Best Ways To Attract Casino Affiliates To Your Program

Posted by Alice on January 8, 2023 in Affiliate Programs, Casino Affiliate programs

We recently posted a guide on how to build a casino affiliate marketing website to grow your business. If you’re not familiar with the concept, affiliates are independent marketers who refer your casino to players and usually receive a commission. Affiliates might be players on your website, but in most cases they are free webmasters, working on behalf of your online casino or sports betting site to bring in new players. But how do you do it, in this article, we’ll show your different ways to attract casino affiliates.

It’s very easy to start a gambling affiliate program, but that does not mean affiliates will join. After all, if your casino doesn’t offer high-quality games of fast payouts, attracting affiliates will be pretty difficult.

You’ve got an award-winning online casino or sportsbook. You are ready to establish your casino affiliate program, but all that’s missing are the affiliates. And although some brands invest lots of time and money soliciting and finding new partners, it’s better if the affiliates come to you. Here are tried and tested ways you can make your casino or sportsbook more attractive to potential affiliates.

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How To Attract Affiliates To Join Your Affiliate Program

In the year 2000, affiliate marketing increased in popularity and became the most popular method to drive sales and generate income. From that time, its popularity has never decreased and experts state that this trend will even gain more popularity in future. Affiliate marketing is the best way for ventures to leverage their loyal customers to market to new customers.

One major benefit of a venture running an affiliate program is that its sales are performance-driven. This simply means that you will only pay the advertiser once he/she directs a new customer to the business and makes a purchase.

Google Trends shows a climbing trend in keywords of affiliate marketing and has constantly climbed in the past few years. Search interest has also climbed to more than 200%. In fact, it’s estimated that by the end of the year 2023, firm investment in affiliate marketing within the US would reach $8.2 billion. These statistics are important, as they show you how important affiliate promotion is for your venture.

Our main aim is to provide you with helpful tips that you can use to drive many people to join your affiliate program. One difficulty most affiliates programs encounter especially the new ones is enticing people to sign up. People usually hesitate to sign up with a new affiliate program because of many reasons. In this article, we have listed 3 helpful tricks, which you can use to attract many affiliates to your program. Let’s dive right in!

1. Show Off Success Stories

Your happy players and sports bettors are ready to become casino affiliates. All it takes is just the right incentives and rewards. We wrote about a beginner’s guide to casino affiliate marketing guide and it’s important that you make it easy for affiliates to promote your brand.

Before any person takes the step to become an affiliate, they want to see real examples of their peers who have become successful casino affiliates. As a result, you should take your time to interview the happy affiliates about promoting your casino affiliate and how easy it was for them. The more success stories you’ll be able to display, the easier it becomes for other affiliates to join your casino or sports betting affiliate program.

How To Attract Partners To Join Your Affiliate Program

2. Design A Professional Affiliate-Landing Page

Affiliate testimonials are an incredible element to put on your affiliate sign-up page. It’s by far one of the best tools and materials to attract more affiliate partners. More so, these web pages should rank in Google for searches such as “[Your Casino] affiliate program” to make it much easier for people to join your site.

As you do this, you should follow the best SEO practices when creating the affiliate sign-up page. Tips include:

  • Dynamic content like testimonials or blogs
  • Easy to read content describing the affiliate program
  • Simple and clean navigation

If you aren’t sure, contact Flytonic WordPress experts for the best WordPress customization and maintenance services. Seeking help from the best in the affiliate marketing industry won’t hurt. Our experts will help create high quality display banners for your landing pages.

Best Ways To Attract Casino Affiliates To Your Program

3. Pay Commissions Quickly

While having the best-paying casino affiliate program is one of the best ways to attract casino affiliates, another great way you can bring affiliates home is by paying out the commission quickly. Nothing can kill the morale of casino affiliate marketers than late payments.

You should under-promise, but over-deliver. For instance, you can clearly state in your affiliate programs terms and conditions that all commissions are paid out, let’s before the 15th of each month, but actually make the payments on the 10th. This does wonders in improving the morale of your affiliates and will get them shouting about how great your gambling affiliate program is to all their friends. And if you choose to the 15th of each month, you must never be late. This is a very simple, yet effective way to attract casino affiliates to your program.

4. Contact Industry Influencers Directly

Influencers are playing a major role in business marketing and it’s almost impossible to miss them in a marketing blog or conference. These people have a huge following due to their popularity in a particular niche or even their knowledge. Influencers can be staying-at-home moms/fathers, painters, or even actors.

