Traffic Sources for Casino Affiliates You Should Know In 2023

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In online gambling, like any other profitable business, you expect an ROI for the funds you spend, preferably bringing in more revenue to expand your business. Casino affiliates prefer to promote online casinos or sportsbooks and get paid for showing positive results. It could be by bringing relevant traffic, a first-time depositor, or a new player. This article will help understand what affiliate marketing is, and what are the most popular Casino Affiliate Traffic Sources.

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Casino Affiliate  Traffic Sources

Casino Affiliate Traffic Sources are unlimited just like the Internet itself. But, we will trim them based on how they bring the traffic, as there are some sources, which are better than others. In fact, some have high costs than others. Also, some traffic sources have direct costs while others are indirect. But all in all, each one of them works differently.

But, just like any other business out there; you want to produce high income than your expenses. To achieve that, the first thing you require to do is divide your audience and target them individually. Practically, this is an easy thing to do because it’s a matter of knowing the interest of each person based on their age. Let’s say, for instance, you can’t promote Lego to a 50-year-old. Although this is possible, the target audience will be so small.

However, targeting football lovers with stats about the ongoing premier league games as well as offering them great EPL sports betting bonuses and premier league betting tips will work for you.

But to be sure, you require to do the test yourself on different sources, regardless of what others say. Because some sources didn’t produce the expected outcome for them, it doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. Perhaps what led to their failure is using the wrong content or targeting.

But this requires one to understand which Casino Affiliate Website Traffic Sources they should use to exploit the power of online gaming affiliates in the content making.

1. Organic SEO Traffic Via Google And Other Search Engines Like Bing

This is the first thing that you should think about if you want to become an iGaming affiliate. Before you begin with your affiliate marketing efforts, your goals should be to create concise and clear content, which your audience will enjoy reading at all times.

Your content requires a keyword strategy to help it rank high on Google as nothing beats organic traffic. Another key thing that you should focus on is creating content that is localized to your target audience.

To be precise, Japanese, Spanish, and German audiences won’t read the content you have created in English. They will never clink on the links you have provided on your site and this means you won’t be able to make profits from them. But still, you can make them click on your links by offering them content that is error-free in Japanese, Spanish or German to show them that you are trustworthy.

casino Traffic-affiliate-marketing

2. Google Ads

unluckily, Google has very strict regulations and rules when it comes to gambling traffic. It’s not a simple task to compete for similar keywords like ‘sportsbook bonus’, with regards to SEO. But, to do that for Google Ads implies that you require to increase your budget. Having said that, when it comes to these high values online gaming marketing terms, Google has to verify you first. For example, you may manage to get the right keywords and content but the regulations may change or competition becomes very stiff. For the ads, we usually recommend our affiliates to use keywords such as ‘premier league tips”. This way, your content won’t be flagged as gambling and you will attract many visitors to your site.

3. Facebook

Social media revolves around experience and as an affiliate, you require creating memorable experiences for your target audience. As a closed network, you require to be cautious and follow all the gambling-associated regulations and rules from the start. However, you can still get around those rules through the provision of content, which is associated with your affiliation business.

When it comes to sports betting, you can offer club stats, player, and Premier League tips as we stated above.

For that, you can use videos or pictures from the experiences that casino players had or demo slots for beginners. Also, you can join hands with your partner to offer a VIP experience and provide a video showing that.

Also, you can create your personal sports news and post them here. But, you need to be very creative when doing that. Affiliate link cloakers are the tools, which conceal the target URL. Although you can use them on other platforms, it can’t work well on Facebook because you are still required to offer content, which can’t be flagged. Therefore, the best thing to do is to provide links that your audience can use to get to your site when then you can convert them.

Casino Affiliate Traffic Sources

4. Facebook Ads

Next on our list of the best Casino Affiliate Traffic Sources, is Facebook Ads, Facebook ads are almost the same as Google Ads, though these ones are more restrictive. Make sure to check out the Real Money Rules on Gambling on Facebook. However, Facebook is still the powerhouse for targeting. Your sure bet is targeting potential visitors to your Facebook page and you can then convince them to click on your links from there.

do you aim at targeting Arsenal supporters based in London aged between 25 and 35 years, who earns well and loves traveling to away games ( has been to Liverpool the 2 weekends before and Manchester last weekend) using a post on Arsenal’s away stats? This is achievable!

The only thing you have to do is create useful content and don’t advertise the betting itself.

5. Instagram Ads

This is similar to Facebook. Though you can concentrate more on images and not just written content. Also, you can work with popular influencers to offer betting tips or a story from a stadium. There are many possible chances. You can get creative people to do the marketing on your behalf or be creative yourself.


