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Not all online casino webmasters desire to work on the Revenue Share payment model, some opt for the casino affiliate programs with CPA. Some gambling affiliates just want Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) where they can get a single payment every time they refer a depositing player to an online casino. It’s for this reason we’ve done our best to find the top CPA casino affiliate programs for you!

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Even though many affiliate marketers might decide to shy away from casino and gambling-based affiliate websites because of the intense regulation and high competition, it’s the most highly profitable niche if done well.

Currently, many US states and African countries are allowing more mainstream online gambling, which offers chances of earning high income.

Having said that, in this post, we will discuss different affiliate programs as well as list their pros and cons. Also, we will discuss their cookie length, commission rates, among other things. So, make sure to read our article up to the last section to learn more about the best affiliate programs.

888 Affiliates


888 Affiliates

888 affiliates

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888 is a popular brand that has existed in the online gaming industry for more than 20 years. Also, this was among the first brands that shifted to the iGaming industry. So, you should expect to find a wide range of brands that you can pick from. Not only that but their brands are also based in many locations.

When it comes to its casino brands, affiliates will be able to choose from popular online brands like Casino on net, 888Casino, and as well as other local and minor brands.

One major advantage of this affiliate program is that players are able to pick from a variety of gambling affiliate networks, poker, games, bingo, and sports.

888 AffiliatesDetails
Affiliate ManagerYes
Cookie Length30 days



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William Hill


William Hill

William-Hill casino affiliates

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This is another outstanding brand that has a variety of brands to choose from. William Hill brands are also available on different GEOs.

William Hill Casino, William Hill Casino Club, and William Hill Live Casino are the main brands that affiliates can pick from. Also, there are other brands for the European marketplace, which share the same name. 21Nova and EuroGrand are the minor brands associated with the main brand.

Just like the 888 affiliate program, when you sign up with the William Hill network, you are allowed to choose other gaming offers like Vegas, bingo, games, and sports.

William Hill AffiliatesDetails
Affiliate ManagerYes
Cookie Length7 days


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Betsson Group Affiliates


Betsson Group Affiliates

betsson casino affiliates

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Betsson Group Affiliates is one of the best networks out there and has been awarded several times.

This program boasts of a variety of reliable brands, a variety of useful marketing tools for affiliates to use as well as high commission rates.

With more than 20 brands in 30 GEOs, there is a chance for the niche affiliate websites to get started with marketing. Popular brands under this network include Jackpot 247, Betsafe, and Betsson.

Betsson Group AffiliatesDetails
Affiliate ManagerYes
Cookie Length30 days


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Entain Partners


Entain Partners

entain partners

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Entain Partners, which is currently renamed GVC Affiliates offers a wide casino portfolio for online gaming affiliate marketers.

Even though it’s a new brand, they are very committed to their work and they have more than 10,000 affiliates and over $6 million commission paid to affiliates every month. When you sign up for this program as an affiliate, you will have a chance to promote brands such as PartyPoker, Foxy, Gala, Ladbrokes, and Coral.

Entain PartnersDetails
Affiliate ManagerYes
Cookie Length30 days


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Casumo Affiliates


Casumo Affiliates

casumo affiliates

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Casumo is a slightly new and digital gambling website and its popularity is continuing to grow. As a matter of fact, Casumo is Europe’s fastest developing website, and it’s gaining a lot of popularity because of their gameplay and modern feel.

There are a variety of revenue share commissions offered including a starting lifetime revenue of 25% for o to 5 deposits. This revenue share can increase up to 45% when an affiliate introduces more than 40 new real depositors in one month.

This offers affiliates the best chance to join this ever-growing marketplace. So, as you have seen, this affiliate program rewards affiliates based on their performance.

Casumo is available in different GEOs mostly in Europe.

Casumo AffiliatesDetails
Affiliate ManagerYes
Cookie Length30 days


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Bet365 Affiliates




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Bet365 is the biggest gambling website across the globe. This brand is present in 20 different languages and supports 24 currencies. Currently, Bet365 boasts more than 50 million customers across the globe.

Many affiliates are normally afraid of joining this affiliate network because of the high competition. But, if you look at the positive side, you will be able to benefit from the profitable terms of payment.

Bet365 AffiliatesDetails
Affiliate ManagerYes
Cookie Length30 days


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Are CPA Casino Affiliate Programs Worth It?

Although the list of the best casino affiliate programs is endless, you can choose the ones that we have listed above. All those brands that we have mentioned above are well established and have a good reputation, which means that you will have an easy time promoting their brands to customers.

