Best Fantasy Sports WordPress Themes

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Fantasy Sports WordPress Themes

Daily Fantasy Sports have become increasingly popular over the past few years. It’s without a doubt that eSports enthusiasts in the United States are loving it. Just years ago if you were in a fantasy sports league you paid into it, drafted your team, and then if your team sucked you were done for the season. It was miserable. With a daily fantasy sports website, you can play almost every day and if you have a bad day you start from fresh the next day. It’s way more fun and much more addicting. All you need to boost your WordPress fantasy sports affiliate website is the best Fantasy Sports WordPress Themes by Flytonic.

Our Best Fantasy Sports Afffiliate Themes

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Daily fantasy sports are really picking up steam and the insane numbers prove it. Fanduel and Draftkings each expect to pay out over 1 billion dollars in prize money for 2023 alone. The potential for growth is massive considering just a fraction of the players playing fantasy sports are playing on daily fantasy sports websites and mobile apps. Because of the growth possibilities, these daily fantasy sports companies are shelling out huge amounts of money right now to get as many users as possible early on. The battle between daily fantasy sports websites for users has led to whopping payouts for affiliate marketers and our quick guide will help you get started earning your chunk of the profits.

Before I give you a step-by-step guide on how you can start running your own website and break in on the ground floor, I want to tell you about three of the programs these companies are offering for affiliate marketers.

Daily Fantasy Sports Affiliate Recommendations


Fantasy Sports WordPress Themes

Are you looking into ways through which you can improve your fantasy sports affiliate website? If so, the multipurpose Fantasy sports theme by Flytonic will do exactly that. This is a multi-use and highly responsive WordPress theme that will help take your affiliate website to the next level.


Right now Fanduel has an amazing affiliate program. If you get someone to sign up using your link, you will receive a cut of the profits from every single time they pay an entry fee to a league. It costs absolutely nothing to you and they will actually provide you with promotional material and links for your website for free. Fanduel has no cap on the amount of commissions you can earn once someone has signed up under your link. You get commission checks for life! Their program allows for easy tracking. Once you’re signed up you can log in and keep track of each person and all of the commission you’re earning.


It’s hard not to notice what Draftkings has been doing with their marketing. They’re making a huge push to be #1 and have advertisements everywhere. Draftkings also has an awesome affiliate program in place. Basically, you receive 20% of the revenue from every player you sign up, BUT if you sign up for just 2 players every month your revenue split goes up to 35%. That’s 35% of every player you sign up for forever! Draftkings also has great tracking software so you can keep up with commissions.

Other Companies

Outside of the big two some other suggestions area StarsDraft (who partnered up with PokerStars company), Fantasy Aces, and Fantasy Draft.

With all the exposure for Draftkings and Fanduel, it would be wise to also market smaller DFS sites that visitors might not already have an account with.

Getting Started as an Affiliate in Fantasy Sports

1. Start a niche website

What are you most knowledgeable about? Fantasy soccer? Football? Baseball? Select one and go for it. Now narrow it down even further and make it a “daily” fantasy website for the fantasy sport of your choice. There simply are already too many big boys that cover all fantasy sports like and you can’t compete, especially as a 1 man team.  So start with something unique and become an expert in that niche.

2. Pick the best Fantasy Sports WordPress Themes or design your own site

If you want to get started as an affiliate the quickest, it is best to pick a WordPress theme and start writing content immediately.    You might want to look at our new Sports Theme for WordPress.  You can easily promote your affiliate websites and add banners manage content very easily with it.

There are also plenty of other blog-type WordPress themes out there that might work as well. Be sure to install the WordPress SEO plugin and you are set to go.

3. Capture Emails!

Once you get your site set up, be sure to add some type of email capture or newsletter signup area on your site. The single most important type of following you can have is your e-mail following.   By building up an email list, you are able to send fantasy tips, picks, news, and promotions any time you want.   You can perhaps send weekly lineup picks, or a newsletter on fantasy strategy, the ideas are unlimited.

4. Use social media

Twitter and Facebook can be very important especially in the Daily Fantasy niche.  People are always looking for last-minute lineup advice, the latest injury news, or perhaps free-roll tournaments that are about to start.  Interact with your followers and reach out to other industry experts.  If you want to be serious about this niche then you are going to need to network with other serious industry leaders.

5. Stay focused and be patient

Do not expect results right away, it does not happen overnight.  Your focus should be on building relationships and providing value to your visitors and customers.  Money and advertising opportunities will come as things grow, so do not make that your focus initially.

Seeing a little bit of money come in from commissions will keep you hungry and motivated throughout the process of building up your brand and website.

Bonus Tip*

If you’re looking for a more a better solution and you are willing to spend some extra money to get you started, check out Fan Victor. Their WordPress plugin will have you ready to start making money in no time. With Fan Victor, you can create your own Daily Fantasy Sports Site like Fanduel. With FanVictor you just need to worry about promoting your website and driving traffic to it with the highly versatile Fantasy Sports WordPress Themes.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What the best Fantasy sports WordPress theme?

Looking for a premium WordPress theme for your eSports affiliate website? If So, check out Flytonic’s high quality WP Fantasy Sports theme today for a stunning affiliate marketing website.

What is Fantasy Sports WordPress Theme?

It’s a high quality premium WordPress theme for affiliate marketers. The good news is that it’s available at very affordable rates.

Where can I get a free fantasy sports website template?

Unfortunately, you cannot get the fantasy WordPress theme for free. However, if you want to have a feel at the theme, you check out Flytonic’s demo mode for a preview of how the theme works.

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