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Are you looking for the best affiliate WordPress plugin to increase your online sales?  Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest methods to make money online. There are several ways you can make good money online with affiliate marketing programs. Start by making money from your existing traffic by writing content about the products that you like. Also, you can build your affiliate programs and have other people sell them on your behalf. You can start this by integrating the affiliate programs into your website.

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Affiliate marketing is the best way to go if you are an affiliate marketer looking for effective ways you can make more money from your website. With the best plugins, you can boost the affiliate revenue generated from your site exponentially. You will also find the best Geo Target Plugin to target your audience based on their geographic location.

Casino Games & Review WordPress Plugin for affiliate

Monetizing your website can be very easy if you decide to use these WordPress affiliate plugins. They provide an excellent way to let this happen. Although Amazon remains to be the most popular affiliate, there are many other alternatives available depending on the niche of your blog. Every successful business has a referral program where you can earn more money. This is the passive income that everyone is looking for.

Keep in mind that if it is the Amazon marketplace, you work with, check out Flytonic’s carefully picked amazon affiliate WordPress plugin. Flytonic has several thousands clients using its premium themes and plugins for affiliates marketing.  For example, Online Gambling Bible is a great example of a site that is powered by Flytonic.

In this post, we have shared the best affiliate WordPress plugin. This includes the best affiliate plugins for WordPress that your website needs to maximize its features.


Why Use WordPress Affiliate Plugins?

Considering the increased number of people visiting the internet every day, it is not a surprise that affiliate marketing has become the best marketing strategy to promote products and businesses to enterprises across the globe.

Despite this fact, management of your affiliate marketing programs can be hard work if you do not have the proper tools.

It is at this point that you should think about the affiliate WordPress plugin. As one of the most widely used CMS today, WordPress has the widest variety of plugins that can help users manage their affiliate programs.

Working as the affiliate management system, these software’s and affiliate plugin for WordPress provide typical features such as

  • Referral Link Generator– Build your referral link for easy access to the marketed services, products and website.
  • Sales and conversions reporting– Allow you to see the number of conversions and sales made via the affiliate program.
  • Affiliate management– It tracks affiliate performance and commissions.

Choosing The Best Affiliate WordPress Plugin For Your Website

Affiliate marketing is an effective way to increase your website’s traffic and generate revenue. With affiliate marketing, all you have to do is choose your product, promote the products online and earn a commission if someone buys the product through your link.

The right plugins make affiliate marketing easy and will eventually help you generate more revenue.

Considering that there are hundreds of WordPress plugins available, many are the times that novices get confused about the plugins that they should use for their websites.

It is for this reason that Flytonic offers the best affiliate WordPress plugins. Each of our plugins will help you achieve the following:

  • Track how your best affiliate campaigns perform
  • Grow your target and have a loyal following
  • Creation of shareable affiliate links to podcasts and social media
  • Save and manage affiliate links within WordPress

Top Affiliate WordPress Plugins

Before getting to the list, you need to understand exactly what affiliate marketing is and how it can help you monetize your website. Here is the top best WordPress affiliate plugin.


1. Casino Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Casino Affiliate WordPress Plugin
This is an effective affiliate managing system that is quite agile but is easy to set up. It makes it easy for you to manage your referral program as it ought to be. Both the admin and affiliate sections are easy to work with. Use the advanced affiliate dashboard, real-time graphs and glance reporting to ensure your programs remain organized and generate revenue.

Casino Review WordPress Plugin flawlessly combines with other popular eCommerce solutions including themes Exchange, affiliate plugins for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads and many others. This is a clear sign that it will be easier for you to track what affiliates are selling with no need to change your store at the moment. The good news is that you can also track your top affiliates, what are your best sellers and you can see your referrals.

This incredible plugin does more. Casino Review WordPress Plugin also includes other alternatives to manually add translations and affiliates. If you opt for the premium add-on, you will also add tiered affiliate referrals. This will make it easy for you to set up affiliate pages, cookie duration, commission percentages, and other things. Also, you can combine Casino Review WordPress Plugin with a series of other fascinating plugins such as PayPal buttons, MembersPress, easy digital downloads, affiliate plugins for WooCommerce and contact form 7.

