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Posted by Flytonic on April 11, 2013 in News

I wanted to let you know what is been happening at updates.

Major Update to the Updates Framework Theme

The theme design has been updated a bit. The goal was to clean it up some and add some new features while keeping it minified with little to no images.

The Flytonic theme will be mobile ready and responsive. A dropdown menu will be used for mobile screen sizes. **Some child themes will become mobile ready in the future.


New Features

  • Improved pagination graphics and usability
  • Added ability to track banner clicks
  • Added the ability for banners to open in new window in theme options
  • Removed US flag from widgets/shortcode tables – new solution coming soon.
  • Edited layout options and page resizing so you can input an exact width instead of using the slider
  • New review page layout with improved features and more fields.
  • Improvement of shortcode button popup graphics
  • New image fields for both thumbnails and screenshots
  • Use of bonus text instead of bonus amount
  • Improved footer area with more control of content to be added or hidden
  • Author bio area on post page and an new author page template.

There is still time to add additional features for the framework. Let me know if you have an idea in regards to the updates!

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