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Posted by Flytonic on January 8, 2023 in WordPress

WordPress Plugin For Country State City

Are you looking for ways you can secure your website’s content from other countries? Or you are fed-up with some specific IP address sneaking into your content? Do not worry because you can use any of Flytonic’s WordPress plugins for country/state/city that we have listed below. Besides restricting people from various regions from accessing your content, it also plays a major role in preventing visitors from harming your website. In this article, we’ve handpciked and listed the best Geo redirect plugins for WordPress websites.

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You can also display a customized message to visitors from some countries that have you blocked. For example, the WP plugin allows you to redirect visitors from specific countries to an external website or another part of your website.

Best Geo Redirect Plugins for WordPress

Here we will take a look at the 6 best Geo redirect plugins that you can take advantage of to enjoy the full benefits to your website including improved security.

1. Geotargeting WP Country Redirect

Geo Target Plugin


The WP WordPress plugin works perfectly for country redirection. If you have ever needed a reliable and effective tool for your WordPress website to help redirect users by country, look no further. WP WordPress plugin redirects you to automatically identify your visitor’s countries according to their IP address and take appropriate action.

WP plugin makes it possible to control your site’s traffic through redirection of visitors from other countries to specific pages or posts. There are many advantages that you get from using the WP plugin including:

  • Redirecting visitors to the nearby storefront pages for purchases.
  • Display web pages with an offer that is only available to certain locations
  • Drives away any country that is known to not bring any business
  • Direct users to the correct pages in a multilingual translated website
  • Landing visitors to a country-specific website /page.A screenshot of Flytonic's WordPress plugins for country/state/city.

How Geotargeting WP Works?

This is a suite of 5 plugins that allows you to add geotargeting to your website in different ways.

There are two key parts for Geotargeting WP

The first part is based on the work of each of the plugins below.

These include:

  • Geo Blocker–Denies access to your website based on the location of your visitors.
  • Geo Link–This allows you to link up with your affiliate links and directs visitors from a particular country, state or city to different locations.
  • Geo Redirects–It redirects visits from specific locations.
  • Geotargeting Pro–this changes the content based on their location, including menu items and WordPress widgets.

The second part includes the API service that helps you to know exactly where the visitor is located. Precisely, this is what an API does.

Once you have been able to know exactly where the user is located, the plugins help apply the knowledge in different ways.

One of the reasons why WP Plugin for WordPress is the best is because it accurately helps you target by Country, State or City.

Furthermore, you can create your custom regions that comprise as many locations as you want. This will help you to quickly target specific location groups without having to manually add every location each time.

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2. Geolocation

wordpress geolocation plugin

Second on our list of the best geo redirect plugins for WordPress is Geolocation. The Geolocation plugin permits WordPress users to flawlessly add- Geodata into their content. Besides the value-added to your post, this is very beneficial if you want to provide some location insights to your readers.

After you have added the Geo-data to the posts on your edit-post page, the users can see the link in your published post.

Using the plugin is very easy if you are using WordPress for blackberry, WordPress for android and WordPress for iPhone. This is because the apps have in-built geotagging features that immediately geotag your content.

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3. CF Geo Plugin


If you are searching for the plugin to help with Geo-marketing for your site, then a CF geo plugin could be a perfect candidate. The plugin uses your visitor’s geographic data to assist you to create the target marketing campaigns, redirect visitors to the translated page/localized page on your website, display local currencies on your website. It will also filter out the legal notices which might not be required for certain locations.

Other notable features of this plugin include:

  • SSL Support
  • Exclude/include content by location
  • Country SEO redirects
  • GEO defender for blocking website access for specific locations
  • GEO banner shortcode for the notices
  • Cloudflare CDN support
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4. IP Geo Block

ip geo best geo redirect plugins

The IP Geo Block plugin blocks selected IP addresses, visitors and even entire regions or countries from gaining access to your website. This feature is very useful if you want to stop bots or people from harming your website.

The Geo Block Plugin offers protection from pingback spam, trackback, comment spam and malicious logins from undesirable regions or countries. Access to your site’s backend is validated based on the country code on your user’s IP address. You can blacklist or whitelist countries and a wide range of IP addresses. This does not stop here; it is also capable of identifying attacks from even allowed countries based on the attack patterns.

This plugin may be configured to load in the priority of other geo redirect plugins for WordPress. For this reason, it reduces the server load and protects against brute force attacks. The plugin does not show the HTTP referrer of you click on the external link from your website.


Geo Block is an open-source plugin that is available for free.


  • With this stunning plugin, you can build multiple blocks for various webpages.
  • Furthermore, this plugin has features for creating pop-ups that automatically appear based on the geolocation of the visitor.
  • Using the Geo Block plugin can quickly block any country, state, city or IP address.
  • You can redirect all the pages or single pages for all blocked visitors.
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5. iQ Block Country

iQ Block Country best geo redirect plugins

The iQ Block Country WordPress plugin uses MaxMind’s GeoLite database. MaxMind is the company that detects fraud online and provides data about the location of IP addresses. The plugin has over 30,000 available installations. Also, it is easy to translate iQ Block Country plugin into two languages including English (US) and Dutch.


With a 4 out of 5-star rating, iQ Block Country is available for free.