Key Features

  • Comparison tables
  • Casino & game reviews
  • Custom side widgets
  • Call to action boxes
  • Mobile responsive
  • Organize gambling sites

Cost : Starts at $79/Year

Click Here to Download

Top Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugins

Affiliate marketing is a technique for businesses to gain sales and conversions through commissioning affiliates to promote them through personal websites and social media. The amount paid for the commission is based on the generated traffic and the number of successful sales made via the referral link.

Keep reading to learn everything about affiliate marketing.

2. Affiliates Manager

The affiliate manager is a free affiliate management system plugin that provides very good features. It closely matches the premium affiliate WordPress plugins with a pack of features that will make work easier for you. Installation and setup of this plugin are very easy since everything has already been outlined.


Click Here to Download

Managing your referrals and affiliates is very easy because you have control of everything from individual commissions, to payments and affiliate registration. It will be very easy for you to track clicks and make secure payments through PayPal.

The settings page in the WordPress admin has already been equipped with all the features you may require for running an effective affiliate system. Such a capability, plus the plugin works well with other plugins such as JigoShop, S2Member,  WordPress affiliate Themes Exchange and affiliate plugin for WooCommerce. Furthermore, it makes it easier for you to track a limitless number of affiliates.

Additionally, you can build banner ads and creative for the affiliates, combine the plugin with MailChimp, track ad impressions and optimize affiliate messages among other important things. Also, the plugin WordPress affiliate manager is translation ready, a clear sign that it is open to the entire world.

If you are still struggling with the concept of affiliate marketing, affiliates manager can be an ideal option if you just want to test the waters. This is open-source software that is completely free of cost.

Although it is a free WordPress plugin, affiliates manager comes with many perks that are as powerful as their premium counterparts.

The Affiliates WordPress plugin enables you to manage an endless number of affiliates and get real-time reports once the conversion or sale has happened.

Highlighted Features

  • Autoresponder integration–It adds all your affiliates to the MailPoet and MailChimp list.
  • Individual commission rate–Option to choose the method you want used to reward and pay your affiliates using PayPal.
  • Ecommerce Integration–Expands your management scope through the integration of the WordPress affiliate plugin with the best eCommerce services such as iThemes Exchange, Simple Shopping Cart, and WooCommerce affiliate plugins.

Although the affiliates manager is free of cost, you have time to update it and get a premium one so that you can get technical support and permission to use the  affiliate WP plugin on different websites. The price of the premium version of this plugin ranges between $39 for a single site and $97 for a developers license.

3. Affiliates Pro

Affiliates are a premium WordPress plugin that is perfect if you are searching for an affiliate WordPress plugin management system that works perfectly for your website. This plugin makes it easy to add new plugin WordPress affiliates, eventually making it very easy for you to make good money. Fortunately, with the multiple integrations, you can merge this plugin to any membership or eCommerce platform you have.

affiliates Best Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Click Here to Download

This is another free option of the best affiliate WordPress plugin that can help manage your affiliate programs. With a versatile template-based dashboard, this affiliate WordPress plugin allows you to customize the facilities and design of your affiliates based on your preferences.

An essential feature is that this plugin can be integrated with different kinds of platforms, including lead generation, memberships, and eCommerce. Also, it can be lightly integrated with other plugins such as eShop and WooCommerce.

Highlighted Features

  • Mass payments–The commissions are simultaneously distributed considering the accumulated totals.
  • Engaging the affiliate dashboard–Customize the dashboard for all your affiliates’ needs.
  • Automatic affiliate registration – Automatically recruit the affiliates WP without the need to have a user account before the recruitment process.

Although the affiliates WP provide a plan that is free of cost, you are allowed to subscribe to other plugins so that you can improve the performance of your program. The price of the plugin ranges between $19 and $399 annually.

It allows you to track a limitless number of affiliates, and the traffic statistics enable you to determine what works. Just like other affiliate WordPress plugins like the best casino review plugin offered by Flytonic, affiliates are very easy to set up.

Considering that affiliates are very easy to customize and is equipped with an API, developers can focus on this affiliate WordPress plugin to create custom affiliate management programs without much effort. This is because everything that you need to run an effective program has already been provided in this plugin.

4. Ultimate Affiliate Pro

Amongst the many premium affiliate WordPress plugins you will find, this is one of the best ones you can choose to use. The plugin features an exclusive affiliate management solution which is both flexible and cheap. Ultimate Affiliate WordPress plugin, features premium affiliates WP features such as special performance offers and bonuses, custom commissions, an unlimited number of affiliates, lifetime commissions, PayPal and Stripe payouts, and affiliate ranking.

