WordPress Custom Dashboard with WooCommerce Product Page Creation

Posted by Flytonic on April 10, 2020 in Website Design, WordPress

Wondering what is wordpress custom dashboard?

At present, most of the web developers are now engaging in the wordpress website design and development through wordpress custom dashboard maintenance. You know wordpress dashboard is also known as WP admin panel. After logging into any wordpress website, you can see an administrative area comes first. It is actually referred to as a wordpress dashboard where you can manage your wordpress website within a systematic way. This dashboard can be customized due to the interest of the website owner. It helps to ensure a good-looking website for the users. Customization is a classified task because only a skilled wordpress developer can do it by applying his practical experience.

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Wordpress Support

Whatever, a wordpress custom dashboard is customized WP dashboard which ensures value added services like managing the existing contents, adding the functionality of plugins and widgets, changing the style of themes and lots more. Besides the regular tasks of WP admin panel, this customized dashboard ensures adding some extra value in the wordpress performance where a developer can easily make and change the existing things within an efficient way. The prime interest of customization of wordpress dashboard is the value generation to the audience. The target customer will feel interest in modified sites where the contents are shown classified within a showcase.

A lot of clients are looking for customized wordpress sites for their business expansion. The target audience is the focus zone of the company where people can easily make an understanding of the company’s goods and services. In this way, the site has become also user-friendly. Customers and stakeholders feel conformed to surf into the pages of the website. To ensure wordpress custom dashboard management, you have to go to the consultant for getting consultation. If you are looking for a wordpress website customization service, you can contact us.

What are the core advantages of wordpress custom dashboard?

A discrete wordpress website developer is careful about building a wordpress custom dashboard. He wants to compete with any other parallel competitors so that his website can accelerate the high position of the google ranking. That is why a lot of consultant farms are working form this customization service for the customers. Some of them provide online guidance for the developers to make customization of wordpress dashboard.[1] There are a lot of SEO tools which are required for ascending to the high position of the google. If you are not careful about wordpress customization service, you must be lagging behind the competition. For these reasons and some core advantages, a prudent owner and developer is depending on wordpress custom dashboard maintenance. Now I am going to share with you the core advantages of wordpress custom dashboard.

Customize everything:

It is important to know that wordpress dashboard management is important for managing your website efficiently. By ensuring customization of your wordpress, you can make each of the parts of the website customized as per your own interest. WordPress themes, plugins, widgets etc. can be customized as per concurrent demand and choice of the customers and also website owners. Eventually, you can ensure a good outlooking and light website which ensures a light and fast website interface for all stakeholders. In this way, you can customize everything in your website. Without doing so, you cannot survive in the competition in the world of website development.

In addition, people have a different choice as per the current demand and trend. You can make a good and supportive website by managing a customized wordpress admin panel. It is helpful in classifying the existing things of your website and capable of redesigning the current state of the website. That is why the demand for custom wordpress dashboard management is growing higher and higher. Today, the site which is lighter and more customized, is more valuable to the stakeholders. As a result, you have to care about customization of the dashboard to ensure a good website for all. It is also like the asset management system. To ensure customize everything in your website, you have to pay attention to the wordpress custom dashboard system.

One stop service center:

Most of the people who have a sound knowledge of wordpress customization, they believe that wordpress custom dashboard is the essential strategy for ensuring a one stop service center for your website. It is very rational to say because this customized panel is working like one stop service center where you can make your website have a very good outlook and user-friendly essence for the long run. WordPress admin panel is a strong zone for managing your website because each and every tool is available here. You can see that people from different countries are depending on websites for business expansion. There are a lot of tools and techniques used in website ranking in google. That is why it is essential for all to make a competition in getting high ranking in google.

There are some consultation farms who are dealing with wordpress customization service for the limited knowledgeable owners. We are like this type of institution. We are providing guidance for the people or companies who are seeking customization service in wordpress and also content writing services. You can get us suitable in your business expansion because there are a lot of customers who are dealing with us. We are providing a one stop service center for supporting the new companies or websites. There are a lot of people who are taking service from us. We have a support team for wordpress customization service within a short timeline. You can confidently contact us regarding any types of wordpress services of wordpress.

