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Geotargeting WordPress plugin is a very effective tool for anyone who wants to display different parts of the content on their website to different segments of their visitors based on their specific location.

As you must know, Google search results are based on your location. However, it is not only Google that personalizes content based on the user’s location. Other great companies such as eBay, Amazon, and other eCommerce websites display pages that are relevant to a user based on where you are around the world. As you can see, this works very well for these companies and there is no reason it should not work for you as well and there is no better way of doing this than the geotargeting WordPress plugin.

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The Geo-target WordPress plugin works by filtering page content and posts to a specific location, including a country, a group of cities/states/countries or state/province based on the visitors’ IP address. Also, it can filter the PHP code and widgets as well.

Once a visitor has come to your website, the Geo-target plugin identifies their IP address and matches this to a specific city in the IP database. Based on the website setup, different information will be displayed to this visitor.

GeoTargeting version 3.3 is the best tool that can bring this stunning feature to your website. This is a premium Geotargeting WordPress plugin from Flytonic. Read on to learn more about this plugin, and you will understand why we believe it is the most appropriate option for your needs.

IP Address and Geotargeting

Geo Target Plugin


An IP address refers to the number which shows the physical address of your website visitor’s computer. Geotargeting refers to a situation where you use the IP address to determine your visitor’s location and then serve them the content that is most relevant to them based on that aspect. As a result, your website visitors will feel more engaged. We source the location address from Maxmind. It is fascinating to know that this has a 99.8% accuracy at the country level and over 93% at the state level in the United States. The accuracy of the city level is mainly based on the country; it can be as high as 90% or as low as 10%. The IP database is updated every week and uploaded to your servers. This is automatically updated if you allow WordPress default cron jobs. However, you can set the exact time you wish to update.

Good examples of how this works include displaying special discounts at online stores to users from certain locations or maybe your office location and contact detail, based on the visitor’s city or country. Whatever the reason you have used this technology; it will be very easy to set up on your WordPress website.

Geotargeting WordPress Plugin

Understand Your Website Traffic

Before you hurry to create content for a specific location, it is very crucial to understand your website’s traffic pattern. You can do this by looking into your server logs. This will not only help you identify the IP addresses trying to gain address to your dashboard, but it will also help block any unwanted IP addresses from gaining access to the WP-admin pages and there are many areas through which this can protect your admin area.

You can also use Google analytics demographic feature to understand the region where your traffic comes from.

Benefits of Geotargeting WordPress Plugin

Increase Traffic

This plugin will immensely increase your website conversions by Geo-Targeting content towards specific users. It gives every person visiting your site a call to action. For instance, if you have an offer that only targets visitors from the United States titled “Welcome US customers, Below is A special promotion for you,” or perhaps you have an amazon affiliate website and you wish to show different prices for visitors from different locations. You can show a price difference for USA customers and a different price for UK customers using this WordPress plugin for country city state.

Works With Many Websites 

The good news is that this plugin works on almost many websites. For instance, for forex websites or casinos, you may have specific websites that only accept certain states in the USA; therefore you can customize your site’s content to only show to visitors in these states.

For example, if you are promoting offers by a specific hotel and deals for the USA and Canada, you can have different offers that will only show in each country instead of each set of information showing. Because this plugin works in almost all government structural levels, you can easily geo-target specific cities in a country.

Can Be Used With Any Theme

The good news is that this plugin works with all Flytonic’s gambling and casino themes. We do not limit it.

Why Should You Use GeoTarget Plugins?

There are many reasons you should consider providing different content to users based on their locations.

  • The content written in the local language will give the visitors more confidence to engage with your website.
  • You will connect instantly with the local audience by referring to available local events and using testimonials from local personalities that they are familiar with.
  • It makes it possible to customize coupons, events, and offers, and organize marketing campaigns and local advertising.
  • Easy to improve customer service by informing customers about parking arrangements, operating hours and delivery areas.
  • Businesses with local branches can easily direct visitors to the nearby local sub-site or store.
  • You will display local specific shipping and tax information.
  • Only location-specific legal notices need to be shown.
  • Easy to provide relevant content and information.
  • To restrict high spam traffic that brings no business to you.
  • To build your website security, particularly if your site is prone to overseas workers.

Features of the GeoTargeting WordPress Plugin

The best geotargeting WordPress plugin can recognize your visitors’ exact location based on their computer’s IP addresses. While this is more accurate at the country level, the plugin has support for most accurate IP targeting services.

By establishing a connection to your Maxmind GeoIP account, the plugin will recognize your visitor’s state/city and sometimes their postal code. This will allow you to show the target content that you want to be displayed on your website.

Geotargeting WordPress plugin supports Cloudflare IP Geolocation, which makes the service more efficient in the delivery of your content, based on your visitor’s location.