Ultimate-Affiliate-Pro Best Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Click Here to Download

Other amazing features include friendly affiliates WP links, QR codes, multilingual support, a wallet, landing page commissions, coupons, notifications, reports, custom form fields, shortcodes, multiple integrations, social sharing, sign-up referrals, tiered commissions, banners, and many others.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro provides the unique features that allow the affiliates WP to spend their earnings on your website with a preset flat discount.

Also, this plugin helps you gain sales and brand awareness quickly by instantly turning your current affiliate network to a high-level marketing system. Using the rating system, you can classify the affiliates WP into various ranks and then reward them.

Highlighted Features

  • Affiliate Custom Slug–It allows your affiliates WP to keep their identity hidden or the enterprise name covered by the custom slug.
  • Allow personal referrals–The affiliates will earn a commission from their referrals.
  • Performance bonuses–Preset different bonus commissions for every rank.

This plugin comes with a lifetime license that costs $69 per site.

5. WordPress Affiliate and Referral

This is a WordPress plugin that is not only beautiful but also very clean, which is exactly what you need to make your website shine. Tracking and adding affiliates WP is very easy and thanks to the current PayPal mass payments, it will be easy for you to pay your affiliate WordPress seamlessly.

WordPress Affiliate and Referral Best Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Click Here to Download

Furthermore, WordPress affiliate and referral are very affordable. It only costs about $20, which is a reasonable price for a plugin that has been fitted with incredible features such as cookies, notifications, social sharing buttons, awesome shortcodes, unlimited referrals, and real-time reporting.

Other Free Affiliate WordPress Plugins

Before you go out there and install multiple affiliate plugins WordPress, what about spending a few minutes to sharply focus on what you want to accomplish with this referral program. This is the only way you can choose the best affiliate WordPress plugin that matches your needs.

Proper use of an affiliate plugin WordPress will allow you to expose your products and brand to other audiences–thus creating a limitless lead source.

6. YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

If your work is exclusively oriented towards affiliates plugin for WooCommerce, then YITH WooCommerce Affiliate is a great plugin that will work for you. This plugin extends WooCommerce and allows you to build cheap commissions and affiliate profiles.

YITH WooCommerce Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Click Here to Download

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates is much about the ease of use starting from the installation to your first referral. The plugin comes with all the features you require for running a successful affiliate program for the affiliate plugins for WooCommerce based store.

WooCommerce increases its service within the eCommerce industry by creating the YITH WooCommerce Affiliates WordPress Plugin. Because of perfect established eCommerce plugin, this plugin can offer you many benefits if integrated with external WooCommerce plugins such as YITH WooCommerce Account Funds and YITH Woocommerce subscription.

Furthermore, the YITH WooCommerce Affiliates plugin can work alone. This plugin specifically focuses on the creation of an exclusive relationship between the affiliate and the merchant through the provision of features benefiting the affiliate.

Highlighted Features

  • Commission Management–Remove or add the affiliate whenever necessary.
  • Payment request– Your affiliates may request whether they can withdraw their commission.

User-affiliate permanent association – Once a sale has been made through the referral link created by the affiliate WP, these referral purchases are then credited to the affiliate.

These affiliates plugins for Woocommerce has a plan that is free of cost, with an option to upgrade to the premium version. However, you are required to pay for this upgraded version. The cost of the premium version ranges between $69.99 and $169.99 annually.

For beginners, you have the flexibility of choosing the time your cookies will expire. This means you can track your referrals for many days. Also, you can enable easy affiliate registration utilizing shortcodes, build affiliates from the existing users and ban/approve the affiliates whenever you want.

Furthermore, you can easily set different commission amounts and calculate refunds automatically. Affiliates have the intuitive dashboard from which they can easily track the progress. The most important thing is that YITH WooCommerce Affiliates reinforces the affiliate plugins for WooCommerce store in driving traffic and increasing sales.

7. Affiliate Royale

Affiliate Royale Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Click Here to Download

Affiliate Royale is without a doubt an effective affiliate WordPress plugin if you are searching for something that can work for you. Besides improving your brand appeal, your affiliates will find it easy to monitor payments, sales, and clicks from the central personalized dashboard. It will also be easy for you to integrate affiliate Royale with additional tools such as Shopp,, PayPal, woo-commerce, MemberPress, and others. This is because it is an effective affiliate management solution.