6. TikTok

This is also the same but a little different. To use TikTok, you need to be very creative in your videos and marketing. TikTok allows the users to make short videos, upload and share them globally. However, those videos must be between three and fifteen seconds and can even extend up to a minute. Normally, users hare comedy, lip-sync, or dance videos. But of late, there are many people providing betting insights. Same as on Instagram, you can look for hashtags such as #betting insights, #sportsbook, #betting #gambling, or #tipster though you can still your own. As you can tell based on the information that we have offered above, TikTok I not restrictive like other apps.

Esports aren’t the only teams that have joined TikTok because NFL is active on the platform with more than 6.1 million fans.

So, you can also come up with a dance, which influencers dance each time they hit an accu or won a jackpot. Another simple way of creating content on TikTok is curating videos made by others and editing them creatively into unique new videos. The best thing about TikTok is that anyone with good content can reach the global market.

Casino Affiliate  Traffic Sources

7. Native Advertising

This type of advert matches the function, feel, look and form of the platform they are advertised on. To be precise, this is what is termed paid content. A site can publish anything from videos to infographics to articles, among others.

But, this form of marketing is slightly different from an advertorial because this usually copies the publishing site’s look and requires a clear statement emphasizing that the information is advertorial.

Basically, native ads are what the internal producer of a particular publishing site could have produced themselves.

8. YouTube

Currently, gambling advertising isn’t allowed here. So, this is something you should know before you act. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t try something different. You can create your own sports betting news from the scratch. Another idea is filming your own experience when placing mobile bets from your phone. If you don’t have an idea on how to go about it, you can always do some research online.

Traffic Sources for Casino Affiliates

9. Twitter

Finally, on our list of top Casino Affiliate Traffic Sources is Twitter. for example are incredible in what they do. They have been serving the best content for many years where they mix information with comedy. But, you shouldn’t copy their content; just learn from them, as this is the best way of improving your sports betting content.

Casino Affiliate Traffic Sources

How To Create High Quality And Engaging Content For Online Gambling Affiliate Websites

At this point, you already know about the particularities of online gambling affiliate marketing. So, it’s time we discuss how you can become an affiliate. We will guide you on how to create high-quality content for your online gambling site in your preferred language.

One thing for sure, if you offer your readers content that is full of errors or dull, they will without a doubt exit your page. This will affect your Google ranking factor (time spent on the page) and if it’s very low, you won’t get even a dime.

Also, it’s good to ensure that you offer your content in many different languages because of you only provide it in English alone, you won’t be able to make profits from foreign site visitors. By this, we mean that you should use the localization strategy to attract many markets such as Brazil, Japan, Sweden, or any other country with a good market.

Before you think about the markets that you want to target, it’s good to think about the content that you are capable of producing. Basically, there are 3 tested and tried options on beginning an online gaming resource, review, or news site. Although you can still create something unique. You can also apply that knowledge if you want to be a sportsbook affiliate. The methods that we will discuss below apply to different affiliate markets; regardless you sell a service or product. Below are the most common online gambling websites in the industry that will show the type of content marketing that will work for online gaming affiliates.

Comparison And Bonus Review Websites

The most common online gaming affiliate websites that you may have come across are the ones offering players useful information about promotions and deposit bonuses.

Also, they offer an affiliate a chance of earning referral commission. PPC gaming adverts might not work for particular markets such as the USA today, though this method of creating gambling comparison websites or such services still works and is used widely across the globe. On such pages, you will come across all the information concerning specific bonuses or the casinos themselves.

Individual Online Gaming Website Reviews

Some websites are committed to offering useful reviews on iGaming sites. This practice is very familiar among affiliates working in other industries and are known as niche websites.

These websites mainly concentrate on offering thousand-word reviews on every gaming website in the sportsbook or online casino niches like slots platforms, poker websites, and sportsbooks.

This type of content helps convert traffic to real money and regular players since most people normally review websites first before they join or play the available games.

The important thing here is creating niche content for casino affiliate sites and sports betting of top-notch quality.

How To Guides

Each new day provides a chance for online gaming operators to attract new players searching for a casino to win high or small rewards.

Online gambling has become more popular across the globe and so, many people are looking for sources where they can read simple gaming terminologies, how to bet on online bookies and how to bet on table games.

Nowadays, people are always on the web looking for information on how to have an edge over the others, boost their playing bankroll and understand certain games better.


As mentioned above, there is unlimited content on the web. However, it’s up to you to find a way of making it more engaging and better to attract your target audience. Building a resource website using this information will definitely increase the chances of your target audience to click your affiliate links and make them play where you want. Also, it’s important to target the right groups using the right language. Online gaming is different and each country bet or plays their games differently. So, you should offer adequate betting information.

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