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High-Quality SEO Service

Looking to be on top of google ranking in your market? Try Flytonic Today! Our Quality SEO Service will help promote your brand

With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, Flytonic SEO experts know what needs to be done to put your website where your audience will see it. W.e will increase your website traffic, upsurge site conversions and boost your brand awareness, driving visitors to your website through perfect management of all features of content marketing, including landing pages, social media, blog, and SEO for your site.

Our team of talented SEO experts will research and propose your keyphrase search team strategy and compare it against your competitor’s website, analyze the design of your website, content, and construction and create custom links through directory submissions, fresh content, and news.

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Our SEO Services

SEO is a continuous process, requiring on-going work and determination. Even though today you are at the top of the search engine results for all your key phrases, your competitors are doing everything possible to overtake you. Therefore, what you need right now is a strategy, proven processes, and creativity to remain at the top. You need our insights.

SEO Audits

Even before we start, we always try to understand what is stopping your site from ranking at the top. Our SEO experts will get into your site, content backlinks, structure, and code and suggest what you must do to boost your search engine rank and get more traffic.


Make sure your business remains in the spotlight with professional content creation to attract, engage and convert your prospects. Our qualified content writers are committed to creating effective, quantifiable content marketing promotions for all platforms and sectors, motivated by our client’s business key performance indicators (KPIs). Our main aim is to always provide your target with value-adding information to draw them in.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a critical aspect of the SEO process. Does your website have canonicalization issues, difficult or complex structure of the following page, set up to disallow search engine indexing or your website is not even indexed? Relax, let us do it for you!

SEO Strategy and Execution

We have professional SEO experts that will help develop a strategy that is perfectly tailored for you. From on-page SEO and site structure to key phrase research and content creation, our team will develop the best strategy based on thorough research and everything will be implemented.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a very essential stage that utilizes the close evaluation of customer search behaviors to determine crucial opportunities, develop the site structure and draft an on-page strategy for maximized organic visibility.

On-page SEO

Our on-page SEO service covers your website’s content, including words on the pages and sections of the page that is detectable to the search engines such as H1-H6 heading, image alt tags, Meta titles, each of which will be useful in explaining to the search engines what your webpages contain. We will optimize your existing content and also create new content to help your website grow for your audience’s key phrases and words.

Off-page SEO

Off-page, SEO includes everything which is off your site including digital PR, link building, and social media campaigns. Effective links to your site from high-quality third-party websites boost your site’s authority and help it rank at the top in the search results. Our team will write content, carry out link analysis and drive new visitors to your website, making it easier for you to see and rank at the top of your competitors.

Reporting and Analysis

You never have to worry about how your investment in the best SEO service is paying off. We have a real-time customer report portal that generates monthly reports and analysis for our clients so that you can track the progress in real-time. You will be assigned a professional account manager who is available 24/7 to answer all your questions, provide you with the latest updates and recommend the steps that need to be taken.

What You Should Expect From Us

You can easily get to the top of your competition with a great, integrated approach that combines technical SEO, paid strategies, social media, research, content marketing, and other online marketing elements.

Increased Traffic

Our custom SEO service will boost your site’s traffic; increase your website’s conversion and upsurge awareness about your brand, drawing visitors to your website through proper management of social media, content marketing, blog, website, and landing pages.

As your website becomes more visible online, you will start seeing a great increase in the number of people visiting your site.

Higher Ranking

Our talented SEO experts know what is important to users and search engines. We aim to come up with a bespoke SEO promotion for you, integrating our digital PR, creative, content and social knowledge to boost your search engine visibility and help your site attract and convert.

Increased Sales

Being ranked at the top of your competitors helps create organic traffic to your site that eventually creates additional organic qualified leads and creates more sales, which are important to your enterprise.

There is an increase in the number of targeted leads, which ultimately makes it much easier for you to turn the visitors into paying clients.

More Leads

We target prospects that are more likely to have an interest in your services and

More Brand Awareness

We make sure that your brand becomes the best brand that your customers think about as compared to your competition.

More Business Growth

The brand awareness, qualified leads and new traffic all contribute to the new growth opportunities.

More Authority and Trust

After you have reached the top of Google rankings, your clients will see you are the market authority.

Why choose Flytonic SEO Service

Committed SEO Professionals

At Flytonic, we strongly believe that our responsibility is to simplify highly complex, technical and at times sophisticated internet marketing processes for all our clients. One of the ways through which we achieve this is by offering all our SEO clients with a reliable point of contact to help manage their project and resolve any queries that a client might have. This means you will get a chance to know your Flytonic SEO expert and they will in turn know and understand your business and also the requirements you have. Essentially, we become your outsourced internet marketing department.

Extreme Client Focus

At Flytonic, we have built a culture of superb client focus. This is because we only want to offer the best level of service to each of our clients. As a result, we focus on every customer, paying close attention to the exact needs and specifications that the customers have given to us. We believe in the vision of our customers and do our best to deliver the desired results.

Transparent Reporting

While some of our competitors use mirrors and smoke, we always strive to maintain transparency to make sure our clients receive first-hand information on how they can generate more revenue. Our customized reporting measures include:

  • SEO experts are available by phone or email to respond to any discussions or questions that you might have.
  • Regular video summary from the SEO professional reviewing your websites, SEO strategy and improvements
  • Monthly breakdown of SEO tasks we have undertaken and the hours we spent in monitoring your return on investment.
  • Monthly updated keyword ranking records that you can check at any time you feel the need to.
  • Google Analytics reports that provide a comprehensive overview of your websites SEO performance
  • 24/7 unlimited access to the web client portal.

Plug and Play Service

One major reason you should work with us is that we offer plug and play SEO services. Since our SEO solutions are created to ensure our clients get free time, as we work on the website. This allows you to focus on other important things.


With us, you never have to worry about how much it would cost you. Good for you, Flytonic provides very affordable SEO service package rates on the market. This means you do not have to stress yourself over money. We will review the project and send you an invoice. The best price guaranteed!

Experienced Professionals

Here at Flytonic, you will have unlimited access to qualified and highly experienced SEO experts who will conclusively answer any questions that you may have. The process will be explained to you in detail. Our SEO experts are 100% committed to working on your website to ensure you rank at the top.

All-Inclusive Packages

When you work with Flytonic, our staff will tell you what you should expect from us. We have packages that offer a wide range of services. We do not hold anything back from you. Our clients always get the information they want.

Customer Retention

We have one of the highest customer retention rates. Our past clients always come back to us time after time. Our friendly staff always focuses on building a solid relationship with all our clients.

Flytonic SEO Code of Ethics

At Flytonic, we dedicate ourselves fully to personal accountability and honesty in our work. Keep in mind that not all companies adhere to such principles and as a result, it’s their clients who end up paying the price. As a reliable provider of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and internet marketing services to our customers. We do our best to achieve improved traffic, higher rankings, and improved conversions and get a positive ROI for our customer sites while at the same time comply with our code of ethics.

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This is starting package with free report, 5 pages on page SEO only.




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