BetVictor Affiliates: Maximizing Earnings through Strategic Partnerships

Posted by Alice on January 8, 2023 in Affiliate Programs, Casino Affiliate programs

Betvictor Affiliates At A Glance

Betvictor Affiliates is a renowned affiliate scheme that offers lucrative commissions for referrals to leading casino brands run by the Betvictor Group. In this Betvictor Affiliates review, we’ll delve into what makes this gambling affiliate scheme stand out and why you should join it!

BetVictor is an experienced and popular gambling brand. Because of the increased demand, the company always makes sure that it delivers expert services enabling affiliates to earn good commissions by marketing the company’s products and services. Affiliate promotion in its archaic and modern forms has been a crucial part of the online gambling business. As an affiliate, in order for you to attract players in a competitive field such as online gaming needs creative solutions. Continue reading this Betvictor Affiliates review and learn how you can elevate your profits by receiving high commissions.

Betvictor Affiliates

Exclusive Deal 35% + Standard Falt Rate 30%

Full Terms & Conditions Apply

Betvictor Affiliates

Betvictor Affiliates is an exclusive affiliate program. You just have to open a free account, get tracking codes and receive your commission. Its that Simple!


  • No bundling
  • Stats updated everyday
  • No admin fees
  • Two-tier sub-affiliation scheme available upon request
  • lifetime revenue


  • Admin fees
  • Payments only made in USD

Overall Rating

Betvictor Affiliates Info

  • Affiliate Program: Betvictor Affiliates
  • Brands : Betvictor Casino
  • Commission Model: Revenue Share , CPA , Hybrid
  • Deals: Exclusive Deal 35% + Standard Falt Rate 30%
  • Verticals: Bingo , Casino , Lottery , Poker , SportsBook
  • License: UK Gambling Commission
  • Established: 1946
  • Payment Method: Bank Wire Transfer , Bitcoin , Skrill
  • Support: Live Chat, email
  • Countries : Norway , Sweden , Finland

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Betvictor Affiliates Program Overview

Discover the lucrative Betvictor Affiliates program, offering high commissions for referrals to top casino brands. Join today and elevate your profits

The company is properly licensed, so, its services are entirely legal and safe to market to potential players. BetVictor Affiliates is licensed by the Ireland Revenue commissioners and UKGC. On the other hand, the Gibraltar Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar government regulate all actions in different jurisdictions. BetVictor affiliates also outshine other programs out there, by offering fair commissions that potential players can access instantly after they finish with the registration process. The good thing is that this affiliate program doesn’t deduct anything from affiliates’ commissions and all the revenue share generated to the company is shared fairly. In addition to that, BetVictor is capable of offering incredible gambling commissions that gamers highly appreciate. That is just an introduction, below we will provide more essential details about BetVictor Affiliates.

The main reason why we are promoting this affiliate program is because of its revenue share and its effectiveness. It offers similar chances to all affiliates, that is, allows them to promote its products and services in the fast-growing gambling business. Moreover, it’s simple to tell that this is a safe affiliate program as it has been in the gambling business for a very long time, and it’s an undisputed success. Continue with our in-depth BetVictor Affiliates review and see the program operates. In the sections below, you will discover all the banking options utilized by the company when paying its affiliates, how many times they do it as well as if there are any extra charges. BetVictor Affiliates offer CPA deals and fair revenue shares that we will later discuss in detail. Before discussing more features of this affiliate program, let’s first see the revenue share offered.

Betvictor Affiliates Program Work?

Don’t be deceived by the modern look of this affiliate program- Betvictor was established more than a decade ago. But, the operator has been providing the same services since its launch back in the 1950s. Though approval is needed, any affiliate can register with this affiliate program. If you have to search for an affiliate program offering high-quality sports betting and casino games, BetVictor Affiliates is the best choice. In the past few years, most companies in the online gambling business have experienced high competition. As a result, we compared the best casino gaming affiliate programs available out there, and this is what we discovered about BetVictor affiliates.


