1. Download and install the latest version of WordPress on your domain. See for info.
  2. Download the Medical Theme from your members account downloads area.
  3. Unzip the downloaded file and upload the interior folder without the version number to your themes folder (wp-content/themes/). I recommended using FTP software such as filezilla.
  4. You can also upload the theme by going to your Appearance->Theme section and add new theme.
  5. Go to your appearance section in your WordPress admin and click themes. Look for the Medical Clinic Theme and activate it.

Appointment Form Setup

To use the contact form on the home page like seen in the demo you first will need to download the contact form 7 plugin.

Download the plugin here and install the plugin:

Contact Form 7

To setup the appointment form as seen in the demo:

1. Create a new form and add title and setup all the options relevant to your site.
2. Paste the following text in the form area:

<div class="form-row clearfix">
                    <div class="col-half">
                    <div class="col-half">
                       [email* email-119 placeholder "EMAIL"]
                    <div class="col-half">
                    <div class="col-half">
                        [date* date-622  class:unstyled placeholder "Date"]
                <div class="form-row clearfix">
                    <div class="col-medium">
                      [textarea* textarea-534 x1 placeholder "Message"]
                   <div class="col">
                   [submit "SEND"]

3. Save your form and you should see a shortcode to display the form. In our case it was:

Error: Contact form not found.

contact form

4. Copy your code and go to your home page template. You will see a field called Appointment Form shortcode. Paste your code there. Make sure the box above is checked to show this form on this page.


5. When someone submits this form an email will be sent to the email setup in your contact form 7. No appointments are made, it is just for contact purposes so you can follow up.

Creating a Contact Page

To create a contact page you will need to use the contact form plugin like above.

1. Create a new form
2. Setup the form and enter this code in the form section:

<div class="field">
           <label><strong>Name<span>*</span></strong> Your full name please.</label>
         <div class="field">
           <label><strong>Email Address <span>*</span></strong> Lorem Ipsum Simple Dummy</label>
          [email* email-567 class:input-field class:medium]

        <div class="field">
         <label><strong>Message <span>*</span></strong> Lorem Ipsum Simple Dummy</label>
        [textarea* textarea-497 x8 class:input-textarea]
       <input type="submit" value="Send Message">

3. You are welcome to add more fields but be sure to use the above format for it to display properly.

4. Copy the shortcode that is given and save this.

5. Create a new page and select the Page Template: Template Contact.

6. Paste the shortcode you were given inside the editor area somewhere.


7. Notice the other fields options down the page to add location info, contact info, and also ability to add a map. You will need to add the latitude and longitude of your location for the google map to appear at the bottom.
8. To find the latitude and longitude got to Google Maps and look up your address. Right click on the location and click what is here. You will see the lat and long in the details given.


You can highlight services that you clinic or office provides easily by clicking there services tab in your admin area. Add your content, title, and a featured image (recommended size of 800×600).

You will also need to add the font awesome icon code for the icon to show up on the home page template or service listings page. You can find the list here:

Enter the fa-icon code in the field, for example fa-ambulance.


Creating a service listings page

To create a page listing your services, please create a new page and select the Page Template: Services Template.


Show and highlight your doctors or specialists by adding a new Doctor in your WordPress admin area. Add title and content as well as a featured image.

Be sure to also add the title or position that will go below the doctors name too.


The featured image is used as a profile image for the doctor. Recommended size is 250x200px.

Creating a Doctor listings page

To create a page listing your doctors, please create a new page and select the Page Template: Doctors Template.


You have the option to show customer or patient testimonials on the bottom of your Home Page Template.

First you need to create a new Testimonial. Add your content, which is a short sentence or two. Also add a featured image which should be square around 150x150px.

You can choose to show/hide this area in the home page template settings.

Home Page Setup

The home page template is what you see when you home page of the demo. You have the option to toggle of the slider at top, the appointment form, and the testimonials section. Please make sure you have added the relevant content like services and doctors before creating this page.


The slider at top of the home page template uses slides to fill this area. So first create a new slide in your admin area. Make sure the feature image is at least 800px wide to make it look clear. Also enter a short except, title, and url for the button of the slide.

To create the Home Page template, create a new page and select Page Template: Home Page One Template.

You can then scroll down the page to the options to configure the home page.