How To Choose The Best Casino Affiliate Program

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If you want to monetize your content, whether it’s a website, blog, or Instagram, you should try gambling affiliate marketing. But, for your marketing campaigns to be effective, you must choose the best affiliate program. Choosing the best casino affiliate program to market your content is the key to running a healthy affiliate campaign. When looking for the right program to join, you shouldn’t only look out for the one having the highest Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), but instead, consider and compare all factors contributing toward the entire affiliate program. Below, we will list several vital aspects that you should look out for when you want to choose the best casino affiliate program. Let’s get started!

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10 Best Casino Affiliate Programs

Affiliate ProgramTop BrandsCommission
Betsson Casino AffiliateBetsson, Betsafe, Nordicbet, StarCasino,Revenue Share – 5% -50%
BitcoinPenguinBitcoinPenguin CasinoRevenue Share – 25% to 50%
LegendAffiliatesCasino MaxRevenue Share – 15% – 30%
Intertops PokerCasino MaxRevenue Share – 20% -35%
FortuneJack AffiliatesFortune JackRevenue Share – 25% – 55%
Party Bingo Affiliates ProgramBwin Bingo and  PartyBingoRevenue share – 35% PokerBovada, Ignition Casino,, Revenue share – 25% – 45%
Ignition CasinoIgnition CasinoRevenue share – 25% – 45%
Oshi AffiliatesOshi CasinoRevenue share 25% – 50%
Scotland AffiliatesScotland casino, CryptoslotsRevenue Share 15% – 50%
Gambling WagesClub Player, Circus CasinoRevenue share 30% – 40%

Choose The Best Casino Affiliate Program


1. Find Your Affiliate Industry/Niche

The first key step is identifying the niche you are passionate about. Ensure that the affiliate program you choose matches your content. This is possibly the key factor that you should consider before you start your affiliate marketing campaign.

For instance, if you run a blog that discusses financial currencies or marketing movements, then you should look for the best trading affiliate program. If you have ready content (Instagram or blog), your work will be simple. But, if you don’t have ready content and you are looking forward to creating content on an affiliate program (comparison websites), the best idea is to pick a product you enjoy using or an industry that you are really passionate about because this will help you attract high-quality traffic.

Although this might sound straightforward to many, most affiliates don’t stick to that rule. If you pick something that you are passionate about, chances are high that you will create more honest and authentic content, which your audiences will love to read. The benefit of using this factor is that you get to compare the best casino affiliate programs in the same niche.

2. Commission

The most common thing that crosses your mind when looking for the right program is the commission you will get at the end of the day. You will want to increase your potential commissions by choosing an affiliate program offering a CPC and CPA. This is the simplest component of all affiliate programs, as it’s easy to see and compare it because most merchants have shown it on their landing pages. There are various earning models, which the best casino affiliate program can offer. So, you should compare 2 different affiliate programs but with the same commission model. Make sure to find out the starting CPA (payouts you will get when the first customer signs up) because many merchants display the ‘up to’ CPA to attract newbie affiliates. Bearing that in mind, newbie affiliates usually focus on this one factor and abandon other factors. This is a mistake that you will regret later when you can change anything.

3. Cookie Lifespan

Cookie lifespan can be defined as the in which a customer must make a purchase through the affiliate link so that it can be said to be an affiliate purchase. Each time a customer clicks on the affiliate link, the “cookie” gets dropped on the user’s computer. This cookie is then used by a merchant to track users that visited their site and their location.

For instance, if you choose an affiliate program having a cookie lifespan of seven days, you must ensure that the purchase has been done within those seven days after the customer clicks on your affiliate link. That is the only moment you will get your commission sent to your account. But, if a customer buys the service or product on the eighth day after clicking on your link, then you won’t get a commission.

Cookie’s lifespan also varies between different gambling affiliate programs. Let’s take a sneak peek at a renowned affiliate program across the globe; Amazon Associates. This program has more than 250,000 affiliates and is by furthest the biggest affiliate program. But, unlike other affiliate programs out there, this one has the shortest cookie lifespan as it only offers a 24-hour cookie lifespan. Having said that, another affiliate program by the name Betfair Affiliates has the longest lifespan cookie in the industry, which is 365 days.

The best way of measuring if a program has a favorable lifespan cookie is by benchmarking it with other gambling affiliate programs in a similar niche. Now, let’s compare 2 different programs in a similar niche (gambling). First, there is Betsson Group Affiliates, which is a brand that is based in the UK and provides its affiliates a revenue share of 40% though the lifespan of the cookie is only one day. In the second place, we have Kindred Affiliates, another popular fashion brand. Their affiliate program only offers a revenue share of 35%  though the lifespan of the cookie is a whole month! The 2 brands will have the same target audience, but in comparison, it’s good to consider the reduction of 1 percent revenue share for an additional cookie lifespan of 29 days, which is an added advantage. These are the factors that are worth considering when choosing the right affiliate program. Therefore, it’s good to choose a casino affiliate program having an extended cookie lifespan because you will have a higher chance of getting the commission.

