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Posted by Flytonic on January 8, 2023 in Website Building

Over the past few years, the eSports industry has grown tremendously in terms of revenue and viewership. The increased number of people watching eSports is what has largely contributed to the increased growth in revenue and this is not just because the viewers are generating this revenue. The generated revenue comes from top brands that have realized that eSports can help them reach and engage a larger audience. As a result, these brands have invested in eSports marketing either directly or directly. Wondering where you can find the latest information about eSports betting, Flytonic casino recommends the best eSports betting sites. In this post, we have featured the best eSports betting themes that you can take advantage of to build a professional-looking site without much hassle.

Our eSports Betting Affiliate Themes

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eSports Betting Affiliate Themes

Placing real money bets on eSport matches has also grown very fast over the past few years. Research shows that eSports betting has even grown more than the sport itself. What was a few years ago an informal system of gambling mainly conducted between acquaintances and friends has quickly mushroomed into a sector where there are millions of dollars being risked annually by millions of players coming from almost all corners around the world.

Flytonic casino is one of the best places where you can find legit information about online esports betting. It also offers you a chance to learn about other forms of online sports betting. This will help you get answers to some of the queries that you might have regarding betting on sports.

Best eSports WordPress Themes 2023

The best way through which you can promote esports games as an affiliate or even market your sports products is by having a website. The good news is that this can be very easy for you if you choose to use any of the WordPress fantasy sports themes to set up your affiliate website in few minutes.

Whether you are an avid developer starting an affiliate website or making games, it is quite important for you to have an information hub where your customers and fans can learn more about the betting site you are promoting or the products you are selling.

Nowadays, gaming and sporting events have become highly profitable industries. Essentially, a YouTube channel is enough to earn you millions of dollars. You get to earn all this money from your YouTube channel if people stream gaming videos. Having a great sportsbook affiliate website will not only help your website become more visible online, but it will also help you sell your own products or services. Thanks to WordPress, it is now very easy for you to build a website with all these amazing functions without the need to spend lots of your hard-earned money on website development agencies.

Flytonic Top Premium eSports WordPress themes

As mentioned earlier, the esports industry has been found to be one of the most engaging and fast-growing within today’s internet audience. eSports offers lots of fun, not just while you are watching live streams from interesting video game reviews or professional gamers, but also while playing. Ever since the esports gaming industry was established, it has evolved a lot. As of now, esports is not just a form of entertainment, but is a fast-evolving professional business, a source of limitless creativity and recognize online sports disciple.

On the other hand, WordPress is the best platform that doesn’t shy away from following trends. Technically, WordPress doesn’t miss on a chance to become a platform where millions of gambling and betting sites are based and evolve. If you are an esports fanatic, professional gamer, gaming blogger or you focus on creating content for video games, then you should pay attention to exactly what WordPress has to offer. However, WordPress will not be enough to create a great website. You also need to find some amazing WordPress themes to improve your website. This is where Flytonic expert theme designers step in. Flytonic focuses on nothing else, but designing premium casino affiliates WordPress themes for casino and sports betting.

How To Use Flytonic eSports Betting Theme

Are you interested in building a killer website for your video game tournament, esports team, gaming clan or an affiliate website? If so, the esports betting theme by Flytonic is exactly what you need.

Here we focus all our attention on the WordPress themes devoted to sports betting affiliates and everything about the theme. We have listed the most useful and fascinating WordPress themes created by Flytonic experts. With the increased popularity of esports betting, creating an affiliate website can be a great way to earn more money. It is for this reason that we don’t want you to be left behind by the fast-evolving sports betting industry, by recommending the best eSports betting themes. Choose one that comes with casino review plugin to make your esports website stand out.

 eSports Betting Themes

The esports betting theme by Flytonic is a great WordPress theme built and designed for affiliate WordPress websites. This is an amazing way to build a website for your esports affiliate website so that you can promote the leading esports betting websites. Furthermore, you can also use this theme to create websites for the eSports clan or team that you support.

With this impeccable WordPress theme, it will be very easy for you to share recordings and live streams, tournaments and show events that you are promoting, create the team profiles and much more. One thing that you will be happy to know is that this eSports betting theme can help boost your website’s online visibility and ultimately improve your website.

Designed For eSports and eSports Betting Sites

Esports betting theme is specifically built with teams, eSports professionals, Gamers and sportsbooks in mind. Everything about this WordPress theme will help you create an amazing website to support and promote your sportsbook or esports betting websites.

Whether you are looking to build a simple affiliate website to promote your casino or sportsbook, or you are creating an eSports website for your team, or you just want a place to share your videos and streams, this is the best way to get started.

Teams, Tournaments, Streams + More

If you check the eSports betting theme demo, you will notice that it showcases all the functionality of this great theme. Also, you can easily create pages that include live streams, create tournaments and events (with costs, dates and much more). Not to forget the team pages with profiles and players.

Moreover, you can choose to use your affiliate website to showcase the eSports team sponsorship, create sporting blogs, magazines and more. The good news is that you are in total control of everything on your website. Furthermore, it will help you create a great site that stands out from others in your industry.

Are you interested in building an online store to sell eSports tickets or merchandise? This WordPress theme comes with WooCommerce support that allows you to build a marketing website and sell your products or promotes products or services being sold by another company.

Built The Website Your Way

The eSports betting theme by Flytonic provides you with an immersive feel as you navigate around your website with parallax transitions, scroll effects, and subtle animations. You can easily modify and control all these yourself. This means it will be very easy for you to control everything happening on your website without any hassle.

Furthermore, the eSports betting themes are created on WordPress, which makes it easier for you to create your own layouts and pages and comes with a drag and drop feature.

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