Drill in details information:

It is important to understand that people are depending on customization of a dashboard so that they can manage and regulate the website and its information within a systematic way. It is true that people in various parts of the world are now depending on wordpress based websites rather than any type of manual website. You can get details of all of your information in a wordpress website where customization is required for making all things user-friendly. It is important to the end that all potential users are trying to get all information in detail to a website. The haphazard information is making the website hackneyed and dull. It also makes a negative impression on the clients and stakeholders. In this way, Google is not supporting such negative impressions.

That is why you are obviously bound to make detailed and informative support of information for the people who are seeking for the latest news. WordPress custom dashboard is helpful for acquiring all potential information of a website. In this way, the website becomes useful and informative for the latest and valuable information. The widget of the page and post is helpful for getting all latest and customer friendly posts seen at the top of the page. In this way, your website can be more customized than that of any others. It is essential to exemplify your website to the existing customers and potential customers. Above all, you need to make your dashboard customized to get more traffic.

Wordpress Support

 Inherent data & chart presentation:

The website which is dealing with more data and analytics, it is more valuable to the clients. There are a lot of strategies lying in this system. The wordpress site is also helpful for making this thing successful. People want to know the comparison of various goods with the latest offers. They are also interested to know about the comparison of the goods and services with any others. It also makes a comparison with the current offers and services provided by the parallel customers. That is why you have to judge yourself and make it potential to the customers. The customized wordpress dashboard helps to do so. You can see that all of the wordpress sites are user-friendly and informative. They are offering various services for the clients and make a comparison with the same level of goods or services. Customization makes it better for the customer’s understanding.

In addition, you have to make comparisons with other company’s products by showing the pie-chart, bars, symbols and any other graphics tools. In this way, you can ensure a good and productive site for the customers. They must benefit from this website to evaluate the correct and supportive information for their personal and career life. It also seems that inherent data presentation makes them trustworthy in the work of comparison. People are conscious about the latest information and the market mechanism. They want to make it better for their life and they are seeking for the betterment of their choice. That is why, you have to ensure a good comparison and inherent data presentation to make them truthful to your site. Here, wordpress’ custom dashboard is effective and helpful.

Mobile device friendly:

WordPress custom dashboard is a helpful tool for making your website mobile device friendly. There are a lot of people who are trying to make it successful for the long run of their business expansion. You can see that some of the wordpress sites are not mobile device friendly. They are looking different on computers and mobile devices. They have a great difference in their way of managing the system. It is not a user-friendly attitude. There are a lot of companies trying to make a solution. But without making your website, you cannot make it user-friendly. That is why you are directly or indirectly involved in customization or your wordpress dashboard.

At the same time, you have to think about content management because the interface is an important character. Without making a user-friendly interface, you cannot expect for a good site and also for a long-term benefit from it. You have to customize the wordpress dashboard where you can enable your website interface management. In this way, the outlook and the compatibility of the site for mobile devices. If you can do it successfully, your website will be looking the same as computer and mobile devices. In this way, your site will generate values for the long run.

Finally, it is an important part of the website development process. You have to ensure a wordpress custom dashboard for your website maintenance so that people can get a faith in your website. You will catch a lot of potential customers for the next level of business expansion. It will also make a good impression for your website and its maintenance. So, now people are emphasizing in customization of wordpress dashboard and its efficacy. There are a lot of renowned companies like us that are providing support for this prospect.

What is White Label CMS Plugin?

It is the time to make CMS that means a content management system more powerful than that of the previous time. people are interested to know and get systemic and informative content in a particular website. Customers are visiting these sites which are informative and naturally content managing for the clients. That is why, developers invented a plugin which is named by ‘White Label CMS Plugin’. It ensures the removal of confusion in the content management system. At present time, the use of this plugin is everywhere. Almost all wordpress develops are using it as an essential tool for their wordpress customization. There are a lot of plugin experts offering this service where we are one of the renowned white label CMS plugin management. You can contact us if you have any query about using white label CMS plugin and wordpress custom dashboard management system.