Affiliate Royale is a known affiliate management system that can track affiliates and manage the distribution of commission.

When it comes to the features of this plugin, it has many similarities with AffiliateWP. The good news is that it can connect to membership websites, shopping carts, and several payment services such as Cart66 and PayPal.

Highlighted Features

  • Affiliate area– It allows the affiliates to check their commissions and performance.
  • Dedicated admin panel– Helps monitor the affiliate’s performance, generate reports and share promotions media from one place.

This plugin offers two distinct premium plans that are paid as a single payment. The developer edition and merchant edition costs $165 and $85, respectively.

8. ThirstyAffiliates Theme

ThirstyAffiliates is a must-have affiliate plugin for WordPress for any affiliate marketer looking for a plugin that can allow them to organize their affiliate links in one place. This theme helps to find and replace all your affiliate links with no issues.

ThirstyAffiliates Theme Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Click Here to Download

For instance, every time you need to change an affiliate link, you need not look deeper into the website and manually change these URLs. All you need is the ThirstyAffiliates panel that will change all these URLs for you automatically.

Also, you can use it to cloak the ugly-looking URLs into short good looking links. Another good thing about ThirstyAffiliates is that they can replace any keyword you want with the affiliate link. This will be a good thing because it will allow you to generate more traffic on your website.

ThirstAffiliates is the affiliate WordPress plugin that you should consider if you want full control over the affiliate links. Besides the capability to control your affiliate program, this plugin has extra features that allow you to manage the affiliate WP links in a well-planned fashion.

For this reason, you can promote your enterprise and also avoid frustrating your prospects using a well-organized referral link. This must be the dream and hope of every business person in the market.

Highlighted Features

  • Proactive link fixer–Make sure all your links are updated and do not experience the 404 error.
  • Smart uncloaking – Ensure your referral links are memorable and aesthetically pleasing using the link cloaking feature.
  • Autolink keywords – Use these keywords to activate the usage of referral links in all posts.
  • Geolocation link – Create optional destinations for worldwide clicks by Geotargeting the user’s country.

Although ThirstAffiliates provides a plan that is free of cost, you also have time to upgrade to a premium version for extra features. The price of the premium version ranges between $49 – $149 annually based on the features you want.

9. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is your best affiliate WordPress plugin if you are looking for the most effective plugin to help you get more leads.

This affiliate WordPress Plugin helps showcase your customized popup campaign based on the behaviors of individual visitors and this makes it easier for your messages to convert. For instance, within the product review page, you can showcase the pop-up with the affiliate link campaigning for the same product.

OptinMonster Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Click Here to Download

Following are some reasons OptinMonster is a great solution for your affiliate website:

Easy to integrate with your email newsletter–OptinMonster provides flawless integration processes with your best email marketing service to allow you to boost your email list and grow your affiliate profits.

Less annoyance–Compared to other ineffective pop-up solutions, OptinMonster features multiple targeting options to make it easy for you to showcase the appropriate campaigns to the ideal new users without frustrating your regular users.

Increased revenue–Pop-ups that are activated based on personal user behaviors are highly likely to get more clicks and generate revenue.

10. Yoast SEO

Are you looking for ways to get the right traffic to your affiliate site? If so, Yoast SEO will do exactly that. Yoast SEO considers all the technical SEO customization that is essential for your website. Choose the right keyword before you can publish the content and also make sure the keyword is used correctly on that page.

Yoast SEO best Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Click Here to Download

This is the most popular WordPress SEO plugin and is a must-have if you wish to increase traffic on your website.

11. WPForms

This is the best contact form plugin for WordPress because it lets you to easily create the right contact form on your affiliate site.

WPForms best Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Click Here to Download

There is a high possibility that your potential customers will purchase a product which is recommended by people they already know. With a contact form on your site, you make it easier for all visitors to get in touch. The WPForms allow you to integrate the form with the most effective email marketing services to allow you to create connections with each of your visitors.

Once you have created a connection with each of your visitors, it is easy to recommend certain products and then convince them to purchase what best suits their needs.

12. EasyAzon

This is a WordPress plugin that makes it very easy for you to promote your products on WordPress websites. EasyAzon allows you to identify relevant Amazon products directly from the WordPress dashboard without the need to find the products on Amazon manually.

easyazon best Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Click Here to Download

Highlighted features of the amazon plugin include:

  • Add purchase buttons
  • Insert image affiliate links
  • Automatic cloaking of the affiliate WordPress link

Our Best Affiliate WordPress Plugins

Considering many WordPress affiliate plugins exist for this platform, we have listed Flytonic’s best 10 affiliates WP plugins centered on their value and features.

