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Finding a high ranking website for guest blogging / guest post to get backlinks for WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, online marketing, SEO and WordPress website customization is not easy. However, the struggle to find a good guest blogging website is over. We specialize in wordpress themes for gambling niche

Our primary goal at Flytonic is to become the leading source of all things WordPress. We often publish WordPress resource blogs written by our in-house team alongside occasional guest articles from WordPress themes and plugins experts. We warmly welcome any new partnership with talented guest bloggers. If you think you can write for us in our niche, then read on to know what we are looking for and how you can become a Flytonic guest blogger or write for use related to wordpress topics.

We accept unique submissions from genuine writers and authors on anything related to WordPress  or related topics (WordPress gambling themes, WordPress plugins, software development and customization, affiliate marketing and SEO)

Contribute To Our Bloggers Community 

Are you considering writing guest blog posts as a way of receiving backlinks to your WordPress themes website? Worry no more! You have come to the right place. Flytonic is currently accepting high-quality guest blogs for our website. If you are a web developer or a web designer or from a technology background specializing in WordPress themes, plugins, SEO, online marketing, WordPress themes, and software customization, or even from SEO experts and writers, you can write for Flytonic today and you can rest assured of getting links back to your website.

Flytonic is a web development company specializing in quality WordPress themes and products that is experiencing incredible growth. It is a company that is committed to building outstanding, highly responsive and customized affiliate review websites. You get backlinks and traffic to your website, but most importantly expand your online exposure and introduce your brand (website) to our fast-growing community.

At Flytonic, we are always happy to have talented WordPress developers and bloggers who can write quality blogs for our website. Flytonic accepts guest articles of different formats such as WordPress tutorials, tips, short guides, infographics, as well as reviews for WordPress gambling themes and plugins.

Welcome to the Flytonic website and thank you for being interested in writing for us. We value guest bloggers and talented writers who can submit high-quality guest articles regularly in exchange for high-quality backlinks.

This is one of the most effective ways to get backlinks for affiliate marketing, software customization and SEO to your website and get your brand out there. However, before you start making your contributions, remember to check out the guidelines listed below.

Why you should  “Write for us” -Wordpress

  • Best way to share expert tips, advice, and wisdom with the WordPress community.
  • You may get a backlink
  • You will get maximum exposure to your articles
  • You can drive huge volumes of traffic to your blogs and attract our readers
  • Your post will be shared with our 1000+ readers on Google, Twitter, and Facebook.

What we want

We want anyone who can write for us on WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, affiliate marketing, SEO or software development, and customization related topics. Please do not contact us on any other topics because we will not respond to a request for offering articles on other niches.

Our first goal with this blog is making it resonate with the blogging community of WordPress developers. A blog will only be featured on our website if it is engaging and fascinates our readers.

Currently, there are no specific topics for our website. Therefore, guest bloggers have the autonomy to post their best posts on our site. The categories we cover include:

  • WordPress themes
  • WordPress plugins
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Software development and customization
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Your topic must not include any other topic. We only publish posts that are purely based on the niches above without any exceptions.

Important Details

Flytonic will not respond to you if your guest blog needs modification before approval. It is your responsibility to make sure that everything is in place before submitting your blog. It is important to read our guidelines because any guidance not strictly followed will result in automatic deletion of your blog post. We do not tolerate poor posts, content or writing only focused on getting backlinks.

We accept different formats including expert roundups, comparisons, interviews, studies, research pieces, list posts, and many others. To us, the most important factor is to make sure that your blog resonates with our readers.

Your content must be WordPress related, specially tailored around WordPress themes and plugins. However, this does not mean that all posts must be strictly about WordPress, but rather any person working with WordPress including bloggers, developers, bloggers, affiliate marketers, and SEO experts can benefit from reading the guest article.

Plagiarism of any form is strictly prohibited. The content that you write for Flytonic to get quality backlinks must always be original. Otherwise, you will be flagged from ever writing to us again. Your content should not in any way infringe copyright laws.

If you write for us, your guest blog will remain on our website forever.

We do not allow parallel submissions. You should never submit a blog that has been submitted to other sites.

Which niches we do not publish?

Any topic that is not related to the above-mentioned niches will be rejected. You will not get any reply if you send us such blogs.