If it comes to establishing which content on your website ought to be displayed to users in a specific region, the WordPress geo target plugin includes the handy shortcode builder to draft the rules. Also, there is an optimal sidebar widget that allows visitors to override the plugins geotargeting abilities and manually set their location.

The most important aspect is that the geotargeting WordPress plugin has lots of essential features that can allow your website to display various sets of information based on the location of your visitors.

Using GeoTargeting WordPress Plugin

Upon activation of the geo-target plugin on your website, you can now start to configure how it will work by clicking on a geo-target sidebar menu in the website’s admin area.

The initial steps involved in setting up the plugin include defining the regions and country you want to geo-target. The plugin makes it very easy for you, thanks to the high number of pre-populated dropdown list of countries you choose from.

One amazing aspect of this Geo-target plugin is that you can add many countries that you want from your custom regions. This is ideal when setting up vast regions such as Europe. This may have been perfect if there were a few pre-built regions in WordPress for you to choose from. This might include common groups such as Asia, Europe, and Africa, instead of forcing you to create them manually.

Geotargeting WordPress plugin also supports displaying content according to the visitor’s city. For high precision for such levels, you might have to register with a premium geo-target database service provided by Flytonic. There are many benefits of using these premium services including improved accuracy of the geo-target abilities on your site and being able to use your visitor’s location properties such as their postal code if they are in the United States.

Once you have defined one or more areas, you can now create customized content on your site for the visitors from those areas.

Since the plugin also adds a much-needed button in the WordPress post editor, it is very easy to create country-specific content. All you have to do is enter content in the post editor area, highlight it and then click the GeoTargeting post editor tab.

As you peruse through the available options, you can choose whether to display the chosen content or hide it, according to your visitor’s location. Also, you can use your pre-determined regions or simply choose individual locations from the drop-down menu.

Once you have entered the appropriate details it inserts a suitable shortcode into your content.

Considering that the format of these shortcodes is quite easy, you should understand what they have done at first glance. The plugin documentation pages provide all the information you might need for the full library of shortcodes.

Also, the plugin includes a widget that can be added to or other widget sections of your theme. An optional widget allows your visitors to choose their geographical location which is then used to display the content of your website as opposed to the use of IP addresses. This can be beneficial to visitors using VPNs to reroute their connection via another country.

Once the widget has been enabled, visitors to your website can set their location manually. Unfortunately, scrolling through a large list of countries is not possible. Therefore, countries whose name start with a later letter in the alphabet order, will most likely not be available to your website visitors.

While the widget is a great idea, it would be much better if it can display certain widgets based on the location of the visitor.

Besides using shortcodes to show the geo-specific content in your pages and posts, you can also use the plugin features to display that content in your WordPress theme files. This can include your website’s header and footer. While the variable plugin documentation does not provide sufficient information about this, you can find a thread on many support forums that documents these processes.


The geotargeting WordPress plugin is available in one pricing plans:

  • Unlimited sites: $49


If you want to only display content specific to your visitors according to their geographical location, this geotargeting WordPress plugin will help. The tool is simple to use, although based on your specific requirements, you may be required to register for a premium third-party IP database service so you can target visitors based on their city.

Geotargeting WordPress plugin is a simple tool if you need to display different content based on the location of your prospects. Ability to control other aspects of your website, such as external links, menus or sidebars can be an extra addition.

WordPress geotargeting plugins offer a very easy way to customize website content for visitors based on their exact locations. Also, it can help your visitors to interact better with your site since you are providing content that is relevant to them. This feature can improve security and enhance the efficiency of your WordPress site.

By reading the IP address of your visitors to know their location, a geotargeting plugin will then only display a particular set of content based on that visitor’s location. The main benefit of this is that you can display content specifically meant to a particular country on your website. This, in turn, can greatly help the user experience, mostly for international visitors to make sure you only show them relevant content based on their location. Why should you risk the security of your website, if Flytonic can offer you the most effective WordPress plugin? Contact us here!

Can I use the Geotargeting plugin inside the custom template?

Yes, of course, you can! All you have to do is follow the instructions outlined in the admin panel and use the Settings->Geo Target Plugin to view all the available settings and shortcodes.

What Exactly is Geo Target Plugin?

The Geo Target Plugin allows you to target your target audience based on their geographical location. It allows you to specify the geographic location of your Wordpress website. You will be happy to know that this WP Geotargeting plugin is ideal for SEO and boosting conversions on your landing pages or blog.

Is host/server compatible with the Geo Target Plugin?

The Geotarget plugin works on 99% of all hosts/servers. However, in case your server does not support this plugin for some reason we will promptly provide you with technical support or a prompt refund. All you need to give us is the name of your server provider in case it doesn’t support the plugin.

How the Geo Target Plugin Works?

Geo-Target Plugin automatically searches the IP address of the visitors on your site and uses an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm to return geo data of the IP address in question.

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