But, there are also other small affiliate programs, which are well supervised and can be incredibly profitable because they are striving to grow in this competitive industry.

Typically, the commissions you will get as an affiliate marketer vary from one affiliate network to another. Commission information is offered by every affiliate program. So, you should make sure to read them beforehand. All that information is found in terms and conditions segment.

Some casono affiliate programs for CPA available in the online gaming industry are popular and recognized internationally.

Other new or small affiliate programs have no recognition on the market. This doesn’t mean that they are less profitable than the big brands. As an affiliate, you should focus on the terms provided with a certain brand.

Different Payout Structures

This is another crucial area that affiliates should be very keen on. Typically, many affiliate brands out there offer 3 different types of commission structures including Hybrid, Revenue share, and CPA. Let’s discuss each one of them so that you will be able to choose the best.

  • CPA or Cost Per Acquisition is a popular payment method that offers a flat fee for introducing a customer to a particular online brand. No matter how big or small your refereed customer makes at the casino, you will get a lifetime commission.
  • Revenue share works opposite of the CPA. Instead of rewarding affiliates with a flat fee, revenue share pays a percentage of the profits generated by the referred customer. In simple, this model pays commission based on the performance of the referred customer. So, if you refer a new customer to a specific brand and win some money there or stop playing there, you can get little commission or even get nothing in your account. On the positive side, if you manage to refer a high roller player to your brand, you can get a high commission that will see you not working for the next couple of years.
  • Hybrid is a mixture of Revenue Share and CPA. This one rewards a smaller commission for introducing a new player and a continuous percentage of profits made. Both the starting commission and the continuous revenue share can be less if you choose one over the other, though helps minimize potential commission loss.

Things To Check Out For In Your Preferred CPA Casino Affiliate Program

When choosing the best affiliate program to join, you should consider using the Criteria below.

Negative Carryover

First and foremost, you should discuss the commission terms. In case your preferred affiliate program provides revenue share only, you should ask about the presence of a negative carryover.

If a player losses their deposit, this will be a profit to the casino. So, you will get a share of the player losses as earnings. But, if a player wins, you will lose a share of the earnings as well. If a player makes more winnings than the amount they had deposited, there is a possibility that you will have a negative carryover.

Normally, this is cleared every month and the negative commissions are reset to zero. But, if your affiliate program offers a negative carryover, you will end up with no commissions to cater to the negative balance.

Dedicated Account Manager

Marketing online casino programs can be challenging sometimes mostly because there are multiple regulations one requires adhering to. Regulations also vary between different countries and brands.

Make sure your affiliate manager is committed to ensuring that you have someone to talk to in case of any issues. If the account manager isn’t committed, you might end up with no response, which can be a hindrance to your work.

Excessive Affiliate Terms

Many well-established affiliate programs provide a moderate commission and fair terms. But, some of the less established and slightly new brands will provide high than average commissions because they want to attract affiliates to sign up with their program.

This is an advantage for the affiliates because it can be very profitable. But, if the terms are too sweet, you should ask yourself some questions and you can even refer to the terms and conditions.

Check The Reviews

There are multiple websites that have many reviews for different casino affiliate program reviews. Generally, these websites feature forums and reviews that can help you decide if a site is good or bad based on the comments left by other affiliates. If they aren’t good, you can proceed with your search.

Gambling License

This is another key thing that you should be very keen on. You should ensure that the casinos you are marketing are well registered and regulated. Trusted and reliable websites are licensed and registered by the Malta Gaming Authority or the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. If this isn’t the case, then you should be very cautious.

Getting Paid

You have to ensure that you get paid using the best payment methods after referring a customer to a casino. In this case, you should ensure that the available payment methods are many and have lower minimum payouts. Also, you should be allowed to pick from different currencies.

Reasons to choose CPA offers over the revenue share

  • You’ll never have to deal with the minimum activity quotas
  • Never have to worry about the changes in terms and conditions
  • Don’t have to worry about theft or shaving of your commissions
  • You don’t lose incase the casino affiliate program with CPA shuts down


All that information that we have provided you in this post should help you choose the best CPA casino affiliate programs. One major challenge that you might encounter is tracking which affiliate program you are promoting and determining the ones bringing in good profits.

So, you should look for the best tracking systems so as to avoid the stress of monitoring manually the performance of different casino programs. With the best tracking system, you don’t have to remember multiple password combinations and usernames to view multiple dashboards. Those are the things that you should consider if you want to get established in this industry. Also, you can choose one of the affiliates programs that we have listed above, as they are reliable and well regulated.

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