Must read guidelines before submission of your guest blog

If you want to write for us then you should make sure that you follow the following guidelines. Our guidelines are very simple and should be easy for you to follow:

  • Be responsive. You are expected to reply to comments that you receive on the guest blog. Failure to reply to readers’ comments will result in your author bio being removed including the backlinks.
  • Engage readers. The topic must be relevant to Flytonic. The niche includes WordPress gambling themes, WordPress development, WordPress Plugins, affiliate marketing, SEO and software development and customization.
  • Do not self-promote. Any link that is irrelevant or useless will be removed. We strongly advise against keyword stuffing. You are free to add a backlink in your bio, but at the same time avoid being self-promotional.
  • Yoast Adherence. Check to make sure your content follows Yoast guidelines.
  • No links to product pages, landing or home pages. Only include a link relevant to guest articles (You still have full authority of the backlink).
  • Plagiarism free. Unique content and only in the English language. Therefore, we advise that you check for plagiarism before sending us.
  • Enrich readers. Your blog post should be user-friendly and resonate with our readers.
  • Give credit where necessary. All articles must be 1500+ words (at least). The post must be properly formatted. Always make sure that you use the right paragraphs and headings.
  • Only relevant images should be included in your blog post. If the image is not your creation, then you must give proper credit to the image creator. Only 720px by 380px image formats are accepted.
  • Be yourself. Provide high authority reference links in your content.
  • No outbound links. You must not include any outbound links in your guest blog.
  • Be legit. Once your post is accepted, we get the copyright owner, and you are not allowed to publish it anywhere else – this is very important. If someone accuses us of publishing copied content that was in your submission, we will immediately remove the article from our blog and take very strict actions against you.


 What you get

  • You may get Dofollow backlinks if we liked your article and your link is relevant to audience
  • Content marketing for online exposure
  • Gain exposure
  • Post as often as you want
  • Ongoing content marketing
  • Credit on social media

Types of Backlinks That Are Rejected

  • Link to a subscription page
  • Any link that is not a blog
  • Links to the sales page
  • Affiliate links

Waiting Time

If your blog post meets all our requirements, it will be published within the shortest time possible, usually in less than 5 days. If we are still interested, but for some reason cannot post the article within this timeline, we will contact you to discuss the way forward.

We hope that all your queries have been fully addressed. However, if you still have any questions or doubts about guesting posting for Flytonic to get dofollow backlinks, please get in touch.

We look forward to your awesome guest blogs. Please publish your high-quality content on Flytonic following the process described below.

Guest Posting Process

 Email Request

For you to write for Flytonic, you should first submit your request. Please visit our contact page so you can send an email to our editor-in-chief. The subject in your email should be “Guest Blog” and directed to support@flytonic.com

In the body of the email you should include:

Title of your post: The title should be short and include relevant keywords

A bulleted outline: Provide a shortlist of key points of your post

Power statement: Write a short value statement that precisely describes how Flytonic readers will benefit from your post

One interlink: Make sure you include at least one link to another Flytonic article that you want to use to supplement the points in your post such as, (“if you are writing about WordPress gambling themes, you should create a link to Flytonic’s blog entitled ‘Newbies Guide to WordPress Gambling Themes”)

Example Blog Posts: Provide us with at least example links to your best blog posts

Your Content must:

  • Be unformatted text
  • Has a killer title that represents your content
  • A minimum of 1500 words in length
  • Includes a conclusion and a call to action
  • Be easy to read – bulleted lists, headings and subheadings should be used where necessary
  • Includes an informative introduction that clearly outlines your value statement and keeps the reader engaged.
  • Written in our preferred writing style
  • Includes links to at least one blog published by Flytonic
  • Includes a short user bio at the end (Maximum of 50 words)

Step 2: Content Review and Moderation

Content from guest writers is strictly reviewed considering our guidelines before publishing. We do not edit any content. Any error in your content results in automatic deletion.

We have the discretion of accepting or rejecting the submitted blog posts.

Articles are rejected in case there is any violation of the guidelines. Once an article has been rejected, there are no further queries about the matter that are responded to.

Final Thoughts

While it may seem like we have a lot of rules, we prioritize our readers. We must offer our followers high-quality content that is helpful. Failure to follow any of our rules will result in automatic deletion of your post without notification.

Contact us for any questions about guest blogging for Flytonic. You will get a detailed response within 48 hours.

Again, Thank you for showing interest in posting guest articles on Flytonic. We expect to receive an email request from you for consideration soon!

Please remember than Flytonic retains the copyright of all materials including content published on our website. Your guest blog must remain original to Flytonic. As mentioned earlier, approved guest bloggers are not permitted to republish their original Flytonic guest posts elsewhere.

Finally, we are always happy to get new contacts and explore future possibilities. We will be very glad to welcome you to join a team of our Flytonic contributing guest bloggers. Write for Flytonic today and get quality backlinks for WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, online marketing, software development and much more.