  • High-quality services
  • Fast and reliable payments
  • Fair revenue share

Without a doubt, safety is the main feature that you should check out in any affiliate program before registering. Don’t be deceiving by the looks, first check out the license held by the affiliate program that you want to join. When it comes to BetVictor affiliates, this is the place where it outshines other UK gambling affiliate programs. The main reason why we chose this affiliate program is that it’s fully licensed and regulated by popular bodies. The company is popular in the United Kingdom marketplace and across the globe. Players believe in it to offer them authentic and genuine experience as well as safeguard their private details. Bearing that in mind, affiliates looking for a company that is able to deliver what they claim. In this case, what they want is good commissions, fast payments as well as high-quality technologies. Below, we will discuss more the revenue share offered by BetVictor affiliates.

Betvictor Affiliates Program Commission – CPA And Revenue Share

Some of the best affiliate program available in the online gaming industry provides continuous revenue share plans. Essentially, the commissions are somehow connected to the performance of the affiliates. But, this isn’t the case with BetVictor affiliates, as it offers commissions differently. All affiliates get a fixed percentage for the player’s lifetime. As a BetVictor Affiliate, you get a revenue share of 30% for all the first-time players that you refer. Moreover, based on the business that you run, the company offers a special deal 0f 35% for the initial 3 months. The tailor-made deals are private, therefore, you require to get in touch with the operator before you enroll.

All affiliates are also provided with a chance of making extra commissions through the available deals. The CPA deal is updated more often though offers a fixed commission of 15%. You will receive 15% for all non-targeted services and products that your players buy eventually. This method of earning is popularly known as Cross Over NetRevenue that affiliates can find the T&C section on the company’s site. As a result, we usually urge our readers to read that section because it could become essential for your performance. Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that this affiliate program features a negative carryover policy. Unluckily, you will be required to take care of the losses made by the company through the players that make big wins. The only thing that the company to cover up for the losses is by deducting your whole monthly winnings. Having said that, if you haven’t made enough commissions to settle the losses, the company will carry over this debt to the next month. You will also get any earnings for the next months until you settle the negative balances.

Associated Casino Brands

BetVictor Affiliates features only a single casino brand popularly known as BetVictor. When evaluating this affiliate program we discovered that they mainly focused on growing its current website instead of adding new ones. Without a doubt, that strategy has its pros and cons, but it’s worth focusing on the positive side. One major benefit of promoting a single brand is that you don’t have to go through all the features and available games of the brand you want to promote. This is very confusing and tiresome and you might end up making the wrong decision. This affiliate program has saved you that hassle for now. The only thing that will be required of you is to focus on BetVictor to drive high traffic that converts really well. The included online casino offers all gambling services including sports betting, live dealers, classic, and slots. The flexible plans enable you to pick just one or mix if you want. The revenue share is fixed regardless of the marketplace that you opt to focus on. Luckily, you don’t have to struggle because BetVictor casino has thousands of customers across the globe. It is popular for providing amazing bonuses, a flawless gaming environment, high-quality protection, and the best online games.

Payment Methods

Payments are made each month and for you to be allowed to withdraw your earnings, you must have a minimum of $50 in your account. Also, all earnings are transferred through a player’s account, Neteller or Skrill. You get your monthly commissions through an international or a UK bank transfer. But, when it comes to those methods, you must have at least $500 in your account for you to be allowed to make a withdrawal. Having said that, in case you own a playing account, then your deposits won’t be included in your monthly earnings. All payments are free of charge, but you should be careful because the bank might deduct some fees from your earnings. It’s not the responsibility of the company to which the bank charges any transaction fees. So, to avoid any frustrations at the end month, just read the T&Cs of the bank on their page. Here, you will learn all the dos and don’ts of your chosen bank.

Betvictor Affiliates Program Software

The BetVictor Affiliate program utilizes a popular software – Income Access. This is a fully established company that is situated in Canada, specifically in Montreal, and provided premium solutions since 2002. Today, the company’s network is spread across the globe with its offices in London, Brisbane, and Vancouver. This software – income access, enables both the affiliates and the operator to monitor the actions of the players, manage accounts as well prepare stats.

