Which Casino Affiliate System Should You Choose?

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You can choose to work with casino operators directly because they all have their own gambling affiliate programs or with leading affiliate networks that combine different casino brands under one roof. Each of these options has its own pros and cons. The most important thing is to choose which are the best casino affiliate systems you can work with.

Working directly with casino operators means more work for you because you will have to deal with each of these operators differently. But the good news is that you can still get better commission rates from these individual affiliate programs.

On the other hand, affiliate networks are known to take away the stress and hassle of dealing with multiple contacts. The only drawback is that the incentives are slightly lower because the operators will take a share of your profits. However, they might be ideal for new casino affiliates.

Best Casino Affiliate Systems

But regardless of the route you choose to take, both of them follow the same payment affiliate systems. Therefore, keep reading to find the main casino affiliate systems that might be of interest to you, especially if you’re looking to know how to become an online casino affiliate or a sportsbook affiliate.

1. CPL

Cost Per Lead or Pay Per Click means you’ll get paid if leads are categorized as legit prospects before you sell to them. For instance, if a player signs up at an online casino through one of the links on your affiliate marketing website.

Most casino sites pay about $10 per registration. But after the referred player proves to be of good quality, which means you regularly, refer depositing players. Most of the deals come as a deposit requirement, which means the player must deposit for you to receive a commission.

Best Casino Affiliate Systems

2. CPA

Also known as Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition, this is a system where you get paid each time a player completes a certain action, especially with regards to depositing money on the sportsbook or online casino.

In simple terms, a CPA is a complimentary CPA system that rewards affiliates for converted casino players. Because casino operators only pay affiliates for the actions taken by the players they refer to the platform, the payout largely depends on a specific life cycle, which means the time the customer utilizes a service or comes back to play at the casino.

Essentially, you can expect about $200 per referral, especially if all the referred players take action.

The CPL and CPA systems are the top deals if you are just getting started and want to make some dollars. Nevertheless, you may want to try and split test the two, to find out what is more profitable. It also depends on the source of traffic.

3. Revenue Share

Next on our list of the best casino affiliate systems is Revenue Share. The revenue share means you get to take home a certain percentage of the referral’s lifetime profits if they’ve signed up via a link on your casino affiliate website. It’s the most common casino affiliate system amongst gambling affiliates.

The RevShare model is exactly where money is. If you can find some big spenders (the high rollers who don’t mind spending a thousand dollars per session), you’ll receive a share of this. The revenue share percentage often ranges from 15% to 60%, depending on the type of casino affiliate program you choose. Basically, the amount you get varies based on the number of players you recommend.

The only drawback is that you cannot control whatever happens on the affiliate network or program. Therefore, if the players you refer aren’t treated well at that particular casino, they will opt to play at another online casino. Reasons might be lower odds, small game selection, bad support services, and so on.

As a successful casino affiliate, the best thing you can do is to ensure you stay in touch with the referred players so that if they aren’t happy playing at one casino, you can always recommend them to another online casino or sportsbook.

4. Hybrid Deals

Last on our list of the best casino affiliate systems is the Hybrid model. This is a mix of CPA with RevShare, meaning you’ll get the best of these two. For instance, you can get a CPA of $20 plus a 20% commission for every player.

CPA plus 20% will be a perfect deal for newbies (if they get exactly that) because they aren’t even sure of the traffic they might get.

However, once you become more advanced and bring in high rollers, you do not want to miss out on a 50% RevShare plus the CPA.

It’s for this reason you should always do your research to choose the best casino affiliate systems.

Choosing The Best Casino Affiliate Systems


As mentioned earlier, RevShare is the most tempting model mainly because it rakes in the highest profits. However, one thing you might need to know is that it takes more time to start seeing a decent amount of money coming in.

Therefore, the best casino affiliate system you can choose as a beginner is a CPA or CPL model. For starters, this keeps your motivation high and because you do not know what kind of leads you are bringing with your site, you might end up with players of low value.

For instance, if you bring in 1000 players and only 100 of them deposit $10.

A CPA with a deposit requirement of $5 for every lead will earn you $500 (100 players*$5). But a 20% Revenue Share will only earn you $200 (100 players*$10 deposit *20%).


The next thing you should think about is whether you’re into casino affiliate marketing for the long term or short term. Are you looking for a way to make quick money? If so, go with the CPA or hybrid model.

But if you’ve already made up your mind that gambling affiliate marketing is what you want to do, and you’re willing to stick to it for the long haul, then opt for the RevShare model.

Active Players

Finally, you should think about the lead’s activity. With the revenue share model, you’ll be dealing with recurring sales. This means that the players should be actively playing, and also depositing.

Types Of Affiliates In The Casino Industry

If you’re just getting started in this iGaming affiliates journey, then it’s crucial to differentiate between big corporate affiliates and private individuals.

