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If you have a knack for writing amazing pieces on WordPress and software development then you are at the right place. Flytonic is a WordPress theme website that operates in the gambling niche and has an extensive number of clients all over the world, but we don’t just stop there! Flytonic is on its way to become the best WordPress solution provider available today and we are inviting bloggers for guest posts for WordPress and PHP customization!

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  • Custom WordPress Website Design
  • SEO-Optimized Website
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Flytonic’s aim is to become a one-stop-shop for all things WordPress. Meaning that visitors can expect not just themes but our full range of services: from website development and customization to content writing and virtual assistant work.

If you are a blogger who wants concrete growth, traffic and possible backlinks to your website and wants to become a part of our journey then there is no better way to begin than with writing about us and our services. Writing guest posts for WordPress and PHP customization for Flytonic will get you traffic through  vast coverage on your articles, and also give you the freedom to write on any interesting topic regarding our services!

Before you apply, though, we would like to tell you a little about who we are and what we do so that you have a better idea of our passion and vision. We want all our guest posts to reflect the same ideology, passion, vision, and direction so that readers know the level of commitment and value that we offer.

We want passionate bloggers who are want to translate and integrate our vision into their content and write a guest post for WordPress and PHP customization! If you are wondering about the list of our services then don’t worry. We will explain each of our services and also tell you Flytonic’s expectations from every guest post. In order to write meaningful guest posts, as a blogger, you need to understand what Flytonic represents and what we offer to our clients.

Guests posts

Flytonic – WordPress Solutions Under One Roof!

Seldom do you find a WordPress theme website that does it all, from content writing services, custom logo, and banner design, high-quality SEO, virtual assistant services to WordPress website customization services. Flytonic does it all and is perhaps one of the few WordPress theme websites that actually delivers what it boasts and we are inviting enthusiastic bloggers who can write interesting guest posts.

Flytonic’s vision is to become a domain for all things WordPress. Whether it’s about your WordPress website SEO optimization or customization, our aim is to go beyond just WordPress themes and cater to customers who demand dynamic services for their purchases.

We primarily offer 5 services that aim to enhance our customers’ experience with us.

Our services at a glance are:

  • Content Writing
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Logo and Banner Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom WordPress Website Development



A Win-Win For you and Your Blog

If you feature a gambling blog or are a developer, content writer or designer yourself then you can write for us and get featured on our platform!

Our platform is the easiest and most efficient way to spread your content. From us, you will get amazing coverage in your article.

Rest assured, you will get the most eyeballs on your article here than anywhere else you post your content. It’s a great way of receiving possible backlinks and credibility for your blog where you can drive a huge volume of traffic to your website as well. That’s not all. Our large number of readers will also get to read your blog posts as soon as they get approved!

Again, writing for us can very well result in the growth of your own blog. This is a great opportunity for bloggers who want to quickly grow their blog, especially if their blog is of the gambling niche or is related to WordPress development, content writing, SEO or any of our full range of services. Flytonic invites all bloggers who are interested in writing about the services that we offer to our customers!

Choose Topic(s) of your choice!

Whether you are a developer or a digital marketer. Our list of services and the industries we serve guarantees that there will be a topic of your liking. Our diverse experience has allowed Flytonic to expand into different industries and has helped us to offer a variety of dynamic services for our customers which means that you have the freedom to write on numerous relevant topics!

But first, in order to write about our services and to learn them in detail, you need to know exactly what Flytonic offers. This includes how you can write a guest post for WordPress and PHP customization to get the best results and article acceptance rate. We will go through each service one by one.

Content Writing Services

Do you write amazing content pieces? Well, we provide an equally amazing platform for you to showcase your talent!

Our content writing services are on par with the big leagues. If you look at content writing from the outside. You will realize that content creation and SEO are two sides of the same coin. Most people overlook the power of content writing services and its effects on your website’s rankings when it comes to SEO.


Our content writing philosophy is simple: to provide the best quality content which is fun, original and imaginative. When you write a guest post for us, we want you to highlight this philosophy so that readers know exactly what we offer and its value for the right audience.

With Flytonic’s content writing services, you will always get original and unique content that is highly optimized for SEO.  We offer our customers only the best content possible so that they are better able to provide informative content to their customers and rank better in search results.

Our content is professionally written and is cross-checked for plagiarism, copyright and for correct linguistics. We meticulously check for mistakes before handing over any content to our customers so that they only get the best of what we have to offer.