The White Label CMS plugin is such a type of plugin which is used for the clients who are interested to get personalized and also receive less confusing CMS. So, the importance and use of this plugin is increasing day by day. If you are thinking about wordpress custom dashboard, you must have a use of this plugin. It is not only helpful for content management, but also helps to make a comparison between your site with any other site. In this way, the value of your content and managing it as per customer demand will be enhanced. The mutual understanding of various customers and clients will make it proper for your end. As a result, the impotence and use of this plugin is becoming widespread. Sometimes, new wordpress users want to know about the actual benefits of using it. I am now going to discuss it.

What are the benefits of using white label CMS plugin?

Once a group of people asked me about some strategy of using a custom dashboard on a website. As a prudent manager of a wordpress development company, I have told some benefits about using white label CMS plugin for custom dashboard management. It was very helpful for the people who were new in this classified area. At the same time, some experts have some questions about it. I was trying to face these questions and answer them as per my best performance.

Whatever, it is an essential part of your business that you are looking for serving the people with value adding information. There are a lot of websites doing the same things. But you can be gainer if you follow some techniques. There are many tools available on the website. You can use them and make an advantage for your business. Like this strategy, you can choose white label CMS plaguing. It is very useful and one of the most lucrative tools for managing your wordpress custom widget and also content management. Some people have claimed that they have found it useful in many ways. I am now going to describe some core benefits of using it. Let’s say!

Establish your generic wordpress branding:

All of the wordpress owners are interested in spreading their generic brands to the globe. It is essential to capture the whole market by ensuring value adding to your website. Please don’t make garbage! There are a lot of sites doing this. If you are capable of customizing your wordpress plugins, you must catch the world of customers. By using white label CMS plugin, you can do it easily. This plugin helps you to make your website very strong for the current audience where you can promote your branding successfully. People are highly interested to do so. They are also looking for a suitable strategy for developing the business. so, sometimes they are seeking this service and pay whatever they require. It is essential for all of the potential customers and also owners.

At the same time, you have to think about your WP panel customization where you are capable of making good for your business development. A customized dashboard ensures customers and also owners of the website to satisfy the demand. In this way, you can ensure your generic wordpress establishment and branding the company’s value. Actually, your white label CMS plugin will ensure your traffic increases and make it a long-term strategy for your business and brand evaluation. It is becoming very important day by day. So, all customized websites and dashboard try to engage with this plugin and try to capture the whole market within a short time.

Customize your login page of wordpress:

By using this plugin, you can certainly ensure the customization of your website’s login page. White label CMS plugin is useful for this purpose. All of the wordpress users acknowledge that the login page is very crucial and informative in this purpose. You can see that if there is any mistake in this area, you will face a difficult challenge here. Without login in to the dashboard, you cannot make any change in your website. All of your work is totally depending on your login approach. It is obviously required as like normal login information. But the customized website requires special login through the plugin which helps the website to ensure a secured penetration of information.

At the same time, you have to keep in mind that people try to make his website very classified into the world wide web consortium. For this reason, you have to modify your login page to ensure a better output from your website. By using white label CMS plugin, you can make a change in your website. There are a lot of options available in your website’s dashboard. You can make it suitable and informative for your audience. This plugin is helpful for customizing your dashboard where you can manage all of your posts, widgets, plugin etc. are very well furnished. Some optimistic people believe that it has made the customization dashboard very easy for the developers and users also. That is why the limited knowledgeable people now can do a very good job in wordpress custom dashboard management within a short time.

Add your own custom dashboard widget in welcome panel:

After logging into the WP admin panel, you have looked at a complex interface of the website. sometimes it has become difficult for all users who have limited knowledge about it. If you have limited knowledge of website management, you must feel there is a problem here. But you have to be strategic in custom dashboard management. You might have a custom dashboard plugin for your website management. It can be developed by yourself or any other people. You can benefit from this plugin if you can manage it perfectly. That is why you have to ensure the installation of white label CMS plugin in your website. It helps to place your custom dashboard widget in the welcome panel of your website. It must be easier for you to manage the dashboard and website within a short cut way.

On the other hand, your customized wordpress dashboard is very complex or haphazard where it is difficult to manage in general. That is why you need a customized plugin which helps this dashboard management within a simple way. Some of the experts believe that it is a complex issue if you have no knowledge about wordpress customization. But it is sure that you have to have a basic knowledge of wordpress plugin and widget customization. There are a lot of people who are working with white label CMS plugins where they have done very good and classified wordpress custom dashboard for content management. In this way, they are generating values for the target customers. Some companies are serving dashboard customization like us. You can try our wordpress website customization service within a reasonable price.

