Online Casino Affiliate Earnings: A Comprehensive Analysis

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How much do casino affiliates make? This is a question we’ve been asked by many people, especially those looking to join the competitive casino affiliate marketing industry. The online casino and sports betting industry is big and quickly growing, so, despite the increased competition, the gambling pie is still big enough for casino affiliates to earn more and thrive. Casino operators strive to attract more customers and keep existing players happy. Most gambling operators rely on bonuses and promotions to expand their player base. Online casino affiliates have also pitched in and their immense contribution is quite significant, therefore, they are also entitled to expect a decent compensation for their marketing efforts.

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Best Gambling Affiliate Programs

Casino Affiliate ProgramTop Casino BrandsCommission
Betsson Casino Affiliatebetsson, betsafe, Nordicbet, StarCasino,Revenue Share – 5% -50%
BitcoinPenguinBitcoinPenguin CasinoRevenue Share – 25% to 50%
LegendAffiliatesCasino Max, Cherry JackpotRevenue Share – 15% – 30%
Bet365Bet365, racebookRevenue Share – 30%
BetfairBetfairRevenue Share – 25% – 55%
William Hill AffiliatesWilliam Hill CasinoRevenue share – 30%


How Much Do Casino Affiliates Make?

Gambling operators have largely diversified their service and product portfolio to include poker, casino games, and sports betting. Online gambling affiliates often focus on multiple types of iGaming, to try and maximize their profits. This is because there is a lot of work that’s involved in online casino affiliate marketing and at the moment the return on investment seems unreasonable. However, it’s expected that with time things will get better. The top casino affiliate earners also known as the supper affiliates can easily earn six-digit amounts in a single month, therefore, those that make it that far to rank as super affiliates are well compensated.

The profits might vary from one month to another, but some of the top poker sites and slot sites might pay gambling affiliates way more than $50,000 per month! On the other hand, the super casino affiliates who deal with multiple casinos are highly likely to earn a decent amount of money. The entire gambling affiliate business largely depends on the online casinos sharing some of the winnings with those, which have brought the players to them. Essentially, this means that gambling affiliates earn based on the amount of money that players have lost, something, which is outside the control of the affiliates.

The only thing that affiliates can control is how they run their affiliate marketing business and how they choose the best casino affiliate programs legal to join. Identifying the best gambling affiliate programs and building your business around them is a great way to improve your odds of making money as a casino affiliate. It’s also very important to make sure you choose the right keywords in Google and sometimes partner with new, but trustworthy casinos.


Super Casino and Poker Affiliate Earnings

While there is no right definition of a super casino affiliate, the term is commonly used to refer to affiliates who make six figures from affiliate marketing. However, it’s still not easy to say one is a super affiliate depending on revenues, mainly because only players fit this category.

Basically, super-affiliates are known to run a site that other affiliates in the gambling industry already know about, follow, or for when it comes to revenue, make over $100,000 each month in revenue.

This is not something that many people say for fear that they would be giving away lots of important information to their competitors.

Private Individual Affiliates

While you might want numbers right away, there are some things you need to know about gambling affiliates. As of today, there are individual casino affiliates who earn about $500,000 each month. Keep in mind that these are individuals who can rank for the most crucial keywords in Google.

Also, you will find that most of the successful casino affiliates also own multiple websites that are used as feeders to the main website.

As mentioned earlier, the amount of money you make as a casino affiliate depends on the number of players you’ve directed to the casino and how much they have lost. Your casino affiliate earnings are directly related to the amount of money your players lose.

Larger Corporate Affiliates

When still trying to know how much money casino affiliates make, it’s critical to know the difference between large corporate and private individual affiliates. The corporate affiliates hire the service of a large team of employees to work to achieve the best outcome for the company. If private individual affiliates can make $500,000 per month, then it’s likely that their corporate peers can easily make 10 times. While it’s true they have bigger operational costs, the profits they make in the long run are worthwhile.

The poker and online casino market are not quite saturated, but it’s evident that the competition is intense. It’s for this reason that only those who know exactly what they are doing and have the courage to do so will make enough money.

Furthermore, websites such as PokerStrategy and PokerListings are large corporations run by many employees, so, their affiliate revenues easily exceed $1 million per month.

How To Get Started As A Casino Affiliate Without Money?