This is because we do not want you to start feeling overwhelmed by the huge difference between yourself and the big shots, but rather, we wish to help you get to become a successful iGaming affiliate.

Corporates will most often have a highly experienced in-house team of marketers whose only responsibility is to achieve maximum results for their sportsbook or online casino partners. Which, on the other hand, means they will get better deals from the affiliate networks or casino operators.

On the other hand, for an individual affiliate who makes a turnover of more than $100,000 per month, corporate affiliates can easily earn 20x that amount. Considering many corporate casino affiliates have a high overhead, that’s worthwhile depending on the net profits they generate.

Let’s now take a detour and check out how much money you can make from casino affiliate marketing.

What’s The Market Size: How Profitable Can Casino Affiliate Marketing Be?

The iGaming market generated over $59 billion (€49.8) billion in 2021 and that is expected to rise to a whopping $92.9 billion (€78.5 billion) by the year 2023. This means there’s lots of action if you want some.

Casino affiliate websites usually focus on different gambling variants for maximum return on investment. For example, this could be a combination of casino games, poker, and online slots.

But there’s lots of work that must be done to establish yourself in the gambling affiliate industry. As you get started, it might seem like the profits are very little, but things will lighten up when you start doing real work.

This is because if you want to become a top-ranked casino affiliate, earning a six-figure salary per month, then you should be ready to put in the time and extra effort. Top affiliates in the gambling market are making as much as $50,000 per month from one partner alone.

Just imagine you have multiple affiliate partners or own multiple casino affiliate websites.

As mentioned earlier, the online casino affiliate business works under the casino operator’s premise that they will share some of the casino winnings with affiliates that brought players to them.

To succeed as an iGaming affiliate, you should focus all your efforts on choosing the best industry-related key phrases on Google and find those that present you with the golden chance to get new visitors to your website, convert the visitors to depositing players and ultimately make profits yourself.

It’s always important to ensure you choose the best iGaming affiliate programs to partner with. It’s crucial to work with leading sportsbooks and online casinos to ensure you enjoy more lucrative opportunities.

What Should Gambling Affiliates Focus On?

Gambling affiliates should focus on building strong working partnerships with sportsbooks and online casinos to ensure they get the most recent details on any press releases, new games, promotions, and any other important developments so they can share valid information with their players.

As an affiliate, you should also work with reputed game developers to ensure you only publish valid features about their jackpot comparisons and slot games that players will find incredibly useful. It’s important to ensure you get the best casino affiliate theme for WordPress.

Moreover, it’s always essential to do due diligence on all your potential clients. As an affiliate marketer, it’s always important to trust the casino brands you’re promoting because it’s the only way you’ll be able to bring in new players.

It’s for this reason trust is vital in iGaming affiliate marketing. After you’ve established trust with your affiliate networks and partner operators, they will most likely continue to rely on your website or even the new websites if you choose to grow your brand and branch out to deliver the experience and content they desire.

Overall, the continued stream of traffic that comes from creating high-quality content on your casino/sports betting affiliate website is what will make or break your relationship with the partners.

And in case that relationship is great; you’ll get invited to their special events for the most valuable and trustworthy iGaming affiliate programs.

How Do You Create High-Quality & Engaging Content For Casino Affiliate Sites?

Now that we’ve gone through all the particularities of casino affiliate marketing, let’s check through how to become a successful casino affiliate.

best Casino Affiliate Systems

This is definitely where we, Flytonic, come in! We’ll help you with creating high-quality content for your gambling website in any language.

Let’s make one thing clear if the content you publish on your website is full of errors and/or dull, your readers, as well as potential visitors, will most likely leave the page, resulting in a negative impact on your Google ranking, the time spent on your website will be very low and you will not make any money.

Furthermore, if your website only has English content, you cannot get revenue from foreign visitors. This means you’ll need a better localization strategy that can attract other markets such as Sweden, Germany, Brazil, Japan, or any other country.

The question you should ask yourself is what kind of content can you produce. There are some tried and tested options on starting a gambling review, news, or resource website. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot come up with a new element.


There is an infinite fountain of content available online today. But, if you want your iGaming Affiliate Marketing Website to stand out, you must find a way to make the content better, more engaging, and intuitive.

Building a resource website with information about the best online casinos improves the chances of a reader clicking on the affiliate link and choosing the online casino where they want to play.

A professional affiliate marketing website isn’t enough if it doesn’t have valuable, attractive, and relevant content.

At Flytonic, we are always ready to help iGaming operators, poker sites, sportsbooks, and online casinos create top-notch content or devise a winning content marketing strategy for casino affiliates of all sizes and shapes.

Contact us today with your project requirements and our SEO experts will see to it that your website stands out in the highly competitive casino affiliate marketing world.

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