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Besides hosting fascinating gameplay for the greatest online gambling games, you require a WordPress theme that allows your customers to interact seamlessly with your site. As you attract new visitors to your website, you want them to stay on the webpage and play for extended durations. This is exactly what a good casino affiliate theme for WordPress will do for you.

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Choosing the best casino affiliate theme for WordPress is mainly based on the ease of use, loading times and the bounce rate. Unfortunately, there are no free options that are available currently. Instead, premium Flytonic themes are the way to go; you will get a great theme that will help control bounce rates, track your rankings and direct your focus.

Security is an important factor to consider when looking for the best casino affiliate theme for WordPress. Premium Flytonic themes are perfectly designed with the highest levels of security features to ensure your user’s information is secure.

For most users, the appearance of a website is a primary concern when it comes to trust. Users want a website with a highly responsive format and make their experience comfortable and also controllable. All Flytonic themes are designed with these features in mind. They are easy to set up, are optimized for affiliates and a responsive and mobile-ready. Considering there are only a few good themes out there, here are our top picks for the best casino affiliate themes for WordPress.

Casino Roulette Theme

This is an amazing theme that has been uniquely designed with mobile users in mind. Typically, this theme is built to maximize the users’ experience on mobile devices and tablets. It quickly adjusts to the resolution of the user’s mobile device, tablet or computer. The theme is highly responsive and provides custom shortcodes and widgets and other possibilities that can be used to customize this theme.

This is a premium casino affiliate theme for WordPress specifically developed for affiliates of financial trading brokers and sites. This makes it a perfect option for customers in the binary trading, forex, and options trading market.

Highly responsive

There is no limit on the number of websites that can use this theme.

Custom color

It is easy for you to change the colors of the body, footer, navigation bar, and buttons.

Ideal for mobile devices

The theme is ideal for users who are always on the move and are looking for a great option that can be used on their mobile devices.

Highlighted Features

  • Highly responsive
  • Can be used on different websites
  • Easy to change the color
  • Discounts available to existing Flytonic members

Checkout our featured client  using our  Casino Roulette Theme.  is one of the premium dutch gambling website for casino.

Poker Theme

Amazing support, responsive framework, unique designs, and powerful options are some of the reasons Flytonic customers choose a poker theme. This is a high-end casino poker theme designed for you by Flytonic. The shortcode tables, widgets, and colors are perfectly designed to appeal to the casino poker audience and help convert your website visitors to playing customers.

The poker theme offered by Flytonic is highly responsive and this allows it to work seamlessly on mobile devices, just like other Flytonic themes.

Customer Poker Widgets

With our Flytonic poker theme, you get the chance to choose from two poker widgets to showcase your poker websites and show all your customers the latest bonuses and offers.

Easy to change colors

It will be easy for you to change colors of the theme, including the footer, header, navigation bar, buttons and any other element that you may want to change. Also, there are extra colors that you can choose from.


Different Layout Options

There are multiple layout options available. You can choose the layout of your theme to include a right, a left or both right and left sidebars. Also, our Flytonic poker theme comes in different layouts.


Highlighted poker theme features:

  • Customizable footer area
  • Banner management
  • Custom poker widgets
  • Featured poker websites shortcode
  • Easy to create a featured page menu


Casino Slots Themes

This Flytonic responsive casino slot theme provides what other premium themes do not offer. This is a great theme that is specifically optimized for websites that focus on gaming, particularly slots. The vast number of design options and pre-sets makes this theme one of the most dynamic options available. Whether you are an active slot games promoter or not, our casino slot theme will always have multiple options available that perfectly suits your gaming needs.

Superb Support

You never have to wait for days to get help if you choose the casino slots theme. This is because there is always a friendly customer care support team that will be available 24/7 to provide support. Also, there is no rush for you to call during business hours because there are multiple ways through which you can reach Flytonic support including email or live chat. You can easily send all your concerns straight to our customer support via phone, live chat or email and you will get an immediate resolution. Also, you will be fascinated by how fast you can order this great theme and start using it on your website immediately. All you need to do is place the order and once you have logged into your account, you just have to download the theme.

Multiple Stock Photos

Stock photos are included in this theme to guarantee satisfaction. For most casino websites, it is very difficult to find unique stock photos that other websites are not using already. The stock photos can be replaced, but are quite impressive when setting up your casino site for the first time.

Easy to Install

This theme can be installed in the same way as you would install a typical WordPress theme. All you have to do is download and install the theme folder. Once this is done, handling and optimizing your backend is easy. The theme comes with multiple custom backend alternatives that most Flytonic users have gotten used to.