Becoming a casino affiliate is pretty simple. Take a closer look at the affiliate programs here at and you will quickly find a list of the best gambling affiliate programs that are worth your time. The affiliate programs listed here have reasonable terms; maintain good communication and pays promptly. Not to mention that they have quality brands. Join the affiliate program and get started today! Always remember to choose a casino affiliate program that holds a valid license from one or more licensing bodies such as Malta Gaming AUthroity, United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Curacao eGaming Commission, Alderney Gambling Control Commission, or Splinspektionen.

Tips For New Casino Affiliates

There Is No Easy Money

The idea of creating a new website with just a few pages and sitting back to wait for the money to start trickling in is a myth.

To become a successful gambling affiliate, you must be willing and ready to work hard. For starters, you need to know the market you wish to venture into and know what must be done to attract your target audience.

Great Content is Key

Make sure you do enough research and write articles with players in mind. To us at Flytonic, we always make sure we recommend the best casino affiliate programs for players and warn visitors against scam operators.

Make sure you update your content regularly, if bingo is your main focus; make sure you keep the content fresh with news of the most recent game releases.

Network Network Network

You might have a very stunning website, full of great content which most webmasters would kill for, but if you have no traffic, then that would be useless.

This is where networking comes in. it’s important that you pursue many Webmaster forums, especially those dedicated to the online gambling industry. Registering and participating in these forums, allows you to network with other affiliate marketers.

From there you can exchange links or even share your ethics and understanding of the casino industry.

Be Consistent

Once you’ve followed the steps highlighted above and are ready to dedicate more hours to your site, then it will be easier for you to forge a great career in this competitive, but rewarding industry.

Negotiate Better Deals

One of the keys to success in casino affiliate marketing is finding the best affiliate deals. Negotiating better deals is another important aspect of making good money with casino affiliate marketing. Once you’ve selected a market and signed up with one of the top paying affiliate programs, it’s time to think about the next step (negotiating new deals and higher commissions). Affiliate marketing is pretty competitive, so your casino programs should be top of the ranking list. Once you’ve chosen the best program and have sent some traffic to your website, you can use that to negotiate better deals.

Final Thoughts

There is no limit as to how much money you can earn as a gambling affiliate. The only issue you will have to deal with when starting a new casino affiliate website is to understand that you will be competing against other well-established webmasters, some of whom have been in the affiliate industry for many years. The experienced casino affiliates have more experience and have enough cash to grow their websites at a faster rate. Keep in mind that you must be willing to do your part to earn enough.

As mentioned earlier, some casino affiliates are making more than 6 figures each month. This means that the affiliate industry has more room to grow, especially with the fast-paced online gambling industry.

All you need to get started is to have an affiliate website or other natural sources of traffic such as a forum, and sign up with one of the best casino affiliate programs and start working on your website.

Furthermore, you will have to learn different aspects of becoming a successful gambling affiliate that covers marketing, design, and SEO. The good news is that you don’t need any programming or coding knowledge, with the best casino affiliate WordPress theme you can setup your website in few hours.

Frequently Asked Questions About Casino Affiliate Earnings

How to make more money advertising online casinos?

The best way to increase your earnings as a casino affiliate is by dedicating more time and effort to improving your website. First, do your best to improve your website rank in Google. Secondly, make sure you partner with the best affiliate programs.

How much should I spend to make money as a gambling affiliate?

None. You don’t have to spend any money to earn profits as a casino affiliate. You don’t have to pay for articles, pay for SEO or pay for hosting.
What you need is a website, you can easily setup one using the best WordPress themes. You can then use the website to advertise casinos. Blogs are a great way to get started in the industry with paying for website designers.

Exactly how much do casino affiliates earn?

The amount affiliates earn varies. However, you will find many affiliates earning $1,000 per month to $50,000 per month and even higher.

Is online casino business profitable?

The online gambling market is worth more than $60 billion. It’s expected that by the year 2025, the figure will grow past $90 billion, surpassing Meta’s current revenue. Online casinos have multiple ways to make money from their services.

Do people make money playing casino games online?

Yes, but one of the most important things you need to understand is that casino games, especially slots are luck-based games and ultimately the house will always have an edge. Luckily, you can still make good money playing your favorite real money games.

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