Based on a survey conducted by Rakuten, 80% of brands and 84% of publishers influence affiliate marketing.

You can increase your sales significantly by using influencer reach, choosing a suitable product depending on the platform as well as offering high-quality marketing material.

Influencers utilize these platforms for conditioning the mind of people about a service or product to reject or endorse it.

People across the globe are hooked to a variety of platforms including Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, among others. These platforms have become their daily routine.

For example, if you have an affiliate program that is based in the gambling industry, the perfect place to look for influencers to market your new accessories or games is YouTube.

For beginners, you shouldn’t go for the most famous influencers to market your affiliate program because they will definitely charge very high amounts to endorse your product. However, this isn’t an issue to worry about because you can still look for other influencers that you can work with, who will fit your planned budget. For instance, if you conduct a simple search on YouTube, you will see many gaming channels. Most of these influencers usually have a million subscribers, though even those having 50k or 200k subscribers can be of great help.

Now, after getting influencers that will fit your planned budget, you need to find out how you can reach out to them. The best thing is to go to their About Page. Here, you will see their contact information or just message them directly. Influencers will even offer you some advice on how to market your product.

5. Display Your Affiliate Program On Comparison Websites And Directories

Joining reliable and popular affiliate networks as well as directories like Flytonic will help you find many people to sign up.

Marketers usually use such networks for discovering new services or products to market. Additionally, when you become part of a particular network, chances are high that affiliates will be the ones to look after you instead of you searching after them.

These are niche sites though with high-quality traffic. Although such sites might not offer high traffic, their conversion is awesome. Also, there are comparison sites like Flytonic that enable brands to showcase their affiliate program as well as market to the publishers.

Ensure to provide these networks enticing incentives as well as a competitive commission structure. Also, you might require to offer marketing tools such as banners or graphics for your affiliates. So, what is the benefit of your affiliate program is listed on comparison sites or directories?

One major benefit of having your affiliate program listed in such networks is that they have many years of skill and experience and this will definitely help you run your affiliate program in the right direction.

6. Paid Advertising

We strongly recommend putting in the extra effort to organically attract new casino affiliates. However, if time isn’t on your side, advertising for casino affiliates is one of the most effective ways to attract casino affiliates.

For instance, buying ads on targeted websites such as flytonic where casino affiliates congregate is a great option. Running ads on gambling forums will also boost your exposure to gamblers. Find out where most of your audience flocks online and see whether the website accepts paid advertising.

After creating a blog on your specialized market, you can then utilize it to begin attracting more people to join your affiliate program.

Also, you can use paid tools, which can help you to connect with potential affiliates that have websites or blogs that meet your demands. Also, you can look for niche blogs in your specialized market and have them promote your affiliate program.

To have direct contact with them, just visit their blogs or websites, look for the About page, or Contact and email them. Make sure to provide them with something attractive, which will draw their attention. Also, if there are publishers that you are attracted to, you can go for them instead of waiting for them to reach out to you and discuss your business proposition.

7. Offer Superb Customer Support

Besides having an incredible online casino or sportsbook that turns dirt into gold, one of the best ways to attract casino affiliates is to have helpful customer service. It’s one of the best ways to engage your clientele base after a great sale, increase stickiness, and foster loyalty. And all the satisfied customers will refer their friends and family to your casino or sports betting site.

Ways To Attract Casino Affiliates

Final Thoughts

If you use all those methods that we have listed above, you will get more people for your product. But, that’s only the beginning, as you will require doing more than that. To make your affiliate marketing program successful, you need to offer attractive products, pay affiliates based on their performance, and offer substantial incentives.

Affiliates programs are very beneficial to many businesses. They can boost the existing client’s trust, boost sales as well as raise brand awareness. Having said that, many companies depend on affiliate marketing.

Affiliates that decide to work with you, act as brand advocates. And similar to other businesses out there, make sure to maintain the brand’s integrity. Also, you require to be very careful when picking an affiliate program that you will be working with and the material they will be using when marketing your business. Affiliate marketing can boost your eCommerce business significantly and help increase your sales.

Read to promote your casino affiliate program, check out flytonic WordPress casino themes for affiliate marketers.

Hopefully, this article has helped you find ways to attract casino affiliates to your program. if you liked this guide, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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