4. Monthly Bonuses

One of the schemes which many companies provide to lure high flying and new affiliates are monthly bonuses. Monthly bonuses are essentially a money motive offered to the affiliates with high performance and are paid quarterly or monthly and can be high than the actual commission.

High monthly affiliate bonuses are usually offered in the online gambling industry. Bet365 Affiliates and 1xbet Affiliates are some of the companies that offer monthly bonuses. The former company provides affiliates with a bonus, which is based on the new accounts they manage to sign up for every month. For 26 to 50 players, you will get an additional $500 each month. If you are already excited to hear that, then you better relax because if you sign up more than 50 customers, you will get an additional $30,000 per quarter. This simply means that if you manage to sign up more than 50 customers each month/year, you will have earned yourself a whopping $120,000. That amount will be added on top of the amount you would have gotten from your affiliate links.

It’s always good when a company provides you with a chance of earning more. So, monthly bonuses are other factors that you should consider when looking for the best casino affiliate program to join. But, it’s also good to let you know that you will be required to put in a lot of hard work because you will be required to sign up a quite good number of customers. Therefore you must be experienced or own a website having high-quality traffic or work hard to achieve the required number.

5. Payout Trigger

A pay-out trigger can be described as actions or actions the customer must take for an affiliate to get the commission from the merchant. Some popular Aussie casino affiliate programs might just need the customer to just register an account or sign up. On the other side, some affiliate programs might need the customer to take other actions like deposit or use a certain amount with a lender before merchants give out a commission.

We will compare 2 affiliate programs having different payout triggers. Some of the affiliate programs offering the highest CPA will require the customer to complete some actions for you to get your commission.

Let’s use Betsson Group Affiliates as an example. This program provides affiliates with a $100 CPA though the new user should sign up, deposit an amount that is higher than the minimum deposit. The reason why merchants do that is to avoid fake sign-ups. On the other side, gambling affiliate programs offering a lower CPA. In such a case, you should learn that it becomes harder for affiliates to get commissions if the customers are required to undertake many actions. Pay-out triggers is also worth looking out for when choosing the right affiliate program.

Affiliate Marketing Networks

You must have come across different affiliate marketing networks when conducting your research like K9Win Affiliates, among others. Networks expedite the process of affiliate marketing because it acts as a mediator between the merchant, which is the business, and you (affiliate). These networks oversee the commissions, management, and tracking. A good example is the sports betting affiliate program, which currently operates on 2 different networks including 888 Sport Affiliates. 888Sport affiliate program provides a 40% revenue share to its affiliates. Also, the operator provides a cookie lifespan of thirty days. These small margins usually make a huge difference over the period of the campaign.

To be precise, understanding how networks operate is a key aspect if you want to become successful in your work as an affiliate. You require to study if a particular affiliate program operates with different networks to learn which network provides the best program and commissions.

Bearing that in mind, not all merchants operate their programs on a specific network but run their programs directly. You should check whether other networks offer the same program because they might provide more commission.

Promoting The Best Casino Affiliate Program

It’s important to learn more about the available marketing materials. This is most important when using promotional videos or banners to market the affiliate program. You must ensure that your banner is engaging and attractive and has a good call to action. Such little elements can have a huge impact on your affiliate program campaign.

Also, you should learn that the marketing material would be available to you when you sign up with your favorite affiliate program. Therefore, you need to sign up with an affiliate program so that you can be able to compare the marketing material, which the merchant will provide you.

If your favorite affiliate program provides contact channels, you can use them to get in touch with the account manager and enquire if there are other available gambling affiliate marketing materials.

Lastly, make sure to analyze the brand’s presence. Marketing a merchant that has a big brand already will definitely simply your campaigns. Many customers prefer to buy their products or services from popular brands, which are trustworthy. Promoting a popular or big brand comes with many benefits because you stand a chance of advertising many things.

It’s also worth finding out which payment methods the merchants use for making payments as well as their charges. You might work so hard only to realize that your preferred payment method online isn’t working in your country. This is another factor that you should also consider as an affiliate to avoid inconveniences and frustrations.


This section marks the end of our comprehensive article. To become successful in your affiliate campaigns, you must compare and contrast different aspects of the best casino affiliate program. Many new affiliate marketers make the mistake of simply looking at the commissions provided by their favorite affiliate program and abandoning other key aspects. By doing this, they end up choosing the wrong program for their content. So, their affiliate campaigns don’t reach the target audience. Also, when comparing different affiliate programs, make sure not to cross-industries, but make sure to compare affiliate programs that are in the same niche.

The important thing is finding the right balance between the vital factors, which make up the best casino affiliate program. Give the factors an equal weight of relevance and make your final decision based on a single factor.

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