Using the Geo Target Plugin with Flytonic Themes

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With the recent release of the Geo Target Plugin, I am sure many of you will be using this along with Flytonic themes.  I want to give you a few examples of how to use this plugin with Flytonic themes.

Geo Target Featured Sites

You can easily use the featured site shortcode along with the geo target shortcode to geo target featured sites for different countries.

For example, you can have a featured site that is shown to US visitors and one that is shown for Canadian Visitors.

All you need to do is wrap the geofilter shortcode around the featured site shortcode like this:

[geofilter country=”ca” ][featured feattitle=’Featured Canadian Poker Site’ site=’Pokerstars’ ]This is our favorite site for Canadian Players..Play Now[/featured][/geofilter]

So you can see how the [featured] shortcode and attributes is in between [geofilter country=”ca” ] and [/geofilter].

Here is what visitors from Canada will see:

Geo Target plugin with themes

So you can basically do the same thing for other countries.  Also be sure your featured title and featured summary includes targeted info too!

Use Visitors Country in Headings and Text

Another easy semi geo targeting idea is just use a different text and headings with the visitors county displayed.  For example you can have the following headings for your bonus table or some welcome text on your site, like these examples:

  • “Welcome US Players”
  • “Featured CA Casino Sites”
  • “Where to player poker in England”
  • “Our recommended casinos for visitors of the United States”

So you can easily get the country code or country name to change depending on location of visitor using these shortcodes:

  • [geoshowcountrycode]
  • [geoshowcountryname]

For the examples above it would look like this:

  • “Welcome [geoshowcountrycode] Players”
  • “Featured [geoshowcountrycode] Casino Sites”
  • “Where to player poker in [geoshowcountryname]”
  • “Our recommended casinos for visitors of the [geoshowcountryname]”

Geo Target Widget Tables with Tags and Geo Target Plugin

Using the geo target plugin you can show widgets specifically for visitors of certain countries.  For example, lets say you wanted to target a top sites table in the sidebar for only Europe Visitors.  Here are the steps to take:

1.  First you need to create a custom region that includes all the European countries you want to target and save it.    You can see this support doc for creating a custom region.

2.  Tag all your affiliate sites you want included in this table.  So basically add a tag like “eurosites” to the sites you want included in the tables.  See this support doc to refresh yourself on using tags for affiliate sites.

3.  Add a top sites table to the sidebar.

4.  Make sure you select your tag to filter the sites by, in this case “eurosites”

5.  Click the box to enable the geo target settings and also check the custom region box you created for your set of countries.

6.  Save the widget and that is it.  Your table will now show sites you tagged only to visitors of the custom region of countries.

See screenshot below:

Top sites table Geo Targeted

Geo Targeting Custom Features and WordPress Code

Have you added some custom code to your theme that you want geo targeted as well?   You can easily filter content using the geo target code that is shown in the setting area after creating  custom region.

<?php if (function_exists(‘fgeo_target’) && fgeo_target(‘eu’)==true) : ?>Your content<?php endif; ?>

Just replace the “Your Content”  text with the code you want filtered.

Filtering In Post Bonus Tables and In Post Banners

You can also use the geofilter shortcode to geo target the in post bonus table and in posts banners. Here is the format you would use for each:

  • [geofilter country=”au”]
    Visit Now
  • [geofilter country=”au”][banner-group name=”sidebar-banner”][/geofilter]

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