  • The plugin provides powerful security to your admin page by granting access to only select IP addresses or a certain country.
  • Visitors from blocked regions can be redirected to another internal page or an external website.
  • Most cache plugins are incompatible with iQ Block Country plugin, but, the comet cache, WP cache can be used with this plugin.
  • Using these plugins requires the downloading of the GeoIP database which can be sourced from a third party or you may have to ask for an API from them to gain access to their data.
  • It works perfectly with MaxMind’s database and this helps to block visitors from specific countries, states or cities.
  • This plugin allows you to block selected IP addresses or countries. You can also choose to allow certain IP addresses from a blocked country to access your content.
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6. IP2 Location Country Blocker

IP2Location-Country-Blocker geo redirect plugins

The IP2Location is a Malaysian company with a big Geolocation like country zip codes, ISP and IPs. Therefore, from this extensive database, they can block any countries IPs that you want.

The IP2 Location is the Geo IP service that recognizes your user’s exact geographic location without invading the privacy of the user.

You can use this plugin to save your front-end and backend that is blocked and the admin area from certain countries or proxy servers. The IP2 location country blocker has multiple ways of saving your data.

The plugin supports both the web service and BIN data.

You can choose to use the IP2 Location BIN data that can be downloaded easily. Afterward, you can upgrade the BIN data through the settings page.


With over 4000 available installations, you can easily download it at zero cost. As one of the best Geo redirect plugins, you can download this plugin free of costs.


  • You can use the IP2 Location plugin to customize over 403 pages.
  • You instantly get an email notification when a person attempts to gain access to your admin page.
  • Besides, with this plugin you get all statistical reports of the traffics that have been blocked from accessing your website.
  • IP2 Location plugins support IPV6 and IPV4 that help in restricting the nondescript proxies.
  • It has a unique bin data.

With the IP2Location, you will redirect users to pre-defined pages according to their countries and therefore customize your 403 pages. However, this is only if you have one additional plugin known as IP2Location Redirection.

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7. WP GEO Website Protection

WP GEO Website Protection geo redirect plugins

Do you need a security plugin that limits access from certain IP addresses or unwanted countries? WP GEO Website Protection might be exactly what you are looking for.

WP GEO Website Protection enables you to restrict access to your website’s content. You can either disable or enable users from specific countries or cities. Only users from enabled countries can access your content.

You can help prevent huge attacks into your website’s administration panel by using this plugin. Also, you can easily filter backend and front end visitors who want to login to your site.

You can also use it to block an entire country and allow only a few IP addresses to sneak into the content.


This stunning plugin can be downloaded without incurring any costs. There are over 400 available installations.


  • The plugin helps if you want to ban certain IP addresses that are characterized by spamming, hack attempts or malicious attacks.
  • You get to see a visual representation (graphs) of the blocked countries/states/cities when using this plugin.
  • You can easily block users trying to sneak into your website’s backend login page
  • You can block users from countries and even cites.
  • Free support
  • Easy to use and easy to install
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8. Country and Mobile Redirect

Country and Mobile Redirect WPgeo redirect plugins

This is a plugin to block/redirect website visitors according to their redirect pattern, IP address, location and referral/request URL combinations.

Country and Mobile Redirect is the plugin that allows you to block all unwanted visitors. Regardless of where the visitors are trying to access your website, you will easily redirect them based on how you have grouped them.

This is the only plugin that uses SEO standard 301 and 302 redirects. As a result, with the SEO standards, any page can be used as 404 pages.


It is one plugin that you will have to pay a small fee to use. Country and Mobile Redirect Plugin costs about $20, you also get unlimited support for 6 months.

Highlighted Features

  • Referral URL
  • Response Cookies
  • Form data
  • Request parameters
  • The Category selected
  • Post type
  • Page type
  • Third-party URL
  • Request URL type
  • Browser type
  • Redirection pattern
  • Type of operating system–Windows, iOS, Android OS.
  • Supported devices–Android, phone, iPad, tablet and desktop devices.
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9. Wordfence

Wordfence geo redirect plugins

Wordfence provides real-time protection that is needed to keep your critical website running without downtimes or being forced to cope with the effects of getting hacked and reputation challenges.

Besides helping you block certain countries, Wordfence comes with other important security features. One of the major reasons it has always been the favorite among WordPress website developers is that it provides real-time IP blacklist, firewall rule updates, and malware signature updates.


We only require you to pay a small fee of $8.25/month to use the Wordfence plugin.

Highlighted Features

  • Wordfence will frequently scan your site to make sure it is protected from threats.
  • Easy to block countries that are often trying to access your account
  • Wordfence will help check your address and ensure it’s protected from spanning.
  • Provides real-time protection against malware attacks
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Final Verdict

Geo Redirect plugins are critical elements for not only WordPress developers, but the entire WordPress world. Besides the ones that have been mentioned here, there are many plugins for almost anything you want so you can add more elements and features to your WordPress website. Flytonic provides some of the best Casino Affiliates WordPress plugins you can find anywhere. These are plugins that have been developed with website owners in mind. The good news is that all the best WordPress plugins are fully compatible with Flytonic themes. So, try one of Flytonic’s WordPress plugins today and see how beneficial they can be to your website and make it secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be required to renew my license?

Always keep in mind that your license key will remain valid for a year or month based on the package you have purchased. You need an active license to continue accessing support, new features, bug fixes, security patches and automatic updates.
if you don’t update your plugin, this means you will not have access to the new features.

Is there a refund policy for the Geo Target Plugin?

Yes, we strongly believe in our product, but we also understand that people will have different preferences all the time. Incase you are not happy with your purchase or you have additional issues that we cannot resolve, we are always ready to offer a refund within 21 days of your original purchase.

Will I get updates for Geo Target Plugin?

Yes, you will receive automatic updates free of charge as long as you have a valid license key.

Can Geo Target Plugin slow down my website?

No, Geo target plugin utilizes the asynchronous data read from the API services. After the website loads, all the available data is stored in the session.

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