Include your own RSS feed as a dashboard widget:

RSS feed is a web feed which allows all users and applications to access into the standard and computer readable format of updates to the website. It is essential for all websites to ensure the update of users and applications in related news and information in time to time. White label CMS plugin helps developers to install their customized RSS feed to dashboard as a custom widget. It is a useful issue in website management systems. In this way, they can attract the customers and also potential stakeholders to surf into the website. Your website might be popular or not but this strategy is helpful for this purpose. At the same time, you have to ensure a better feedback from customers where your customized website can do it easily.

In addition, RSS feed is important to all users that it sends all news and information directly to the users. As a result, you have not worried about the promotion of your information. In this way, you can get some loyal customers or readers for your website. In this way, it is helpful in wordpress customization. By using white label CMS plugin, you can ensure a customized RSS feed for your wordpress website. In this way, you can actually include your own RSS feed as a widget in your website. Without white label CMS plugin, it is difficult to manage and maintain properly.

Hide menu items from the sidebar or top toolbar:

There are a lot of menus in the wordpress sidebar or top toolbar. Sometimes, it can be difficult to manage perfectly. You cannot tolerate it for a long time. Gradually, it has become one of the great challenges to hide it whenever it is needed. There are a lot of strategies applying in this area. If you can ensure the use of white label CMS plugin, you can surely do it. There are some experts using this formula because of this annoying task. You can also try it perfectly. Without having this plugin, the wordpress dashboard becomes very haphazard when there are a lot of widgets and plugins into the website. if the site is small or less than standard, you must try it because it is the perfect time for managing your website.

On the other hand, wordpress customize dashboard is also an important part of your business development. You can see that some people are ignoring it and they are suffering in content management when the posts and pages are becoming high in a website. You cannot deny it in your initial stage of web development. A customized wordpress dashboard will help you from big difficulties in future. For this reason, you have to think about it and use white label CMS plugin for your website management. This plugin is helpful for managing and hiding the menu items from the sidebar and also from the top toolbar. If you are thinking about the various plugins of wordpress, you can try our casino affiliates wordpress plugin for your website. You can view the demo before purchasing it. So, Let’s try!

Disable your wordpress toolbar:

It is very important to make sometimes disable toolbar from wordpress. You have to maintain it in occasionally. After all, you have to think about it and apply a strategy in your work. There are a lot of wordpress experts who are dealing with dashboard customization service. You can see that people are working for a customization of dashboard which is a difficult task. By applying the plugin of white label CMS, you can easily make disable the wordpress toolbar. In this way, you can manage the WP admin panel where there are a lot of posts and pages are available in your site. In addition, you can hide toolbar for making the admin panel perfect in your end. Any developer can manage a difficult wp admin panel within an efficient way. That is why people are becoming dependent on white label CMS plugin for administering the wordpress admin panel.

Finally, you can see how important the white label CMS plugin is in wordpress dashboard customization. The importance is growing day by day and people are becoming dependent on classified tasks. That is why most of the renowned developers are trying to customize their wordpress dashboard to maintain huge tasks of the wordpress. It is becoming attractive day by day to the new and existing developers of wordpress.

How do you customize wordpress dashboard by using white label CMS plugin?

White Label CMS is a powerful plugin for customizing your wordpress dashboard. We have already talked about the benefits of white label CMS plugin. It is very important in the present time. Some of us don’t know about the customization system of the dashboard by using this plugin. There are a lot of web developing companies that are serving this plugin installation. You can easily get it by paying a little amount. Today, I am going to describe it in step by step. Let’s start!

Step-1: Run setup wizard:

Firstly, you have to search for the free plugin of ‘White Label CMS Plugin’ and install it in your wordpress platform. You have to do it in your first attempt. After installation and activation of this plugin, you have to go to the dashboard and choose the ‘Setting’ option. Then go to the ‘White Label CMS’ plugin.

CMS Plugin

Then, you have to click to the next page. You will see the following picture of what I have attached. Here you have to put ‘Business Name’ and ‘Login Logo’ so that you can see it in the WP panel. It is very important to make sure in setup service.