13. Affiliate WP


Click Here to Download

Being one of the most popular affiliates WordPress plugin, Affiliate WP must be on this detailed list. This plugin has a dynamic affiliate management system that can effectively manage your referrals, commissions, and affiliates.

For a seamless onboarding process, the plugins user interface uses the WordPress dashboards appearance to duplicate similar working spaces. Also, Affiliate WP’s capability to flawlessly mingle with other WordPress platforms such as membership plugins, form, and eCommerce is amazing.

Highlighted Features

  • Developer tools–Add custom functionality and features using customized code for the implementation of templates and hooks.
  • Affiliate URLs–Come up with your affiliates’ customized URLs using their WordPress username or an affiliate ID.
  • Automatic affiliate creation–Create your affiliate network by activating affiliate creation plans for the users who create a WordPress account on your site
  • Affiliate area–Your affiliates can manage their campaigns and track their performance.

This affiliate WordPress plugin comprises of four payment plans with a price range of between $99 and $249 annually. Else, you just make a single payment of $499 to get email support and lifetime affiliate WordPress plugin updates.

14. Amazon Auto Links


Click Here to Download

Are you looking for ways you can earn more money via your WordPress website? Use amazon auto links! Based on the niche of your website, this affiliate plugin WordPress allows you to generate links to the new products from the category you have chosen.

You must first register for the amazon associate before you can start using amazon auto links. This is because the links generated are tagged with the amazon associates IDs that you have created.

Highlighted Features

  • Automatic insertion–Determine where you prefer to show the link.
  • Custom layout – Develop your template using PHP and HTML/CSS.
  • No JavaScript dependence–Run these ads even on the JavaScript-disabled browsers.

This plugin has a plan that is free of cost. Nevertheless, you have the option to upgrade it. The price range for the premium version ranges between $57.98 and $297.98 annually based on the level of functionality you want.

14. ReferralCandy for WooCommerce

ReferralCandy for WooCommerce

Click Here to Download

ReferralCandy for WooCommerce differs from other affiliate program for WordPress plugins because it focuses on the customers as their affiliates WP. It gives you the option of rewarding all customers that refer other people to your website with free products, discounts or cash.

This refers to a friendly program that does not have a registration process because everyone is already an affiliate. Together with the use of personal referral links, you will win both ways because you will make your existing customers happy by rewarding them and in the process get new customers.

Highlighted Features

  • Fraud Protection–Prevents unverified referral sales and self-referrals.
  • Referrals and intuitive tracking–Record every share, purchase or referral made from the referral program.
  • Automatic distribution of rewards–This gives an instant reward as a custom gift, cash or coupon to your customers.

You only get to enjoy these amazing features if you subscribe to the premium plan whose price ranges between $49 every month to $399 annually for the extended plan.

15. Post Affiliate Pro

Post-Affiliate-Pro best affiliate WordPress plugins

Click Here to Download

Post Affiliate Pro is a powerful plugin regarding the affiliate marketing industry. This plugin can monitor performance using direct link tracking and other tracking techniques. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will get the most precise report that an affiliate tracking program provides.

Highlighted Features

  • Private Campaigns–Come up with private campaigns that are visible to chosen affiliates.
  • Ad channel tracking–Recognize the most effective promotional approach to your site using advanced traffic tracking techniques.
  • Split commission–Rewards all the affiliates who take part in specific sales rather than last or the first referrer only.

The price of the premium version ranges between $97 and $477 every month.


Final Thoughts

Any business that generates enough revenue through eCommerce understands the huge benefits of beginning and maintaining an effective affiliate program for WordPress.

Choosing any of the best affiliate WordPress plugins will allow you to enjoy easy integration and global functionality. In case you already have an operational affiliates WP website then you should try out one of the recommended plugins and you will experience first-hand how your website will change drastically. From increased traffic to generating more revenue, there are a ton of great things that using affiliate WordPress plugins will bring to your website. Why wait any longer when you can choose the best affiliate WordPress plugin offered by Flytonic today.

Affiliate marketing has become very popular mainly because of the long-lasting results and high success rate. At Flytonic, we always make sure that you get real value for your earned money if you purchase the best WordPress affiliate plugin from us. Contact us now and get started!


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