Similarly, we want all guest posts to reflect our content writing ideology as well. Where we expect every piece of content to be 100% original, fun, imaginative and plagiarism free.

Custom Logo and Banner Design Services

If you are interested in writing about logo designs and marketing campaign banner designing then we invite you to write a guest post. The best part is that your topic can be anything from the logo design domain, so long as you stay relevant to the topic and our services in your content.

face design

We offer end to end design services for our customers where we offer extensive custom logo and banner design services. It doesn’t matter if the client is looking for something abstract, concrete or fun. Our designers are one of the best in the business and can provide outstanding designs.

We don’t just reiterate old logo styles and reuse them to make new logos. We painstakingly try to understand the core of the business to know the type of logo to go for. Our design process is highly communicative where we will constantly keep everyone in the loop so that you know exactly what you are getting with your hard-earned money.

These are just some of the qualities that we want to highlight in the guest posts. You will be required to write only according to the services that we offer without putting a focus on irrelevant links or topics. You will also be required to make sure that the article has high-readability and is easily understood, even by the average Joe.

High-Quality SEO Services

This is another great and extensive topic to write about. If you have SEO experience or are knowledgeable enough to write about SEO then we want you to write guest posts for us! SEO is a vast topic and you can pick up any relevant perspective, fact or guide to highlight and feature us in the guest post.

SEO service

SEO has grown to become a powerhouse on its own which is absolutely necessary to integrate with today’s online world. Not having an SEO optimized website can mean that your website will never list on search results or will be buried way below or on the second page of search results.

Thankfully, Flytonic understands the need for aggressive SEO in today’s digital world. With over a decade of experience in digital marketing and search engine optimization. Our teams are well equipped and informed about aggressive SEO strategies that go beyond mere keyword optimization. Our SEO services go hand in hand with our content services as well because an SEO optimized website needs to have optimized content to rank better.

Our SEO experts will also offer an SEO audit so that you and our team understand why your site is not ranking better on search results. This may mean understanding your current backlinks, content type, content structure, and general back end coding to provide you with an SEO plan that will guarantee results.

We expect all blog posts related to SEO to be well written and SEO optimized themselves as well. This is a very diverse topic which means it has a lot of topics to explore since SEO is now more important than ever.


Virtual Assistant Services

Thinking about writing about virtual assistants and business process outsourcing? Then we highly recommend that you write a guest post for us and share your ideas and content with our amazing reach of thousands of visitors and readers!

virtual assistant services

Flytonic looks at virtual assistants (VA’s) as the future of BPO (Business process outsourcing) where businesses and even individuals can hire the right talent. Whether you are a businessman who wants to manage his email or phone calls or a large-scale company looking for expert and efficient data entry employees or HR services.

We take pride in the level of talent that we provide to our customers because we understand what it is like to run a business. Also, we know how important it is to hire the right people to move forward. For many businesses, it’s a matter of finding the right social media expert, or the right researcher, the right content writer or even perhaps finding the right person to manage their lifestyle.

Our VA’s are well-versed in data entry, customer support, lifestyle management, blog writing, content writing, HR services, researching, and data entry. Flytonic will guarantee that you get the right talent at the right cost. You don’t have to worry about paying fixed salaries either.

You can pick a topic or niche within our VA services, for example, you can write a guest post extensively about online customer support or data entry topics. The options are limitless! Just make sure that your topic and content are highly relevant and adhere to the strictest plagiarism standards and content writing practices.

WordPress Website Customization Services

The same guest-post-writing-drill goes for our development services as well.

Flytonic’s developers can easily be mistaken as wizards. If you can think of an idea then you can bet that we can make it happen. Our highly experienced developers can build any type of WordPress website you can think of.

website customization

Our development staff can customize websites to fit any requirement, whether if you need CMS (Content Management System) Website Designing, Responsive Web Designing, Custom WordPress Web Designing, Portal Designing, Maintenance Support or even Graphic Designing. We excel in all of our custom WordPress solutions!

If you have any related topic you think you should write on then we urge you to apply and write a guest post for WordPress and PHP customization.  The first thing you can do to get the most out of our platform with the benefit of also advancing your own blog!

We believe writing for us will give you advantages that only a few other websites will offer. This is why we urge you to try your hand at guest posts and see the results yourself. If you have any questions, feel free to visit us or contact us at

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