The impressive appearance of the casino slots theme gives this amazing game a sleek feel of authority. Any new visitor to your website will be happy to remain on your site and browse through while taking advantage of the appealing aesthetics and user-friendly layout.

Highlighted features of casino slots theme

  • Blog page templates
  • Full page template
  • 7 preset design styles
  • Multiple theme options that can be customized


WP Sports Theme

WP sports are a dynamic casino affiliate theme for WordPress that features a unique design for anyone building a sports website.

This great theme has been uniquely customized to promote fantasy sports websites and online sportsbooks. From static pages, news widgets and sliders there is no limit to the number of ways you can ensure your customers are updated.

The theme has been designed considering webmasters’ preferences. The layout of your website’s homepage can be customized to your preference to make sure the final result is exactly what you want.

In the same way as other Flytonic themes, this interesting sports theme is developed exclusively for WordPress.

Highly Responsive

If you are looking for a casino affiliate theme for WordPress that is highly responsive to your mobile menu, then this is it. This theme adapts perfectly to the size of your mobile device or tablet.

Custom Widgets

This theme features a customized widget that displays the most recent posts.

Fast Translation

Besides being localized, this theme can be easily translated into any language you want. All you need to do is create your language file.

Customize main color and background

You need to try out the demo to see a few examples of how this theme can be updated to modify the background or use a different color.

Can be used to promote online sportsbooks and daily fantasy sports

With the WP sports theme, you can use your website to promote and review online sportsbooks. The theme also comes with an in-built call to action elements such as sportsbook comparison tables.

Another amazing feature of the WP sports theme is that it has in-built shortcodes, widgets and review templates for fantasy sports sites. Even though the theme can only be used for sports news or a sports blog theme, it can also be used as an affiliate theme for fantasy sports websites.

Information about the fantasy site is stored as a customized post with custom fields which are used in the same way as on the widgets and review page.

Highlighted features

  • Home page slider
  • Can be used to promote online sportsbook and fantasy sports websites
  • Excellent customer support
  • Translation ready
  • Customizable main color and background


Sports Betting Theme

Are you looking for a customizable betting, bookmaker or sportsbook, casino affiliate theme for WordPress? Flytonic has got all that you need for your gambling website.

This highly responsive theme design offers a variety of widgets and post options. Regardless of the themes size, you will have eye-catching layouts, fast loading pages, and outstanding media.

The sports betting theme use a slide menu when being accessed from a mobile device to improve the user’s experience. Options that boost the mobile experience is ideal for any theme, but particularly for casino themes. The theme allows users to access their best games and play from mobile devices.

Also, the sports betting theme feature incredible speed that allows it to capture, save and transfer less data as compared to other themes. Lack of data transfer helps reduce bounce rates and increase page loading times. The theme uses this approach instead of limiting the visual aesthetics on small screens such as mobile devices.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to change colors and modify buttons
  • Multiple custom shortcodes
  • Custom widgets
  • News sportsbook unique homepage designs
  • Different theme options, hidden affiliate links, and banner management section
  • Highly responsive design


Choose the Best Casino Affiliate Theme for WordPress

Because of its highly responsive design and customizability, a poker theme is an ideal option for a casino website. The theme is translation ready and features multilingual support. It can also be integrated with elementor for fast page building.

The outstanding support and customization options make this a great theme to consider when building your website. If you are building a casino website with a theme having multiple options you will need support. With a 24/7 support team, Flytonic provides invaluable support that will guide you as your website grows.

The selection of the best casino affiliate theme for WordPress is mainly based on your experience with WordPress and how easy it is for you to use the theme.

sports betting theme

Why Choose Flytonic Premium Themes

Highly responsive themes

All Flytonic themes are uniquely designed to fit different screen resolutions. You get a theme that looks great on all mobile devices and tablets.

Lifetime support

You get unlimited 24/7 support every time you purchase a casino affiliate theme for WordPress. This means you do not have to worry about ordering or installation issues, someone will always be available to help.

Easy to set up

Flytonic themes are easy to order, download and install. It will only take you a few minutes to add your content and you can start using your casino site.

Optimized to convert visitors to customers

All Flytonic themes are optimized for affiliates. They feature appealing tablets, call to action buttons and widgets.


Final Thoughts

A closer look at Flytonic’s successful casino affiliate themes for WordPress will help you realize that all our themes have several things in common. Besides allowing you to play the most popular games online, there are other things that they share.

It is now up to you to make the best decision. Becoming a successful affiliate is only possible if you put in enough time. However, we understand that you may not have all the time to check through all available casino affiliate themes for WordPress. For this reason, your first step must be the right option and this will be possible if you choose a casino affiliate theme for WordPress designed by Flytonic.



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