Step-2: Customize other branding:

After completion of the full setup procedure, you have to unlock the full settings area. It will help to reveal the full access to the plugin and its options. There are a lot of options that will be disclosed in this part.

From this unlocked pack, you can see the ‘Branding’ tab. From there you will configure the settings. You can ensure which part you will modify or hide. You can also replace your branding logo and other things within a short way.


Step-3: Customize login page:

After completion of the ‘Branding’ section, you have to go to the ‘Login’ section. In this section, you can get benefits of ‘hiding register and forgot password link’. Obviously, you can ‘hide back to link’. Above all, here you can change the color of different parts of the form. It is essential for customizing your login page so that people can get it user friendly for the long run.


Step-4: Add custom dashboard widget:

In this section, you can add your custom dashboard to the regular dashboard panel. It allows you to make customization of the main wordpress dashboard page. You can see the attached image of this customized dashboard.


Here, you can add your own HTML which allows you to add images and videos. You can also change the template of your wordpress if you have such a qualitative template.


Step-5: Customize sidebar menu and toolbar

In this section, you have to customize the sidebar and toolbar of your wordpress. If you have many plugins activated in your site, you have to organize them within a furnished way. You can fix these issues by going to the tab of ‘Menus’. It is really simple to manage.


In this way, you can actually customize your wordpress dashboard by using white label CMS plugin. It is very common and useful for all people who are thinking about a wordpress customize dashboard for building a lucrative and user-friendly website.

How can you ‘customize WooCommerce product page’?

There are a lot of people who are using WooCommerce plugin for ecommerce site development. There is another tool which is named by ‘Elementor WooCommerce Builder’. It is used for WooCommerce product template building and management.

You have to initially set up ‘Elementor WooCommerce Builder’ for customizing WooCommerce product pages. It is very simple like installation of an application software. You can make it as your own try. Then move to the next stage of customization.

Step 1: Create the single product template:

In the initial stage of the customize WooCommerce product page, you have to design a single product template. You can get more ideas about using the WooCommerce plugin in our other blog. Above all, you have to choose template type and name of your template. Finally, press to create a template to ensure a perfect template for your single product.


Step 2: Choose a pre-designed product page template:

In this stage, you can choose a product page template which will be very easy for customizing the product page. You can customize it as per the fitness of your template. You can choose your product page from a variety of pages in the library. It is upon your choice. There are a lot of online tutorials are also available in this prospect.[3]

It is important to ensure the switching of a full-width template before adding the widgets for your ‘customize WooCommerce product page’. By using Elementor, you can customize layout and the style of the product page. It is an important issue in pre-designing product page templates.


Step 3: Add the product widgets:

It is the time for building the elements of your ‘customize WooCommerce product page’. You have to add the product widgets as per your desired design and choice.



There are a lot of widgets available online which are absolutely free widgets. You can use as per your design fitness and also your choice. It should be kept in mind that all things should be under thinking of customer satisfaction. Please don’t hyperbolize!

Step 4: Preview the product page compared with another product:

It is the time to make a preview of your product template ready and right as per design. You have to check and recheck it. If there is any mistake here, you have to activate this page online.


To make this judgement, you have to click on the ‘Eye Icon’ of the bottom left panel. From settings, you have to go under ‘Preview Setting’. Then choose what product you want to make display. Finally, apply and review on the page what you want to make it live.

Step 5: Set the Conditions:

This is the final part before publishing into the live. You can set the conditions about publishing a post. It is also helpful that you are capable of selecting the category where you want to make a place for people’s review and order. There are a lot of issues available here. You can also make it as your own because the ‘customize WooCommerce product page’ is your imagination and your creativity. You have to care about it. Finally, if everything is well, you can press on the ‘Publish’ button to make it live.


Above all, we are now capable of knowing about the ‘customize WooCommerce product page’ creation and maintenance it for the target audience. You have to be careful about this customization because a lot of people have made mistakes in various stages. Above all, you have to make concentration in each of the page creation and modification (if required). Otherwise, the whole process and system of the ‘customize WooCommerce product page’ will go under water. As a prudent eCommerce expert, you have to always judge about it and make user-friendly issues every time. To consult with our WooCommerce experts and get more information on using WooCommerce plugin, you can contact us.


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