Revised Geo Target Plugin – Exclude Countries

Posted by Flytonic on October 4, 2013 in News

A new feature has been added to the Revised Geo Target Plugin and it has been revises to version 1.3.  You can now exclude both countries and regions in both the shortcodes and in the widget area.

There are different ways that you can implement geolocation on the site. Nonetheless, since we are focusing on WordPress, an easy approach would be to use plugins to make sure that you implement geo-targeting in the best way possible. Read on to learn more about our revised geo-target plugin.

The newly revised geo-target plugin for WordPress websites allows users to filter content based on the visitors IP address. After revision, this plugin now includes country, state, and city all around the globe. As of now, you can easily geo-target countries, states, and cities.

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The most important thing that this plugin does is add more shortcodes and functions that you can use on your site to get the IP addresses of your visitors and hide or show content based on the correct data.

If you don’t have any problem digging into a website file and modifying the code, this revised geo-target plugin will give you extra flexibility in regards to how you plan on implementing geo-targeting. For instance, you can customize your online store to auto choose the currency depending on the location of the visitors and much more.

Key Features

  • This plugin adds 5 unique geolocation features to your WordPress website.
  • It allows you to hide or display different types of content based on the location of the users.

Nonetheless, it is important to take note of the fact that our experts can help you implement this great plugin and use it on your website. We can also provide guidance on exactly what you need to do to ensure the plugin is fully functional after implementation on your website.

How to Use the Revised Geo target Plugin

One thing you will appreciate is the fact that geolocation is quite useful. However, this is not a functionality that is required by all websites. For instance, if you run a blog, there are only a few situations where getting your visitor’s location is important.

Essentially, people can be somehow restrictive when it comes to sharing their location information online. This is a very common practice today, but it is still necessary to ensure your visitor’s location data is kept secure.

Some of the sites where the implementation of the geo-target plugin is important includes:

  • Local business listings
  • Real estate sites
  • Online stores
  • And more

In such cases, you can enhance the functionality of your website by refining the results that you showcase based on their location. The use of an analytic tool will be a great starting point if you want to get a comprehensive outline of the location of your website’s audience.

If you gain access to such data, it will be very easy for you to understand some of the local search trends for certain geographical regions that you want to enhance conversions. This is quite important because it creates highly targeted content for the broad audience which is quite time-intensive. The most important thing that you should focus on is where your efforts can have a huge effect and pay attention to those.

Who Should Have Our Revised Geo-target Plugin?

  • All websites that want to approach a global audience can get more benefits from geotargeting their content. The API is perfect to show different content or redirect users to the right webpages.
  • Most of our clients have affiliate websites such as online casino websites where you need to target customers based on their cities or countries and show the most worthwhile and profitable casino bonuses.
  • Furthermore, we have many customers with eCommerce websites powered by easy digital downloads, woo-commerce and more.


Create Regions

You can now easily group cities or countries to make it much simpler to target your prospects. For instance, you can create a region known as American and another called Europe. You can then use these names in widgets or shortcodes and ultimately save time.

Supports multiple services

We automatically detect the real users’ IP regardless of what they are using.

Compatible with cache plugins

One of the major drawbacks of geotargeting is the challenges it has with the page cache. With the AJAX mode having been enabled, the geotargeting, shortcode and filter options would be loaded after the pages are rendered from the cache. Therefore, you will get the cache speed and enjoy the geotargeting benefits by doing various extra AJAX requests. This is because it is fully compatible with W3 cache, WordPress super cache, and other plugins.


With this geo-target plugin, you can easily hide the products based on the country where the user lives. Furthermore, you can entirely remove the products or display the messages saying these are not locally available to them.

Exclusions of Countries and Regions in shortcodes:

For example, let’s say you want to exclude US countries from post or page content and show it to all other countries. This can be done using the attribute: “exclude_country” in your shortcode instead of “country”.

Here are the two shortcodes for excluding countries:

[geofilter exclude_region=“region name” ]Your content[/geofilter]

[geofilter exclude_country=“country code” ]Your content[/geofilter]

You will now see an options in the shortcode popup:

Excluding Regions and Countries from Widgets

You can also use the exclude feature in widgets. All you need to do is click the checkbox to exclude a region or country.

See screenshot:

Go to your members area to download the update for your plugin.

Final Thoughts

Although the concept of geo-targeting can be intimidating at first, there are many benefits that you can reap from using this technology. If your content is more targeted, you will have a better chance of engaging the audience and possibly getting them to convert.

In regards to how you can easily implement geolocation in your WordPress website, the easiest way is through the use of our geo-target plugins.

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