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Posted by Flytonic on January 26, 2015 in News

We are pleased to announce the Geo Target Plugin updated to allow for City, State, and Country geo targeting throughout the world. Previously the plugin would only allow for country targeting and US state targeting only.

One thing that you must have noticed today is the fact that most of the recently updated WordPress versions use the great geotargeting feature. Click here for the updated Geo-Target Plugin to customize your wordpress website. For example, the dashboard precisely displays all the upcoming events based on your current location. Nevertheless, the CMS lacks the in-built functionality for optimization of the content depending on the location.


Fortunately, Flytonic Geo Target Plugin updated is available to help you sort such issues out. This WordPress geotargeting plugin will improve your website for the worldwide audience. Many of the plugins will require you to get a paid/free API for requesting the IP Geo-targeting information from the third party or plugins server.

Here is the complete list of what was updated for Version 1.2:

1. No more paragraph breaks when using the geo target shortcode.
2. You can now geo target by country, state, and city anywhere in the world with one plugin
3. The IP database is automatically updated from Maxmind
4. No more long load times to activate the plugin

Geo Target Plugin Updated

Please note that due to the nature of update and what was involved, you will need to setup all you previous shortcodes and widgets with this new plugin. It is not backwards compatible unfortunately since we combined both the state and country plugins together.

Please think of this as more of a new plugin and not an update essentially.

Please let us know of any success that you have had in geo targeting content. We would love to share stories with our users.

final Thoughts

WordPress geo-target plugins usually offer you a very easy approach to personalize your content for the prospects depending on the location. Also, this plugin will help your users feel more engaged with your site’s content that is relevant to their needs. Furthermore, you can also use this feature to improve efficiency and improve security for your WordPress website.

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