content as well as edit pages or posts. The best way through which you can use this amazing feature is by hiding certain items that are unavailable in a specific region. Also, you can display different ads or CTAs based on the location of the visitor. A search dropdown country widget allows users to make changes to their location.

The WordPress Geo Target plugin makes it much easier to perfectly target various countries by classifying them. Furthermore, this plugin integrates well with the WordPress geo redirect (for directing users to various pages based on the location of the users), Geo Blocker (for blocking users from various locations), and the Geo Flags ( to showcase the visitors country flags). The usage charges are based on the number of requests that are made to a geolocation database.

geo target plugin

How It Works

If you are in search of one of the best WordPress plugins to help your business with geo-marketing then this geo-target plugin is a perfect fit. This amazing plugin utilizes geographic information about your website users to help create effective target marketing campaigns, redirect users to the right translated/localized pages, display the local currencies in the eCommerce shop, and filter out irrelevant legal notices which are not necessary for certain locations.

Other key geo-target plugin features include SSL support, exclude or include content by location, country SEO redirect, and Cloudflare CDN support.

  1. IP Geolocation Redirect Plugin


The IP Geolocation redirect plugin is a country-specific WordPress plugin. Looking for a reliable tool for your WordPress website to help redirect visitors by country? Worry No More! The IP Geolocation Redirect Plugin lets you automatically find your user’s countries based on their IP addresses and take the right action based on the results.

With the WordPress geo redirect plugin, it will be possible to properly manage your site’s traffic by redirecting users from various countries to certain pages or posts. You can use this plugin for various advantages such as:

  • Redirect clients to the right storefront posts for taxes
  • Display a web page with offers that are only available to visitors from certain countries
  • Restrict traffic from unwanted countries
  • Redirect users to the right pages in a multilingual website
  • Land users to a country-specific website/page.

Also, you will have some complex features such as Once Redirect Cookie, No Redirect Parameter, All countries allowed, IP address exceptions, and more.

  1. WordPress Geo Targeting Plugin

This is a user-friendly WordPress plugin. It can be applied to all content types and posts to control access to visitors based on their country of origin. Moreover, you can use the available shortcodes to limit access to certain parts of your content.


Wrapping Up

WordPress geo-target plugins offer the best way to personalize content for visitors based on where they are geographically located. The best WordPress geo-target plugins help keep your users properly engaged with your site with content that is more relevant. Furthermore, you can use any of the above-mentioned plugins by Flytonic to improve the efficiency and security of your website. The great news is that these plugins work perfectly with our best casino WordPress themes. The right WordPress geo-target plugin will help you build a loyal customer base.

Contact us today for more details on how you can download and install the right WordPress geo-target plugin. Wait No More! Try our Geotargeting plugin for increased traffic, better conversion rates and More revenue today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there restrictions to using this geo target plugin?

No, for premium and business plans there are no restrictions. You can use this plugin to activate Geo target for your website.

Can I use this plugin on any theme?

Yes, this is one of the things you will be happy about. You can use this amazing geo target plugin on any wordpress theme by flytonic.

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