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Posted by Flytonic on May 27, 2020 in News, WordPress

Flytonic offers one of the finest  WordPress Geo targeting plugin

About Geo Plugin

Everybody knows the standalone themes that wordpress offers. Even Though the themes have more than sufficient features, you, me and every other being can just never settle for enough. We always want more and better. If I tell you a way to make the best even better wouldn’t it be insanely amazing? Sounds unbelievable right? What if I tell you there is a feature that can make it possible? Geo-plugin is the software you are looking for if you want to make your website better than ever.The geo-target plugin helps you get the location of your user and offer them services upon the availability of resources in their area. This will give the users fast, accurate and desired results in no time.

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A plugin is a software component. It is used to add any specific feature to a pre-existing computer program. If a program supports plugins, it means that it enables customization.

  • A plugin helps in reducing the size of a program.
  • It supports the smooth addition of new features.
  • A plugin is used to separate source codes in case of incompatible software licenses from an application.
  • It enables 3rd party developers to extend an application by adding new abilities.


Geo- plugin, also known as a geolocation plugin, is used by WordPress users to geotag their applications. In simpler words, it enables public access to show a map widget and location description.

Once this plug-in is selected, visitors tend to use a vivid description of the address. It can be seen either before, after, or during a custom location present within the post. If the address is clicked there appears a map that displays the post’s precise location.

As per the user’s choice, it also ensures privacy. If you enable the ‘plain mode’, you are liable to prevent external access except for authors. In this way, the Google API is accessible only when a logged-in user is accessing the site. It also has a geo-location tag to perform multiple entries, this way, it’s easier for you to hide the location and only show an overview map.

Now, that you know about WordPress geo-plugins and plugins in general, you must have realized the salient features of this plugin. In addition to some already awesome features, the geo plugin at has a lot more to offer. you can use this plugin along with your WordPress themes to give your customers a mesmerizing experience.


We all are well aware of the functioning of google. How it displays results on the basis of the researcher and not on the basis of clients. With the help of this re-direct plugin for WordPress, the visitors would be able to view additional e-commerce websites that can be of great use to some of the viewers.

Drooling over such facilities? Then why hold back yourself? With the help of geo-target WordPress plugin by flytonic you should be able to get all those brownie points in your favor.


The geo-target plugin starts its work by identifying the client’s location, it is necessary to do so because it is the prime and the most important step in order to give out location-based information to the client using it. An IP address is a numerical physical address of the visitors on a computer. The geo-target plugin uses the IP addresses for the identification of the location of the viewer. It then provides the result accordingly.


  • Most of the client’s sites are affiliated to majorly casinos and gambling. In these circumstances a location-based website is of utmost importance for a more profitable bonus.
  • Several clients come up with the idea of a woo commerce website because it is safe and secure. they often provide services that are region-based like virtual products. It then makes it important to have a geo-target feature on the sites.
  • It gives you easy access to a method to target the right audience and granting the right services. They are ideal to redirect the audience to the page of their need.
  • Custom Review Tables:-

You can choose from the infinite styles and sizes available to match the content appropriately. The plugin being user friendly will make the tables automatically adjust to mobiles and personal computer screen.

  • Live Shortcut Building Tables:-

The presence of this tool makes creating shortcuts a peace of cake. you can easily modify the required parameter with the help of this tool till the time you are satisfied. After that you can take the for mid shortcuts and use it on any desired website.

  • Terms and Conditions Features:-

The Geo target plugin comes with terms and conditions function which is compulsory for affiliated websites. You can display the terms in reviews content inside tool tips.

  • Live Table List Building Feature:-

You can build and improve a table list simultaneously. You can change layouts and styles, remove or add reviews, and can add multiple tables whenever you wish too.

  • Flexible Review Options:-

You can either choose a rating or a textual or any other review option for getting constant feeds back from the users. This re-direct plugin for WordPress provides these options irrespective of the fields the sites are affiliated to. You can also add, images, pros and cons lists and many more attributes to improve the reviews.

Flytonic's Geo Plugin



  • Mobile Responsive

It is flexible to adapt to different screen sizes and henceforth will look attractive in whatever way you see it.

  • Custom Sites Widgets

You can showcase and promote different brands inside the different widget areas of the frame.

  • Presence of Comparison Tables

You can compare the sites you promote with several options to display to your visitors/ customers.

  • Gallery Option

In order to ensure that the reviews are more appreciative, appealing, and eyecatching. The geo-target plugin provides you with a gallery slider. This slider helps open every image clicked to its max.

  • Usage of Structured data

The geo-target plugin uses structured data. It enables Google and other search engines to display the review data.

  • User Friendly

It has an organized user interface to create reviews. It is useful as it makes the usage of the tabs much convenient.

  • WMPL Supportive

The Geo-target plugin is WMPL supportive. This makes the website multilingual/ translationable, which means more viewers as the site can be accessed on a global level by anyone who has access to the internet.

  • Entirely Customizable

This re-direct plug-in from WordPress is customizable from tip to toe. The choice of color, font, size, style everything is under your control and the website will be made completely as per your choice.

  • Review and Rating System

To make the site more interactive, this WordPress geo-target plugin from flytonic offers a review and rating system to get user feedback. This can also help in further developing of the site to make it No.1 choice for the users

  • Customizable CIA Tent

Usually, the review button has a pre-configured tent. But geo-target plugin lets you change it in your own unique way.

  • Default Values

We know that your tiny little mind surely has a lot of innovative, creative, unique, and mind-blowing ideas, but if you choose to be not experimental than you can stick to our default layout settings as they are laid back but always in fashion.

  • Availability of Complete Documentation

This plugin comes with a pre-defined manual which makes accessing this plugin and judicious usage by making most of it a cakewalk.

  • Actual IP Detection

The user’s original IP address will be detected irrespective of the site/app the customer is using if you opt flytonic geo-target plugin.

  • Built-in Shortcode Generator

This feature helps in generating shortcodes to display varying content of your website.

Geo plugin helps in earning more profit


In a nutshell, flytonic geo-target plugin is the right weapon you are looking for if you want to make your pre-existing website more attractive and eyecatching. You can build a local connection with the native with this website as it will display region-based content. By the use of the native language, the users will build more confidence and a deeper connection to reuse your website over and over again.

Companies and firms having branches can use this plug-in to redirect their customers to the nearest branches within their locality. In this way you can put up, discounts and coupons accordingly at the time of region-based festivities to increase your sales and put your focus on the right campaigning and advertisements.


The geo-target WordPress plugins help in building a region to region based website. What makes it likable is that by mere installation one can get a precise knowledge of the customer’s location so that your website can provide its facility accordingly.

If you ought to make your website more interactive and user-friendly, so we personally recommend using this geo-target plugin. Especially, the one that flytonic offers as it has all the mainstream features plus some additional unique features making it better than the rest.



How does this plugin takes users location?

It takes users IP address to get his/her location irrespective of the app from which they are surfing.

What is the proximate accuracy of the data provided?

99.8% on country level
app. 93% on state level
and gradually decreases as you get into districts and cities

Can this plugin be used on a global level?

This Geo Target Plugin is WMPL ready and can be translated into any language therefore can be used globally.

How can it help the users of e-commerce website?

Knowing the user's location, the company can check upon their available resources in that area, and can revert back to the user with the accurate qty. available and the right expected delivery date. This creates a lasting impression of the company's responsible nature upon the user and he/she will be convinced to use the company's website again.

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