The BetVictor casino operates hand in hand with the leading software companies to ensure that they provide high-quality games. Software developers such as IGT, Pragmatic Play, and Net Entertainment, among others supply high-quality content that maintains the players engaged. Today, there are more than 400 slots, different roulette variations, casino poker versions, blackjack, and more than seventy live casino games.

Affiliate Marketing Tips

In this section, we’ve got the top casino affiliate marketing tips that can help increase revenue.

Find The Right Niche

If you haven’t already noticed, the affiliate marketing market has become very competitive. Nowadays, some casino affiliates are spending thousands of dollars on marketing per month, so, how do you level the competing ground? Only one word, choose your niche carefully.

Content is King

Content is the most important aspect if you need a stunning affiliate marketing website. PPC and SEO advertising are great, but if you really want to drive more organic traffic to your website, many search engines reward websites will well-written content, not just some uninteresting advertising spiel with randomly selected keywords. You can contact Flytonic for the best SEO services and quality content writing services.


A professional-looking affiliate marketing website will definitely outperform an amateur site. In these days of viruses, spyware, and identity theft, a professional-looking website helps instill more confidence in the people visiting your website. Check out our affordable WordPress maintenance and customization services for a superbly designed affiliate marketing site.


Forums, Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs, and RSS will help succeed as an online casino affiliate marketer. The more you engage potential players, the more willing they will be to interact with your website. Basically, you can use these social media platforms to interact with potential customers.


This affiliate program is the best choice for the affiliate who are willing to join the online gaming industry. The operator possesses high-quality market skills and knows what the affiliates need to drive high traffic. Affiliates can rely on the company’s experience to grow their business and get good commissions. BetVictor Affiliates offer all affiliates a fixed commission of 30%, which is good for the new starters. Although this isn’t the best offer compared to what is provided by the best programs in the gaming industry, you should count on other offers that can cover up the size of the revenue share. The high-quality customer support, on-time payments as well as cutting-edge technologies guarantee a potential strong development.

Before we conclude this detailed review, it’s worth mentioning that this company has its disadvantages as well. Because it’s hard to find a flawless program, you just have to know the weaknesses of your favorite company for you to develop the best strategy. First, you should learn that you will be marketing only one brand. So, in case you were looking to join an affiliate program that offers many brands, you should consider checking out Revenue Giants and Betway Partners. But, we will conclude by saying that this is a safe program to join as it has been in the gaming industry for more than a decade and is fully licensed by popular bodies.

Betvictor Affiliates FAQs

What is BetVictor affiliates?

BetVictor affiliates is a fully established program that offers affiliates with an advanced method of earning some extra profits. If you have a site that is casino oriented or you are capable of driving high traffics, you will get good commissions at the end of a month. As an affiliate with this program, you will get your commissions only once per month.

What revenue share is offered by BetVictor affiliates?

When you join this affiliate program you will get a fixed starting revenue share of 30%. But, to get this commission, you will be required to market the company’s bookie and casino products. Also, you will get additional commissions in case the players you referred buy secondary products that are not part of your package. Hybrid and CPA deals are available on request.

What online casinos are linked with BetVictor affiliate program?

You will only market a single brand when you join BetVictor affiliate program. This casino is highly appreciated and popular in the United Kingdom and across the globe. Also, players are provided with a suitable gambling environment. In simple words, you will be marketing a strong brand that have features intended for driving high traffic.

What software is used by BetVictor affiliates?

All potential affiliates will be using a popular software – Income Access. This software is delivered by a well-established and growing company that strives to offer cutting edge business solutions. With this software, you will be able to access several charts, stats and guides for good performance.

What banking methods are supported by BetVictor affiliate program?

Players can cash out and deposit money utilizing a wide selection of methods. But, affiliates can only get their monthly earnings through some e-wallets and bank transfers. Different payments methods will require you to meet different thresholds before you are allowed to cash out your earnings.

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